Obama-Appointed Federal Inspector Threatened By Clinton Campaign Over Email Investigation

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An Obama appointed government watchdog central to the Hillary Clinton email investigation says that he, his family and his office faced an ‘intense backlash‘ from Clinton allies, who threatened him over findings that Clinton mishandled classified information.

Former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III.

Former Inspector General Charles McCullough III told Fox News Chief Intel correspondent Catherine Herridge that he was under intense pressure from senior officials on the left – with one Clinton campaign official threatening that he and another government investigator would be immediately fired under a Hillary Clinton presidency:

“It was told in no uncertain terms, by a source directly from the campaign, that we would be the first two to be fired - with [Clinton’s] administration. That that was definitely going to happen.” –Charles McCullough III

As a refresher, over 2,100 classified emails were sent over Clinton’s personal server, which was used exclusively for government business. Despite this, former FBI Director James Comey – who had drafted Clinton’s exoneration letter months before reviewing evidence in the case – recommended that the DOJ not prosecute the case.

McCullough was recommended to Obama by then-Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who told McCullough that Clinton’s conduct was “extremely reckless,” adding “the campaign … will have heartburn about that.”

Via Fox News: 

He [McCullough] said Clapper’s Clinton email comments came during an in-person meeting about a year before the presidential election – in late December 2015 or early 2016. “[Clapper] was as off-put as the rest of us were.”


After the Clapper meeting, McCullough said his team was marginalized. “I was told by senior officials to keep [Clapper] out of it,” he said, while acknowledging he tried to keep his boss in the loop.

Egregious violations

In January 2016, McCullough told Republicans on the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees that emails classified above “Top Secret” had been passed through the former secretary of state’s private, unsecure server – such as an email about Benghazi she sent to daughter Chelsea Clinton (using pseudonym Diane Reynolds) on the night of September 11th, 2012 from ‘@clintonemail.com’ which not only divulged highly classified military intel over a non-government server vulnerable to foreign surveillance – it also revealed that the Obama administration knew that an “Al Queda-like group” was responsible for the attack.

One wonders what Chelsea’s security clearance was at the time?

Instead of informing the American public that radical Islam was responsible for the attack, the Obama administration fabricated a story – peddling the lie that anger over an anti-Islamic YouTube video resulted in the attack, which led to the arrest and imprisonment of an innocent man.

Hillary knew it was an "Al Qeda-like group" hours after it happened when she told Chelsea ("Diane Reynolds") top secret information. pic.twitter.com/LiOJj3jck1

— ZeroPointNow (@ZeroPointNow) July 15, 2017

As one of a handful of people who reviewed the 22 Top Secret Clinton emails deemed too classified to ever see the light of day, McCullough says “There was a very good reason to withhold those emails … there would have been harm to national security,” adding “sources and methods, lives and operations” could be put at risk. According to Fox, some of those email exchanges were considered Special Access Privelage (SAP), or “above top secret.”

What’s interesting about that, is an anonymous 4chan poster known as “FBI Anon” - whose breadcrumbs of information have been largely correct, posted on July 2, 2016 that Clinton had “SAP level programs on her server, which if made public, would literally cause an uprising and possibly foreign declarations of war.”

Then, on October 16, 2016 - three weeks before former FBI Director Comey cleared Clintin, "FBI Anon" elaborated on SAP programs and made an unverified claim about Clinton:

A Special Access Program is an intelligence program classified above top-secret. They are held on closed servers at secret locations. The only way to get one is if you are specifically read on to a program, have a need to know, then you must physically go to a location and pass through several layers of security to even look at the program. A good example in non-classified terms would be the locations and operations of our intelligence operatives around the glove, or our missile silo locations. SAP is granted on a need to know basis, and Hillary did not have any need to know any of the programs on her server. All I can tell you about the SAPs is that Hillary had them, and she did not have proper authority to have any of them. They were leaked to her by someone, and she did sell them to overseas donors. Possessing them alone makes her guilty of treason." -FBI Anon


In response to McCullough’s findings, Democrats turned their backs on the Obama-appointed Inspector General for doing his job.

“All of a sudden I became a shill of the right,” McCullough said, adding “And I was told by members of Congress, ‘Be careful. You’re losing your credibility. You need to be careful. There are people out to get you.’”

McCullough told Fox of “an effort… certainly on the part of the campaign to mislead people into thinking that there was nothing to see here.”

Damage Control

As the Clinton campaign geared up for the 2016 election, WikiLeaks documents reveal that Hillary’s inner circle was already starting to spin the investigation – writing in an August 2015 email that “Clinton only used her account for unclassified email. When information is reviewed for public release, it is common for information previously unclassified to be upgraded to classified.”

McCullough was critical of this response, telling Fox “There was an effort … certainly on the part of the campaign to mislead people into thinking that there was nothing to see here.”

In response to the Inspector General’s pushback, seven senior Democrats sent a letter to McCullough and his counterpart at the State Department, raising concerns over the impartiality of the Clinton email investigation. McCullough, however, was not arriving at any conclusions himself – he was simply passing along the findings of individual government agencies on appropriate classifications assigned to the emails.

Fox News reports:

McCullough described one confrontation with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office just six weeks before the election, amid pressure to respond to the letter – which Feinstein had co-signed.


“I thought that any response to that letter would just hyper-politicize the situation,” McCullough said. “I recall even offering to resign, to the staff director. I said, ‘Tell [Feinstein] I’ll resign tonight. I’d be happy to go. I’m not going to respond to that letter. It’s just that simple.”


As Election Day approached, McCullough said the threats went further, singling out him and another senior government investigator on the email case.

Inquiries sent by Fox to both Feinstein and Clapper were not returned at the time of publication.


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chubbar's picture

She had SAP documents that she was not authorized to have in her possession, she sold them to overseas donors and yet Sessions is doing NOTHING about this? Trump needs to fire that asshole along with every FBI motherfucker that has obstructed or otherwise delayed/obfuscated this fact. Also, a full investigation on who leaked this information to Hillary. There are only a handful of people read in on any specific program. It shouldn't be hard to polygraph each one of those read in to the specific program they found on her server. This is a fucking outrage and the fact that idiot Sessions is doing nothing is just as great an outrage as Hillary. They are both fucking traitors!

Jack McGriff's picture

Sessions is too busy going after States that legalized cannabis and ramping up civil asset forfeiture.  Sessions will never go after Clinton because he is deathly afraid of prosecuting politicians and believes "only banana republics go after political opponents."  So there you have it, straight from the AG's mouth.  Criminals can be successful and imune from prosecution if they are in the club of "politics."  As a politician, anything goes.  Rules for thee and not for me as the saying goes.  Thanks, Jeff!  Fucking coward!   

JRobby's picture

Sessions (and big pharma) needs to face the reality that legal weed is here to stay. If they let the industry access the banking system ( instead of risking money laundering and wire fraud charges) it would grow even faster.

Let's face it, GOVT hates small entrepreneurship business so that means they hate us, hate job growth, hate widespread prosperity.

AsinineBovineFeces's picture

Sessions' most current statements do not reflect that. CAF is becoming a problem in terms of crooked cops and ordinary people exploited by them however, these laws may help crush groups such as MS13 as well as some swamp creatures so it may be a necessary evil for a time. We just need to stay vigilant and apply great pressure when abuse occurs. 

/semper vigilans 

847328_3527's picture

She sold out America to foreign enemies.


In former days when we had a Rule of Law, Hillary would be indicted and found guilty of espionage (at the least) and executed.

JRobby's picture

But no corpse abuse after execution. We aren't barbarians!

Xena fobe's picture

If they are going to prosecute traitors, they better build more prisons to hold them.  Every elite globalist is guilty.

XWeatherman's picture

Yes, Sessions and the FBI and the "Justice" Department are accessories to HC's treason.

???ö?'s picture

If anyone else outside the corrupt DNC machine had done this, the story would be pasted on the front page of every metropolitan daily in America in two inch headlines.

nunyabidnez's picture

There isn’t an AG that would do anything... they just don’t and won’t.

runswithscissors's picture

Jeff Sessions is his name...but we're not sure what he does.

NoDebt's picture

He recuses himself from things.


Stas's picture

Will she have Secret Service protection while she sits in her cell?

Ajax-1's picture

Great question. +100.

chubbar's picture

I think only ex-presidents get SS protection for life. As much as she thinks she was president, I don't believe she currently gets SS protection unless it's because she is the spouse. Anyone out there with some clarity on this question?

nmewn's picture

"Diane Reynolds"...aka...Hillary Rodham Clinton...lol. 

A question you WILL NOT hear from the Alinsky press:

So ummm Mr.Comey & Mr.Clapper & Mr.Mueller and Mr.Brennan...was this a willful attempt to >>>conceal<<< the passing of top secret intel to an unauthorized person across an illegal server or not?

wafm's picture

nah, she was just a wee bit thoughtless...'-)

DavidC's picture

"Diane Reynolds"...aka...Hillary Rodham Clinton...lol.

Um, no.

"Diane Reynolds"...aka...Chelsea Clinton.


nmewn's picture

Sorry about that, conference call, didn't mean to leave you hanging. 

You are correct "Diane Reynolds" is Chelsea Clinton, an unauthorized person who received top secret information, clandestinely. 

Thanks for the clarification  ;-)

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yeah , but waterboard her first. and her pal slick willie also. chelsea I'm not sure, but she should definitely be asked a few questions. devious snotty bitch that one.

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Freeze the Clinton foundation funds first.  Give the funds to charities. 

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No, gun her down. 

Save the taxpayer the incarceration cost.


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Hard to believe he didn't take a AK-47 hit team and destroy the fucking dyke cunt once and for all.

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name names or STFU.

male version of mcgowan.

Muslimania's picture

Gee, what a surprise...NOT!

So this idiot sat on evidence in order to cover his ass...... he must've really liked that job to become an accomplice of the Clinton's.

chubbar's picture

I saw part of the interview last night. What he did was take this information in the form of signed statements to Clapper whose comment was that this was "extremely reckless". Shortly thereafter, he was marginalized in the media and within gov't circles, ostensibly because of Clapper. At least that is the presumption given that was who had this information. I turned it off shortly after this statement so don't know what follow-up questions were asked. I'm not sure he had the option to do anything else given that no press/media other than perhaps FOX, would have covered this. The FBI, CIA and every other alphabet organization were compromised and not co-operating. In fact, that is what we are witnessing today, is it not? No other media outlets are covering this information and the fucking losers at the FBI are doing absofuckinglutely nothing.

That fact is the outrage, just as much as the fact that Hillary treated the gov't as her own little fiefdom without regard to OPSEC or laws.

otschelnik's picture

What did Clapper mean?  Extremely reckless of Shillary, or extremely reckless fer you,  IG McCullough cuz ur gonna be fired in best case or mabbee arkancided....?

topspinslicer's picture

Why are the clintons still alive?

wafm's picture

coz you didn't plug em?

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This guy better get a food taster and avoid the desire to buy a nail gun at home depot.

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Mccullough served as IG for the IC, as the article should have made clear.

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he is OWNED by goldman....How about Sheriff Joe!

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Jeff...Jeff...oh Jeff ...paging Jeff Sessions

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"Leave me the fuck alone.....I'm napping."



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Joe's getting up there -- How about Mike Zullo?

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If she is not arrested and charged ~ we are a lawless banana republic.

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"they are"     WE want them stopped.

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he better steer clear of any federal parks at night

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brave man. clinton has a bad habit of getting people murdered

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I saw his interview last night by Tucker Carlson. He was very convincing and I have no doubt that he was being 100% truthful.

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"brave man. clinton has a bad habit of getting people murdered"

True, but Hillary is inconsequential now and she knows it. He is safe.

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for what purpose is this now being made public?

Cui bono?

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To get Hillary to finally shut up and go away?