Catalan Independence Drive Fizzles: Poll Shows Only 24% Want Split From Spain

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The Catalan push for independence appears to be fizzling at the grass roots level, at least according to the latest poll published by El Pais newspaper on Monday, which found that not even a quarter of Catalans want to continue with the push to claim independence from Spain in the wake of Dec. 21 regional elections.

Just 24% of those polled by Metroscopia said they would like to continue with the independence process after the elections, whereas 71% said they would prefer politicians to find an agreement based on Catalonia staying part of Spain. The telephone poll surveyed 1,800 Catalans between Nov. 20 and Nov. 22. Should pro-independence enthusiasm be waning, pro-independence parties may fail to retain an absolute majority of seats in the Catalan parliament in next month's election, the first part of the poll published on Sunday showed.

While in the aftermath of Brexit and Trump one should take all polling with a grain of salt, especially those commissioned by anti-separatist outlets, the poll suggests that there has been a slowdown in the independence fervor following the Catalan independence referendum on Oct. 1, which plunged Spain into its worst political crisis in decades. The crisis reportedly "eased" after the sacking of the secessionist Catalan authorities by the Madrid government elicited little public resistance. Still, as Reuters notes, "uncertainty could return if the pro-independence camp wins in the Dec. 21 vote."

Furthermore, as Reuters also notes, the survey's margin of error at 2.4% and the fact support was evenly split between the two sides makes reading conclusions from polls difficult.

Still, failure to capture a majority in the regional parliament would be a heavy blow for Catalan separatists who have billed the election as a plebiscite on Madrid's decision to impose direct rule on the region last month. The Oct. referendum produced a large majority in favor of independence, but turnout was only 43% because many who opposed the breakaway did not vote.

Catalan separatist parties are forecast to win 46 percent of the vote, down slightly from 47.7 percent in a previous election in 2015. Unionist parties combined would account for another 46 percent of votes, up from less than 40 percent last time, according to the Metroscopia poll.

According to Reuters, turnout for the election, which former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont said on Saturday would be the most important in the region's history, is predicted to reach a record 80%.

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Davidduke2000's picture

And people are supposed to believe this shit? it was 80%.

peddling-fiction's picture

The real objective was to pilfer 2K+ companies and to paint the EU in a fascist light.

Both objectives were accomplished.

greenspanator's picture

Well, at last ZH sets feet on the ground on this topic.

This was never about identity, the independentist movement has always been a radical left movement and, as such, bent on destroying tradition, represented by Spain, and culminating in destroying Catalan identity by promoting globalism (remember the picture of a Somali family with the sign "different origins, same goal").

The bad part is that they hold the other side of the rope too. I fear that their true goal, or the second most wanted goal at least, is to force a modification of the Spanish constitution to include federalism, more corruption and more globalism (especially feminism and immigrationism, two topics actively promoted by the media in Spain). By giving more to a minority of corrupt politicians (Spanish centralists in this case), the globalist could secure the implementation of the globalist agenda.

apadictionary's picture

is it the same poll that said hillary would win?

God Emperor's picture

@davidduke2000 and peddling-fiction:

ElPais is LEFTIST news rag. If they printed that poll, I trust their numbers more than those % given by the self-helping catalans. And BTW, "YES" won by 90% of the 45%-46% of the catalan voters that actually went to vote. With all the IT infrastructure down and police blocking buildings, seizing everything, that 45% of voters seems inflated A LOT by the catalans. Therefore a 90% applied to the real percent of people that voted would give a result around 25%.

That's how Catalan voted, by the book, STALIN's playbook:

"It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."

There you have it. 

strannick's picture

Hillary had a 90% chance of winning up until half an hour before she lost

shitshitshit's picture

Stupid bitch had it well deserved. Now back to you supah dupah emperor, do you have any pics of hillary's butthole (without too much shit in the anal hair of course)?

KimAsa's picture

Cabbage Cunt lost the election at 10:30am on Sept 11, 2016 outside the 911 memorial museum when she coughed up a lung and fainted and dislodged her catheter clip for the world to enjoy on continuous loop (it never gets old). And it couldn’t have happened to a more heinous, nasty hideous, seditious, traitorous woman. Thank the lord for Poles and smart phone video recording capabilities.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Any time you see these 'independence movements' you have to give serious thought to who is REALLY behind it.  Because yes, Catalonia being independent is great.  But if they are real eager to sign up for the EU, then is independence really their goal?  Or just direct rule by a different master?

Remember they also had the "Tourists go home.  Refugees welcome" graffiti!

Look at the 'independent' nation of Jordan, which is actually a total puppet of Israel and House of Saud. 

That is also what the plan is for 'independent' Kurdistan.  Cannibalize a little from Iraq, Syria and Turkey, and then create a puppet state.   Divide and conquer. 

When Julius Caesar conquered France, remember, he conceived of it as being divided into three parts, which he isolated and conquered one by one. He drove through the middle, to ensure the center would be unable to assist the north, the south unable to assist the north (once central France was conquered)

Benjamin123's picture

When the vote is already illegal no law stops you from making up the results.

greenspanator's picture

For fuck sake, when was it 80%. What shithole do you get yoru news from??? I remind you that, even in the case of this poll, El Pais is a leftist (and globalist) newspaper usually bent on underminig traditional values, promoting immigration, homosexuality, feminism and childless native couples.

KimAsa's picture

You’re kidding right, fucktard? 2.2 million votes (750,000 left uncounted when Madrid took the urns away) 90% for secession.

Catalan should default. It would sink Madrid over night. Madrid needs Catalan wayyy more than Catalan needs Madrid. It’s all about money.

Adosinda's picture

Yep, that is why so many Spanish companies are moving to Cataluña, or is it the other way round?

Benjamin123's picture

Made up numbers, everyone could vote 100 times if desired, make it 1000 times. Print and vote, no registry, no controls, no certified counting of votes, any tourist could have voted. 

Justin Case's picture

The promoters and higher ups have been threatened or under watch, so they cooled off on a referendum. If the Ukraine Go't were to supervise the Crimean referendum then no one would have voted to separate either. They'll call it democractic process and booya. Done.

Cash2Riches's picture

This is a joke. The elites have stiffled this movement and broken their backs through threats and fear tactics. This will ultimately lead to increased violence as people lash out in rage.

Benjamin123's picture

They dont care but were carried away by the frenzy. Probably felt good to "be a part of history", i mean, independence is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Never mind tho.

Adosinda's picture

And people believed that 80% shit? 

ZH Snob's picture

why do we even look at the polls anymore?

see, Brexit, Trump, etc.

aliens is here's picture

It's all a farce anyway.

tmosley's picture

>the (((lastest poll)))

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

This Spain story reminds me of Brexit, Reminds me of Edna Kenny in Ireland, reminds me of Trump.


People are completely fed up and they want big changes, but the best candidates available are invariably turds.   The man who declared Catalonia's independance immediately took it back and then sipped a latte while waiting for his own fucking arrest.


Its a long way to go until we hit bottom, all over the world folks.

peddling-fiction's picture

"but the best candidates available are invariably turds."

They all are secret-handshaking mediocrity, serving the fallen Egregore.

They believe while you don't; the joke is on the non-believers.

At least they have taken a stand, on the wrong, losing side.

Will you stay lukewarm and limp?

Staying neutral is not OK.

Tick tock.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

They are the fucking B Team.

They can talk a good game, for a litle while, but once their hypocrisy is laid bare, the clock starts ticking on these New World Order lackeys and puppets. 

supermaxedout's picture

It did not expect this to be different. The Catalans are not stupid. They might want to have independence from Madrid but they want to be fixed within Euroland. This is were their money comes from. Catalan economy needs a stable Europe to flourish, thats why they are willing to swallow the Madrid pill. But their fight was not for nothing. This is now the time to get something back from Madrid in exchange for the vote to stay with Spain.

greenspanator's picture

They have been getting a lot from Madrid even before Franco. Don Alvaro and myself have spoken about this at length so pay attention before barking shit you are ignorant about.

land_of_the_few's picture

The majority of Catalan export revenue comes from the rest of Spain...

booboo's picture

"we were just joking"


RedDwarf's picture

So either:

1.  The old polls were a total lie and there never was a majority independence movement.

2.  The new polls are a total lie.

3.  Both polls were correct and the Catalan's are pussies who backed down.

land_of_the_few's picture

Seemed it was backed by imported headchoppers and other dodgy types. Probably lucky it didn't go through, or another kind of price would be paid.

Benjamin123's picture

Feeble minded sheep that go with the flow.

Griffin's picture

Beatings will continue until moral improves.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"BTC" "Catalonians" and "Greeks"...


Dragon HAwk's picture

If Voting  changed anything, they wouldn't let  us do it..

Freedom isn't free, and you don't get it by being lazy. then again they wanted to stay in the Euro, so hey why Bother.

falak pema's picture

Desperately calling Farage of Brexit, Bannon- the loose cannon of "blood and soil" Breitbartian "separate the white from the mixed blooded", spooky, Soros-Sauron's middle kingdom's witch's brew of toxic chicken entrails, heightened with the tabasco flavoured Afd cacaphony of "keep the original  unwashed Caucasians from cocufying our Germanic race" doxa-- in a Europe with an age pyramid problem that no alleged witch nor bitch in Berlin can solve !

What happened to the Swastika's iconic expression of the Aryan Caucasian race?

Was that FAKE NEWWWWS too from CNN ?

With the Kochs buying Time-Warner that will soon change-- to Foxhunting rampage in the name of the Duck dynasty !

Tally Ho ! 

And Like for Brexit, the Duck's message remains : you are awl on your own !

Some black swan, which was supposed to sign the demise of EU solidarity, now taking a nose dive.

In Ze No's picture

My Chemical Romance

 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

"Everybody wants to change the world"

"Everybody wants to change the world but no one, no one wants to die".

peddling-fiction's picture

From romance to Wedding.

I have a vision: the roses are on the ground, stomped on by the crossed plebes, that are moved mysteriously by an unknown force.

Will sustainability be attempted by the PTB?

You will die whether you try or not.

Dying is not the worst that will happen to you.

shovelhead's picture

But it's not a nice as a comfy chair.

Snaffew's picture

and yet another independance event bites the turns out that people love their fiat governments and they don't want to work after all.

SaulRosenberg's picture

This is good...very good news. Let this be a lesson that people will ALWAYS choose to remain in a system where their basic needs are met by the bigger state.

Socialismo 1

Freedom 0

Independence BTFO!

SaulRosenberg's picture

This is good...very good news. Let this be a lesson that people will ALWAYS choose to remain in a system where their basic needs are met by the bigger state.

Socialismo 1

Freedom 0

Independence BTFO!

44_shooter's picture

This just in from WaPo - Clinton ahead of Trump by landslide.

RedBaron616's picture

Get over it, ZH readers. It's over. Move on. There's nothing to see here. Catalonia's leader was no George Washington. When the heat got hot, he got out of the kitchen. Coward. Just like all the other protesters. At the end of the day, nobody really cares that much. So cry for Catalonia, ZH Confederate wannabes.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

the word around ZH is that this dutch wilders dude will save europe pronto.  or he is last fucking hope of some sort for europe.  either way, fuck calatons, wilders is the shiznit!  

BritBob's picture

 Spain uses the same flawed territorial integrity excuse with Catalonia that it uses against Gibraltar to deny that the people have the right to self-determination. Google: ''Gibraltar – Territorial Integrity Academia'' (1 pg) for some interesting facts and to see why it didn't stop Kosovo from declaring independence. or use link: Gib – Territorial Integrity (1 page)

Joe A's picture

Can somebody wake up Don Diego at Falange central for comment?