Here Is Your Chance To #AskNeel Kashkari Anything

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It's that time again: Minneapolis Fed president, TARP creator and former Goldman and PIMCO employee Neel Kashkari is holding one of his periodic "open" twitter forums, where he will be taking questions from the general audience at 3:30pm ET.

For those who want to ask the uber-dovish Fed president a question, just make sure to take it with #AskNeel on twitter, and hope the answer isn't too controversial for a response.

A running tally of questions and answers is shown below.

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Bill of Rights's picture

Is Janet Yellen really a Penguin in human drab?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


How is it not a conflict of interest that The Fed is responsible for regulating and supervising the very same banks that own The Fed?

The Alarmist's picture

Q: Is your name really Cash-carry?

QueeroHedge's picture

Can you please kill yourself? #AskNeel

stacking12321's picture

what did you do to prepare for your role in "The Mummy"?

JRobby's picture

"Hello Neel, first of all, thank you so much for taking my question which is: when are you going to drop dead?"

StychoKiller's picture

Do you still luv Anuk-Soon Amun after all she did to you?  :>D

Sages wife's picture

"We know you're working hard, our question is who are you working for?" - Dennis Kucinich

Life of Illusion's picture

Dollar reserve assets held globally who will have access to secure real assets avoiding on going wars as Triffin Dilemma accelerates? 

Nobodys Home's picture

It's Not! Not at all. wink wink.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

If bitcoin goes to a million dollars, what will you eat?

Grandad Grumps's picture

Neil, we understand that you are a parasitic criminal in the service of Saran ... Whwn did you first decide that betraying the entire human species was the path you wanted to take in life?

Lumberjack's picture

I would like to ask him a bit about UPC Renewables, First Wind and Sun Edison.

CPL's picture

Dearest Neil,

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  Inquiring minds and all that business.

Mini-Me's picture

Neel, please describe the fundamental difference between QE and counterfeiting.

JRobby's picture

That's the winner (so far)

T-NUTZ's picture

Neel, why are you such a tool?

mily's picture

No, I'm not. You are

ThankUGartman's picture

This is Dennis Kicinich and I just want to know who do you work for? It's not the American people so I ask who do you really work for? Cash Carry...

Rex Andrus's picture

where he will be selecting questions from paid shills ffy

Hey Neel what's with the cue ball? Does it warm the FRB (((lizards))) up to you, or is it because you're a giant dick?

voting machine's picture

What do squids eat ?

How many babies have you sacrificed with you monogrammed dagger ?

Is the baby juice really that good ?

any_mouse's picture

"Is Kashkari a descriptive name?"

"Are you a lizard?"

e_goldstein's picture

Cigarette and blindfold?

mily's picture

Mach 3 or Mach 5?
Gillette or Wilkinson?

Mena Arkansas's picture

Were you a cross between an alien grey and an ashkenazi jew? Or perhaps I repeat myself.

Consuelo's picture



What is the brand of wrap the Egyptians use when they're fixing you up...?  

E.F. Mutton's picture

RE: your dome

Turtle Wax or Simoniz?

nsurf9's picture

How are you going to stop US citizens from having your heads, when they find out the people in control of their money aren't even US citizens, much less honest, when it steals the US citizens' buying power from their savings and destroys their currency.

Sanity Bear's picture

How is it that you can safely walk around, and not get suddenly stabbed constantly by random members of the public, after TARP?

TrustbutVerify's picture

To what degree do you agree or disagree with the various "doomesayer" positions?  Can the world continue to build debt as percentage of GDP?  Is there a point of no return and if so in your opinion what/where is it?  And how does that relate to interest rates and debt service payments?  Should the Fed be able to address fical policy and government spending? 

Oh, and what do you own, besides your house, that was made in the USA? 

Dilluminati's picture

dude who cut your fucking hair? 

Did your three year old give you a haircut?

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Hi Neel.

Did you ever think of gettin into 'Horror Movies'?
With that trademark "Tales Of The Crypt" aura of yours - you could go far.


Oh yeah - one more thing:
Whatever happened to that $700Billion that you and Stammerin' Hank extorted - under threat of 'Martial Law' -from a craven CONgress back in '08 ?

tia again.

TheSilentMajority's picture

Why are you denying that the real CPI has been between 7%-14% rolling annualized for the last 30+ years?

Explain to us why we even need a FED when there can be a simple formula to determine an appropriate interest rate?

Why does the FED permit foreign central banks buying of USA equities?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Who are the owners of the Private Corporation known as the “The Federal Reserve?”

Nobodys Home's picture

Why do we need you?

Dilluminati's picture

Dude do you think the NFL should be tax exempt and offer a 100 million plan to end the anthem protests by paying off liberal thugs who won't get up off their asses?  Do you think the NFL should donate more to thugs than breast cancer?

BTW do you have a pic of your wife's tits you want to share?

asscannon101's picture

Is it true that you will be appearing as the arch-villain in the upcoming James Bond movie, 'The Squid With The Golden Nailgun'?

GotGalt's picture

asscannon - LOL @ both your name and comment.  One of the few movies I would consider paying to watch ha ha.  Well, nah, I wouldn't pay a satoshi to see it.

Honest Sam's picture

Are you and Orszag being groomed by the Rothschilds for eventual Sanctification?  How is it you, Petey, Larry Summers, Bobby Rubin, and Greenspan, Hank PAulson, J Yell, Timmay Geithner, Jack Lew, and Mr. Munchkin are not targeted by ISIS for extinction?   

How do jews and you manage to escape the worst that Al Queda had to offer?  

TeethVillage88s's picture

Inflation in Health Care & Defense Weapons Procurement is sure thing... Health Care gets 6% pass by govt each year by ... doctrine.

How can govt or Fed Reserve Employees keep lying and just picking goods or services to hold up for inflation? Boskin Commission is a joke. Is this conference closed now? I'm not on twitter.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Jim Rickards points to diversion in indicators in gold, TIPS, & 10 Year US Treasuries. Neel?

perhaps Jim Rickards strategy of holding all three since deflation is present with inflation makes good sense!

Automatic Choke's picture

Neel, can you explain the difference between QE and hitting me over the head with a brick and taking my wallet?

wcvarones's picture

Is Kashkari a chump?

Jam's picture

Are you back to being soft and weak like you portrayed yourself a few years back?

I Write Code's picture

Does China hold enough US dollars to buy California at a fair price?

I Write Code's picture

Do you read ZH?  Do you post?  Under what name?


FlKeysFisherman's picture

Neel, do you like walnut sauce on your pizza?