Trump Condemns "Horrible And Cowardly" Egypt Mosque Attack As Death Toll Hits 235

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Update (2:15 pm ET): Trump tweeted that he will be calling el-Sisi shortly to discuss today's terror attack:



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Update: After holding an emergency cabinet meeting, Egypt's el-Sisi, speaking publicly about today's attack for the first time, vowed that the perpetrators wouldn't go unpunished. El-Sisi earlier declared a State of Emergency and three-day morning period following the attack.

However, many on twitter blamed el-Sisi's policies for emboldening the militants.



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Update: President Donald Trump has offered his condolences to the families of the victims in today's shooting at a Mosque in the Northern Sinai Peninsula: The world cannot tolerate terrorism, we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence!



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Early Friday, militants armed with guns and explosives stormed a mosque in Egypt’s troubled northern Sinai Peninsula on Friday, killing at least 235 people and wounding at least 120 others, according to Bloomberg, in what appears to be the deadliest mass killing in Egypt since the 2013 attack in Rabaa al-Adawiya, where soldiers loyal to present-day leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi murdered as many as 900 Islamists who had gathered in the square for a nonviolent sit-in.

The assault west of the town of El-Arish in Sinai targeted people gathered for Friday prayers, when mosques in Egypt often overflow with worshipers. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Yet Sinai province, a triangular piece of land bordering southern Israel and the Gaza Strip, has been a key battleground in the government’s battle against a local branch of Islamic State. Al-Arabiya and other local sources said some of the worshippers were Sufis. Islamic State regards them as apostates because they revere saints and shrines, which hardliners believe is tantamount to heresy.

El-Sisi has declared three days of mourning, according to Shorouk News. State TV reports five militants were involved in the attack.

While the bombings aren’t seen as threatening the stability of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s government, they’ve devastated the tourist industry, a vital pillar of the economy, according to Bloomberg. El-Sisi called a meeting with the security committee following the mass killing, according to the state-run television said.

Grisly images of the attack have emerged on social media showing bodies covered in bloody sheets.



According to Bloomberg, militants in four vehicles drove up to the mosque, set off an improvised explosive device outside the building and opened fire on people praying inside, according to a senior official in the north Sinai security directorate who asked not to be named. Locals took up weapons to help thwart the attackers, the official said. The suspects fled as security forces arrived.

While the majority of the militant violence has been confined to the northern part of the Sinai, it has on occasion spilled over to Cairo and other main cities. Meanwhile, attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority have killed dozens.

According to Russia Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered condolences to al-Sisi, describing Friday’s attack as cruel and cynical.

"The murder of civilians in the course of a religious service is striking with its cruelty and cynicism. We are once again convinced that the notion of human morality is absolutely alien to terrorists," Putin said in a telegram of condolences.

As the BBC points out, Northern Sinai has been living under a media blackout over the past few years. No media organisations, including state-sponsored media, have been allowed to travel there.

Friday’s mass killing comes after at least 54 police, including 20 officers and 34 conscripts, were killed during a raid on a militant hideout south-west of Cairo. The team was ambushed, and the ensuing firefight resulted in one of the largest death tolls for Egypt’s security forces in recent years. Authorities replaced the military’s chief of staff and almost a dozen top police officials following the incident. Of course, the major difference beteen Friday's attack and the 2013 massacre at Rabaa al-Adawiya is that the latter was perpetrated by the Egyptian government, which has tried to wipe out all memory of the killing in the years since.

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asteroids's picture

The religion of peace eh?

skbull44's picture

Somehow it will be the fault of a Russia/Iran/North Korea/Hezbollah/Qatar alliance...

BlackChicken's picture

The death cult strikes again.

235 souls lost, when does this madness end?

Jim in MN's picture

Terrorists trying to stop the current outbreak of global peace.

Who benefits?

Stackers's picture

Never forget they hate each other more than they hate us.

If we would stop picking sides they would take care of the problem themselves and kill each other off.

BaBaBouy's picture

In America We Fights over Large TV's, In the M-E theys Blows Up People ...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

So a bunch of asshats shouting "Allahu akbar" murder another bunch of asshats shouting "Allahu Akbar". Another win for the cult of booty.
Allahu Akbar, baby.

It's Islam, stupid. The cult of the god in the head of an incestuous, plagiarizing, lying, mass-murdering extortionist-pedophile-pirate wins again. Given half a chance, the ones in the mosque would have done the very same to those who shot them up.

All of these Muslim mosque mass-murders have an upside. The second, third and fourth wife market just got fat in northern Egypt, (for you Muzz guys who don't have that "spare woman" slot already filled).
Allahu Akbar indeed.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

So, the region under attack has a media blackout, including state media, going back years. Smells of false flag to me.

Lebanon, get ready to be fucked.

Pinto Currency's picture

Long gun ownership is illegal in Egypt and so is building bombs.

Nancy Peolosi will call to make it more illegal to stop these tyipes of attacks.

Billy the Poet's picture

This is a great opportunity to point out that killing in the name of Islam is bad and that those who kill in the name of America are entirely justified in acting superior.

Mote meet beam meet morons.


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"This is a great opportunity to point out that killing in the name of Islam is bad..."~

Sorry Billy, but you do not know your Qur'an, Sirah nor Sunnah very well.

Qur’an 2:193 “Fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief) and religion is only for Allah.
But if they cease/desist, let there be no hostility except against infidel disbelievers.”  

Sufis are, in the eyes of Wahabbis, apostates and infidels so fair game for slaughter.

Post-Truth Society's picture

Vile Muslim Trump is quick to condemn an attack against one of "his" mosques, but meanwhile he plots with the Saudis.  Maybe he will send Kushner to invetigate, and then sell the Saudis some more weapons.

Wake up people!  Trump is a Muslim!

Billy the Poet's picture

If you're going to be sorry about something then be sorry about your own undeserved sense of moral superiority:


Nagasaki is famous in the history of Japanese Christianity. Not only was it the site of the largest Christian church in the Orient, St. Mary's Cathedral, but it also had the largest concentration of baptized Christians in all of Japan. It was the city where the legendary Jesuit missionary, Francis Xavier, established a mission church in 1549, a Christian community which survived and prospered for several generations. However, soon after Xavier's planting of Christianity in Japan, Portuguese and Spanish commercial interests began to be accurately perceived by the Japanese rulers as exploitive, and therefore the religion of the Europeans (Christianity) and their new Japanese converts became the target of brutal persecutions.

Within 60 years of the start of Xavier's mission church, it was a capital crime to be a Christian. The Japanese Christians who refused to recant of their beliefs suffered ostracism, torture and even crucifixions similar to the Roman persecutions in the first three centuries of Christianity. After the reign of terror was over, it appeared to all observers that Japanese Christianity had been stamped out.

However, 250 years later, in the 1850s, after the coercive gunboat diplomacy of Commodore Perry forced open an offshore island for American trade purposes, it was discovered that there were thousands of baptized Christians in Nagasaki, living their faith in a catacomb existence, completely unknown to the government – which immediately started another purge. But because of international pressure, the persecutions were soon stopped, and Nagasaki Christianity came up from the underground. And by 1917, with no help from the government, the Japanese Christian community built the massive St. Mary's Cathedral, in the Urakami River district of Nagasaki.

Now it turned out, in the mystery of good and evil, that St. Mary's Cathedral was one of the landmarks that the Bock's Car bombardier had been briefed on, and looking through his bomb site over Nagasaki that day, he identified the cathedral and ordered the drop.

At 11:02 am, Nagasaki Christianity was boiled, evaporated and carbonized in a scorching, radioactive fireball. The persecuted, vibrant, faithful, surviving center of Japanese Christianity had become ground zero.

And what the Japanese Imperial government could not do in over 200 years of persecution, American Christians did in 9 seconds. The entire worshipping community of Nagasaki was wiped out.

Kayman's picture

Silly the Poseur

Another distraction by Silly Billy.  Nagasaki wasn't bombed because the Japanese living there were Christians. Nice, but weak try at infantile comparisons.

You could use the Christians of Northern Ireland, the Catholics and the Protestants- that might touch on a similarity. 

Billy the Poet's picture

Kayman the Gayman,

What specifically have I distracted you from? Are you really so fucking stupid that you can no longer concentrate if I speak the rhetorical equivalent of "boo" to you?

If you can recover from your shock and gather your wits will you explain why you would be happy to see your loved ones killed for Reason A but would be outraged if they were killed for Reason B?

veritas semper vinces's picture

Never mind, When they don;t have a contra argument ,they throw  "a nazi,an anti semite,a Hitler,a racist" which in their view count as arguments. If this doesn't work,use plan B: ad hominem,divert the discussion by starting another topic,flavored by name calling and fake news. Project what the guilty part is doing on the other side. Attack all the time,do not allow rational conversation and different points of view,and never,never allow critical thinking.

Alinsky Bolshevik tactics.

fleur de lis's picture

Kayman the Dunce,

BtP was pointing out something that has been conveniently overlooked by NWO approved "history" books.

Nagasaki's centrally located cCathedral was used as the identifiying landmark for the bomb because American bombers would easily recognise the structure for what it was.

Furthermore, it was not necessary to incinerate them for sport since they were preparing to surrender anyway.

And the Swamp knew it.

So they had to move fast and experiment with their new toy and see how it worked.

No way they would have worked so feverishly on their death and destruction project just to see it cancelled.

There is a lot about that atrocity that has been kept from us, but the truth left to itself will always rise to the surface.

Both cities were chosen carefully.

The Swamp avoided the port of Yokahama because they knew they would need it after the war.

People are highly disposable to the NWO, you should know that by now.



null's picture

Don’t be silly and try to confuse killing with murdering, or do try and make a fool out of yourself.

America does not reward murder in its name and has procedures for you to help fix the definition (if you disagree). The other example, does reward murder explicitly and has no procedures to correct even typos made centuries ago.

Billy the Poet's picture

Are you lying or just stupid?

Lots of Americans have killed in the name of Manifest Destiny and American exceptionalism and have been rewarded handsomely.

Last time I checked neither Bush nor Clinton nor Bush nor Obama had been jailed for their crimes which killed millions. They are, in fact, celebrated individuals with great wealth.

PhilofOz's picture

It was not a Christian that pushed and got Nagasaki as a target. The target committee was largely composed of a bunch who declared themselves as the chosen ones!

Mr Hankey's picture

Where are all the bullet holes& blast damage?

Mr Hankey's picture

762 leaves a good-sized pock in masonry& no interior bullet damage?

Chuck Walla's picture

Mohammed was the Joseph Smith of the Middle East.

sarz's picture

I get the impression that loutish anti-Muslim comments like this that come out on cue for every article about violence affecting Muslims are from the Herzliya troll farm and so are the initial preponderant upvotes. It's part of an old agenda, promoting enmity between Shias and Sunnis, and between Christians and Muslims. But looking at Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, and at Russia, Iran and Syria, it's not working. 

Harry Vederchi's picture

It's not Sunnis againts Shias this time, it's Sunnis against harmless Soufis.

Besides, you,re totally wrong. There's more killing between them because of physical proximity, not hatred intensity.

Shia and Sunni islam are misbelief to one another; but more so are chirtianity, judaism, and far, far more so are polytheisms or atheism.

old_cynic's picture

Read the Quran and you'll find a special brand of extra-spicy hate directed towards Christians and Jews. 

Muslims are actually supposed to be nice to other Muslims, but if the other Muslims are not deemed to be following the Quran adequately, then those other Muslims can be viewed as infidels or apostates, which gives the Muslims license to kill the other Muslims. 


Billy the Poet's picture

Dec 12, 2007 - A Brooklyn man whose “Happy Hanukkah” greeting landed him in the hospital said he was saved from a gang of Jew-bashing goons aboard a ...




Holocaust Remembrance Day: Stories of Muslims Who Saved Jews ...

Jan 27, 2017 - A small exhibit in NYC will highlight the little-known stories of Muslims who risked their lives to save Jewish people during the Holocaust.




The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Saved Jews ...

The Grand Mosque of Paris is the story of the Muslim community of Paris during the Nazi occupation of World War II and their efforts to rescue Jews. The mosque ...




A Bosnian Muslim family that saved a Jewish family during the ...

Oct 5, 2016 - The Germans invaded Yugoslavia in 1941. They seized Sarajevo and the Gestapo opened an office there. The office they opened was across ...




Muslim teen chases man who slapped Jewish woman in the face: Report

Dec 28, 2016 - A Muslim high school student helped NYPD catch a man on a Brooklyn train who slapped an Orthodox Jewish woman in the face on Tuesday ...




Honoring the Moroccan King Who Saved the Jews – The Forward › News › Breaking News

Dec 22, 2015 - “All Moroccans, Jews or Muslims, enjoyed his full protection.” ... Andre Azoulay, a Jewish advisor to the king, read out an official speech on his behalf. ... A Muslim saves thousand of Jewish lives, but don't let any Muslims into ...



'They Accept Us as We Are;' Christians Join ... - The Christian Post

May 11, 2015 - The Iran-backed Shiite Muslim militant group Hezbollah, classified for many years by U.S. Intelligence as a terrorist organization, is training Christians to fight ISIS in Lebanon and the Middle Eastern believers say their new and unlikely allies "accept us as we are."




Filipino Muslim saves 64 Christians from execution by Islamist ... › News › World › Asia

Jun 7, 2017 - A Muslim man has been hailed as a hero in the Philippines after he hid 64 Christians from Islamist militants hunting them on the Filipino island ...


This Egyptian Muslim Woman Died Defending Christians On Palm ...

Apr 10, 2017 - Brigadier General Nagwa El-Haggar is one of three female Muslim police officers who died in the attacks.


Truther's picture

This is a US/Saudi distraction (false flag). BiBi/MBS benefit.

TruthHammer's picture

Seeing a lot of retarded pro Muslim Brotherhood BS in this article and in the comments.

As bad as any egyptian government may be, the Islamo-fascists are 100x worse.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Truth hammered in a good sense any regime is better than a fascist one regardless of flavour of which the religious one is the worse of the worse.

Mr Hankey's picture

Is that what those 900 civilians were in '13 ?

pynky01's picture

NO MATTER  your color, creed or conviction...the marxist jew is your ENEMY... disregard him at your own PERIL   . 

Cynicles II's picture

Terrorists trying to stop the current outbreak of global peace.

Who benefits?

Not the Banksters....

SoDamnMad's picture

It ends when the infidels accept Allah.   Oh, what, a mosque, that's where Mus...   Oh, my bad. Sorry

Kayman's picture

 "when does this madness end?"

When does the last remaining Muslim slaughter himself?

IAmRunningMan's picture

Bullshit. It's clearly Bush's fault.

giovanni_f's picture

Actually it is. Along with ~ 10 other US card board presidents including Donald Duck.

bamawatson's picture

really ?

please EXPLAIN, point by point, how this event is trump's fault

Mr Hankey's picture

Are you dim? All his political behavior is status quo but I will be pleasantly surprised if he deviates from the script.

BOPOH's picture

Only total extermination of God's choosen people and desinfection upon it will bring peace to our Earth.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Wrong.  Only total extermination of the 'God' delusion will increase the chances for peaceful coexistence. Religion is mental ilness in the schizophrenia family.

Mr Hankey's picture

Wrong.We can physically segregate ,In fact, they tend to self-segregate the god-delusional factions if a certain (((1%))) were removed.

GeezerGeek's picture

Stupid comments from someone emulating the father of lies. The history of the 20th century is awash in stories of athiests killing others by the tens of millions. If a commie dictator didn't kill at least 10 million, it was only because the total population didn't reach that level.

veritas semper vinces's picture

It is related to this. In the recent Arab Counsel meeting.Egypt REFUSED to name Iran and Hezbollah as terrorists(like US,UK,Israhell and SA wanted).

So,a FF attack by the usual  suspects to punish them.

Predictable. I'm not surprised AT ALL,I was expecting it.

The Evil Empire(great Satan and little Satan; I used to laugh at this when Chavez and Ahmadinejad were calling them so,but not anymore,they were right) and its evil vassals are despicable.

They are trying to FORCE a coalition against the Axis of Courage to start a war against Iran/Hezbollah. It is so obvious.

As for the Donald,he is ,without no doubt,behind this coalition. See the support for the criminal MBS,the recent  big weapon deal for the hub of terrorism ,SA,the recent US military base in the Zionist Entity,the recent surge in US troops ,by 33% in :Yemen,Kuwait,Qatar,Syria,Afghanistan. Recent captures by SAA of massive weapon deliveries to the terrorists(US made).recent,nonstop heliborne operations to save ISIS fighters.Recent declaration that the US will continue to stay in Syria,even with ISIS destruction by SAA,Russia,Iran,Hezbollah and the non fly zone in the Kurdish area,were the ISIS,AlQaeda fighters retreated to be protected by the US.

For those ,who still think that the Donald is "fighting terrorism",you need to wake up(try to refute what I just said,those are FACTS)

The Russians announced that they EXPECT the US to retreat from Syria,now that ISIS was defeated.

It's getting interesting.

SRV's picture

A little complicated when you're fighting an enemy created, supplied, and supported by those in your own government (and still stay alive).

I would say taking down the number one sponsor in one fell swoop in SA is a decent start...