LA, NYC Detectives Collaborate On Weinstein Probes As Arrests Loom

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Detectives in New York and Los Angeles have been hinting for weeks that they’re close to arresting disgraced studio head Harvey Weinstein for one of any number of credible sexual assault claims that both fall within the statute of limitations and involve accusers who can provide the evidence prosecutors need to make pursuing a case worthwhile.

As the various investigations into Weinstein wend toward completion, the Guardian is reporting that police departments in several disparate jurisdictions are collaborating to help strengthen their cases and ensure that the maximum number of prosecutable cases are brought against the one-time mogul.

Detectives in several cities investigating Harvey Weinstein for sex crimes are likely to be collaborating as they build evidence and assess whether the film producer can be arrested and charged, experts believe.


Investigators in New York, London and Los Angeles have opened criminal cases against Weinstein in the last six weeks, as the disgraced producer faces lawsuits on both sides of the Atlantic following a flood of accusations of sexual misconduct.


Los Angeles police department (LAPD) detectives have interviewed witnesses in preparation for presenting a case to the district attorney’s office. The DA will then decide whether to press criminal charges over accusations that Weinstein raped an unnamed actress in a hotel in Beverly Hills in 2013, according to David Ring, a lawyer for the alleged victim.

Many believe the NYPD will be the first to act, if only because Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. quashed an earlier investigation into Weinstein before accepting a campaign donation from Weinstein lawyer David Boies. The LAPD and Beverly Hills police are also expected to pursue criminal charges. But police in London are also reportedly preparing to file charges based on the testimony from three women who’ve accused Weinstein of rape.

Of course, as we’ve pointed out in the past, the pending criminal cases against Weinstein are only the beginning of his legal problems. Many of the more than 80 women who have come forward to accuse Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment plan on filing civil suits, which are much easier to prove than criminal cases, and often result in out-of-court settlements.

The first civil suits targeting Weinstein, and his former company Weinstein & Co. for abetting his monstrous behavior, are already being filed.

The sheer volume of complaints against Weinstein, Christensen said, will be much more easily introduced in civil cases, where rules about evidence involving a defendant’s character and the standard of proof are less stringent than in criminal court.


The UK lawyer Jill Greenfield is expected to file civil lawsuits on behalf of a number of women in the high court in London in due course, having written to Weinstein demanding settlements but without hearing back so far.


People are contacting me,” she said. “I’m expecting to coordinate a claim for a number of victims."


Following the decision not to charge Weinstein in connection with her case, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez signed an agreement in which the film producer paid her $1m.


“I thought I needed to support my mom and brother, and how my life was being destroyed, and I did it,” she told the New Yorker earlier this week.


The actor Dominique Huett filed the first civil suit since complaints against Weinstein came pouring out in early October, in the New York Times. She is claiming $5m in Los Angeles superior court, alleging that the Weinstein Company “aided and abetted” Weinstein in “repeated acts of sexual misconduct".

Of course, Weinstein has been hiding from the world – reportedly wearing disguises when he ventures out in public – communicating with the world only through his defense attorneys, Ben Brafman and Blair Berk. With penury and incarceration looking almost inevitable at this point, he’ll need all the legal guidance he can afford.

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junction's picture

Wow, Columbo and Kojak on the job.

HRClinton's picture

Skeptical until I see Bill Cunton getting arrested. 

chubbar's picture

Why doesn't the NYPD collaborate on the computer they have of Abedins husband? Or how about the Podesta info? These cunts are just trying to look legit, they are all paid stooges.

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Weinstein should have had the foresight to most of his assets into bitcoin, then declare bankruptcy.

His next film should be about fonestar and tmosley. Won't be for another 100-200 years though.

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"LA, NYC Detectives Collaborate On Weinstein Probes"

Wouldn't they be better off having a proctologist do that (unless, of course, they are into that kind of shit)?

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That Slick Willy has not faced anywhere the same scrutiny is sadly laughable in the extreme!

Fukin' Dims... Fukin' Libs... Fukin' MSM... Fukin' Deep State...

Wake up, America...

It's the Clintoons (both) that have been abusing you all these years!

MonetaryApostate's picture

When are they going to go after the bankers who printed over $2 quadrillion US Dollars? (And a million times that in fake investments & debt!)

J S Bach's picture

The smirking neanderthal (((thing))) knows that his (((kind))) will get him a nice cushy sentence - ala (((Jeff Epstein))) with his pedophile Isle antics.

Folks... let this be a wake-up call for all with brains to think and consciences to feel - the (((tribe))) is at the root of all of our woes.  They foment every vice known to flawed mankind.   Rather than preaching to avoid the perils of sin, they PROMOTE it to the goy where and whenever possible.  Take off your 3D Hollywood-TV-watching glasses and view the world as it really is.  We have all been under a hypnotic, unreal, pseudo, dillusional spell since the end of WWII.  Wake up and - for the sake of your children - DO something to rectify the upsidedown world into which (((they))) have placed us.

MonetaryApostate's picture

You forgot that they also profit off of it, indeed it's how they maintain control too!

C_Tacitus's picture

Weinstein's MOSSAD created bargaining chip responsible for the decadence of much of the peoples, and one would immediately suspect.....

Just continue to upload and use (services to "back up" your private photos) and, in the same breath, wonder how those photos end up being leaked by degenerates like this one....

Have you EVER published these embarrassing photos of the Jewish princesses beyond reproach?!.....

Now you have the motive of this cancerous parasite and its "compromised" inception!

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your trashy girlfriend who lives there in a Phoenix trailer park, getting pawed by her hooknosed landlord. That trailer trash who said I was FBI bait,

Never One Roach's picture

Mooshell Obama called Weinstein, "a wonderful human being."

Hillary Clinton said Weinstein, "is a close friend."

We'll see where this "investigation" leads.

gearjammers1's picture

all I had to do was disagrree with your trashy girlfriend - a gentle disagreement - though I was in the right - your girlfriend trash was in favor of the Marxist blacks - what are you going to do to me  faggot ?


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No shit. They had a virtual treasure trove of evidence, and yet they did nothing. This is nothing but theater to placate the plebs. This Weinstien character is a relative nobody. Did they do any kind of due diligence with this Epstien guy that Clinton travelled with so frequentlyy? Such as, oh I don't know, trying to figure out why he signed papers ridding himself of his secret service escort while he flew with this pedophile on his 'Lolitta Express' to his 'orgy island'? Or, you know, prosecute Clinton and her cronies for their very blatant crimes, which anyone else would have been prosecuted for? These people are a bunch of useless clowns.

lakecity55's picture

Yep! The Big Money is in The Weener's PC.

Harv the Perv is just bait and distraction.

"Hitlary...I raised sooo much money for ya."
"I know, Harv. You are a made man. But, now, you hafta take one for the Team."


land_of_the_few's picture

Hopefully they will be slightly more decisive on the Awan thing.

Rex Andrus's picture

1. Muh paycheck

2. Employee intelligence test caps

tmosley's picture

Hillary, Chelsea, and McCain are all wearing the same foot brace. Speculation is that they are hiding ankle monitors.

JLee2027's picture

Chelsea photo is from 2012. But Chelsea, apparently, was the one running the Clinton Foundation. 


4,000 sealed indictments, that's all that matters:


Replying to   and 11 others

Hundreds? There is a team of us working on those sealed indictments and we will be posting results in a few days. Try close to 4000

In Ze No's picture

But no ankle brace for Teflon Bill?

BabaLooey's picture

Cyrus Vance Jr....


Arnold's picture

Magnum and Rockford too.

Snippy21's picture

Send the filthy fat fuck to hell where he belongs.

Supafly's picture

Seems like the best option since he hasn't been arrested yet, which means he won't be arrested.

DaBard51's picture

And the first complaint, how many years old might be?




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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I'll take Tickets to Tel Aviv for $1000 Alex.

Salzburg1756's picture

He'll become a rabbi in israel where he'll be much admired for his work with shiksas.

Solio's picture

How many people got stds from people like this? Even worse, ho many unwanted pregnancies?

MuffDiver69's picture

Ballpark figure is thousand...

847328_3527's picture

Usually no one cares about these serial molesters/rapists. Look at how they ignored Bill Clinton.

My guess is there is something this guy does to these women that really really disgusts them [like give them anal warts via his sodomizing them ... or similar] that drives this quest.

political junkie's picture

There's a theory making the rounds online... 

That Weinstein wasthrown under the bus in order to bring down Trump for inappropriateness w/ females. It backfired - instead, Weinstein's exposure gave many of his victims the courage to speak out... which sort of snow-balled resulting in many others being named.

Some credibility to this... considering all these individuals named are Democrats. So Allred comes along w/ her charge in hand to smear a conservative christian - Roy Moore. Suddenly, Weinstein disappears from the headlines and the Dems and Rinos are gunning for Moore. (just food for thought, ymmv)

CheapBastard's picture

That's very plausable. Tarnish our great president by association, but when hundreds of women come forward to describe how utterly disgusting this Hollywood democrat is, then hundreds more women got the courage to come out and expose their perverts, most of whom happen to be ...Democrats.

Definitely unintended consequences by the community organizers.

MuffDiver69's picture

Throw the book at this animal, but the starlets all coming out are just as bad. They preach their feminist bunk and turned the cheek. I marvel at the fact the President makes a statement that applies to groupies throughout the centuries and at the same time music and movies make it look tame...but they try to turn him into the bad guy...That’s the hypocrisy that everyone knows and makes people not give a fuck..It’s like the Moore accusers...One is a full fledged junkie and the other a proven liar who was so bad she was living with her father when supposedly victimized..Meanwhile Conyers is holding staff meetings in his underwear abusing female staff and Franken groping and joking about rape...

C_Tacitus's picture

"Throw the [Talmudic] book[s] at this [chosenite] animal ..."

847328_3527's picture

I agree. His penalty should be to wear the Pink Pussy Hat of Femists for a year.

Nothing more, nothing less. The accusers are uber-hypocrits.

LadyAtZero's picture

Both men and women are victims of rape.

Are you a guy?

Can you imagine somebody  (a powerful man)  who's way up there on the food chain  (perhaps the CEO of your company  or  the president of the university where you work,  or a big-time mover and shaker in your industry).

Imagine if he was a gay man.

Say you had a meeting with him and  after you arrived,  he slammed the door behind you and started tearing your clothes off.

What the hell, right?  

Would you enjoy that?   Would you enjoy the groping?   Would you enjoy the rape?  

Would you report it?   Or would you stay quiet,  scared out of your mind?   Wouldn't you wonder,  "What the hell happened?"

Would you avoid him?   What if he kept calling you and calling you?    

Finally you just leave the industry and go try to find some sanity.

Well -- this happened to me and it has happened to a lot of women.

And we're tired of it happening.



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Who killed Seth Rich? Lock her up! NYPD + LAPD = denizens of the swamp.

Dante Inferizzo's picture

Weinsteins probes. Is that supposed to be a joke?

WillyGroper's picture

aaaaannnnndddd, carlos danger's insurance file?

play'n folks like a cheap ukulele.

Volt's picture

This attack on Weinstein is highly coordinated and for the sole purpose to steal his company:

LadyAtZero's picture

Well, that's an interesting idea.

In any case,  the vultures always circle  when there are fresh corpses...


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Attention Tyler. An actor is a male.  The proper term for a female is actress