Weekend Humor: A Millennial Job Interview

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Presented with little comment...

"For stuff like that, I'll just ask Siri... who gets up at 8?"

A Millennial job interview from @TheDanielBrea on Vimeo.

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Anarchyteez's picture

Millenials..., jobs..., lmfao.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Facebook is for old people?

I resemble that and I don't even have a Facebook account.

svayambhu108's picture

I am a Millennial and I have a job, but I am not Murikan though

RumpleShitzkin's picture

I just asked Siri ‘who gives a fuck?.

Wanna guess the answer I got?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


They must have edited out the part when the creepy old man shows her his penis and offers to give her a job if she blows him.

Her name was Monica Lewinski.

Son of Loki's picture

My advice to Millennials is to stay in Cali and apply for a job with far left companies like Oogle, FB and Yahoo.


Lore's picture

Come to Canada, be a useless layabout piece of human garbage, and then the Prime Minister will build you "free" housing. 

gmrpeabody's picture

A product of public schools and parents that were asleep and oblivious to all around them. You know.., libtards.

JimmyJones's picture

My Millennials are great workers , my older Gen Xers, are entitled slugs that put in the least effort possible.  My young boomers are awesome too.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

TV is great for kids.  Turn it on and it will raise them for you and teach them all the important things we value in society so much.  Duh.

bobcatz's picture

TV mostly bashes families and elevates friendships instead.

Family is what's important. http://wp.me/p4OZ4v-1fE

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

..well,well......Bob Ross was my art teacher, and now I paint landscapes for a living.

Thank You Public TV, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, yes, the bombed out one.


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JimmyJones gmrpeabody Nov 25, 2017 6:50 PM

"My Millennials are great workers..."

Hilarious! My wife manages the pricks, and loathes them. Can't come to work on time. Takes off every time they get a sniffle or a boo-boo. Always on their phones texting or taking selfies. Can't follow instructions. CAN'T HURT THEIR FEELINGS! Always calling/texting my wife when she is off work because they don't know what to do, even after SHE LEAVES THEM INSTRUCTIONS. Always snivelling about something they don't like. Don't even think about raising your voice one octave at them, or they will melt down. Can't follow the dress code. Don't know how to dress. Dress like fags and sluts. Entitled. Disrespectful. And they KNOW everything. Etc., etc., and etc.

And... LMAO, she had 2 buddy into the Navy. She tried to talk them out of it. 6 months later, they actually called my wife and... WHINED. 


Edit: I forgot... wife gave an award to a late Boomer for excellent work. The millennials had a feel-bad group-whine-fest that they didn't get anything and actually COMPLAINED to HR.

canisdirus's picture

If she manages and hires them, she only has herself to blame. I’ve seen some crap millennials, but you can usually identify them pretty easily and choose more wisely. If you want truly useless people, hire a member of Gen-X, the jaded assholes that are positively useless, exploit people that can do work, etc. I have rarely stayed long in a group that had someone born in the bad years from ~1965-1975. People from families with older members in this age range are also usually awful.

Battlefield USA's picture

Actually, the hiring process doesn't really go like the above video. These millennials know how to play the game, just like they know how to play HR, just like they know how to play the woe-is-me card once hired.

And, for your information, the above video, is in reality, what happens once they are hired. Not before.

canisdirus's picture

I’ve had similar results. Gen-X is the worst. They are beyond merely lazy, also tending to cause social strife in an organization. They are basically professional parasites...

peddling-fiction's picture

You mean any mediocre frater or soror.

Mediocre to the bone, and abusing their power and using reserved "tools".

Zip_the_Zap's picture

75% enlightened libtards, 25% dopers.

shankster's picture

They do that in the US too.

Mazzy's picture

Nah, they just transfer money from the taxpayers to the landlords.  Nowadays most states/localities even skip the middleman.  The welfare tenant is just a pawn in the system, but they're not exactly unhappy with it though they generally remain ignorant, arrogant, entitled and ungrateful still.

johngaltfla's picture

Now that I'm home, I can 100% validate this video. That is the majority, not all, but the majority of all the losers we've interviewed the last two years.

Turnover in entry level admin jobs is a bitch. Seriously.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

I just asked Siri: "Blowjob?"

Siri say's "Downtown, corner of 9th & Grand."

Implied Violins's picture

If her picture above was an application, she should receive affirmations from Johns as long as 16".

helloimjohnnycat's picture

kikes = slumlords

golden slumbers for nigs, spics, & muxxie-skoms

golden showers for the restless of us

5000yl's picture

Hedgeless you have been pretty salty lately. Do you need to talk to someone in HR?

peddling-fiction's picture

"Hedgeless you have been pretty salty lately. Do you need to talk to someone in HR?"

+1 I noticed it as well.

Lorca's Novena's picture

HH, I did that once in my twenties, but I knew her from before... She was hired obviously. But, 15 years later, if you guys see Lorca's Novena indicted on whatever charge, I wish yu all well.

Sages wife's picture

Bill Clinton and Lewinsky have shown,

What Kaczinski must surely have known,

That an intern is better than a bomb in a letter,

When deciding how best to be blown.

NoPension's picture

That's just......beautiful.

mojine's picture

We need a new limerick king. 

Shibboleth's picture

They also left out the part where she actually blows him to get the job. She than complains she had to swallow.

shitshitshit's picture

who would fuck a whore like that?

Do you really find this ugly bitch sexy and / or exciting?

Lemme guess... You never divorced once in your life, did you?

neutrino3's picture

She (actor) is so gooood. Man doesn't know would he beat her shit out or fuck her brains out. And she knows it very well.

Cutting edge video.


poetic justice's picture

I thought that was Monica Jewinski?

Crazy Or Not's picture

(O)Siri(s) said...
" The last generation of Dinosaurs before the extinction...were millenials"

RiverDrifter's picture

The same answer Siri always gives to just about any question that isn't a pre-programmed little joke.  "Here's what I found on the internet for you."  

Siri is useless.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

My Magic 8-Ball works every time.

devnickle's picture

Because typing into a search engine for the same result is "So much work!"  eyeroll.....

Anarchyteez's picture

Let’s face it Cog, the future is dim with that generation.

Pure Evil's picture

She's got a nice rack, so I'd hire her to service my carnal needs.

And, she doesn't even need to get up at 8.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

I'd stick to blowing it between her tits and on her vacuous face - the other orifices being STD minefields.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

HeY, just wear a condom, & fuck her up the ass!

shitshitshit's picture

ask her if she's been introduced to weinstein or kevin spacey before (or vice-versa)...

HRClinton's picture

Just be sure to have the right paperwork in place: Agreement, NDA. For when TSHTF.