Police Say 'No Evidence' Of Shooting At Oxford Circus; Shoppers Sheltering In Place Can Leave

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Update: After an investigation, metro police are saying the incident has been 'stood down', and that any shoppers still sheltering in place can leave...








While additional officers will remain on duty, it appears there's nothing to see here...

* * *

Update: British Transport Police have corroborated the Metropolitan police's claim that no evidence of an attacker - or even a shooting - has been found...


Still, video shot by a Chinese tourist shows crowds of shoppers hiding in nearby buildings as police continue to investigate.


Given the spate of terror attacks in London and Manchester over the past 18 months, it probably wouldn't hurt to be absolutely certain there's no threat.



* * *

Update: An aerial view of Oxford Circus showed it mostly abandoned as people continued to shelter in place. However, authorities have already opened the Bond St. and Oxford Circus stations, suggesting that investigators have reason to believe that there never was any "threat" in the first place.



* * *

Update: In what many will surely regard as a confusing update given the many witness reports of what sounded like gunshots, Metropolitan Police said in their latest effort that they found 'no evidence' of shots fired. Thought they cautioned any shoppers in the area to continue sheltering in place.



To date police have not located any trace of any suspects, evidence of shots fired or causalities. Officers continue to work with colleagues from British Transport Police in the area of Oxford Circus.

Updates will be provided as soon as we have them.

If you are in building stay in a building, if you are on the street in Oxford Street leave the area.

Officers are continuing to search the area.

In another confusing turn, police added that they've not located 'any traced of the subject



In other words..


Unless the incident was some kind of a hoax, the reports certainly don't jive with the numerous videos of shoppers fleeing the area that have emerged on social media...



One CNN reporter described being nearly trampled by the crowds. CNN's London office is nearby.



* * *

Update: London Firefighters said in a tweet that they were called to an incident at 1643 Oxford Circus tube. Three fire engines reposnded to the incident.


Meanwhile, more witness reports are beginning to emerge: Laila Harilela was on Oxford Street when she heard screams and a stampede of people trying to get into shops. She says they heard "little pops".


Meanwhile, more videos taken by witnesses are emerging on social media...



* * *

Update: Met Police say at this stage, no casualties have been located. Furthermore, RANSquawk is reporting that 'rumors' circulating online say the gunshots were related to a 'gang fight', though that hasn't been confirmed.


*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, London police have cleared out the main local shopping streets Oxford Street and Bond Street, and evacuated the Oxford Circus subway station following reports of gunshots at one of London's largest department stores, Selfridges.

While there has been no official news yet, there have been twitter reports of gunshots at Selfridges.

According to the Daily Mail, hundreds have been evacuated from Oxford Circus tube station amid reports of gunshots. Armed police have arrived on scene after a gunman was reported to have fired shots. 

Witnesses at the scene described seeing a lorry on the pavement surrounded by police as if it had 'ploughed' into pedestrians. Next to the lorry, the pavement was said to be covered in blood.

Tweets show a heavy police presence in the vicinity of Oxford Circus:

Live feed below:

Alternate Live Feed:

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Ahhh... our weekly multi-murder event... right on schedule.  As an added bonus, we have the 230+ Mosque mass murder in Egypt.  Our world is so f***ed up.

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Fake news. England banned guns, so obviously “shots fired” is a mistake, cause really, how in the world would a person acquire a firearm if they’re illegal?

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anti brexit, libtards shooting spree, in the name of human equality and world peace.

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Despite the gruesome islamic terrorist attacks on innocent people ---stabbings, bombing and shootings--- the Caliphate leader says, "London is Safe." http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-40148626/london-attack-sadiq-khan-london-s...
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Move along now, nothing to see. Rapefugees are here to save the economy. It's not their fault their countries are being ravaged....says every jew, protectorates of the death cult.

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Police responded to reports of shots, so they would respond strongly treating it as a terrorist incident but fortunately it was not.

Oxford Street is London's busiest shopping street and is usually packed with people.

I heard (only) one report that there had been a fight in the tube/metro/subway station but something must have triggered the original thing.

just released at 18:05 London time "...At about 16:38 we started to receive numerous 999 calls reporting shots fired in a number of locations on & at Oxford Circus tube station. Given the nature of the info received we responded as if the incident was terrorism, including the deployment of armed officers..."


Edit  and this is bullshit "....Witnesses at the scene described seeing a lorry on the pavement surrounded by police as if it had 'ploughed' into pedestrians. Next to the lorry, the pavement was said to be covered in blood...."

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Did Bezos pay for the "Main Street" hit?

Amazon.co.uk is safer, you know...


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Probably just some kid with a cap gun.  But if they catch the little cowboy he'll probably spend the next 20 years in a London prison.

Run kid, run.  Ditch that cap gun down an air vent.


Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Guns are available in the UK for the right price. 

False alarm everything back to normal.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

The right price? Bloody rip off from what I heard..

quadraspleen's picture

This is more of a "keep being afraid" scenario than a "ban all the guns" one

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Someone tell those ciminals that guns are illegal in London.

Scar Bro's picture

hmm criminals... hmmm just ordinary criminals.... nothing specific about their religious practices.... just your regular broad spectrum criminal.

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So Black Friday basically.

How's that multikulti diversity working out for ya.

junction's picture

As we approach Christmas, expect more shootings from "Syrian refugees" and the like. After all, death to the infidels is their mantra. 

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We can never know their true motives

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The English don't observe Thanksgiving Day, and they don't schedule Black Friday as a retail event. If you are now wondering why they do not, then it's because T-day is an American holiday.

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You're behind the times cougar,  Black Friday IS a heavily advertised retail event, some on-line stores have been running "deals" for three weeks ffs

Retailers aren't going to miss a trick to part us from our money.

Scar Bro's picture

How's that multikulti diversity working out for ya.

It's working out pretty shit... not gonna lie. But the jews tell me it's great, so I'm just gonna soldier on. After all, they know best.

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Were any circus animals shot ???

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Religion of peace again? JV team?

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70% of British Muslims are in polygamous relationships according to government sources...Ahahahaha

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Fake news from haters, white supremacists, and Trump supporters.

Gun ownership in UK is illegal, so gun violence can’t happen. Diversity is strength, so non-white crime is an impossibility. Islam is a religion of peace.


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How dare you. The obvious problem is that British gun control did not go far enough. Real progressives need to invest in time travel to prevent the invention of the firearm. Obviously, as history proves, the world was a peaceful utopia until some deranged white man invented the gun.

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Arming, funding, training & importing I CIA SIS terror Mossad organizations since the days of the Mujahaideen.

Wash, rinse & repeat.

You do not understand why we import the people who will destabilize our society because no one has showed you the secret government funding formula:

1 imported muzzie = $10,000,000 in secret police funding + (Constitutional Rights - square root of hyper fear + docile population living in confusion and poverty) + unlimited Zionist jew and Saudi graft = 1%. Using this formula, you will have enough information to understand forever war, unlimited military spending, and $21,000,000,000,000 in debt and massive prozac and opiod usage. Alcohol and small pox took care of the indigenous North American population 200 years ago. Muzzie and Zionist Jew invasion + massive drug addiction and a Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Tyrannical Lawless Psychopathic leadership will take care of the current population.

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All I want for x mas is a big screen tv and a .40 cal glock.


English shopper.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

MP5a4s please. Forget the TV.

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No Brit would have any idea what a gun sounds like... Someone just farted in Selfridges.

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It was at THE OTHER END,  at Oxford Circus.

Where the bus deposited me and did not go any further.

I did swear for having to cart my belongings between the Fake Police (Community Police for the unintiated), As for the Unerground NO THANKS, I had been stuck for 25 minutes in one station, because the one fucking door was shown that it did not close. And we couldn't move

False Flag any one???

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George Soros protesting Brexit?

Joe A's picture

Did they go from 'terrorism' to 'an attack by a confused individual' to 'nothing happened, nothing to see here, move along now' in official responses? Or just a dud indeed?

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In their decade-long attempt to convince us we need to give up all our civil liberties, the globalists have now reached the penultimate stage - they don't even need an actual event for the public to believe there has been one. Someone can just scream once and that's it - a stampede.

Forevermore, this non-event will be described as "The Oxford Circus Attack" and will go into the official stats.

As Mencken said..........

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary"

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Real or imagined, if I'm out with my loved ones and anything like this happens, I'm assessing the situation, routing our escape and getting the heck out of there. Whether it's a shooter, a stampede, a protest, a riot, or the possibility of hunkering down with a mob of frightened sheep, I want none of that!

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Start screaming ALLAH AKBAR!!!!

Everyone will move out of the way.

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Looks like some Muslim got mad because they ran out of Aiesha Pedo Sex Dolls on Black Friday.

It's a gift that keeps on giving...

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The surveillance cameras every 6 meters didn't capture anything? How do you figure this caper, Holmes?

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The muzzies have figured out how to inspire terror with some fire crackers  and cell phone triggered fuses.

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The British police have become a gang of cock sucking nazis. Impolite, rude, pushy.