Jeff Bezos Becomes 2nd Man In History To Amass 12-Figure Fortune

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That is the net worth of Amazon founder (and Washington Post owner) Jeff Bezos after Amazon's shares surged today on optimism over Black Friday.

As Bloomberg reports, the $100 billion milestone makes Bezos, 53, the first billionaire to build a 12-figure net worth since 1999, when Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates hit the mark.

Bezos’s fortune rose $32.6 billion this year through Thursday, the largest increase of anyone on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world’s 500 richest people.

And then there's this...

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tmosley's picture

Inflation adjusted, he's nowhere near the top. Sam Walton did much better, as did Rockefeller.

Pinto Currency's picture

Fake comparison.

Rothschild family has amassed trillions.

InjectTheVenom's picture

millions, billions, schmillions, who gives a fuck...

Bezos can go suck on a bag of dicks.

Swamp creature.

Transformer's picture

Real wealth and power is not measured by individuals.  It's family wealth that matters.  Rothschilds, Royal Family, House of Saud, Rockefellers, many others.  Family wealth is the power that controls the world

JimmyJones's picture

I would add that you really need to look at the values of the Charitable Trust that they technically don't own but are the beneficiaries of. They are enormous and own many large land assets 

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I lent Bezos $50 back in the 70's...he still owes me the dough.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The Rothschilds were alleged to have amassed a wealth of $1 Billion USD by 1850 (!!!).  Although of course it would not have been in dollars, but francs and gold and pounds, etc. 

But do the math if you were making 4% interest for 167 years.   Now keep in mind they were financing both sides of conflicts, committing usury, forming cartels, founding central banks, smuggling opium, children, everything under the Sun and ask if they really were making only 4%.

ronthefisherman's picture

The Rothchilds OWNED the Bank of England in the early days.



MonetaryApostate's picture

It doesn't matter who owns what, we are all officially tax serfs working for worthless fiat cash that they can & will hyper print YEARLY!

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On ZH, I have learned that although Bezos has billions, it is really nothing but a pale, greenish pile of fiat, with no guarantees of surving the next crash even half intact. But even if he loses 1/2 of his fiat, Bezos can still afford to pay you your $50.

osolomio's picture

Any male person who doesnt like pussy is worth shit

i dont care how much money he has

phatfawzi's picture

I recommend he gets the same treatment the Saudi prince got.

LeadPipeDreams's picture

Yup - it's why "they" won't allow a Fed audit because then the masses would find out who the TRILLIONaires are.

38BWD22's picture



Yet, IMO, something has to be done about BEZOS.

Hang him upside down and shake him down for $80 billion?  What's say, Donnie?  You are about the only one who can go after The Biggest Swamp Creature of them all....

Mactruck's picture

yep - slap him and humiliate him




Gadaffi his ass

pot_and_kettle's picture

It'll be a rough ride back to earth, mark my words.

adamas's picture

Fucking socialist, he made it , it's HIS  not the property of failed burger flippers who want "the rich" to pay for their free stuff .. 

38BWD22's picture



I guess I was not clear in my comment.

Yes, he built Amazon.  Which is now in the main business of monopolizing the world.  By whatever unfair, and even Socialist tactics he can, including use of his rag The WaPo.

I agree that the lazy ought not get any money undeserved.

I'll try to write more unambiguously in the future.  Green for you.  With luck, lesson learned here.

nope-1004's picture

But he owns WaPo too, one of the most discredited rags on earth.  WaPo is probably worth -$500 million, so that makes Amazon worth that much more.


GUS100CORRINA's picture

Jeff Bezos Becomes 2nd Man In History To Amass 12-Figure Fortune

My response: Every friday is 'BLACK FRIDAY' for BEZOS. The CENTRAL BANKS and GOVERNMENTS have made Jeff Bezos rich at the expense of everyone else for the most part.


Amercia has a new challenge: What does the government do when so few people have accumulated so much wealth? America and the world are in unchartered territory.

By the way, the American Government is spending 400 MM per day more than it is taking in. The CAGR of DEBT is 2 times the CAGR of even the manipulated GDP.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

The dread of traffic and the thicket of store crowds made him rich. Solve the traffic problem. Stop paying people on a per-child-produced basis to overpopulate the world. Create a pleasant, meaningful, respectful, enchanting retail experience again, and maybe, people will stop shopping as much with Amazon. When shopping becomes a total chore, people start searching for ways to reduce the burden of the chore.

DetectiveStern's picture

Yea lets see how much he's worth if he tried to cash out those stocks.

knukles's picture

Talking about balancing a budget, Mr President.
Like he's not already laid his nuts in the Donald's line of fire.

koaj's picture

Why isnt the Rothschild family ever mentioned in these lists?

detached.amusement's picture

I guess by "amassing" they dont think to include theft and counterfeiting

Lost in translation's picture

For the same reason Area 51 is never mentioned in the US Senate.

FORD_FIESTA's picture

There's the guy to go after for the "Slave Reparations"....all the Dindus would build him a statue.....and name streets after him......and make him a national Holiday.....

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Watch out. You are going to make a Republican out of him. The way the liberal MSM is going after Zuckerberg, mocking him and insisting that his business should be regulated to the hilt due to 100,000 ads by Russians, he will probably abandon them at some point.

VWAndy's picture

 Monopoly games folks. Aint fiat magic great? Unlimited credit and a free pass on all them pesky law things.

south40_dreams's picture

Obsolete shopkeepers of the world salute you Lord Bozos

Bemused Observer's picture

It has also become not believable...None of this so-called 'wealth' actually involves any increase in ACTUAL is merely attatching ever-larger numerical values to the same EXISTING stuff.

The 'wealth effect' is only in your mind. You aren't sitting on any more than you had before.

People are self-hypnotizing here...they need to wake up.

Running_Trillion's picture

See, in todays world even the rich arent that rich :) past 2000 years there have been several people who have held fortune equal to 20-30% of WORLD GDP. Solomon, Wu, Shenzong, Khan. Even Fugger had 300b

mpcascio's picture

He's another liberal puke who will get everything he deserves as the universe settles up.

Lost in translation's picture

“Ye shall be as gods.”

No matter how much these tools have, it’s never enough. It’s always more, more, MOAR!

ThankUGartman's picture

It's not how much u got but what u do with it. New standard oil forming as we watch.

Bemused Observer's picture

Sounds pretty good, until you remember that one of the big problems we are having is with 'price discovery'. The stated retail prices aren't responding to economic conditions anymore, and no one really knows what anything is worth as a result. Everything SEEMS to be going up, but there is less conviction about why, or if it is justified.

I'd argue that much of the wealth of Bezo's and Gates, and others, is also having a hard time with establishing a 'price' for itself, and has just hooked the wagon to rising dollar prices. That wealth is just floating in the same ether as all other prices/values.

So, if you believe the "value" of your home has indeed doubled in a few years time, then I guess you can believe that these guys actually ARE as rich as they say.

Personally? I think you're ALL full of shit.

Singelguy's picture

Everything IS going up; it doesn’t just SEEM that way. You can’t believe the cooked CPI numbers. Real inflation is closer to 8%. Two major reasons;
1. The Fed’s never ending money printing
2. Everything has been financed to the tits and the increasing debt service cost is being built into the price.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

And number 2 is how the interest rate on your financed purchase looks relatively good.

all-priced-in's picture

Let the person that has never purchased on Amazon throw the first stone.



Ivan de beers's picture

FAKE NEWS!!! 1000s of Zimbabweans riched those figures with their Zim dollars lol

FredGSanford.'s picture

I don’t see how he makes ends meet.

Xena fobe's picture

Indirect subsidies in the form of public benefits his worrkers collect.

ThankUGartman's picture

Will Americans ever wake up and boycott Christmas?

Xena fobe's picture

Reminds me of Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.

Bemused Observer's picture

Why the hell should we boycott Christmas? The holiday was established long before the current corporate takeover...let Christmas boycott THEM. We can always go back to the old Victorian family-holiday, 'Gift of the Magi' type giving, with emphasis on family around the dining table instead of expensive gifts beneath the tree. A time when Scrooge was considered a villain for making Bob Cratchett work on Christmas Day, instead of being seen as a good capitalist.

Bemused Observer's picture

Do a Google image search for Victorian Christmas, and you'll see an emphasis on the dining table, the foods, the family gathered around it. Toy giving, though a part of it, was in no way the main event.

Compare to today, when ads for Christmas ALL feature kids tearing paper off packages and screaming with joy. Or guys giving girls diamond jewelry, and wives gift-wrapping CARS in the driveway...

See a difference in what is being emphasized? THAT'S what needs to be boycotted.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

And the day after Christmas all the trend-setters are supposed to hop their private jet or fly at least first class down to the Caribbean and spend a few more mega dollars.