Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn

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Mueller Versus Flynn

The mainstream narrative is that squeaky-clean special prosecutor Robert Mueller is going to indict Trump’s one-time foreign policy advisor Michael Flynn because Flynn is in the pocket of the Russians and the Turks.

But the truth might be totally different

After all, Flynn’s meeting with Russian diplomats was completely normal, according to a prominent U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

So why is Mueller really going after Flynn?

When Flynn was head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and afterwards, he blew the whistle on the U.S. and its allies willfully allowing Islamic terrorists to flourish in Syria.

That didn’t ingratiate him with the Deep State …

Then last November, Flynn ruffled more feathers by writing:

The primary bone of contention between the U.S. and Turkey is Fethullah Gülen, a shady Islamic mullah residing in Pennsylvania whom former President Clinton once called his “friend” in a well circulated video.

Gülen portrays himself as a moderate, but he is in fact a radical Islamist. He has publicly boasted about his “soldiers” waiting for his orders to do whatever he directs them to do.




To professionals in the intelligence community, the stamp of terror is all over Mullah Gülen’s statements in the tradition of Qutb and al Bana. Gülen’s vast global network has all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror network.




To add insult to injury, American taxpayers are helping finance Gülen’s 160 charter schools in the United States. These schools have been granted more H1-B visas than Google. It is inconceivable that our visa officers have approved thousands of visas for English teachers whose English is incomprehensible. A CBS “60 Minutes” program documented a conversation with one such imported English teacher from Turkey. Several lawsuits, including some in Ohio and Texas, point to irregularities in the operation of these schools.

However, funding seems to be no problem for Gülen’s network. Hired attorneys work to keep the lucrative government source of income for Gülen and his network going. Influential charities such as Cosmos Foundation continue their support for Gülen’s charter schools.


Incidentally, Cosmos Foundation is a major donor to Clinton Foundation. No wonder Bill Clinton calls Mullah Gülen “his friend.” It is now no secret that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, worked for 12 years as the associate editor for a journal published by the London-based Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs. This institute has promoted the thoughts of radical Muslim thinkers such as Qutb, al Bana and others.




The forces of radical Islam derive their ideology from radical clerics like Gülen, who is running a scam. We should not provide him safe haven.

Now, Mueller is reportedly investigating Flynn specifically for his criticism of Gülen.

Who Is Gülen

So who is Gülen, really?

The Atlantic notes:

[Gülen’s organization] is rumored to have between 1 and 8 million adherents.

The Hill reported last year:

What lies underneath [Gülen’s] charter-school network, however, is a possible undercurrent of white-collar crime and corruption. Known in Turkey as the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization or FETÖ this growing network is being investigated by the FBI for everything from fraud and malpractice, to misuse of public funds. One spokeswoman for the bureau said that an investigation is ongoing and FBI agents carried out raids at 19 Gülen-affiliated charter schools in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio in 2014.




Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks demonstrate a concern by U.S. officials that these Turkish teachers and businesses “might be using the reputation of the school as a cover to get to the U.S.” These cables state that the H1B visa applications were “not convincing” and that Gülen’s more moderate message “cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda.”




Receiving approximately $150 million a year in tax breaks and subsidies, government officials are increasingly concerned that taxpayer dollars are being used to fund a close-knit network of Turkish teachers and businesses using charter schools as a Trojan horse for embedding into the U.S. education system.

Private intelligence company Stratfor notes:

Gulen [said] that in order to reach the ideal Muslim society “every method and  path is acceptable [including] lying to people”.

Documents leaked by Wikileaks has shown that American officials have been worried Gülen could be targeting children across the U.S. for radicalization:

In 2005, one U.S. embassy worker expressed concern about the schools: “We have multiple reliable reports that the Gülenists use their school network (including dozens of schools in the U.S.) to cherry pick students they think are susceptible to being molded as proselytizers,” U.S. Embassy officials in Ankara said in a 2005 report. And we have steadily heard reports about how the schools indoctrinate boarding students,” they said.”

Vox notes:

Among other charges, critics allege that the schools were a scheme to replace US teachers with Turkish immigrants, who were then expected to transfer money back to Gülen organizations. This resulted in investigations from the FBI, Labor Department, and Education Department. An audit of Georgia Gülen charters found that they improperly awarded contracts to affiliated businesses, and in 2014 the FBI raided 19 Gülen-affiliated schools in Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. A Gülen school in New Orleans lost its charter in 2011 after allegations of cheating and sexual misconduct involving kindergartners.




Secular critics in Turkey have long attacked the Gülen movement as a stalking horse for more thoroughgoing Islamism.


In the 1980s, Turkish generals — who at the time were in control of the government following a military coup — accused Gülen of plotting a takeover to install an Islamic dictatorship. As Al-Monitor’s Murat Bilgincan explains, Gülen went on the run for about six years before being arrested.




In 2000, the Turkish government, then led by secularist Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, indicted Gülen on charges of attempting to undermine Turkish secularism — a core feature of the state since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the Turkish Republic in 1922 — and trying to install a Islamic dictatorship.




In other words, the Gülen movement was for many years a crucial ally of Erdo?an and the AKP — acting as a grassroots arm with significant funding that could support Erdo?an’s attempts to fight back secularists and, in the eyes of critics, suppress dissent.

A diplomatic cable leaked by WikiLeaks notes that Turkey’s chief Rabbi said about Gülen:

[There’s a] belief in parts of the U.S. government that he is a “radical Islamist” whose moderate message cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda

The Washington post reported in 2011:

A memoir by a top former Turkish intelligence official claims that a worldwide moderate Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s.


The memoir, roughly rendered in English as “ess to Revolution and Near Anarchy,” by retired Turkish intelligence official Osman Nuri Gundes, says the religious-tolerance movement, led by an influential former Turkish imam by the name of Fethullah Gulen, has 600 schools and 4 million followers around the world.


In the 1990s, Gundes alleges, the movement “sheltered 130 CIA agents” at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone, according to a report on his memoir Wednesday by the Paris-based Intelligence Online newsletter.

(Gundes was chief of Turkish intelligence long before Turkey’s current dictator, Erdogan, came onto the scene, and doesn’t seem to have any connection with him.)

Interviews of Gülen’s former top assistants say that Gülen is running a cult, that he wants to rule Turkey and the Middle East, and that he won’t hesitate to use violence to make it happen:

Gülen is certainly supported by at least some former American intelligence and state department officials, at least in some capacity. After all, Gülen’s application for a Green Card to live in the U.S. was  supported by ex-CIA agent George Fidas, former U.S. ambassador to Turkey Morton Abramowitz, and former CIA Deputy Director Graham Fuller.   Another former U.S. ambassador to Turkey, Marc Grossman, receives $100,000 per month (that’s $1.2 million per year) from a Gülen company called the Ilhas Group.

The Turkish government has labeled Gülen and his followers as a terrorist network.    This is ironic, given that Gülen was instrumental in converting Turkey from a secular to Islamic government, and electing Turkey’s leader Erdogan. Until recently, Gülen was a very close ally of Turkish strongman Erdogan.

FBI Whistleblower Says Gülen Is a Terror Kingpin

Sibel Edmonds – a former FBI translator who has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups, who the ACLU described as “The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America”, and who famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers” – has for years tried to tell the truth about corruption related to Gülen:

In a series of interviews over the last couple of years, Edmonds has said that – when she worked for the FBI as a translator – she saw documents showing that:

  • Gülen is the leader of one of the world’s largest terror networks, with terrorist training centers throughout the Middle East and central Asia
  • He is a key player in false flag terrorism in Turkey and other areas
  • He was key in changing Turkey from a secular country to an Islamic country, and electing dictator Erdogan
  • He is involved in heroin and other drug networks, selling nuclear material on the black market, and money-laundering
  • Gülen has contributed large sums of money to the Clintons through the Clinton Foundation
  • Gülen’s handler in the U.S. is former long-time CIA officer – and current CIA contractor – Graham Fuller
  • When Mueller was the Director of the FBI, he was instrumental in covering up Gülen’s terrorist activities and spiking prosecution against Gülen
  • Mueller is now trying to throw Flynn in jail, to silence his efforts to expose Gülen

This video goes into some of these allegations.

Washington’s Blog asked Edmonds what documents she saw while at the FBI which implicated Gülen as a terrorist mastermind.  She responded:

Gülen’s FBI cases:


1- White Collar Crime Division: had to do with front/shell companies and NGOs used for money laundering and bribery (political contributions to various political action committees).


2- Terrorism & Criminal Divisions: US derived funds being transferred to international hubs for various terror cells (including Chechen groups), Gulen’s Pakistani-Arab-Turkish operatives in US involved in heroin smuggling into US, Gulen-affiliated Turkish businessmen with cash-only companies (Ex: Re-selling used clothes previously contributed to charity groups like GoodWill) in Chile and other S. American countries (as money-laundering ops), …


3- Counterintelligence Division (Washington DC Field Office): Espionage (State Department, DOJ, RAND Corporation),  Bribery and extortion of dozens of elected officials,  including Hastert, Jan Schakowsky, Bob Creamer, Jane Schmidt …


Gülen has pocketed strategically position police chiefs such as the one for Fairfax County (Where CIA HQ is located among with several dozens of top Intel & MIC contractors) …

In other words, Edmonds says that Gülen is a terror kingpin and drug smuggler who launders vast sums of money, and bribes U.S. officials and officials throughout the world … and Mueller is going after Flynn in order to protect Gülen and the corrupt politicians he’s in bed with.

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undercover brother's picture

Why hasn't this guy been stopped already.   I'll tell you why:  There are no political victories in enacting preventative measures.  In fact, all you get for your effort is called a bigot or a racist.   However, if they wait until people from this guy's mosque kill Americans in a terrorist act, politicians will jump up and down screaming to the news media that it's time to act, and thus assured a political victory when the terrorists are then arrested or killed.  

monger's picture

I've read a little of what Q anon and meganon have written as well as others on the supposed underground battle ongoing between the deep state agency black hats and mostly pentagram white hats, and all I think we can hope for is It's true and the white hats win. Otherwise there is little hope for this country. As well intentioned as patriots are hunting rifles will not overcome modern military technology.

Catahoula's picture

They fucked Flynn like a prepubescent teen. He was very fuckable. He was a lying dog covered in fleas

gizmotron's picture

Gulan or Erdogan. Like one is better than the other? Pffffft. Who writes this stuff?

MoreFreedom's picture

Watching the 60 Minutes video, and reading about Gulen in Wikipedia I really wonder what the truth is.  Certainly there appears to be corruption in pay to play with the Clinton Foundation, but the Clinton's have proven they're for sale.  The real questions are: 

  1. Is Gulen is funding terrorism?
  2. Is Gulen using corrupt government officials to get rich?
  3. Who can we believe?   

US Intelligence has been wrong and usually seems to create "information" that just leads to more war.  So why should we believe Flynn?  But it does look like Mueller might be trying to silence him for the Clintons and others who are likely involved.  Flynn asked for immnity to testify about the Russia probe, but was turned down for some reason.  What did he do that was illegal?

As for Gulan, he's 76 and hasn't initiated any violence to take over anything I can see.  He's preaching tolerance (great for Muslims many of whom don't believe in tolerance and instead in Islamic dominance) and education, and at most using our corrupt government to get rich.  If Ghulan is funding terrorism, his preaching against it undermines his goals among his followers.  The US hasn't produced any evidence he's a terrorist, so is the deep state covering it up?  Ghulan seems to be against powerful government as far as I can tell.

The only conclusion I see is that this is just another reason to separate school and state, because it eliminates the government corruption, and leaves education to free markets.


BetterRalph's picture

Glad to see you ask questions.  But I have to point out something. 60 minutes is a fake news source.
I too desire to understand who is friend and who is foe.

otschelnik's picture

In Turkey, Fetullah's followers were largely infiltrated into the "power ministries" - police /ministry of internal affairs, army / ministry of defense.  After the coup attempt of July 2016 (which was poorly executed), personally I have no doubt that at least Gulen's followers if not Gulen were behind it, after Gulen fell out with Erdogan.

The purge of the police and army included 17,000 graduates if Gulen schools (he uses the same technique in USA as well as throught the middle east), closure of his institutes of higher education, and firing of some 60,000 teachers and other government bureaucrats.  All through the middle east other governments also quietly closed Gulen schools (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan).  

Gulen has a novel approach of coopting followers through higher education; he plays the long game.  Like a muslim masonic lodge, or religious fraternity perhaps. Gulen's network is of great interest to the security services of many countries. 

As to Flynn, he stepped into a very very deep end of the swamp.  

WTFUD's picture

If Trump wanted to take half a dozen of these bastards down tomorrow, he could, in the blink/wink of an eye. In turn waterboarding those 6 pieces of vermin would unwrap dozens of their accomplices and shell company money laundering schemes. Within a month they be so much ratting with everyone negotiating deals to save their own hides. Throwing Flynn to the wolves was not the act of a team player. Even that corrupt POS, Clinton pardoned Marc Rich who compared to Flynn was a class-A fucking Deviant.

Trump has the ammo on the Clinton's alone, to buy himself all the Goodwill in the World in a Trade-Off.

NO CUNT IS GOING TO JAIL BAR A FEW FALL GUYS . . . . then there's his Top Foreign Diplomatic pick, Nikki (your facial skin looks like it's been through a grater) Haley who makes Sam Power look like a marriage guidance councilor. FUCK VICHY DC

Crusader75's picture

Holy smoke! Have you informed Alex Jones??

Zorba's idea's picture

This Rat line is a forboding storm...one can only imagine what evil horrific intentions it has. The fact that US taxpayers are subsidizing this nightmare is yet another reminder how lost our Republic is. God damn  all the corrupters to hell.

MaxThrust's picture

Morton Abramowitz

These people are everywhere and yet so few in number


archie bird's picture

Actually, Erdrogen blames Gulen for the Obama-assisted  coup in his country a couple years ago.  Erdrogen rounded EVERYBODY up, who was remotely tied to the coup, and threw them in jail. And then pondered why Obama did not give him so much as a phone call to see if he was alright...Afterall, Obama and him had a deal to arm and fight the Kurds and ISIS in Syria together.  

According to QAnon, Flynn knows ALL about the child trafficking in the US courtesy of Gulen, and Betsy Devos' (the Trump-appointed Billionaire Education Head) brother is Erik Prince, CEO of Blackwater. The guy who is in charge of torturing all those Saudi princes at the Ritz. And Flynn is working w/Mueller to 'up' those 2000 sealed indictments closer to probably the 2200-2400 range. Im guessing Gulen's name is on one of those sealed indictments.

Trump is tired of the mess in the ME and is ending Obamas failed foreign policy there.


jin187's picture

Yeah, Erdogan has been asking for him to be extradited for years. He ramped up his demands during the coup attempt, and the MSM has said nothing about him ever. Probably has his buddy Clinton to thank for that.

Reaper's picture

Mueller is using the standard FBI M.O. of charging someone with an exaggerated or fake crime and make them decide that lying for the government is less costly and safer than chancing a trial with huge expenses conducted by a judge/FBI(police)/judge industrial complex.   This complex is venal and since it is in charge of investigating itself, untouchable.   H1-B visa holders are pseudo slaves to their employer, with low wages/long hours/unreported-kickbacks.   Gulen has slaves competing against paid workers.

Flynn's best defense is an offense against Mueller before indictment.  At voir dire, ask the potential jurors, if they're aware of Flynn's reports on Mueller's corruption and Gulen protection schemes.

Justapleb's picture

If we, without a penny of intelligence assets, possessing only computers and an IQ over 75, can know ISIS was funded by Clinton & McCain, both parties co-opted by hostile foreign powers, then how is it that Trump cannot know?   That's just for starters.

It is self-evident that one of two things must be true:  either we are wrong, or there is a motive explaining Trump's failure to indict Clinton.  I am sick and tired of the memes about 4D chess or that all these indictments of Deep State operatives are right around the corner.

Bullshit.  There is something terribly wrong.  My eyes are working perfectly well, and my eyes are seeing the exact opposite of what justice should be: the deep state criminals are prosecuting the people who should be indicting them.   

So just don't tell me you are a genius that sees the method behind the madness of the bad people putting the good people in jail.   It is a coup underway and it is inexplicable why Trump hasn't put a stop to it.   Something we don't know.

bigkahuna's picture

Trump is (rightfully) afraid to risk his own and his family's lives. He should know that if he did the right thing and revealed the truth while putting out a call for our help - we would be there. I will go to DC myself to offer protection.

Justapleb's picture

Well, Schumer warned Trump the intelligence agencies have six ways from Sunday to harm him.   So we do have to be aware.  

My gut is telling me that Trump's agenda is extraconstitutional, like his Israel First policy.   You can't follow the constitution and have an Israel First presidency.   The president also doesn't just sign trade deals, that's Treaty 101 constitutionalism. Without the Senate, what kind of force of law can Trump put into effect other than extralegal executive orders?

He didn't run on the constitution.   With foreign policy he actually stated we should have taken the oil if we were going about regime change here and there.   Such a reckless thing to say!   Trump uses hyperbole, so it is hard to read him.   He had zero track record in government so Trump was a real wild card.

I guess we'll see.   



jin187's picture

Even though it would be awesome, this is the kind of post that gets your door kicked in by guys dressed like ninjas. Even if we were living in the .00000001% chance bizzaro universe where Trump called for the people to bring their torches and pitchforks to DC to drain the swamp, he'd probably be dead before the week is out. The military would probably support him, but the spooks, geeks, and ninjas would not. Those are the guys that would have all his biggest supporters dead in their sleep before any of us pulled out of our driveways.

bigkahuna's picture

It would be logistical chaos, yes - going to DC with all my friends (most of you) but we would be like the patriots of old. Unsung, yet much happier that way. I've said a lot here over the years and the ninjas are still biding their time.

Alas, the odds of anything like that happening are very slim. If some guys do surprise me here, then I will know that it is happening. If I live through it, I will let you know.

WTFUD's picture

Understand your sentiment, however, believe you're giving these vermin too much credit. Spent a good amount of time around these so-called decision makers and they're pathetic snide little fuckers who'd shit their diapers when the cuffs came out.

HorseRancher's picture

The H1b visa program is a complete scam from start to our finish.  Way past time to abolish this complete nonsense, and many other "compassionate" programs like it. They all serve as backdoor illegal immigration products.  The have-nots will soon obliterate the generous support of the have-do's. Good luck on the aftermath....

jin187's picture

H1b is the main reason our college graduates can't find jobs. The companies say we don't have enough to fill the positions, but what they really mean is that they can't get an American with a 4-yr degree to do a 60-hr a week job for 25k a year. This is why wages are down, because as long as they can import Asian immigrants wholesale, and toss them back in the water if they complain about the conditions, they won't hire Americans.

SmittyinLA's picture

Feds shouldn't be paying for public schools AT ALL

Lumberjack's picture

Going off topic GW but your work here is fabulous.

Gotta go back to that missing sub in Argentina. Could have been an accident but came across this where the tribe is once again up to no fucking good.


Never trust the brits or the tribe.

currency's picture

Edogan and Gulen are both BAD APPLES, take your pick.  We should just let Turkey implode and be broken up, Kurds and others whose lands Turkey Stole in the late 1800's and 1900's. There are many good Turks but they are affraid to speak up.

jin187's picture

There was no Turkey in the 1800's. We created the place after WW1 to punish the Ottoman Empire, which did an excellent job of keeping the Muslim wackos from taking over. Much like Hussein, Qaddafi, and Bashir. Everywhere we take down these "bad" regimes, something worse rises up to take their place. It's as if every few decades, the spooks forget why they setup these hellholes in the first place. Sure it sucks for all the normal people living under the thumb of a despot, but every time we try to set them up a civil society, the first thing they do is vote in the guys that want to murder everyone.

Throat-warbler Mangrove's picture

Hmmmm.  "Award winning ..." but writes "bases" instead of "basis".  Uh huh.

Bastiat's picture

Hmmmm. "Bases" is the plural of "basis."  Go back to warbling.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Just another of your unfounded thesises.

TeethVillage88s's picture

I heard Fethullah Gülen says he has an army

But I think he is like a lot of Religious leaders in the 'Stans or M.E.
- Take money, get rich, while sending in agents, proxies.


Part of a series on Sh?a Islam, Isma‘ilism, Musta‘li & Nizari History

Assassins, al-?ashashin, is the common name used to refer to an Islamic sect formally known as the Nizari Ismailis. Often described as a secret order led by a mysterious "Old Man of the Mountain", the Nizari Ismailis formed in the late 11th century

The Nizaris posed a strategic threat to Sunni Seljuq authority by capturing and inhabiting several mountain fortresses throughout Persia and later Syria, under the leadership of Hassan-i Sabbah. Asymmetric warfare, psychological warfare, and surgical strikes were often an employed tactic of the assassins, drawing their opponents into submission rather than risk killing them.[1]

- Take money, get rich, while sending in agents, proxies.

AurorusBorealus's picture

According to Q anon, whom I find to be credible, Flynn and Admiral Rogers as heads of the DIA and the NSA respectively served as liaisons to Trump to inform him about the CIA/FBI crime syndicate that has been running U.S. foreign policy since the Dulles brothers took over the CIA and the State Department.  That is why those two, especially, have been targeted by Mueller's Fascism Inc. private prosecuting firm of Clintonistas.  It is civil war in the U.S. intelligence aparatus; that much is certain.  The questions are as follows.  Is Trump actually aware of the attempts on the part of the criminal cabal to destroy any change in U.S. foreign policy direction?  Is he as smart as his die-hard supporters believe?  Are the patriots in the DIA and NSA as competent and numerous as some would have the world believe?   Will the spy vs. spy drama spill over into the streets as the fascists activate the Clintonistas and the radical wing of the Democratic Party?  And if so, will the U.S. become a full-blown military dictatorship as Trump and the patriots within the intelligence apparatus assault the crime syndicate and their deluded left-wing tools?

BetterRalph's picture

I am a dog that isn't allowed to bite.  You might not want to remove my leash.

Koba the Dread's picture

You ask if the US will become a full-blown military dictatorship as Trump and the patriots within the intelligence apparatus assault the crime syndicate and their deluded left-wing tools? The US has been a full-blown intelligence agency dictatorship at least since the U2 incident in 1960. The dictatorial powers of the intelligence agencies is so strong and pervasive in America that only a military coup can possibly dislodge it. The difference in an intelligence agency dictatorship and a military dictatorship? The military has a tradition of honor. Intelligence agencies have no tradition at all, especially not one of honor.

AurorusBorealus's picture

I agree... in part.  I agree that the spell that intelligence agencies have cast over the U.S. population is so incredible as to not be believed, were it not so.  They lie, are discovered to be lying, lie again, are discovered again, and yet a large portion of the U.S. population (at least all of the Clintonistas) still believe them.  That the Clintonistas still support the establishment indicates that nothing will dissuade them save force of arms. 

If Trump and his little band of patriots orchestrates a night of long knives (or sealed indictments, as the case may be), the monster that is the ¨deep state¨will not go quietly.  I suspect that the spy vs. spy drama will spill over into the streets, and to quell the large-scale opposition, martial law will be necessary.  This will play directly into the hands of the Clintonistas and the fascist deep-state apparachniks, who will portray these events as their worst fears realized.  ¨See,¨ they will say, ¨Trump is a Nazi dictator.¨Civil war will result with casualties on both sides.

The problem with the battle lines as they are currently drawn is that both sides have formed lines around a false front.  At the center of the entire battle are the events of 9-11.  For the ¨deep-state,¨ the events of 9-11 are a justification to do what they please in the Middle East, which is use wahabbi terrorists to promote regime change in Shiite oil-producing countries and Russa to prop up the petrodollar.  For the patriots (i.e. Flynn et al) the enemy is Isis and Wahabbiism.  According the patriot narrative, the military is sworn to defend the U.S.  The U.S. was attacked by wahabbi fanatics, and this is the true enemy.

Unfortunately, none of this is true. The U.S. was not attacked by Al Quaeda, at least not on 9-11-01.  The ¨enemy¨that Trump´s military junta wants to fight is a phantom that the ¨deep-state¨created, and Trump and his junta know this.  If they were truly patriotic and concerned about their fellow citizens, they would release the Kraken and tell the truth about 9-11.  They do not dare release the truth about 9-11, because like the ¨deep-state,¨ they also wish to use the myth of 9-11 for MOHR WAR.  These are generals, and war is their hobby.  The only real difference between the ¨deep-state¨and Trump´s miitary junta is how they manipulate the public perception of what occurred on 9-11.

Until the truth about 9-11 is made public, there will be no peace and the U.S., whether controlled by Trump´s military junta or the deep-state, will remain a tyranny and a threat: both to its own people and to the world.

BetterRalph's picture

They had better come clean with a boat ton load of clear explainations in english pretty soon.  If anything, to get certain matters of Live vs death straight like FRIEND VS FOE.



jin187's picture

Oh they have traditions. Like you said, dishonor. All the ones that would actually support a cleanup in the swamp probably think it's the people that are the swamp. The rest probably don't care about anything but power, murder, and hidden foreign bank accounts. You gotta wonder how the typical intelligence operator becomes so deluded that they think they're saving the world by slaughtering a bunch of assholes with AK's, wearing flip-flops, and dirty button down shirts.

bigkahuna's picture

I'm going to try...

Is Trump actually aware of the attempts on the part of the criminal cabal to destroy any change in U.S. foreign policy direction? Yes

Is he as smart as his die-hard supporters believe? Yes, he is smart enough to know the probability of his life ending, or his family members' lives ending should he take up this mantle. He knew before he was elected, he is just hoping we give him a pass for this now. 

Are the patriots in the DIA and NSA as competent and numerous as some would have the world believe?  Government employees are regularly unable to resist the bullshit tasks they are given because they do not know the scope of their own activities, they cannot afford to lose their job, they cannot become a whistleblower and go to jail. They may be competent and patriotic in some very limited cases, but extenuating circumstances more than negate this competence and patriotism....expect no help from any of these people.

Will the spy vs. spy drama spill over into the streets as the fascists activate the Clintonistas and the radical wing of the Democratic Party?  No - I do not think so, these people do not want their evil spilling out into the streets and thus, they will not initiate it. They are perfectly content to use agents to do specific wet work and then have other agents who clean up the messes if needed. Secrecy is tantamount.

And if so, will the U.S. become a full-blown military dictatorship as Trump and the patriots within the intelligence apparatus assault the crime syndicate and their deluded left-wing tools? You will not see any bureaucrats siding with any shake up in their status quo - mostly because they would be going to jail or fired if the status quo changes. You may see the Marines ordered to arrest some people, but that would be an enormous surprise at this point. It had better not beome a military dictatorship. The same unscrupulous assholes run the military as run DC, except they will go house to house, street to street on our asses - and under a dictatorship, kiss the whole Constitution bye bye. So hopefully not.

jin187's picture

TBH, I've stopped caring about the constitution. Our current predicament proves that as long as man is ruled, the sole factor that determines his quality of life is the quality of his rulers. This illusion of freedom we've had the last couple of centuries has been nice, but it's about time we admit that the shredded, trampled, tattered document that supposedly protects our freedom, can't hold back the tyrants any better than a New Orleans levy can hold back water. What started with the likes of Plessy vs Ferguson, and Dred Scott, is now nearly complete with the likes of Clinton and Obama. It took them over 200 years, but the Tories have won. Might as well just bend the knee while we clean our guns.

A. Boaty's picture

You may not care about the Constitution, but you should care about the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments need all the help they can get.

TeethVillage88s's picture

PizzaGate also what the hell?

"A Gülen school in New Orleans lost its charter in 2011 after allegations of cheating and sexual misconduct involving kindergartners."

TeethVillage88s's picture

So Gulen is actually like a double or triple Agent in Intel Gathering and conducts covert military type actions in countries like the USA, and actually is taking refuge/sanctuary in the USA.



book end to Stockman:

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Can somebody with a twitter twit this to the Real Trump? Erdogan wants them all back. 

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Fethullah Gülen is mixed up in Arms Smuggling, so is there a connection to Dubai, Marc Rich?

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Was Gulen in fact behind that failed coup attempt against Erdogan? Inquiring minds want to know..

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Err, no.
Erdogan was behind the (notso)failed fake coup against Erdogan.

But it's extremely important to the complex psyop by which we work to take down the western world...

that this bit of inconvenient truth gets covered up and papered over... via a blizzard of complicit media distortion.


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No he was president in the wings for the CIA coup.