For The Hesitant Billionaire: Black Friday Means 10% Off Your Next Yacht Booking

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It's not exactly clear what message the following Black Friday offer from Royal Yacht Brokers is meant to send: that billionaires are becoming hesitant with their yacht charters, which would seem at odds with someone recently laundering $450 million using a rare Da Vinci painting, or that Credit Suisse's ultra high net worth clients who comprise the peak of this pyramid...


... are unable to find new and creative ways of spending their money (after all the Fed is so confused by why inflation refuses ro rise) and yacht chaters are hoping to get in on the action.

In any case, for those in the market for a yacht charter, you are in luck: just book by November 30, and take 10% off. Now if only there was a video of a [b/m]illionaire shoving match as the ultra-rich scramble to take advantage of these one-time offer...

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These are so cheap I got one for the kids! Loved the one with th trolling motor!

Seriously, these are something for every woman in the house.

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I would not trust my life to something that costs $11.98...

BandGap's picture

Ordinarily I would agree. But they are rated very good and the Youtube videos back this up.

And you can't give a teen aged girl a pistol.

Pol Pot's picture

Still better come with a happy ending or I'm not booking....

buzzsaw99's picture

germ barges.  i prefer a 28' center console and my own cooking personally.

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Hey guys,

Whoever wants to buy a yacht, look up in Dubai and Monaco....hundreds of yachts are on sale, as per Saudi Crown Prince orders which have been confiscated frfom the hundreds of billionaires inside and there is no prices will go downhill....but remember mooring rates are sky high....

I am told as many as 500 plus in Dubai and same or more in Monaco and perhaps a few other locations in Europe....


buzzsaw99's picture

full of sticky saud cooties.  yuck.

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Don’t waste them. Peter Thiel could link them all together, anchoring them off of CA’s coast, and creating his little libertarian Tech Island.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Someone, hurry, email Obama and Hillary the coupons!

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Yachts are expensive, we need to give the billionaires a tax break so they can hire an extra massuse or two.

Able Ape's picture

I'll take one and name it "Janet Yellen" 'cuz it'll never sink or go down....

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I'd spring for the Maltese Falcon, but it's still going for 440,000 Eu/wk.


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Costco has a BF special for private jet rental too:


The Uber of the skies....


"Wheels Up" Private Aviation Membership & $3,500 Costco Cash Card eVoucher


$1,500 OFF

$1,500 manufacturer's savings** is valid 11/23/17 through 11/27/17. While supplies last.


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How long do you get for the advertised rate? It couldn't be a day....

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$80,000 to buy an all carbonfiber/ kevlar 28 to 32 foot WHOODATCAT catamaran.

Made under the direction of a genuine Zerohedge reader!

More fun than the super yachts

This boat is the happy ending

It is unsinkable too

Maybe not so good for you gold buffs with lakes

Sail and power

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Many of these vessels actively participated in human trafficking and the sex slave industry.

The corrupt maniacs who owned and operated these, deserve the hellish existence they are now experiencing at the ritz.



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That is bad, of course. But peripheral things affecting a few—things involving sex and, thus, generating high profits for the media industry—are the only places where we will likely see reform in The Swamp. When referring to The Swamp, that is not what many of us meant. We meant the Globalist Money Swamp that is corrupting our Republic via its bought-and-paid-for elected leaders, leading to an economy that only works for about 20% of earners.

Arnold's picture

We're still taking baby steps, Nappy.
Let's get one thing right at a time.

For instance, that Russian campaign thing; too early, too soon, never should'a happened..

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Used yachts, how quaint.