Russia Warns Of Possible "Apocalyptic Scenario" On Korean Peninsula

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Russian deputy foreign minister Igor Morgulov said on Monday that "an apocalyptic scenario of developments" on the Korean Peninsula is possible, but Russia hopes that a common sense would prevail among the involved parties.

"A scenario of the apocalyptic development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula exists and we cannot turn our blind eye to it," Morgulov said speaking at the opening of the eighth annual Asian Conference of the Valdai discussion club in Seoul. "I hope that a common sense, pragmatism and an instinct of self-preservation would prevail among our partners to exclude such negative scenario," the Russian diplomat said, quoted by Russia's Tass.

Fire and brimstone aside, Morgulov noted that a phase of calm appeared to be returning as North Korea’s current pause in provocations - the longest since last winter - indicates a step toward denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. “I think North Korea’s restraint for the past two months is within the simultaneous freeze road map” suggested by China and Russia, Morgulov told reporters in Seoul on Monday according to Bloomberg. North Korea’s last provocation was on Sept. 15, when it fired its second missile over Japan in as many months. The 73-day pause is the longest since a 116-day break between October 2016 and February.

Russian and Chinese foreign ministers proposed in July a “double freezing” initiative, under which North Korea refrains from missile and nuclear tests, and the U.S. and South Korea halt large-scale military exercises, however the U.S. has rejected this proposal, arguing that its drills are defensive in nature. Earlier this month, it carried out its first exercise in a decade using three aircraft carriers in the region, and plans to conduct drills with South Korea’s air force in early December.

Morgulov, Russia’s deputy minister responsible for relations with East and South Asia, said that following a “freeze for freeze” the next step would be to hold exchanges with Pyongyang. Once North Korea agrees to a moratorium on testing and talks are taking place, the process can move to discussion of denuclearization, he said. “We will have to see a certain change of attitude of the U.S., especially on freezing or reducing” its military drills, Morgulov said. “It’ll be difficult for us to play the role of persuading North Korea” not to provoke anymore without a change in the U.S. position.

Despite the impasse, and underscoring Russia's argument, the diplomat said that "we have told North Korea many times that for us [its] nuclear status is unacceptable," adding that "we continue this work with the North Korean counterparts presenting to them our position."

Moscow negatively assess joint military drills of the United States with its allies in the region of the Korean Peninsula, while North Korea keeps a two-month pause in missile and nuclear tests, he went on.

"Considering the two-month long period of silence, the United States is not planning to reduce the scale of its regular military exercises, but also plan holding sudden drills as well," Morgulov said. "Unfortunately, this is the answer, which North Korea gets in response to its two-month silence," the Russian diplomat said adding that Moscow "assesses it negatively."  "I believe that both the North Korean nuclear tests and joint military drills of the United States with its allies are definitely of a negative nature," Morgulov said.

"Russia has presented the roadmap’s contents both to the U.S. and to the DPRK," the diplomat said. "I would like to say that "at the very entrance" the plan has not been rejected either by Washington or by Pyongyang, though still no answer."

"Besides, we have spoken for discussing certain elements of this plan separately with the U.S. and with North Korea," he continued. "We have begun the work, but I have to say regretfully that the actions, which Washington undertook in October-November, I mean the unplanned drills, affect greatly our dialogue on settlement on the basis of the roadmap."

"Is it possible for someone to cherish illusions that threats from US President Donald Trump to strike with ‘fire and fury’ will be able to cut the knot, which has been tight on the Korean Peninsula for many decades?" Morgulov said. "I believe it would be naive to hope that any of the sides would give in to the pressure," the Russian diplomat said.

"We must understand that the pressure borders with the deliberate push of North Korea to the humanitarian catastrophe," Morgulov said. "This will not result in the North Korean authorities giving up missile and nuclear programs, but on the contrary, will only strengthen its intentions to stay until the very end."

"I believe that the path of pressure has no perspectives and there is no other alternative to the dialogue," the Russian diplomat said.

"The resumption of inter-Korean dialogue could have a positive effect (on the conflict settlement)," Morgulov said. "These two countries have issues to discuss and I know that our South Korean partners are ready for such dialogue and repeatedly expressed interest in its initiation," the Russian diplomat said.

"If Pyeongyang’s demonstrated restraint over the past two months was met with similar reciprocal steps on behalf of the United States and its allies then we could have moved to the start of direct talks between the United States and North Korea," Morgulov said.

"Will it be possible? I am absolutely sure that it is possible," the Russian diplomat said. "The key agenda of such talks can be very simple, which is the principles of peaceful coexistence. I believe that the lack of such concord gives roots to hostility and mutual mistrust among the involved parties."

"The United States and its allies should at least reduce the scale of their regular military exercises they are holding in the region of the Korean Peninsula," Morgulov said.

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YUNOSELL's picture

Continual threat of war is actually more profitable than real war for the Industrial Military Complex

Truther's picture

The MIC will not rest. MOAR War needed. Need to steal and subjugate the world.

Oh fuck.... it must be Putin's fault, again.

ne-tiger's picture

Fucking US of A never changes, always for MIC 100%

BennyBoy's picture


US does not have common sense. Just marching orders from the MIC.

svayambhu108's picture

As bad as it is in North Korea it is better than Syria. And in case the war starts US will deploy an overt operation and 100 covert operations that will make NK worse than Syria.

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False flag a coming. What will it be this time?  Torpedoes fired at a ship,  missile flies over a ship.   

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Wake up kimchi fat boy!  We are complaining you aren't doing your job! Go press some buttons already! 

earleflorida's picture

Please realize that 'South [SAMSUNG] Korea is in a lot of HURT! $$$ neg!

Please realize that Mitsubishi`Japan, is in a lot of HURT!  $$$neg!neg!

Please realize that 'Taiwan [FOXCONN] is in a lot of HURT! $$$ neg!neg!neg!

You do realize that Korea was Russia's child!?!...---in which China adopted!

Please realize that DPRK China's Israel!

HRClinton's picture

Too exhausted from Korean doom porn to still care. 

Unless you turn something into a religious ideology, we're just not capable of 'caring' emotionally for extended periods. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Global oligarchs are negotiating the "Korean remodel"...  ...nothing more.

< yawn >

So long as it stays on the Korean peninsula who cares?

"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was...

Truther's picture

Don't be surprised if it spreads to a city near you. The "Deep State" doesn't give a fuck.

LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!!  Sure sure, I call bullshit.  Even the "deep state" won't destroy their own neighborhood. Yes, it's true people, there are good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods all over the world.  Get a fucking clue, don't move to a bad neighborhood!

Still accepting fiat currency in echange for the products of your labor? Yes? Then NOTHING CHANGES!

"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was all you stupid fucking sheep.

1 Alabama's picture

wtf do u expect the sheep to trade w/if not fiat? The problem lies w/gvt's inability to recognize and legislate w/ the law of nature in mind, rather than failed human laws. Get a f in grip.

LawsofPhysics's picture

So fucking what?  Stupid is as stupid does! Let evolution work for a change and we will all be better off.

FORD_FIESTA's picture

As long as it spreads to Washington first, and takes out all the scum .gov that floats on the swamp.

Let the Games begin!

38BWD22's picture

My kid lives in Washington and does NOT work for .gov.

HRClinton's picture

As long as only Zionuts and fundamentalist Christian nuts get wiped out, it's all good.

Time to rid the world of religious extremists, bent on ruling others. 

RedBaron616's picture

Guess we'll have to make murder legal as it came from the Ten Commandments. Wouldn't want any fundamental nonsense to ruin your day.

Winston Churchill's picture

Good luck with that,its not about N.Korea,its about deploying first strike radar to

look into China.

the late idi armin's picture

I suggest it was to get China to invade North Korea to forstall the North korean Military assault on Seoul  and the subsequential rush by north koreans into China to escape the US retaliation

sheikurbootie's picture

Again...the bottom line is Trump is negotiating a permanent solution to NK.  He wants us out of SK and to stop the spending.  Being on a war footing for 70 years is incredibly expensive!  We've had dozens of Presidents that failed to see this exorbitant expense as a problem. 

The US is negotiating an EXIT from SK.

Laughing.Man's picture

Negotiation isn't required to exit.  Trump can easily say that SK is more than ready to take charge of their defence.  They have the best equipment and training.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

It won't. Because of this REPOST

The chief instigator and "incubator" of terrorism in the Zionist mosaic ( just declared TOTAL war on the tactic they aided and abetted through Washington, London and Tel Aviv and left out the 3 key players that have been responsible for making it DISAPPEAR!...

You can't make this shit up!...

But then again?... You shouldn't have that chief instigator of terrorism at the head of a table that allegedly protects and defends human rights for the rest of the World either!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

United States Federal Reserve to BIS in Switzerland...

Just give us 10 more months to ramp up in Syria, Iraq and Korea or anywhere else we need to sell weapons and rob oil, PM or "other" (place false flag pretext here x_________) and we'll make good on those $24 trillion "IOU"s we've been owing you "since"...

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Sell your stock in Samsung !

1 Alabama's picture

commen sense is not available or for sale anymore, there is no moore keeping the peace.

ssgredux's picture

Most Americans (a large majority, actually) don't even know the region of the world that North Korea is located in.  Nor do they understand that the jet stream would carry any radiation straight back to the US.  My cousin believes that there are stars closer to us than the sun.  My nephew was trying to explain to me how "flat earth theory" really explains a lot about the world during Thanksgiving dinner.


We're fucking doomed.



Laughing.Man's picture

If your nephew is 10 years old, then his ignorance is forgivable.

Setarcos's picture

Maybe in a way, but what way?  When I was 10 - 64 years ago - I knew about the solar system.  The reason I remember is because my father was a fundamentalist Christian Creationist and I tried to talk to him about the solar system and evolution.  I got a "good hiding" and never tried to talk to him again.  Unless schools have stopped teaching science, ignorance is not entirely forgivable.  Back around 1918-20 when my father was impoverished and got little schooling, he had some sort of excuse ... but not so much in 1953 when he punished me.  I guess that there's no cure for a closed mind.

ne-tiger's picture

Now creation is being tought as "another theory" just as evolution, and we should all die for Isreal cause bible said so:

Amazing fucking world - US of A! 

Pol Pot's picture

And I thought my family were the only ones around the thanksgiving dinner table with a collective IQ lower than the turkey....good to see I am in good company...

homiegot's picture

You got some bad genes.

Setarcos's picture

You are not fucking wrong.  I am 74.  I swear that when I was young there was less ignorance and/or lunacy in the World.  I swear that when I first got on the internet about twenty years ago, there were far less crackpots posting.  NOW it seems that the more information that's become available, the LESS people are informed ... maybe on account of trash sites like Farcebook and Twitter, or maybe because mobile phones have become ubiquitous ... ffs when I catch the bus or train I often see kids of about three in strollers engrossed in some game, whilst the mother is glued to her phone chatting and, all around, other people are on their phones too.  TV is trash - not that I've watched it for about ten years myself, but folks around me complain that there's nothing on worth watching, or that there are too many ads.  The "news" I get relayed to me is seriously deficient or fake, or else about some scandal or "sport" aka big business circus, to complement fast food "bread".

No one I know, including the young members of staff in the aged care home where I live, has a clue about ZH, RT, PressTV, nor any other "alternative" from whence I get my information.  Overall they know less than I knew fifty years ago from books and various studies.  Oh I tell a partial lie, last week I got talking to one female staff member of about 35 years of age, and she knew a bit about Syria and even Vladimir Putin, who she was eager to ask me questions about.

Granted that my experience of other people is a bit limited these days, but your story gels with my experience and impressions ... here in Australia.  Q.E.D. methinks.

Erwin643's picture

What's all this "Q.E.D." shit?

Rex Andrus's picture

It's an arcane lemming cliche. As a black bureaucratess explained to me when I was 18, in idiocracy script it means "I shot my wad on this (topic)". Cliches are colorful or simplistic linguistic staples used to keep closed minds closed. The more colorful they are, the more they distract & derail the prey.

Setarcos's picture

There's an apt saying:  "If you are ignorant then keep quiet and let people think that you might be, better that than open your mouth and prove it."  Quad erat demonstrandum = which was to be proved.

Rex Andrus's picture

That's not an appt saying. It's a drole, bland cliche. 

Setarcos's picture

Quad erat demonstrandum = which was to be proved.  Common enough, if you know some basic maths, or even if you don't.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

IS latin. Quod Erat Demonstrandum or someting like that.

I believe it means "as was demonstrated"

Parrotile's picture

Not everyone from Down Under's completely dim - here  ("down south" near Bega) the locals are fairly aware of what's going on, mind you our locals are of the "more mature" vintage, so probably benefitted from a more rounded education. Having occasionally travelled "north", the situation there seems considerably more dire - and more "deserving" of the observation from outsiders that we live in "Dumbfuckistan".

I don't suppose the attitudes of Aussies overseas helps much to dispel this "National blight", as demonstrated by the airport scenes in Bali over the past day :-(

Boogity's picture

You're comments are spot on.  The  USA has become Idiocracy.  It's citizens can't find the Third World countries on a map that their "heroic" military is bombing this week but there's a good chance they can tell you who won last Monday night's NFL game and who the Kartrashian sisters are banging.

Rex Andrus's picture

Did you leave them with enough LSD to clear their infections? Better give them enough to dose the hood.

Debugas's picture

plz finish this planet asap - the evil it has become should not exist in the universe

Erwin643's picture

Don't worry, soon... soon (Christopher Walken pause).

BTW, it's the human population. Not the planet.

Rex Andrus's picture

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a sign of excellent character. You're not from here.

Erwin643's picture


Too cool!


GreatUncle's picture

"arguing that its drills are defensive in nature"

Now who in the fucking world is likely to attack the USA?

Therefore defensive is bollocks.

1 Alabama's picture

defective gvt law stipulates that if you attack our "interests", you have attacked our country, we come after you. This gvt is an infinite study of human denial