The MbS-Blackwater Marriage Of Convenience

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Authored by Ghassan Kadi via The Saker blog,

Mohamed Bin Salman’s (MBS) royal Saudi coup is still in the making and its stories of mystery and intrigue are unfolding.

Some recent articles written about this unprecedented Saudi development have focused on whether or not MBS was actually desirous of instigating reform within the kingdom of sand and capable of putting together the infrastructure that made such reform possible and how. Other more cynical articles have cast little doubt on his ability to create any change and classified him as yet another puppet of the legacy that his grandfather King Abdul Aziz, the founder of the Saudi dynasty, has forged with the West. In between the two extremes, many perhaps waited in anticipation to see what was to happen next in the now quick-changing kingdom that did not change at all in essence for nearly a hundred years.

To put recent developments into perspective, we must objectively look at MBS’s achievements and failures since his rise to prominence; with a special emphasis on the developments of the last few weeks.

MBS has failed to turn previous Saudi Government failed policy on Syria to his advantage by distancing his own legacy from it. If anything, the outcome of the Syrian opposition conference that was held in Riyadh was a farcical outcome of Saudi diplomacy. Not only did this conference coincide with the 20th of November 2017 Putin-Assad Sochi victory summit, but it is still “demanding” the removal of Syrian President Assad from power.

The arrogant and seemingly naive Saudis seem to be still under the illusion that they are able to dictate terms of settlement of the “War on Syria” despite the fact that they have put all of their efforts into winning it but have lost decisively.

However, the more painful fact for them is that they lost without a single bargaining chip remaining for them to capitalize on.

Whilst MBS can be “excused” for not being able to find a face-saving way out of Syria, he has failed abysmally in the war that he orchestrated in Yemen, and as this war drags on, the international community is beginning to wake up to the atrocities and genocide that the Saudi-led coalition is inflicting upon Yemen, and no one can be held more accountable for this military failure and crime against humanity than MBS himself.

MBS also failed to contain the loss he “inherited” from the failures of previous Saudi policies in Lebanon and Iraq. If anything, his determination to remain steadfast with these has turned regional Saudi policies into a total joke.

So where did MBS score any success, if any at all?

In my previous related articles and herein, I have mentioned and reiterate that MBS is increasingly gaining popularity within the ranks of young and educated Saudi men and women of all ages and in general amongst the grass-roots of the population. Hence, in this venture, he is scoring two birds with a single stone. In rounding up more popular support, he is confiscating and freezing badly-needed cash under the pretext of corruption.

The estimates of the number of incarcerated Saudi princes and businessmen are not any less subject to a game of guess work than the funds involved in this kerfuffle. Ignoring how many men have been put under detention, the tally of funds confiscated and frozen is estimated at a minimum of USD 150 bn to a maximum of USD 800 bn.

Given that the total official Saudi savings reserve is in the tune of “only” USD 700 bn after decades of high financial times, even the low estimate of USD 150 bn is a huge sum by proportion and by any proportion of course. It is little surprise that MBS is trying to replenish into the coffers of the state such sums, and if he manages to do it, it would be to his credit.

Whilst on the subject of official Saudi savings, after many decades of huge petroleum exports and at elevated prices, the Saudi savings reserve figure should be in the vicinity of a few trillion dollars. But a huge proportion of Saudi petro-dollars has been squandered on royal funds, holidays yachts, prostitutes, drugs, bribes, theft, corruption at all levels, and on this account and this account only, MBS can be acknowledged for bringing corrupt individuals to account.

But whether or not MBS is able to stamp out corruption and/or whether or not he is guilty of the same charge, as his cousins and some others argue, how much command does he have over the affairs of the kingdom, and over the royal family he staged a coup against?

Inside, unconfirmed reports allege that whether or not MBS has any command on traditional local troops that he can rely on, he is not taking any second chances.

To elaborate, the reader ought to be reminded that the Al-Saud legacy built its reign of power (and terror) on Wahhabism and money.

Wahhabism was used as the doctrine, and money was the catalyst for buying loyalty and support.

With MBS’s purge on the royals, no traditional royal supporter with known wealth is left feeling safe. How can they feel safe if they hear reports of news of princes like Al-Walid bin Talal not only being in custody, but also getting tortured and his assets frozen and sieged by the state?

In my previous article, The Second Saudi Dynasty: MBS’s Reset Button, I wondered how can MBS count on any local supporters. Apparently, he is not.

Recent inside information that was later on published in various media, reports that MBS has been using Blackwater to do his dirty work.

If those reports are true, MBS has hired Blackwater to arrest, with orders to kill whoever resists arrest, Saudi princes and high-ranking businessmen, and to answer to no one but him.

In retrospect, the fatal shooting of Prince Abdul Aziz, son of former King Fahed, was highly unlikely to have been done by a Saudi as this would attract a death sentence in the event of the coup failing.

It has even been reported that Blackwater personnel are driving around in tinted Saudi Police and security agency personnel vehicles in a manner that is totally unbeknown and hidden from the Saudi public.

This cannot be corroborated any more than they can realistically be dismissed.

If true, such reports indicate that MBS’s coup is not over. They indicate that he is not taking any chances, but most practically, they indicate that he trusts no one; no one expect Blackwater.

Most importantly and significantly however, such news, if confirmed, indicates that MBS does not have a true hold on power.

If such is the case, and seeing the ambition he has, there is more reason to believe that MBS is going to have no choice but to go with his cousins all the way to the wire and until he has destroyed them all and confiscated all of their assets.

After all, he needs their money to achieve his dreams and get his kingdom out of its financial mess. He needs to blame his failure on them. He needs to eliminate any possible claim they can make for the throne.

Almost overnight, MBS has changed Saudi Arabia from a kingdom of sand upon which Al Saud reigned with a solid foothold and strong base, to a kingdom of quick-sand upon which princes and power brokers no longer have a leg to stand on. They either have to pledge total and unconditional loyalty to MBS or fear persecution. On the other hand, if they do pledge that loyalty, and MBS’s coup fails as a result of a counter-coup, then they will risk being seen as enemies of the winners of the counter-coup. It is a damned if you do and a damned if you don’t situation.

Not any less perplexing than the dilemma of the princes is the dilemma of the lower tiers of power in Saudi Arabia; especially senior military officers and their subordinates. With its tribal mentality, Saudi Arabia has had several tiers of armed forces, some of whom are loyal to particular princes rather than to the state itself. Prince Mutaib for example, the son of former King Abdullah, was until the 4th of November, the Minister of the National Guard. The hierarchy within the National Guard are loyal to him personally, and now the big boss is in jail. MBS therefore has a few options; either to coerce those military officers to become loyal to him under the risk of them stabbing him in the back, or, to throw everyone in jail and bring his own people in. But, where would he bring his own people in from and who are they to begin with? After all, and despite all the great power he gave himself, he is Mr Johnny-come–lately and he hasn’t had the advantage of time to slowly build his own army. His practical alternative was based on pragmatism and securing his own safety, and to that effect, he cannot find a more faithful and better trained army than Blackwater. And even though Blackwater does not come cheap, but clearly to MBS the objectives he seeks justify the costs.

Some may argue that Blackwater can also be bought by counter coup leaders and even foreign governments. Whilst this is possible, MBS remains to have no better alternative. However, one would imagine that for a company like Blackwater, to guarantee its business success and continuity, it would have a strict code of conduct that stipulates that it will refrain from entering contractual agreements that can generate conflict of interest between its clients. After all, and irrespective of its criminal and underhanded mercenary modus operandi, who would hire it knowing beforehand that it is in the habit of breaking contracts and replacing them with ones with the adversaries? Whilst it is arguable as to whether or not any client of Blackwater can actually take legal action against it and win is another story because, without any doubt, Blackwater, inhumane and criminal as it is, cannot afford to see its reputation ruined.

To sum it up therefore, whilst MBS’s coup is still in the making and its final outcome remaining unclear, what is evident is that MBS does not have enough local Saudi power base that he can rely on in the upper echelons of power. Whilst his grass root popularity among the general population is on the rise, traditional power brokers can neither be supportive of him, seen to be supportive or seen to be against him. Either way, and even though some of them could potentially become strong and faithful proponents of MBS, at the moment any pledges of allegiance are highly risky for all involved.

In his reliance on Blackwater however, MBS is achieving a more guaranteed short term objective. However, this policy can backfire very violently; because it is allowing certain key Saudi power brokers to sit on the fence for a little longer until they see who is the final winner in all of this for them to eventually back.

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junction's picture

The CIA is behind all this, working for the Rothschild bankers.

espirit's picture

Article seems dated.

First named 'Blackwater'.

Renamed 'Ze'.

Renamed 'Acadamei'. (sp?)


38BWD22's picture



"Academi" I think is the last name I heard.

Regardless, I think this is going to end very badly.


totenkopf88's picture

These sociopathic mercenaries will have no problem turning the streets of the US into Baghdad circa 2005.

MonetaryApostate's picture

Sadly, the serfs aren't read for hard truths yet, they still can't see the money scam...

DownWithYogaPants's picture

MBS is going to find himself strung up by the balls.

And yes the CIA finger prints are all over this.

runswithscissors's picture

Blackwater or CIA=same thing...sociopath murderers for hire working for the global banking cartel/NWO  

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Academi is owned by Trump's Sect of Education's brother, Erik Prince. He may run for Congress backed by Bannon. Things may not be what they seem, Alaweed may be spilling the beans on Clinton, Bush and Obama's for Trump to take them out. Keep an open mind, something big is going down.

shitshitshit's picture

As I wrote in one previous comment, there are similarities between this coup and the takeover of bagdad after Saddam was deposed a few years back. I wonder how many of these goons sport israeli special forces tatoos on their arms...


jeff montanye's picture

but as intimated above, iraq did not have decades long corrupt relationships with money hungry u.s. politicians.  i daresay trump has already received a dossier or two on the clintons and probably the bushes too.  

this certainly will make it easier for g.h.w. bush to die.

house biscuit's picture

Yes, agreed. Trump will take care of us

And while we wait for the hyperdimensional strategy to unfold, let's spend our time compiling a list of the noble deeds of mercenaries throughout history

TruthHammer's picture


Maybe, just maybe, MBS is simply doing what is straight forward.  Ending the corrupt plundering of his lands, and all the rich perverted saudis who have bribed and blackmailed the western politicians for 35+ years.

swmnguy's picture

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.  One question to ask might be, if we accept your premise, why is MBS the only non-perverted, non-corrupt Saudi Prince?  As opposed, of course, to Erik Prince.  Lots of Princes to keep track of here.

I'm guessing MBS is the stock character of the ambitious young Prince in a decadent royal family who sees a weakness he can exploit to gain power, and while he sees the rot, doesn't understand how pervasively the rot has shaped the entire society, to the point that the rot is the whole structure.  MBS's aggressive military adventurism doesn't support the idea of honest intentions, nor does his use of Blackwater.

MBS appears to be a muppet.  Whose arm is up his ass is the key piece of information to know.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Academi is owned by Trump's Sect of Education's brother, Erik Prince."

Prince will bring The Phoenix to both SA and the US.

swmnguy's picture

Erik Prince turns up in unexpected places.  Right before last November's election, he was the cited source of one of the classic "Fake News" pieces on "TruePundit," which was reprinted across the right-wing-web for a day or so then vanished.  Prince was claiming he had contacts in the NYPD telling him the NYPD had gone through Anthony Weiner's laptop and with what they'd found, they'd gotten Grand Jury indictments and arrest warrants for the entire leadership of the Democratic Party on pedophilia charges.

Then Erik Prince went to the Seychelles to meet with a high-ranking Russian intelligence officer of some sort.  Meanwhile, he'd moved his base of operations to Abu Dhabi.  Now he turns up in Saudi Arabia.

He's obviously working for somebody bigger than Mohammed bin Salman.  He may be working for the same people President Trump seems to be working for.

When guys like Erik Prince take on big, behind-the-scenes roles in carrying out the policies of Empire, it's late in the stages of Imperial Decline.  Rome, for instance, didn't let mercenaries run the show until the mid-3rd Century, by which time the fall was inevitable, if a few lifetimes away.  Things move faster now, due to technology.

Erik Prince is very bad news for all us mere mortals.

FoggyWorld's picture

And he will deserve it.  He, too, is corrupt and an extremely wealthy man who owns not one but two humungous yachts of his very own.

And while he talks about building a city and women driving cars, not one word about radically changing their awful, inferior education system which would be first in line if he really meant to modernize SA.

strannick's picture

"But a huge proportion of Saudi petro-dollars has been squandered on royal funds, holidays yachts, prostitutes, drugs, bribes, theft, corruption at all levels, and on this account and this account only, MBS can be acknowledged for bringing corrupt individuals to account."

-mbs has his own half billion dollar yaught. Is that still corruption? Thank you for Time magazines perspective

@shitshishit. Good point. And Bandar Bush is also languishing in the Riyad Ritz torture chamber. One day your intriguing with Globalists..the next some schmuck ex marine from iowa is putting electric paddles to your balls.


xzandrax's picture

Blackwater seems particularly proper. Also there was a similar  Japanese horror movie - Dark Water.

Déjà view's picture

'Mudfish' are jumpin'...

..."Old black water, keep on rollin'
Mississippi moon, won't you keep on shinin' on me?
Old black water, keep on rollin'
Mississippi moon, won't you keep on shinin' on me?
Old black water, keep on rollin'
Mississippi moon, won't you keep on shinin' on me?
Yeah, keep on shinin' your light
Gonna make everything, pretty
Mama gonna make everything all right
And I ain't got no worries
'Cause I ain't in no hurry at all"...

---Doobie Brothers

house biscuit's picture

Ah, it's from one of those random, blues cliché generators...

Thanks for your contribution to the discussion

Ms No's picture

They're still commonly referred to as Blackwater.  They only changed their name to scrub their image and nobody cares to cater to that.  It's not that different from Al Qaeda/ISIS/IS/Al Nusra/Daesh crap, where they change their name seasonally to confuse people. 

The Wizard's picture

It's not that different from Al Qaeda/ISIS/IS/Al Nusra/Daesh crap, where they change their name seasonally to confuse people.

These organizations, like the government, have very creative marketing people working for them.

Taint Boil's picture

Mohamed Bin Salman = MBS

Yeah ... no shit. Every .... and I mean every “news” article I read about Saudi Arabia goes out of their way to mention this. Must be what our Masters want us to use  ... you know kinda like ISIS, easy and clean so the sheeple can “use” and not be confused by difficult pronunciations and such ..... does anyone else see this or am I a nut case? [Rhetorical, don’t answer that]

Ms No's picture

The MSM loves this new prince.  It's one thing when people believed a president surrounded by Banksters and Jews was going to bring the world to Jesus but now people think a psycho prince in SA is draining the swamp, while trying to starve millions.  Holy fuck me Freddy!


Taint Boil's picture

.... 50,000 children are believed to have died in Yemen (2017). White, black, red, green  .... doesn’t matter what color or race – kids are kids and we should protect... But every US “president” grovels on their knees waiting to clean the goat shit off their masters.

SoDamnMad's picture

He is kind of like former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.  Was Killing 500,000 Iraqi children worth it?  Yes she replied.

Is starving 500,000. Yemeni children worth it?  Of course, MsB replied. 

Two genocidal killers. 

cossack55's picture


"Oh look, he uses his initials.  He must work at the factory too."

Common-man identifier

Laughing.Man's picture

I've read that the rebranding is to prevent lawsuits.  No idea if true.

The Wizard's picture

Rebranding won't stop anything criminal. Crimes follow the individuals and organizations. Some civil suits also follow, depending how good the attorneys are at the procedural art.

just the tip's picture

hillary is not the least bit concerned with rebranding or your comment.  if she or her keepers are covering for them nothing you or the law says will touch them.  ever.

RubyPetunia's picture

Not dated, just poorly reported. Blackwater hasn't existed since 2009. If KSA hired guys because they said they were "Blackwater", KSA was conned.

SoDamnMad's picture

I read and heard stories that Columbians  were fighting as proxies for the KSA in Yemen.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Private Military Contractors are & have been the ones assisting the CIA arming, funding & training the I CIA SIS. Remember, the CIA / Deep State have been funding the Madrasah's / Wahabism programs with Saudi Arabia in Iraq, Syria, Lybia & Central Asia etc..

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds was gagged by the Bush Administration after 911. She’s was going to blow the whistle on the arming, funding, training, Madrasah’s etc...she was gagged for 10 years.

Know who gagged her?

Criminal Mueller from the Criminal FBI Crime Syndicate investigating the whole fake Russia PsyOp narrative.

Badsamm's picture

When do we get to arrest our criminal elite and take their money?

Schmuck Raker's picture

aka The Face of American Brand DemocracyTM

BarkingCat's picture

There are other mercenaries besides Blackwater. You can pick your former South African military or you can go with the Russians. Both will probably fuck up Blackwater beyond recognition.

If one or maybe group of the other members of his family get together and pool the financial resources they can hire their own private Army. Once that happens I would hate to be one of the Blackwater guys they gets caught.

totenkopf88's picture

These Blackwater/Ze posers are like cops- real badasses when they have the law and overwhelming force behind them and are bullying citizens but a little resistance and they'll fold like a cheap suit. 

monk27's picture

They didn't do too well in Donbass... just saying.

BarkingCat's picture

I met one of these guys. He was a marine and did a tour in Iraq. He enjoyed something about it and decided to go back as a private contractor. Came back some months later missing limbs. Somehow I did not feel any sympathy when I heard about it.

I only met him one time but from that interaction my impression was that he was not the brightest individual out there. 


just the tip's picture

they are pretty well described by jack reacher in the first movie.  they are looking for a way to kill someone legally.  or phrasing.  they are looking for a way to kill somebody and get away with it.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Already a colossal failure before it became MBS and joined forces with Blackwater...

I see a very grim future for the merged entity that may find Erik Prince hanging from a ceiling and being beaten and pulverized into a meat "cutlet" along with his minions as they have done everywhere they've been sent since they came into existence on behalf of 3 of the worst and most corrupt Administration(s) in U.S. history!

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Appears that would be a good thing for everyone.  Not sure where I read but Erik Prince threw out feelers about running for congress.

Him hanging upside down would be best for all concerned.

RationalLuddite's picture

Agreed.  But Erik's not involved anymore is he? Got hos own HK and African ops


Correct, Erik Prince sold Blackwater sometime ago and it was renamed Academi.  But unlike the current owners, CEO, investors and board of directors of the renamed Academi (of which includes former senior members of Republican President cabinets such as John  Ashcroft and former high ranking members of the military), Erik Prince is part of Trump's foreign affairs team.

I mean Prince is the black ops advicer to UAE and its military, and to UAE's war (and MBS as second fiddle) in Yeman.  

So, most likely, as Trump's adviser on all things related to the cut throat black ops aspects of imperial rule, it was Prince who adviced MBS on Academi.  Prince has a vision of the new East Indian Company/Roman Empire in which the foot soilders are cold blooded mercenary barbarians soldiers from less developed but still militarily harden countries (Columbia, Pakistan, Rwandan, Uganda, etc). 

We are saying Prince's vision playing itself out in Yeman and now KSA.  

Little do American's know, the US military will see an influx of Mexicans crossing the boarder and inlisting.  This is Princes vision.  For Americans, just like the Roman and English citizens of those other two empires are too bloated and apathetic and decadent and in fact rationale enough to ever join a fighting force which is clearly only there to fight and die for imperial purposes.


earleflorida's picture

mbs could be dead tomorrow, and guess what?

saud's/ zionist (they) will get their war with the shia crescent...

who is they? 

iran/ hebollah of course

or he could survive a very elaborate fake assassination attack?

mossad knows how to work mi6/cia

afteral israel pays their salary

monk27's picture

KSA cannot afford a war with Iran. Their entire oil industry (particularly their Gulf oil terminals) will get totally wiped out by the very first missiles salvo launched by Iranians, and they know it.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Not to mention the Saudi Sand Ni-Jers are not exactly a match for the Persians.  Persia might not be what it was under Darius but that group has some good intellects in the bunch.  USA would have to be involved pronto to save their bacons.

BarkingCat's picture

Maybe so but the Arabs kicked the Persians ass at least one time in history. That's why Iran is a Muslim country and uses the Arabic alphabet.

Escapedgoat's picture

You are right for the ONCE beaten by the Arabs, thanks of course to their arrogance (like today's US of A) they went very hard against the Eastern Roman Empire aka BYZANTIUM) that the Greeks were forced to expedite against them and reduced them to rubble.

From Wikipedia "

Heraclius's reign was marked by several military campaigns. The year Heraclius came to power, the empire was threatened on multiple frontiers. Heraclius immediately took charge of the Byzantine–Sasanian War of 602–628. The first battles of the campaign ended in defeat for the Byzantines; the Persian army fought their way to the Bosphorus but Constantinople was protected by impenetrable walls and a strong navy and Heraclius was able to avoid total defeat. Soon after, he initiated reforms to rebuild and strengthen the military. Heraclius drove the Persians out of Asia Minor and pushed deep into their territory, defeating them decisively in 627 at the Battle of Nineveh. The Persian king Khosrau II was overthrown and executed by his son Kavadh II, who soon sued for a peace treaty, agreeing to withdraw from all occupied territory. This way peaceful relations were restored to the two deeply strained empires.

Heraclius soon experienced a new event, the Muslim conquests. Emerging from the Arabian Peninsula, the Muslims quickly conquered the Sasanian Empire. In 634 the Muslims marched into Roman Syria, defeating Heraclius's brother Theodore. Within a short period of time, the Arabs conquered Mesopotamia, Armenia and Egypt."

Of course the Byzantines themselves were left to fight the Arabs just enough to survive. BUT THE BALANCE WAS LOST. And we got Islam today.

Ms No's picture

Their aggression towards Yemen failed so now they repay their humiliation with trying to starve the whole nation, who dare think they can defend themselves (yes they had help but they were entitled to defend themselves).  What a shitshow.  The tablecloths are shaking bigtime and if the House of Sodomy collapses they whole world will shake.  Has to happen someday though.