Ryan Bundy's Opening Statement: "This Is Not What America Is Supposed To Be..."

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Authored by Tim Brown via FreedomOutpost.com,

Sometimes, in the process of covering so many things and in the attempt to provide as much information and commentary as possible, we simply are not able to provide all that we wish to do so to the public.

However, that does not mean other stories and commentary are not important.  In fact, many things coming out of alternatives media today are vitally important for those coming off the government-controlled media.

One of those items that didn't hit the mainstream media, and sadly didn't hit much of the alternative media, was the opening statement of Cliven Bundy's son, Ryan, as the trial of the century began nearly two weeks ago.

In light of that, I've been meaning to post his opening statement because it is certainly on that Americans should familiarize themselves with and quite possibly, should a fair history book be written, may go down in a Patrick Henry-esque fashion.

So, without further ado, here's Ryan Bundy's opening statement (H/T Gary Hunt) that was delivered to the jury in the Bundy Ranch trials on November 15, 2017.  Read and remember.

*  *  *

Thanks to the jurors for being here. I told you a little about myself at voir dire, but I’d like to introduce myself a little more, and tell you about my heritage and how that affects my case. (Projects a picture of his family - AND leaves it up throughout his statement!)

[Note: the picture shown above.]

This is my ID! Not my driver’s license. This is who I am, a man with a family and I’ll do whatever it takes to provide for them. I want you to picture in your minds…you’re out on the land… I’ll take you to our ranch, you can see all the beauty of the land, the fresh air, sunsets and sunrises, the brush, you’re on a horse in front of the cattle - place yourself there - feel the freedom - out of the congestion of the cars - that’s how I was raised, playing in the river, we were called river-rats and that is where my life began and I hope ends.

My family has been on that land 141 years, my pioneer ancestors settled there in 1877 - there was nothing there. They carved out a living… they brought a horse and wagon and some provisions… this case, the government mentioned is “not about rights”, but it is - those rights do mean something - rights are created through beneficial use. When my ancestors arrived, undoubtedly the horse would need a drink, so they led him to the water and that is beneficial use. The horse and perhaps a cow that had been led behind the wagon need to eat some brush in the hills, that is beneficial use. That established rights. The water rights are real! So real, the State of Nevada has a water rights registry including livestock watering rights. A law was created to protect those rights. The water rights that my father owns were first registered in 1891 by the State of Nevada - the State of Nevada is important, a sovereign state, its own unit, which entered the union in 1864. It entered equal to the original states, it is its own entity and state laws are important.

My family and I are charged with some grievous things and they are not true and evidence will show they are not; force, manipulation, extortion, violent—my family is not a violent family and I am not a violent man. For 20+ years we turned to local law enforcement. Rights are real property. The fact is that we create government to protect rights.

To have rights you must claim, use and defend… man only has rights he is willing to claim, use and defend. There is a difference between rights and privileges. Rights you own. Privilege is afforded. Like renting or owning a house. Government asserts there are no rights, only privileges and unless we pay, we can’t be there. The State of Nevada says differently. These are my father’s rights. Everything we have comes from the land. That is wealth, not the dollar bill. The things we use all come from the land. Who controls the land, controls the wealth.

We create government to preserve and serve us. These are some of the beliefs of my family. That we have said we will do whatever it takes to defend is not a threat, it is a statement. Being right here before you today is part of doing whatever it takes. The Founding Fathers pledged whatever it would take… their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, to defend rights. With the evidence you will see that is what we were doing; there was no conspiracy to impede, to harm… but, to protect our heritage that our pioneer ancestors established. We were attacked, surrounded by what appeared to be mercenaries, snipers pointed directly at me. You will hear a report from a sniper that he was keeping watch of me in my van, with my wife and two of my daughters with me.

Our ranch - children are always welcome - it is a place to play, play in the river, the pond, chase or hunt rabbits, burn your toes in the hot sand in summer—always free. Never before did we feel like someone was always watching. In early spring of 2014 we felt like someone was always watching… the dogs were watching the hills, when you are always with a dog you get to know what they are saying with their bark… you can tell by their bark what they are seeing… surveillance cameras on one hill, but the dog looking at another and growling… (tearfully) This is not what America is supposed to be. Supposed to be a land of liberty. The Founding Fathers fought and bled so we wouldn’t have to and now we find ourselves in a similar situation.

They say this issue is over grazing fees… it’s terrible, terrible, he must be a freeloader - it’s only rhetoric - I’ll tell you why - You don’t pay rent when you own your home! We own those rights! Not the land, I know we don’t own the land, but access…you and others have rights on that land. We own water and grazing rights. We don’t pay rent for something we own.

The BLM was formed in 1960. Our rights were established in 1877, long before BLM. The original states own 100% of their land and all states were to come in on equal footing. The crux of the issue is,  are we a state or not? They say grazing is a privilege they can revoke and charge fees. If it is only a matter of money it is no problem. In fact, Mr. Whipple showed a copy of a check made out to Clark County. If the whole purpose is to show we owe a fee, then we’ll pay to the proper owner of the land. That was not the only check written to Clark County, we sent several. Also, in Clark County, there were 53 ranchers who owned rights. There is only a single one still out on the range. The BLM is not gaining revenue, it’s not important to them. My father could see they were there to manage him out of business. It’s not about grazing fees. In the BLM office there were signs that read: No more Moo by ‘92 and Cattle Free by ‘93! If it were only about the grazing fees, the fees would have been under $100,000 over 25 years. It is rumored, it may not be seen in evidence, but it is rumored that they spent $6 million on the operation. Who spends that and court costs rumored to be over $100 million to collect $100,000?

What is this about? The court orders. They say my father had an opportunity in the courts. The court wouldn’t consider states rights. They have forgotten they are servants of the people. We the people are the sovereign and ultimately, we the people are the government formed to meet needs that are better met by a group than by individuals. We are not slaves. We need to remember that. I think that’s forgotten. The definition of freedom is lost in America. When we have to have a license or ask permission to do everything, we are subjects.

Back to the charges - they claimed I went to Richfield and that the sheriff had to be called because we were causing such a ruckus—evidence will show otherwise—we boycott to influence to change ways - we protest to cause a change - these are first amendment rights - we do not get rights from the Bill of Rights - we have rights to begin with - it should be called the Prohibition of Government - we have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, we can petition for a redress of grievances—rights we don’t want the government to mess with.

A redress is to find an answer, find a solution - one way to protest. The BLM put up first amendment zones - not much bigger than this courtroom - we called them pig pens - by creating that area, they were denying our right everywhere else - that’s what they used to arrest my brother - he was outside the pig pens. The first amendment has been protected over and over again in our history. There’s lots of media in the gallery today, they wouldn’t be happy to have their right to free speech taken. First amendment was put in the Supreme Law of the land, the Constitution - they shall make no law restricting these things… as you saw in the video yesterday, my brother was not impeding, not blocking, he was on a state road, on its right-of-way, simply to take pictures with his ipad of them stealing our cattle - they attacked him, threw him to the ground, rubbed his face in the ground. (emotional) The American public saw this and came not to impede or do harm. They came because they felt the spirit of the Lord, spirit of freedom and felt “we the people are not going to put up with that behavior”. It was not pointed out there were snipers on the hill, I witnessed that through binoculars and the evidence will show this.

Back to Richfield, Utah, evidence and witness testimony will show there was not a ruckus there that disrupted or shut down that auction. I called the sheriff - that’s the pattern - the local law enforcement and state brand inspectors in Nevada, Arizona and Utah and I had contact with the highway patrol, county commissioners in several counties and state officials - not all face to face, but some through phone calls. Is this what a criminal does? No. We were there protecting life, liberty, property. You saw the video of them hip chucking my Aunt Margaret, 50+ years of and just finished with cancer treatments, the mother of 11 children. They call these BLM guys law enforcement, but they are just BLM employees. All authority comes from we the people, we delegate authority to the county sheriff who we elect and he hires deputies and we then have a sheriff’s department to protect our life, our liberty, our property. Choosing for yourself is freedom and we have no right to impede or harm others. That’s God’s law. Man-made law is to follow that. Man is supposed to be free, not controlled, serfs or slaves. Government is to be our servant. The government went in and shut down 600,000 acres - not one of us ever went into their enclosed area and never impeded them. Even my brother driving into the dump truck… isn’t that impediment? The court order did not allow destruction of water infrastructure. What was a dump truck doing out there? Since that was beyond the scope of the supposed court order, we had a right to know. They could have stopped and answered our questions, but no, they set out attack dogs and tazers and threw Aunt Margaret to the ground. Every incident they are charging us with happened on property that belonged to the State of Nevada. Even if BLM had authority to close public land, they have no authority to close State of Nevada public land. The fence was on the State of Nevada land. Except by invitation, you will not see one of us breach that fence or impede the gather. We did not violate the court order. Dave went over the fence by the invitation of Dan Love and then the sheriff took over and asked for our help to take down the fence and then the cowboys, led by sheriffs squad cars went to release the cattle. The sheriff honored his oath and did his job. He should have done it sooner.

I love my family. I love them. I love this land. I love freedom. I am from the State of Nevada. I’m a true Nevadan. I mentioned before that Nevada became a state on Oct. 31st and we always got out of school on that day… I always thought we got out because it was my birthday. I’m a true Nevadan. I believe you are, too, and love freedom as much as I do. Freedom’s not being lost overseas - it’s lost right here at home in our back yards, our front yards. Until we are willing to do whatever it takes, liberty will be, is being lost. We are not anti-government! Government has its proper place and duties to perform. I want government to do its job. Nothing more. Nothing less. When government does more or less than its job, it becomes the criminal. When government damages our rights, it becomes the criminal. When someone harms or damages another’s life, liberty or property that is the definition of a criminal. Extortion, violence, pointing guns - everything we are charged with, they were doing and thousands of people came running - the world knew about this - China, Ireland (they sent us a flag), New Zealand and other countries - why? Because America stood for freedom and has for years and the world is interested in seeing how America (emotional) will deal with freedom. The world wants to know. The American people said, “yes, we will stand for freedom. Government, you’ve gone too far and we will put a stop to it.”

The courts have a place. It is said that We the People are the fourth branch of government. I say we are the first. The legislature to make laws, the executive to execute laws and the judicial to judge. All three branches are to protect your rights, our rights, freedom, liberty. Government does not have the authority in and of itself - man creates government to fulfill and protect rights. We the people give government the authority through the Constitution. The tenth amendment insures state’s rights.

Evidence will show my father and my brothers are innocent men. We need you to put on that paper that we are not guilty. You are the twelve to represent us, peers, equals, people…we the People.

Guns…lots of guns…scary…camo…freedom of speech…also, the right to bear arms, the second amendment…a militia was necessary. What is a militia? It is defined in the law. U.S. Code defines militia: “all able bodied men 17-45 years of age”. How many of you are a member of the militia? State of Nevada extended that and includes men up to the age of 64. How many of you now are a member of the Nevada militia? There is the organized militia, the National Guard and the unorganized militia - everyone else. Why did the Founding Fathers include the second amendment? Was it for duck hunting? No…no! Militia is mentioned six times in the Constitution. Such a small document and few things are mentioned more than the militia; the central government of this union and yet media or whatever wants to put a bad face on militia. Why did militia come to Bundy Ranch? To peacefully assemble, redress of grievances. No one was harmed except Davey, Ammon and Margaret. You will not see in evidence that we ever harmed anyone! They attack and we turned the other cheek. We were peaceful—insistent? Yes! And, Yes! Demanding. These men, these people did not come to seek an opportunity to point guns at the government. Hundreds, even thousands of people we didn’t know. That’s exemplary. These people came to do good. To protect me, to save my life. I had a sniper pointing at me, 200 armed men surrounding my home, my family (tearfully) Ryan Payne has been portrayed as a bad man. Evidence will show otherwise. He saved my life. He saved my life. Others came. I didn’t even meet most of them until I was in jail with them, may have seen them in passing, but I didn’t know them until jail. I honor and thank them now! I thank all who came. We only have rights we are willing to fight for. You’ll see evidence that I was nearly always with the sheriff or a deputy - always in communication with them - I was side-by-side with Lombardo.

Thank you for coming, for being here. I will still do whatever it takes. This is not a threat, it is determination. I love my freedom. Listen to the still small voice to discern between truth and error. The indictment and grand jury testimony is full of lies. Truth has been blocked in previous trials. Listen closely - we will try to get you the truth. The truth will set me free and I’m counting on you to help me see that.

I invite you to our ranch. I recognize your right to use the land. We want you to come and enjoy it. I thank you for this time. Please find me not guilty and these other men not guilty. Stand up for freedom. Thank you.

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DEMIZEN's picture

I hope his offspring don't end up on welfare. he has more kids than a whole Mexican neighborhood.

rudyspeaks's picture

Forgive me for being unwilling to tolerate the verbal sludge this half-wit is spewing, but with the following quote he staked out his "intellectual" level..."my pioneer ancestors settled there in 1877 - there was nothing there. They carved out a living". Yeah, folks, the inherent racism of the pseudo-religion crafted by a hustler from New York, Mormonism. See, the country was EMPTY...if you leave out the Native Ameicans who had lived there for centuries! His half-wit dad, Cliven, croaked the same swill when he abrogated the US legal system for his own personal gain. He stole some US taxpayer-owned land (Theft! Pure and simple!) asking who could take away the land a family had been living on, and regarding as "home", for years? Well Cliven, since all of America was ALREADY settled...for centuries...I guess the answer is: Your ancestors! This "family" and this article are like Donnie Tinyhands, a symptom of the cloud of ignorant stupidity that is degrading our national conversation. [And, of course, the Hill-bots of the "Democratic" (sic) National Committee are the other boundary of this travesty] It's no longer a "Left/Right" issue...it is just plain stupidity...

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Bet you got your pom-poms out when the FBI, ATF and assorted mercs machine gunned and burnt families in Waco because the Gov told you they were a cult, child molesters or whatever.

Simple fuck.

I could care less if the Bundys are HinduZenBaptist Separatistst.
You better get a clue and make a soul searched commitment concerning whose side you are on.Then be prepared to live and die by it.

rudyspeaks's picture

Your mush-mouthed reply (was there anything more to it than a vague ad hominem attack?), followed by a fervently believed misconception (that I was in favor of the assault on Waco...I wasn't, but good try!) arre exactly the disease I was referring to. You offer no argument or facts to buttress your opinion, just vague nonsense like "You better get a clue and make a soul searched commitment". WTF does that convey? 12 years of public "education" have left Americans unable to think clearly.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Better take a deeper dive to find out just how ‘native’ the so called native Americans are.

Ms No's picture

The most amazing thing that could possibly happen is for Natives and cowboys to unite against land theft and arbitrary power, and they would unite with them too.  They are both in the same boat only one thinks their land rights matter and the other ones don't.  They weren't given that land, they won it battle and it was conceded to them.  They have been taking back ever since.  This is the same situation that ranchers in the west find themselves in now.  If the combination of those two absolutely salt of the earth American forces ever combine and the propaganda effect would be completely crushing.  You could bypass all of the race and political division in one stroke.  They would do it too.  They are far more willing to show you that they have the heart to resist than people give them credit for, this is one of the reason why they are so overrepresented as veterans.  They would fight with the ranchers in a second if the call came and if they knew the gesture would be returned.  What happened in NV was very similar to what happened during wounded knee II, only less bloody.  Imagine if a Bundy Ranch showdown went down in concert with this:

:38 Indians run feds off their land just like NV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC66Biusccc



Ms No's picture

Actually to be more accurate they were state police and paid mercs, defending the company, but same diff.

shovelhead's picture

Thanks for the proof of that.

gearjammers1's picture

whites don't use the word "spew" - that's a Jew-only word - if someone says "spew" you know it's a "Jew"

Upland27's picture

we don't give a shit about some inbred, field shitting, drunk savages.

WorkingClassMan's picture

If they could have made something worthwhile to withstand the "onslaught," of the "invaders," then he wouldn't be there to make that claim today.  Fact is, the Injuns kicked out the Whites (Solutreans) living here before when they themselves were kicked out of Asia and invaded via the Bering Strait.  Later on, honky came by and returned the favor.

That's just reality, sonny.  You gotta deal with it.


Anonymous_Beneficiary's picture

Hope to God these guys win again. Sad that the Constitution has been powerless to prevent tyrannical overreach by the robbers, thieves and killers declaring themselves the US Government.

Hkan's picture


You can feel the pain in his speach.

There are no rights....but greed that got no limits....no limits what so ever.


ScratInTheHat's picture

Nevada never had states rights. That was taken away by the time it was made a state.

buzzsaw99's picture

what are you doing on this public land boy?

you see those cows, those are my cows.

you fuck with those cows and i'll kill you.

you see those kids playing in that public river?

those are my kids.  you get within a mile of my family and i'll kill you.

ad infinitum

ad nauseam.

like i said, his type are assholes who think they own the entire county and they treat strangers like shit on purpose because they want it all for themselves.

thisguyoverhere's picture

No 'buzzsaw', your inability to see what happened to the Bundys as a. Ational disgrace shows how closed minded you have become.

That or just another tax payer paid troll.

Have a great day

trader1's picture

we are all closed minded to anything we cannot ponder.

TradingTroll's picture

Wow. Just wow. You really don’t get it do ya?

Anonymous IX's picture

You're completely backasswards.  I would suspect that you have no connection to working the land nor understand anything about living outside a city where blacks shoot blacks; Beyonce wants to show another baby bump or nipple; or where everyone's waiting for Oprah to give them a million bucks.  You are one po' boy yourself, mister.  You can't see that the citizens own this country.  "what are you doing on this public land boy?"  Your idea of country evidently stems from how many freebies you can get or how many stores you can loot during a crisis.  I would suggest that you begin by reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

buzzsaw99's picture

i can see him now, pulled over on the side of some state highway, model 70 steadied on the door of his pickup, shooting across the road at some poor mutt that strayed within a quarter mile of one of his flea bitten bovines.  i hope he enjoys pound me in the ass federal prison bitchez.

Croesus's picture

@ buzzsaw:

Guess we have a lot of readers here, that don't live in farm country. Around here, most of the farmers are very nice...good, hardworking people, but "there's one in every crowd", that acts like that.

As others have said before, this "publicity stunt" they pulled in Oregon was hardly what I call "taking the moral high ground", which is why these comments comparing this guy to Patrick Henry (or even O. Henry) are completely ridiculous.

"I'll read it to my children..."; (give me a fu**ing break).

Anonymous_Beneficiary's picture

Probably after he reads them the constitution, which has been entirely powerless to prevent this fucked up scenario.

Croesus's picture

Notice that "Constitutional Rights" usually do not matter, if you're dead.

I'm sure we have a few "armchair warriors" in our midst, who will pound their chests and profess their "willingness to lay down their lives, to defend the Principles on which this great nation was founded on"...but "talking about it" & actually doing it are 2 different things.

In my own case, I'm a realist at heart; even if I was politically-aligned with the Bundy's and their "cause", what they did in OR showed poor judgment, poor leadership skills, and poor planning.

Word to the wise, for you armchair-types:

If you march into battle behind people like this, consider investing into one of those prepaid funeral deals, and getting your estate plans in place - people like this will only get you hurt, in trouble, or dead.

buzzsaw99's picture

Guess we have a lot of readers here, that don't live in farm country. Around here, most of the farmers are very nice...good, hardworking people, but "there's one in every crowd", that acts like that...

i grew up around ag people, oil lease people, ranchers etc..  when you say there's one in every crowd you must have a very nice crowd.  the stereotypes i'm talking about are relatives, friends of relatives, neighbors and such.  they will jack a shell in the chamber of their 9 mm right in your face just for a laugh, try to run you down with their pickup while you are walking or riding a motorcycle.  i'm not making this shit up, there are a bunch of maggots who will assault you while you are hunting on land that isn't theirs even, who will try to run you down on a county road because they think it's their fucking road and they don't "cotton" to strangers.  it's obvious to me that very few people on this board have ever been exposed to that crowd the only thing they know is from watching old john wayne movies.

Croesus's picture

Yeah, I got it pretty good, but we've got our share of crazies up here. That aside, I can tell a lot about a person by what they say, how it's said, etc.

For example:

Ryan Bundy: "Please find me not guilty and these other men not guilty." (Quote is near the end of his remarks).

Notice that he puts his own interests ahead of those of the "rank & file troops" that were with him.

That is not someone who has much in common with a principled man like Patrick Henry, and certainly not a leader worth following. He's the kind of guy who gets other people hurt, in trouble, or dead - hardly the type you want running anything, unless self-preservation doesn't interest you.

buzzsaw99's picture

oh absolutely.  plus that bit about his family having been there since the civil war or some shit translates into he thinks in his mind that he actually has more of a claim on the surrounding countryside than someone who just bought a parcel out there yesterday.  most of the people on this board have no idea the kind of mentality that asshole operates with.

Ms No's picture

Sounds like North Dakota...  Don't go there.

buzzsaw99's picture

they'll run you down on purpose then talk about what a terrible accident it was and what good, church going, caring, law abiding citizens they are and the local sheriff goes, i feel sorry for the trauma of you having to clean that feller's blood and hair out of the grill on your pickup truck...

STP's picture

Glad we didn't count on you, back in 1775.

cherry picker's picture

You do bring a valid argument to the table.

Yog Soggoth's picture

I am First Nation, and you are very wrong. Most of the West has been taken over by the BLM and denied to anyone who does not pay into the grand theft. Nestle steals the water, politicians steal the minerals, and the lack of space means trouble for the people who live there. This means an exodus of people to the East who used to have been there for a long time so that very bad people can rape the West of everything of value. End result is to sell those resources back to the people they kicked off the land in the first place, and make even more profit. On face value you are either stupid, or complicit by your argument, but I say both.

Walking Turtle's picture

An Old Turtle has seen and agrees fully.  GOOD to know one is neither alone nor (ahem) "paranoid"! 

THANK YOU for speaking up on this wise!  And that is all.  0{:-)o[

StarGate's picture

Recalls to mind when our Government sent FBI to kill Weavers wife in Idaho.
Or when our Government sent FBI to torch the children at Waco Texas. Believe Mueller was involved in that event.

Bundy has a point.
All started under Obama’s administration.
Priorities have gone upside down from the days of Washington and Jefferson.

oncemore's picture

Jewish basnks own him and he has no rights.

His politicians have sold him and his family.

He has to live with it.

Walking Turtle's picture

Nope.  And that is all.  0{:-|o[

Walking Turtle's picture

Bankrupt for only the FIRST time, as Yours Truly has it.  And the Constitution+Rule of Common Law sure did suffer.  Things rolled/bumped/lurched along for a while on that befouled basis until WWI and WWII bankrupted the US (by then firmly, though ever so quietly, Learned Elder-controlled) for the SECOND time...

Roosevelt's New Deal got some little operating capital (at the Fed's exorbitant interest rate, compounded DAILY) back into circulation.  But this "salvation"(sic) was gained at far greater cost to the Rest of Us than any high-school US History text YT has ever reviewed would admit.  That era is when the tyrannical "USDC Jurisdiction" was formed-up in full measure and force-fitted into position, claiming proprietary primacy over all the land. 

Sea to shining sea. (Hey, when WAS that WONDERFUL song first published, ANYway????  Oh wow - Wiki sez it was >>>1910<<<!!!  Ah, propagandah...)

By the same foul stroke, all the Rest of Us were put on the National Enemies List within the standing "Trading with the Enemy" act.  Which imvho is how we got to the present juncture.


THOSE methods WORKED.  So do many other less-toxic ways & means.  ALL of which are WELL within OUR REACH - SO FAR.

So resist - and do not stop resisting.  And that is all.  0{:-|o[

Cloud9.5's picture

I showed the Bundy Standoff videos to my kids while I was still teaching American History.  I told them then that this was a watershed moment.  Never before in my life had I ever seen the Feds back down, load up, and back off.  They did that because elements of the three percent showed up.  The three percent were triggered by the egregious acts of federal agents. You can suspend the Bill of Rights with a piece of paper, but when you get on the ground and start actually trying to enforce your edicts, that is a different ball game all together.  The three percent were not going to allow another Waco play out.   The federal boys on the ground very quickly realized that if they started shooting into this crowd, they were going to share a page in history with George Custer. 

The BLM was trying to force people off of their own land.  The back story on all of this is the deal Harry Reed struck to build solar arrays on people’s pasture.  To do that he had to force them off the land.


The jury must acquit these people.  If the jury fails in its sacred duty deliver justice then Trump must pardon them.

Upland27's picture

didnt the feds murder one of their crew?

Drop-Hammer's picture

It was in the 1870's that the jews migrated en masse to the U.S. from Russia and Europe.  This migration continued until our pols stifled it with an Immigration Act in 1924.  But, by then, it was already too late.  We see the results today of allowing millions of Christ-killers into the U.S.

Anonymous IX's picture

Yup.  They cold bloodly shot down a man in Oregon.

Walking Turtle's picture

>>>>His name was Lavoy Finnicum.<<<< And that is all.  0{:-|o[

Ms No's picture

If the feds would have unloaded on those men that day and pieces of horses and what's left of America were spattered everywhere, they would have run the risk of waking up the real sleeping giant and they knew it.  So they let them win the day.  They know how to get people one at a time and create situations that will get the plebs on the governments side (we see that occur with peoples opinions here all the time).  Which is why government paid agent AZ boy made all his crazy videos and showed up at the Oregon deal, where he also made videos with the intention of making them look insane and discrediting them.  Then they will harass and disenfranchise them one by one and make their lives living hell.  What they are really worried about is America coming to stand behind these people.  Once that gate is opened they are screwed because it likely wont close.

Number 9's picture

true dat, and another fact about the feds is they have nothing to do all day other than to fvkup someone's life.

Eyes Opened's picture

"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." - Ronald Reagan ...

Cardinal Fang's picture

Isn't this all eventually going to be about solar farms and all these 'new' shining cities in the desert built by megalomaniacs such as MBS in Saudi, Bill Gates in AZ, Pelosi in the Valley and probably the Mafia in NV?