Maryland Schools Forced To Cancel Baltimore Field Trips Due To "Escalating Violence"

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In light of the ongoing wave of violent crime in Baltimore, school officials in nearby Carroll County have been forced to halt school-related trips to the city - including a marching band’s scheduled performance in the Mayor’s Christmas Parade this weekend - citing "escalating violence."  The field trip ban was imposed by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office "in response to parent concerns regarding the safety of students."  Here's more from The Baltimore Sun:

Schools spokeswoman Carey Gaddis said the order is based on a recommendation from the county Sheriff’s Office, and will stay in place until the beginning of the next semester in late January, when it will be revisited. She said the order was sent to school principals last week.


Sheriff James T. DeWees recommended the measure during a meeting with school system officials “in response to parent concerns regarding the safety of students during field trips to venues in Baltimore City,” according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. The move is intended to “limit the risk to students and staff.”


“In light of recent violence in the traditional tourist areas of the city, the sheriff agrees that the best course of action is to temporarily suspend travel to Baltimore City venues,” spokesman Cpl. Jonathan Light wrote in the statement.

Of course, as we pointed out recently (see: America's Urban War Zone: Baltimore Doubles Chicago's Homicide Rate In 2017), Baltimore is on track to exceed 400 homicides in 2017 for the first time in the city's history and has more than doubled Chicago's homicide rate on a per capita basis.

As the Sun notes, two field trips to Baltimore have been cancelled so far after parent's received a rather disturbing email from Carroll County schools spokeswoman Cary Gaddis citing "escalating violence."

Field trips are still being considered on a “case-by-case basis,” Gaddis said, but the policy has caused at least two forthcoming trips to be canceled: a planned field trip Friday to the Maryland Science Center by third-grade students from Westminster Elementary School, and Francis Scott Key High School’s band appearance in the Christmas parade in Hampden.


Both schools cited the county’s new policy as the reason for the cancellations.


“Due to escalating violence reported in Baltimore City, and consultation with law enforcement and Maryland Center for School Safety, we will not be sending any students on field trips to Baltimore City at this time,” said an email sent to Westminster parents and guardians Nov. 22.


"When they’re not contained but they’re walking around an area, walking around the city ... we don’t have as much control,” she said. The Sheriff’s Office does not send a deputy along with students on field trips, she said.

Of course, support of the field trip ban is mixed with at least one Democratic legislator in Baltimore blasting the decision of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office as "misguided and disappointing" while declaring the city is "still a safe place to visit and walk around and explore our cultural sites"...

Delegate Brook Lierman, a Baltimore Democrat who lives downtown, called the notion that the city is unsafe for visitors “misguided and disappointing.”


“While we are experiencing an uptick in crime, there’s no denying that, it is still a safe place to visit and walk around and explore our cultural sites,” she said. “I love living in Downtown Baltimore and want and hope students from around the state can come visit the great neighborhoods and institutions we have in the city.”


Andy Smith, the Hampstead parent who sent the email to the sheriff and school officials, said he is satisfied with the school system’s decision.


"This is one of those things where being overly cautious is probably the best policy, rather than waiting for something to happen that you can’t undo,” Smith said.


“We’re trying to keep in mind the safety of our students,” she said. “That’s something we have to pay attention to.” seems that Washington D.C. isn't the only place where politicians find it convenient to ignore statistics.

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There are still tourist areas in Baltimore?



J S Bach's picture

Today's "Baltimore Field Trip" is akin to safari junkets where the attendees have to travel in armored well-protected vehicles against the predations of lions, rhinos, apes, etc...  Perhaps they can still take their trip with similar precautionary devices.  It would be a fascinating experience for the Maryland students to see the savage negroes in their natural habitat and observe their innate behavior patterns.

LetThemEatRand's picture

You're kind of right.  A bunch of rich parents told their school not to take their precious kids to the real world where poor people live.  This shit has been going on forever in other countries.  

ACP's picture

You're kind of right.

A bunch of rich liberal parents still send their kids over to Africa so they can pretend to do something good and earn their stripes as "sufficiently liberal".

NoPension's picture

I shit you guys not....

Born in Baltimore, here. Dad used to load us three kids in the station wagon...( I swear, this is true)... and take us " on Safari " through the ni....colored section of town. The commentary was spectacular...." see the kids in diapers, walking around....those guys standing on the corner, drinking beer...busted out windows in the house, with a shiny new Cadillac out front. Kids...this is how they live. Stay away. Don't associate. They can only drag you down. Most grateful for what we have. Poor is not an excuse to live like an animal..."

....then we would go and get ice cream.

greenskeeper carl's picture

ahahaha. Definitely nothing to do with race though, so don't any of you guys even THINK that shit.

Cluster_Frak's picture

That's not what BBC 4 cliams, as per their program yesterday being a white kid is a privilege and being privileged means being ashamed. 

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Westminster ain't rich.  Some parts of Carroll County are, though.

Nobody For President's picture

Take your own field trip:

Lots of related videos of baltimore hoods...

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"Schools spokeswoman Carey Gaddis..." said nothing about the core of the problem being single parent familes devoid of morality and aultimately: liberalism*.

* liberalism, the gateway to socialism which is the gateway to communism


I once considered starting a business in Baltimore City called crime tours. Tourists would be fitted with bullet proof vests and then driven through the open air drug markets and high crime areas with a guide explaining what murders took place where.

The chances of seeing drug deals, shootings and posibly a homicide would be pretty high. 


NoDebt's picture

"There are still tourist areas in Baltimore?"

Yeah, they're talking about the "Inner Harbor".  I wouldn't worry about it, though.  Camden has the aquarium area which is similar (though much smaller).  It's OK.  You just better be the hell outta there by nightfall.



There have been a lot of attacks recently in the inner harbor on tourists, during daylight which prompted this.

Mostly gangs of of young kids (13 - 17 years old) just beating up people. 

Dilluminati's picture

Freaking carjackings, assuatlts, murder.. any thought that Batimore is safe is naive, I know the city nad have worked there

JLee2027's picture

There are still tourist areas in Baltimore?

Many.  Baltimore is a city shaped as a SQUARE.


Downtown is totally safe, Inner Harbor, Camden Yards, center of the city (outside of North Avenue) and nothern part all good.

East/West, don't go.

Megaton Jim's picture

What the Jew controlled media won't say is that it's really due to NIGGERS!

Laughing.Man's picture

"...there’s no denying that, it is still a safe place to visit and walk around and explore our cultural sites..."

Cultural sites?  LOL

Peak Finance's picture

Actually, there ARE some really important cultural sites there:

and it pisses me off that these sites are unaccessible 

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Why so? Are they in nignog and sheboon infested areas?

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

Nope. It's those damned Norwegians that are committing all of the violent crimes. Never turn your back on one!

Wrenching Away's picture

Yes, most of the Poe sites are in West Baltimore, which is NOT safe after dark. I grew up just outside the city, and spent plenty of time downtown, but it seems worse now than it was in the 90s. There are actually a lot of great things about Baltimore, and I still miss parts of it, but the biggest negative by far is the nigs.

Dilluminati's picture

Laughing..  Baltimore had a brief rennaisance and then there is Mercy Hospital and what they have done, but the rest??  It's a fucking failure.   You have to create opportunity and a level playing field.  As an example you allow people to homestead, rehabilitate housing and you'll see that the type who is capable of buying a condemned shell of housing, investing the money and sweat equity to repair it, don't meet quottas..  and then??  WTF does the democratic machine do to these people when the roperty values go up and displace the residents who ran down that community do?  They tax the entreprenuers out..  There was a brief renaisance and it was get in, make good, get out...

JLee2027's picture

Plenty of culture. Edgar Allan Poe is buried here. There's the Union soldier walk, and Ft. McHenry (1812).  Fells Point, great bars and seafood.  More culture here than most cities, hello.

de3de8's picture

Need to live to tell about it

BandGap's picture

Deteriorating rapidly. And so close to the DC homeland.

Think of the other side - the kids who did put in the time and effort (because education is important?). This sucks for a lot of reasons.

JLee2027's picture

Not so. It's the same as it's been for decades. 75% of the city is totally safe, day or night. Just getting more media attention.

vealparm's picture

Are you on the Chamber of Commerce? Third post in 13 minutes "selling" Baltimore.

Laughing.Man's picture

They should treat this like an African Safari.  Everyone gets to travel in an armored vehicle.  For an additional small fee, attendees get the privilege to shoot the wild life.

TakeThe Canolis's picture

An early introduction to "Urban combat" may be very apopro to the future needs of High School students.

gespiri's picture

And what is Baltimore's DEMOCRAT mayor doing about this?  Blame Trump or the Russians?

Blue Steel 309's picture

Yea lets turn this into a political party thing that has nothing to do with race at all.

undertow1141's picture

Could it possibly be a politcal party thing and a race thing at the same time? I think so. We have one political party that has enabled this race violence by indoctrinating the he/she babboons that they are born victims and violence is the only solution they can achieve.

Dilluminati's picture

That is the craziest part of watching this on the news is the years and years of failure at the top!

What you have to realize is that the no matter how bad the schools are, no matter how bad the crime, no matter how bad things deteriorate the democratic machine in Baltimore chugs on, makes you wonder about that can continue???  But seriously.. no matter how bad they never have been held accountable for results, freaking amazing..


Dumpster Elite's picture

It's all those EVIL police, that's what's at fault here. If they would just let the locals "have their fun", then none of this would be a problem. Here's the solution...if they're black, just let them do whatever it is they're doing. That's what they want, after all. If they're mugging, raping, murdering, drug-dealing, whatever....just look the other way. Otherwise, you is RAYCESS!!!! (I try my best to not be racist, but if you can't see a correlation between the ethnicity of the folks here, and crime...then you just refuse to pull your head out of the sand.)

RSDallas's picture

They, for the most part, are already doing this. Maybe they will kill enough of the worst of the bad guy’s that things will settle down.

BarkingCat's picture

I know it is not fair to judge all the people based on a sample of 1 but the dumbest or maybe second dumbest black guy I have ever met was from Baltimore. 

This was in army basic training. However, as dumb as he was, he was not a violent type. Pretty much harmless but the stupid shit he would say was breathtaking. 


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Someone at the Fed needs to start installing BTC kiosks in every neighborhood outside the inner harbor!

Storm-Clouds's picture

The dead luv Baltimore.......

So did Poe......


Blue Steel 309's picture

It is almost like there needs to be geographical separation form this race. You know, like Africa was for a couple hundred thousand years.

Herdee's picture

Might have to be permanent National Guard troops on every corner pretty soon. England experienced a lot of bombings and shootings during the I.R.A. crisis. It's funny how crime diminishes and practically goes down to zero when everything is on video. Every building, every bridge, every street corner, every traffic light. If that's what it takes to stop it, you have to go there.

Laughing.Man's picture

It's cheaper to deport them back to their place of origin.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Employment stopped violence in No Ireland.

That obviously won’t solve Baltimore’s problem.

Flankspeed60's picture

Really? I thought it was a brokered truce between IRA bombers and Protestants. IRA criminals agreed to become part of the new government. You're certainly right - employment wouldn't change anything.

BarkingCat's picture

The IRA were freedom fighters trying to remove the pedophile Brits from their country. The protestants aren't real Irish.

Dragon HAwk's picture

It's the refinery fumes, I tell you, has nothing to do with Crack.

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Just admit its a lost cause. Close the schools, stop taxing the working people for this clusterfuck and let the cops and parents deal with it. Its their moral hazard. Put a wall around it and sell tours to visitors from other countries. Let Jerry Brown, Chuck Shumer and Fauxahauntus tell them how great it would be if they spend their retirements to send their babies to UCLA, where Obama's kids will gangbang them, stuff them with drugs and STDs and send them home pregnant with evil mutant dna.