"It Can Reach Washington, DC": Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US

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There was something different about today's ballistic missile test: according to a preliminary analysis from the Pentagon, the rocket was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which was reported to have flown for 50 minutes, on a very high trajectory reaching 4,500 km above the earth (more than ten times higher than the orbit of Nasa’s International Space Station) before coming down nearly 1,000 km from the launch site off the west coast of Japan.

This would make it the most powerful of the three ICBM’s North Korea has tested so far. Furthermore, the mobile night launch appeared aimed at testing new capabilities and demonstrating that Pyongyang would be able to strike back to any attempt at a preventative strike against the regime.

“The missile was launched from Sain Ni, North Korea, and traveled about 1,000 km before splashing down in the Sea of Japan, within Japan’s economic exclusion zone. We are working with our interagency partners on a more detailed assessment of the launch,” Pentagon spokesman, Col Robert Manning said.

This is concerning for one big reason: according to General Mattis, the North Korean ICBM "went higher, frankly, than any previous" and "North Korea can basically threaten everywhere in the world." This was confirmed by North Korea missile analyst, Shea Cotton, who cited Allthingsnuclear author David Wright, and who told the BBC that the initial estimates of the ICBM test mean that North Korea can now reach New York and Washington DC.

How did North Korea develop such an advanced ICBM? Here, as Michael Duitsman, research associate at the center for nonproliferation studies recalls "the DPRK reportedly tested a new engine a few weeks ago, so #2 makes sense. The second stage burn time on the first two HS-14 tests was crazy long, so it could benefit from a different engine."

Other experts had similar ominous conclusions: here is Vipin Narang, polisci professor at MIT, who noted the following quick implications from the DPRK ICBM night launch: 

1. They want us to know they can hit eastern seaboard
2. Which means they probably got a higher thrust 2nd stage working


1. Night launch helps with readiness, survivability, penetration.

His conclusion: "It's real folks."

A good visual summary of the new ICBM range is showin below: as noted, its estimated range covers all of US. 10,000km (yellow) 13,000km.

Finally, here is opinion of David Wright, physicist and co-director of the UCS Global Security Program, whose insight on North Korean launches has emerged as one of the most informative over the past year.

North Korea’s Longest Missile Test Yet


After more than two months without a missile launch, North Korea did a middle-of-the-night test (3:17 am local time) today that appears to be its longest yet.


Reports are saying that the missile test was highly lofted and landed in the Sea of Japan some 960 km (600 miles) from the launch site. They are also saying the missile reached a maximum altitude of 4,500 km. This would mean that it flew for about 54 minutes, which is consistent with reports from Japan.


If these numbers are correct, then if flown on a standard trajectory rather than this lofted trajectory, this missile would have a range of more than 13,000 km (8,100 miles). This is significantly longer than North Korea’s previous long range tests, which flew on lofted trajectories for 37 minutes (July 4) and 47 minutes (July 28). Such a missile would have more than enough range to reach Washington, DC, and in fact any part of the continental United States.


We do not know how heavy a payload this missile carried, but given the increase in range it seems likely that it carried a very light mock warhead. If true, that means it would not be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to this long distance, since such a warhead would be much heavier. 

The question now is what Trump meant when late on Tuesday, in response to a question how the US would respond to the latest ICBM launch, he said "we will handle it."

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jaxville's picture

  Denninger was illustrating the theft of bandwith by handheld providers who dumped advertising on their clients.  Ads for which they had to pay usage for to receive them.

  Netflix and Youtube users pay for the bandwidth required to receive their services. 

  Net neutrality prevents providers from packaging favored sites and relegating those they don't like to a single telegraph line from 1880.  It will mean defacto censorship. To say otherwise betrays your ignorance.

  There is an alt-right movement that is growing dramatically among our youth.  It is through the internet that followers can participate and bring others aboard.  In spite of what some may say, it is not controlled by the "chosen'.  Watch how fast those sites get blocked or taken down once net neutrality ends.

  Total corporate bullshit to continue to rape and pillage while shutting down real dissent.

S.N.A.F.U.'s picture


Netflix and Youtube users pay for the bandwidth required to receive their services.

Either that's true (bandwidth is provided and paid for on a non-discriminatory basis) and there's no problem, or it should be made true.  No more of this bullshit argument about bandwidth just magically slipping through the payment net so "we" (ISPs) have to have the ability to throttle/censor content at will.  That argument is nothing more than a thinly veiled excuse to acquire the means to fucking own us and consign us to another century of slavery.

If people want to argue that censorship is OK because you can just switch providers, how the fuck does that work once all viable options are censoring?  How does it work when all ISPs are bought up by the same people that have already bought up the MSM?  Do you actually think they will lack the ability to crush any competitors that try to rise up?  Do you actually think they won't be willing to lose money on their ISP businesses to maintain a stranglehold on the Overton window?  How is any honest ISP business going to compete with that and survive?  Perhaps you think the average consumer is so freedom loving that they'll be willing to pay double for a new "free speech ISP" even though their existing ISP already lets them watch all the Kardashian videos they want?

I suspect a lot of the nonsense here is being driven by the nonsense of anarchy ideology which assumes that free markets just create themselves.  They don't.  For free markets to function properly they require both parties involved in any transaction to be informed.  Informed.  Information.  You can't have a free market of any sort when you enable information to be effectively censored, and you certainly can't have a free market of ideas when you do so.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

If people want to argue that censorship is OK because you can just switch providers, how the fuck does that work once all viable options are censoring?

First off, only governments can censor because only the governments have the power to ban speech.

Secondly, ever heard of a VPN service?


And if you're worried about someone buying up the ISPs, there is this little thing called anti-trust law.  Admittedly, the Justice Department has been lax in enforcing it (with the exception of the Trump Administration opposing AT&T's purchase of Time Warner), but it is there.

any_mouse's picture

The Federal government does NOT have the power to ban speech.

First Amendment.

Anti-Trust is so early 20th century. Even then, what good did it do?

Before Anti-Trust, John D Rockefeller owned one Standard Oil Company. Say worth 3.8 billion. After Anti-Trust John D Rockefeller owned 38 Standard Oil Companies, each worth 100 million. See what they did there. Poof. Magic.

AT&T & Time Warner must have not cut the right people in on the deal.

Absent Net Neutrality the USA providers of the Internet can set up a Premium Extra Cost service for those willingly pay for it (the subscription content providers) and a slower service for those who don't pay.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

The Federal government does NOT have the power to ban speech.

First Amendment.

I'm well aware that the First Amendment protects speech, thank you.  I was speaking in a more global context.

Absent Net Neutrality the USA providers of the Internet can set up a Premium Extra Cost service for those willingly pay for it (the subscription content providers) and a slower service for those who don't pay.

I don't have a problem with that.  The whole Net Neutrality thing is contrived, in my opinion.

S.N.A.F.U.'s picture

It doesn't really surprise me that someone who doesn't even understand the meaning of the word censorship:

   The use of state or group power to control freedom of expression

also doesn't understand that a few "renegades" using VPN to keep themselves in-the-know will do nothing to offset the control of the Overton window I was talking about.  You have to be able to speak to the masses to do that, not just a few techno geeks.

And not that it matters (as they would have no need to do so), but technologically there's also nothing stopping ISPs from cutting users off from any VPN they wish.

And if you're worried about someone buying up the ISPs, there is this little thing called anti-trust law.

They (or should I say (((they)))?) do not need to have all ownership amassed by one individual or one company.  They can do it as a group.  I.e. in the same fashion they own the MSM right now.

qomolangma's picture

Both of you, jaxville and pods, are right. Appreciate such inputs. Just like a knife it can be used to cut meat and vegetables, and it can also be used to kill other human, its usage depends on its holder. It will be up to those "heavenly gods" what they really intend to do with the new regulation. Time will divulge.

Right uses: to charge more Netflix, Youtube etc streaming

Bad uses: to shun/throttle dissenting sites

DerdyBulls's picture

+100. This site, even just now, the ads are becoming so antagonistic and intrusive its hard to read anymore.

Bernie Madolf's picture

From a ZHer recommendation, I use Brave and DuckDuckGo

Brave is currently blocking 9 ads and 1 http upgrade here and has saved me over 1 HR of upload time since I started using it a couple months ago

Will never go back and for the record, I receive no compensation from said Ap

DerdyBulls's picture

Right. But why would I want to compensate ZH directly knowing they are allowing this horseshit more and more? Don't get that.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

I'm using Vivaldi and Ad Block Plus ... knocks out 14 ads on this page alone.  No compensation here, either.

HRClinton's picture

Hmmm... you may have something, pods.

A small cartel of moneyed interests dominate Bandwidth. Our society is at a point, where we want and need bandwidth. 

Now, I'd only there were only a similar need for electrical energy. Like mining for Crypto Currency (CC), for example. 

Whoever controls the flow of 'Spice' (Information + Energy), controls... Everything

any_mouse's picture

You need licenses for radio spectrum. You need permits to lay cable.

THEY have you covered.

Dark Space's picture

Government regulation has worked so well in other markets, with no "unforseen" negative consequences...

The interwebs have flourished because of their lack of government interference - don't like AT&T's throttling due to "too much" data usage, you can switch to Verizon's unlimited data plan. Don't like Comcast, Google Fiber (just 5 miles away from me currently, but it'll get here).


Let the free market work it out.

ArnoldSchwarzenegger's picture

"Let the free market work it out."

You're deluded.  There hasn't been anything like a free market in the USA since 1913.  In 2017 we have crony capitalism.

hannah's picture

if net neutrality wins or loses...att and the cable companies still win. they cant lose...big rate hikes are coming regardless...

yogibear's picture

The deep state is pissed UN isn't another Gaddafi.

Blue Steel 309's picture

If they can destroy DC, they will be doing all of us a favor.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

If DPRK missile can reach Washington D.C.… is that not simultaneous solve many problem?!

MonetaryApostate's picture

It would never hit it & it would result in instant retalliation.

b-sugar's picture

would you go out to grab it with your butterfly catcher? Stopping an ICBM is not an option, as said by high ranking of various nations over various decades. 

MonetaryApostate's picture

You are so smart, but you are totally unaware of what tech is currently out there, truly.

Did you know there are fueless hyper jets & missiles capable of insane speeds?

It's not that, those technologies would stop the ICBM, but there is definitely other things that can.

b-sugar's picture

pretty words, butterfly catchers. 

this is one of the missiles capable of insane speed, and if they go for real, you better believe you will have 10+ to stop (+fake ones (not loaded)). 

do some research on the matter before telling me next that stealth planes are invisible to radar

Vix Rattlehead's picture

Who is your source on those hyper jets?
Cliff High?

HardAssets's picture

Clif is High

But it’s legal in his state

OregonGrown's picture

.....I call that good ol' fashioned FREEDOM and LIBERTY.....

NiggaPleeze's picture


The proof of that is that Japan managed to shoot down the missile before it landed 30 miles from its coast (where, if it were a nuclear missile, it could create a tsunami large enough to do more damage than a nuclear strike on land could accomplish) .... Wait ....

Incoming missiles travel many multiples (8x) of the speed of a bullet.  As has been observed:

A common comparison used is that ballistic missile defence is akin to shooting a bullet in flight with another bullet. The reality is even more extreme.

SilverRhino's picture

fueless hyper jets


NOBODY has a fusion air ramjet operating.   

harrybrown's picture

While NK has its ICBM's the Zionist joo Cabal are pwoerless... a lesson to all!

Death to the Zionist Money Changing Fucktards

JimmyJones's picture

Not really , I doubt the tops of the pyramid stay there often 

Number 9's picture

i agree..everyone keeps acting like it is a bad thing

QE4MeASAP's picture

If the human race is wiped out due to a bio/chem attack, I wonder how long the algos would continue running up the market?

Nobodys Home's picture

Until the cooling pumps in the nuke plants seize up.

Mineshaft Gap's picture

As the philosophe Diderot said during the Enlightenment, “Mankind will never be free until the last algo shorts the last shekel from TSLA.”

Vix Rattlehead's picture

Annihilation of the human race: SUPER Bullish!

Freddie's picture

Federal Reserve

Marriner Eccles Building

2501 Constitution Ave. (really violation of the Constitution Ave.)

Washington, DC 20418

ZeroLounger's picture

Boris is to Zerohedge what David Cassidy was to teenage girls.



Lumberjack's picture

The NORK’s call it....

The Orbital Midget Pornstar.

Bes's picture

the oligopolization

of the internet

brought to by

Mr. Trump


JimmyJones's picture

Not sure about that, maybe . Certainly a great sales man for the Military industrial complex.

Bigly's picture

I thought we had star wars to shoot it down. They all stood around with their thumbs up their asses doing nada?

Someone needs to bitch slap lil kim