RT & Michael Flynn: Is That The Case Mueller Is Going To Make?

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Authored by Alexander Mercouris via TheDuran.com,

With every other attempt to put together a convincing Russiagate case having failed – the indictments against Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos make no allusion to the collusion allegations at the heart of it, and the FBI has now admitted to Congressional investigators that it cannot verify the Trump Dossier, the document which appears to have triggered the whole inquiry – it seems that the pressure is now increasingly on Michael Flynn.

Shortly after the indictments against Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos I speculated that an indictment against Flynn might be pending.  News that his lawyers have broken contact with the President’s lawyers hardens that suspicion.  There are also rumours that Special Counsel Mueller may also be considering an indictment against his son.

The trouble is that nothing that is known about General Flynn’s activities during the 2016 election campaign give any reason to think that he was involved in any sort of illegal collusion with the Russians.

The only case that can convincingly be made against him is that he failed to register under FARA in connection with paid lobbying work he did for a foreign government.  However the government in question is Turkey not Russia.

I wonder whether this may explain the otherwise highly oppressive and legally dubious decision to force RT to register under FARA as a foreign agent?

Flynn did appear on RT on a number of occasions, and did attend an RT dinner where he was famously photographed sitting at the same table as President Putin. 

He also received payments from RT, though there were quibbles between him and RT over the amount.

Could it be that the intention is to claim that since RT is a foreign agent – an agent of the Russian government no less – Flynn is also in breach of FARA and/or his disclosure obligations to the Pentagon because he did not register or properly disclose his dealings with RT?

Whilst that would on the face of it be an attempt to use the FARA legislation retrospectively – a legally highly dubious practice, to put it mildly – it might make some sense of the otherwise legally highly questionable decision to force RT to register as a foreign agent.

There is a further possibility.  Back in January when the 6th January 2017 ODNI report was published I speculated that the long seven page appendix about RT that was mysteriously attached to it might suggest that the US intelligence community has convinced itself that RT was in some way the intermediary the Russians used to provide the DNC and Podesta emails to Wikileaks.

After all Julian Assange has had a programme on RT and RT – along with many other stations – covered the story of the DNC and Podesta leaks heavily.  It is not difficult to see how in the present hysterical atmosphere someone might have put all these facts together and come to some completely erroneous conclusions which are not supported by evidence.

I say the last because as I have pointed out previously, former FBI Director James Comey has in effect admitted that the FBI and therefore presumably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigators actually have no idea how the emails reached Wikileaks.

If this is indeed what is going on then it is legally and ethically highly dubious.  However this has been the consistent pattern of the whole Russiagate investigation from the start.

It is now clear that it was used to place members of the Trump campaign under surveillance, and has since morphed into what looks like an increasingly desperate attempt to justify this conduct.

Given the high stakes, it is not difficult to see how concerns about the retrospective use of legislation might be brushed aside.

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tyberious's picture

Blah, blah, blah

Fail, fail, fail

Deep state loss, deep state double down, deep state clowns

The world is moving on, while DC convulses in its own ejaculate


jeff montanye's picture

well it certainly seems like the government is trying to censor rt.

but, to put things in perspective, here's a comment (rt) about a controversy in india with a movie set in the 14th century:

Opposition to the film goes right to the top of Indian politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s media coordinator, Surajpal Amu, called for the beheading of leading actress Deepika Padukone and film director Leela Bhansali.

not just register as a foreign agent. 

yomutti2's picture


Russia Today is a straight-up popaganda arm of the Russian state. If he is on their payroll, then he is on Putin's payroll. And he is scum.


Dancing Disraeli's picture

I got 2 words to say to that-- Operation Mockingbird.

fleur de lis's picture

Wake me up when Mueller goes after his buddies for the 911 murder spree.

bamawatson's picture

this does not directly pertain to mueller, but first 5:35 is an encouraging , strong, delivery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4TCtOsVD1o

Escrava Isaura's picture

yomutti2: Russia Today is a straight-up propaganda arm of the Russian state.

Your post is nonsense.

Russia Today is the best that journalism can offer. Of course, I don’t know every single show there, but, from what I have watched so far, Russia Today is the best by far.

Now your post would be 100% correct if you were referring of the US mass media, which is a straight up propaganda for the bottom 80% of the population; and indoctrination of the top 20%.


Lack of Transparency, Personal Gain Intentions, and Massive Corruption Inside of Trump Administration.

BuzzFeed News reports that two weeks before Donald Trump was inaugurated, Flynn and soon-to-be White House advisers Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner had a secret morning meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II, during the same period in which Flynn was pushing “a multibillion-dollar deal to build nuclear reactors in Jordan and other Middle East nations.” (Like 100 other foreign contacts he initially failed to disclose, Kushner’s initial security clearance form failed to mention this particular meeting.) According to BuzzFeed, topics discussed included “Israeli-Palestinian relations, intelligence sharing between America and Jordan on Syria, ISIS,” and a nuclear project called the Marshal Plan, a $200 billion project which initially involved U.S. companies building reactors in Jordan and other Middle East nations, with security handled by a Russian state-owned firm called Rosoboron, which, incidentally, is currently facing the possibility of U.S. sanctions. 

“Any proposal to introduce dozens of nuclear reactors to the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, raises many proliferation red flags,” the Arms Control Association’s Daryl Kimball told BuzzFeed. “The Saudis do not need nuclear power and them gaining access could lead to dangerous consequences down the road.” Giving a country nuclear energy capacity, as the Marshall Plan would, “is like giving a country a nuclear weapons starter kit,” the nonprofit Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation’s Alexandra Bell said. 



Paul Kersey's picture

They went after Capone for murder and racketeering, but they got him for tax evasion. They went after Clinton for White Water, but they got him for lying about a blowjob. They are going after Trump for colluding with the Russians during the election, but, if they get him, it will be through his tax returns, where they hope to find money laundering and tax evasion. Going after Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Kushner, Don, Jr., ect, are all just parts of scatter gun triangulation efforts being used by the Special Prosecutor to keep constant pressure on Trump.

"Triangulation may manifest itself as a manipulative device to engineer rivalry between two people, known as divide and conquer or playing one (person) against another."

Escrava Isaura's picture

Taxes? Check this EB-5 Visa Program as well.

EB-5 visa program, which grants visas to investors who pay at least $500,000. These are particularly popular amongst Chinese investors, who park their money into projects like 1 Journal Square, sometimes in order ensure a better future for their children. The program, which was originally enacted by Congress to provide an influx of investments in underserved areas in order to spur local economies, has been widely criticized by ethics experts for lining the pockets of wealthy developers who see the program as a source of cheap, easy money.

I am surprised that the conservatives haven’t called EB-5 ‘investments in underserved areas’ socialism. LOL.


The background: Jared Kushner paid $27 million for the vacant site, located smack in the middle of Jersey City’s Journal Square neighborhood, in 2015. The firm had initially courted WeWork as an anchor tenant, but the co-working (and co-living) company backed out of the project earlier this year, forgoing its alleged 50 percent ownership stake in the development and putting a planned tax abatement for the project in jeopardy.

Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop also announced that the city would no longer back One Journal Square, only saying that the project “doesn’t work for us.”

The project was also the subject of some controversy because of Kushner Companies’ attempts to raise $150 million for the project from Chinese investors via the EB-5 visa program. Jared Kushner’s sister, Nicole Meyer, led the pitch; as we previously reported, “Meyer pointed to her brother’s position in the White House and showed a picture of President Donald Trump in her pitch to Chinese investors, both in Beijing and Shanghai, according to Bloomberg.” That led to a federal investigation of the firm’s use of that visa program.




Paul Kersey's picture

"I am surprised that the conservatives haven’t called EB-5 ‘investments in underserved areas’ socialism. LOL."

No you aren't, or, if you are, you don't understand winner-take-all capitalism. Anyway, EB-5 money revived the downtown waterfront in the city where I live. Most of the money came from Taiwan. The local person, who started the project, was being foreclosed upon brought that money in, in a Hail Mary attempt to keep his project alive. He is now rich again and what once was a super fund area is now the crown jewel of the city.

This is exactly the kind of money that the EB-5 program was supposed to attract, and has nothing to do with Casey's contention that the poor of the third world are migrating to America. Have no idea why you posted this, unless it was something you just read about, wanted to post it to take another shot at the Trump family, and just needed to find a place to post it somewhere, regardless of whether it was relevant or not. It is not relevant to this article, but you, of course, know that.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Thanks. You highlighted my point well, which is: If there’s no investment be that public spending or private spending, such as EB-5, there is NO growth.

MAGA is not going to work for about 80% of the population.

Window guidance in GDP growth is what this economy needs.


GreatUncle's picture

And the MSM media in the west has been show to fill exactly the same position for the globalists.

You can't believe or trust any of them on anything no more.

Every day they now purposefully try to conjure fake narratives to deceive the population.

TBH they ain't even any good at it no more.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Mueller is making up laws as he goes.  Flynn is worried about his son getting indicted and Mueller is playing that against him.


Arctic Frost's picture

And of course we can TRUST Buzzfeed news!! After all, they’re the ones that published the debunked dossier as fact while KNOWING it was dubious. Even the entire MSM called them out on it. Great news organization to quote. You may as well quote from The Star or the National Enquirer. . .

Gotta love these, anonymous sources . . .

Escrava Isaura's picture

That’s why I keep saying that conservatives should not run America.

They don’t like the facts as is. They live in this utopia ‘free market’ nationalism-capitalism indoctrination that I cannot find anywhere in the industrialized world.

Here’s another example. And there’s nothing anonymous about these sources.  

Adm. Hewitt Ties US Security to Nuclear Energy in Middle East

United States has not made this a high priority and, as a result, Russia and other nations are moving to fill the void. 


DeadFred's picture

In some ways you are right. I hate to admit it. We conservatives grabbed onto the meme that Mueller was a bad guy, early evidence suggested it, and we have been unwilling to examine the subsequent evidence that suggests he is, in fact, a white hat. The ones indicted so far have been moles planted into Trump's campaign. Pelosi has tried to get Mueller replaced, why? Not for the good of the nation, she must now view Mueller as a threat, why? Mueller has openly stated that Trump is not being investigated yet conservatives somehow don't trust that. My opinion is that Mueller is as much of a good guy as anyone can expect of a denizen of Sodom on the Potomac. <fingers crossed and hoping>

drgizmo's picture

simple right want to ruin the credibility of an investigation ...have your know enemies do it ...

Grimaldus's picture

"That’s why I keep saying that conservatives should not run America."

America has been run by progressives since about 1900  and you know it.

Yet you complain that things are just not progressive enough.

See how stupid that is?

The progressive stupid, it burns.







Paul Kersey's picture

"That’s why I keep saying that conservatives should not run America."

They don't. Corporatists run America. Corporatists run the world. Corporatists are ideological iconoclasts. Their ideological divide and conquer techniques are to keep the members of the ignorant masses of ideologues on one side, like yourself, ranting against the masses of ignorant ideologues on the other side, so that both sides feud over emotional wedge issues while failing to notice the corporatists emptying everyone's bank accounts. Folks like you continue to play right into their hands.

Escrava Isaura's picture

First, if you think that the conservative approach can feed 7 billion people and employ as many people as the current system, you’re deluding yourself.

Second, industrialization is not comparable with the left (anarchism) and the right (free market) because industrialization overwhelms both of them.

The reasons that I think the liberals are better at industrialization and capitalism than conservatives, it’s because conservatives have a ‘black&white’ simplistic view. Conservatives are control freak. They don’t like gray areas, confusion, and constant changes.

Industrialization and capitalism are messy business, because they are global.

Anarchism and free-market are localized products. These two are not setup to compete globally.

And, it’s not their function.

And should not be either.   



shovelhead's picture

Thank you for posting some of the most ludicrous statements on ZH.

Highly entertaining and a comedic window into the incoherent mind of a lefty.

VoteSmarts's picture

I would point out, it is Nobody's *business to even consider how to feed seven billion people; that is a faulty premise to begin Any argument. Rather, Conservatives consider it their Own responsibility to feed and clothe themselves and family > community, whereas it is the socialists/ current liberals who wring hands over the burden of it all, one they have no *right to assume.

We don't need no gibment overlord wannabees, nor globullist organizers.

drgizmo's picture

that is the whole point you can not ... they must feed themmselves or just die ...

Harsh ...but that is nature ...

Fiat currency systems have tried to reverse natural law ...and while it can for a short while ... has allowed this next tragedy to happen... and when time runs out ...$$$ goes to zero and all others dragged down the same way ...as it always has anytime... fiat breaks/suspends natural law ... 95 % will die in the most worse way ...hungry...cold ...and in the dark.

Dincap's picture

The alleged natural law is just a superstition and the supetstitioners totally incapable of understending capitalism are always ready to destroy everything.

Paul Kersey's picture

"it’s because conservatives have a ‘black&white’ simplistic view."

You don't know shit about conservatives. You are wearing cement shoes while sinking into your own dark pool of cognitive bias pond scum.

"A cognitive bias refers to the systematic pattern of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment, whereby inferences about other people and situations may be drawn in an illogical fashion."

Did you not bother to read what I wrote to you about your being duped into the conservative/liberal divide? For some reason, you can't address the case in point, the big neoliberal picture, and continue to just post ancillary bullshit, almost always along your 'them (evil) vs us (good)' ideology. Trying to induce you into partaking in a somewhat meaningful discussion is like hitting a tennis ball against the a wall. It just comes right back the way it was hit. Ideology is the enemy of rational thought and discourse.

Dincap's picture

I apologize for being inelegant as intruder but your post sounds rather irrational and ridicolous. She usually expresses her ideas incisively while you use in this case a too much "ad personam" argument as you were the only one capable of undertanding capitalism and neoliberal picture. Put down your ideas and let readers decide.

Escrava Isaura's picture

I realized that, if I was a conservative, I would not want capitalism or industrialization.

I would be very happy, again, is I was a conservative, in a hunt/agrarian society, which, by the way, would be sustainable in the long run. Humanity could probably survive for thousands of year.

However, that is not the reality, because humanity developed the High Mental Faculty, meaning intelligence and science. Now humanity is in a big trouble. And with over 7 billion people.

Capitalism and industrialization are not comparable with conservatism, if conservatism is to be localized, meaning, self-sufficient.

Now, if conservatives would want to grow beyond their self-sufficiency, meaning going globally, then, they would have to incorporate some liberalism, because they could not impose their way on others.

Here conservatives would run in trouble, because liberalism would not come naturally with them.

However, liberalism can incorporate some conservatism, some socialism, some anarchism, and so on as long as there’s some type of government to hold these together.

The flaw in liberalism is that, liberals are class oriented. Liberals like educated and/or sophisticated people. Liberals don’t care where you come from. It’s who you are.

The flaws in conservatism are race and nationality. Try placing a conservative family in a mix society, such as in DC. The first thing they would do is to move to some mountain in Virginia, even that their job is in DC. Also, conservatives were made to hate the working class even that they are the working class.

Now, why has capitalism being bad for conservatives?

Many reasons, of course, but roughly speaking: Because this is how our founding fathers wanted. The minority ‘owner’ rules over the majority. America is working steadily and as it was planned 250 years ago.



Dr_Snooz's picture

"Now your post would be 100% correct if you were referring of the US mass media, which is a straight up propaganda for the bottom 80% of the population; and indoctrination of the top 20%.

BuzzFeed News reports ..."

Intentional irony? Or are you still stuck on stupid?

house biscuit's picture

I would say profoundly naive, but I can't, because troll

Chapulin Colorado's picture

Agree.  A Mueller is creating a distraction by targeting Trump "operatives" to throw off the liberals while really going after the real russian colluding candidate...  Hitlary Cunton.

nmewn's picture

From the article above...

"Could it be that the intention is to claim that since RT is a foreign agent – an agent of the Russian government no less – Flynn is also in breach of FARA and/or his disclosure obligations to the Pentagon because he did not register or properly disclose his dealings with RT?

Whilst that would on the face of it be an attempt to use the FARA legislation retrospectively – a legally highly dubious practice, to put it mildly – it might make some sense of the otherwise legally highly questionable decision to force RT to register as a foreign agent."

...so by having RT designated as a foreign agent, now Grand Inquisitor Mueller is trending toward ex post facto prosecutions...I thought this was something only reserved to the minions of true authortarians.

How revealing.

Thats almost as bad as having actual evidence, like bank records, showing Fusion GPS paying the Alinsky press (three reporters to be exact) to disseminate an "intel dossier" that was constructed with the help of...Russians...for the purpose of, obtaining warrants from a FISA court to, wiretap your political opponent and then...leak those conversations gleaned from those wiretaps back to...those same reporters.

Last time I checked that is an actual conspiracy to "collude" with a foreign power and by leaking the contents of those private communications gained by a wiretap back to the reporters it became...anal-rape-in-prison-felonies.

Here's looking at you Mr.Clapper, Mr.Brennan, Mr.Comey, Mrs.Sunstein & Mzzz.Rice. 


For the progs who don't understand what ex post facto is and tend to treat "the law" as if it is something to be bent & molded for any purpose they wish, like ADHD afflicted chimpanzees...lol...its like a law or regulation being passed this week declaring bananas illegal and/or contraband (pick any reason you like, from deforestation to eeebul capitalist grocers profiting from their sale)...and then charging people for "the crime of" possessing bananas...last week...before bananas became illegal...this week.

You're welcome ;-)

house biscuit's picture

You make plenty of fine points

So no need to go after progressives per se; it's not future looking folks who are the problem

house biscuit's picture

This however, unlike brazil-boi, does fit profoundly naive

The investigation may or may not be a distraction; but you're a long way off from HRC seeing iron bars

And even if that happens, which I think is highly unlikely, the bigger question remains: why now?

Implied Violins's picture

Well, I got two words to say about this, after this quote:

"I say the last because as I have pointed out previously, former FBI Director James Comey has in effect admitted that the FBI and therefore presumably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigators actually have no idea how the emails reached Wikileaks."


JRobby's picture

It was not a hack because it would have taken many many hours via internet. So they were copied to a storage device by an insider. This has been pointed out numerous times.

Yet the $$$$ wasting "investigation" continues.

lenz3099's picture

You sir are a dumbfuck of epic proportions and you should kill yourself immediately before you spawn more epic retarded garbage morons like yourself. Really tho, just kill yourself, make the world a better place. Just do it.

Billy the Poet's picture

If Flynn appeared on Russia Today he is a traitor but the fact that the Clintons were paid hundreds of millions of dollars by Russians connected to the Uranium One deal and Hillary openly admits that she paid for a dossier provided by the Kremlin is just business as usual?

Seriously. I want an explanation and I want it now.


Endgame Napoleon's picture

We need new laws, governing global profiteering that impacts pubic policy after Swampians leave office. We need laws that are applicable to this globalist/media-saturated era. Instead of punishing current Swampians, just make new, stricter, clearer laws. The current laws that just demand disclosure are insufficient.

But censorship of political speech should not be the role of a country with a First Amendment; we should not be censoring the political speech of other countries or our own.

Maybe, the astronomical fees these Swampians command should be the focus. For instance, make a law that says a foreign bank can offer up a speech-making gig all day long. But former President Obama cannot accept a $3.2 million speaking fee, given to him solely because of the public office he held. He is free to make a speech for a reasonable amount of money to a group of bankers, to a media organization, a university, etc., as long as the fee amount would never be enough to influence any decision of a future leader.

As publicly distasteful as it may be, these Swampians probably need a better pension and longer-running security, along with laws to prohibit all of this global money-making. Because, in this day and age, the public scrutiny and the barrage of media coverage necessitates a greater expense in protecting them after they leave office.

The security expense burden does not explain all of their avarice. The Obamas got a $45 million book contract. The Clintons got $12 and $8-million-dollar book contracts, respectively, along with a lot of money from global speech making, etc. The money from the book contracts alone should be sufficient to cover any additional security or privacy issues they might have. The government takes care of security for them for years, but in the long run, these highly scrutinized people do have some extra expenses that most people lack because of the publicity.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

You lost me at "we need new laws..."

Made up by whom? The perverts and bought-and-paid-for traitors in congress.

We need an armed insurrection of the people, for the people, by the people.

Anything less is just window dressing on a greasy pane of flimsy plexiglass.

house biscuit's picture

Agree with you on insurrection

But the armed bit may play to the squid's strength

People just need to walk away from the lies

sun tzu's picture

Laws are useless with a corrupt FBI & DOJ while the presstitutes cover for their masters

drgizmo's picture

you need less laws strictly inforced ...

atually you only need two laws ...

one for force 

one for fraud 

jin187's picture

So what if it's propaganda? The First Amendment protects most lying, even if it is subversive and disgusting.

I can't believe these stupid fucks are wasting so much money, time, and breath over a fraction of a percent of campaign spending, and a few handshakes. Meanwhile Vlad and Hilary are waltzing down the road with a wheelbarrow full of uranium.

Conscious Reviver's picture

The zionist MSM, Hollyweird, etc. is all propaganda all the time.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Our MSM is more like propaganda, too, or it is a combination of tabloid gossip and campaigning for one or the other side.

shovelhead's picture

Russia paid for the uranium fair and square.

They even greased all the right wheels on the Hillary machine. Just the cost of doing business with crooks.

When you park in the city you don't care that the mob owns the parking lot. You just pay to park your car.

FredFlintstone's picture

All RT has to do it point to the truth to bring the US down. 

hannah's picture

yomutti2...funny how RT has more accurate news about corrupt us politicians and globalist than the us media. the only way americans can get the real news is to go to RT or the daily mail for gods sake....

Kayman's picture

BBC next.  The Brits have been trying a reverse taken over by expanding cricket and footy coverage in the US.

Hell man, that Mueller is doing a heck of a job.