3 Post-Thanksgiving Charts

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With trading volume crashing last week and no one left in markets but Johnny 5 and VIX-selling Target employees, perhaps the signals from 'other' professional markets mean more than the record highs...

Remember last week was the most seasonaly bullish period of the year and how critical it is that stocks surge to hold confidence into Black Friday and Cyber Monday...

Bonds ain't buying it...


FX Carry has given up...


And why is safe haven gold bid if everything is so awesome...

Trade Accordingly.

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Okay, here we go again, the casino is about to open, everyone is a "winner", step right up, will the red line go up or will the green line go down?!?  Place your bets!!!!


"Full Faith and Credit"

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Everything will go up so sayeth Our Overloard and Savior HAL9000.  

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I don't care about the charts.

I had a great Thanksgiving working. I tool a short break with my gf to have a genuine turkey dinner catered to my door by "Hungry Man" frozen food company. 5 minutes in the microwave and who could ask for more?!

Delicous and only $1/person!

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Monday after Thanksgiving.

Chart descriptions need a little edit Tyler.

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throw some left over turkey into those open jaws..

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Wrong way around Tyler lol

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Please do not use the paper price it is fake, go on Kitco and use the physical price, it is $26 premium over the fake paper price and if the comex is blown up Gold would be $5000/OZ if not more

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And then someone loses an eye.

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Used to be « credit wins » .....

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Wow, they let gold move $10. 

Meanwhile I made enough in bitcoin over the weekend to buy a 747.  

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That of course is your problem.I'm sure the IRS forensic auditors will have fun estimating

your undeclared income/capital gains by what you buy.If they can do it to drug dealers and hookers,

why not BTC speculators ?

You'd think the IRS would be screaming blue murder by now about BTC,if it really was untraceable.

unlienable etc.. but they're  strangely quiet.You have to wonder why ?