Killer Millennials: The Era Of Destruction Has Started

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According to Neil Howe, the Fourth Turning is a crisis and it’s happening right now.

The United States is in an era of great destruction, as the old institutional way of life created by past generations is being systematically destroyed by the incoming generation i.e. the millennials. This transitional period is cyclical and has happened before - most recently during the Great Crash of 1929. Creative destruction is essential for the nation’s survival, as the millennials are rewriting America’s next journey - much different than before.

Already, the preferences of millennials’ are killing dozens of industries such as department stores, diamonds, food chains, and real estate. Life decisions such as marriage and a starter home are being delayed or totally abandoned. Millennials are swamped with student- and other forms of toxic-debt in a period of wage stagnation that makes their financial mobility limited.

They will be the first generation not to achieve the American Dream, along with a lower standard of living than their parents.

Given the backdrop of America’s transition induced by millennials in a fiat system that is considered late-stage. Cracked provides a 3-minute breakdown of why millennials are killing industries.

The video focuses on the diamond industry and provides various motives of why millennials aren’t buying the precious stone.

In particular, the video makes the point millennials are heavily in-debt and cannot afford marriage, thus breaking the long lasting cycle of tying the knot, which usually involves buying a diamond ring. Not anymore, millennials are broke.. And there goes the diamond scarcity that was produced by prior generations who could afford to get married.

Soon the American Dream will have to be redefined in accordance with the millennials.

Spoiler alert: there will be no family, goldendoodle, and or white picket fence in the new normal Millennial American Dream. It will be the attempt to go debt-free.

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zorba THE GREEK's picture

I just want to bang a millinial while I still can get it up.,

RumpleShitzkin's picture

That you, Woody?

What is Jewish, has four eyes and comes in a little yellow box?

God Emperor's picture

Hey zorbaMillennial women are whores. Cheap ones I might add.

Good luck and have fun. But first get "special" or turn hippie. And get money for avocado toast. Broads need to be taken care of.

Some things never change.

Chanel Christian Gray Leaked Nude – PART II

kbohip's picture

Millenials are hilarious with their stupid camera phones.  Even when they're doing the most fun thing they can do, they have to stop and take pictures!

Retired Guy's picture

At least pictures are resource light. There is nothing left for young people because the governments consume so many resources. Every bomb and cruise missle consumes resources that could be something useful for people.

Young people are also burdened by all the institionalized theft such as the outsized pensions we read of on ZH. In the old days I paid $50/ year for real estate taxes. Now the same place costs $900. But the county now has giant expensive buildings instead of old creaky buildings. Why must they have new buildings? Their services are more useless and bothersome than ever. Let them make do like the rest of us.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Diamond scarcity is a myth. The cartel keeps the flow low and slow for a reason.

Not that it's relevant; even if Millenials had money, too many are godless and ignorant and have zero patience. So for them, marriage would be out, regardless. Live-ins, baby-daddys and open marriages are much easier for the manchild and womanchild.

Jugdish's picture

I just want to stop fucking busted boomer bitches niggggahhh. YOU SEE IT

Koba the Dread's picture

Did you want a boy or a girl? Or are you not particular?

Bloody Fkn Muppet's picture

I've banged a few, they're not really any difference to Gen Xs at the same age.

True Blue's picture

If it kills DeBeers, I'm good with it.

peippe's picture

I like your sentence.

Too bad only seventeen people who read it understand it.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

What? I kill da beers and reincarnate 'em as Bud Light in my stream.

Gnostech's picture

Millenials aren't real. Just a russian plot

fleur de lis's picture

Millennials are angry, rampaging, destructive snowflakes who are ill read and poorly spoken but are determined to re-educate everyone else to their ignorance.

They who must be obeyed.

The snowflake factories (colleges) need to be closed and refitted as hospitals or residences for people who actually work.

Those beautiful campus buildings and greens could be turned into so many other projects instead of mass producing snotty vandals.

Any dump that intentionally feeds and festers such savage marauders should be repurposed for something productive.

The brats can still do just as much damage without squandering tax money. 

evokanivo's picture

college/university is also where engineers are trained! leave 'em out of it :) i got a good education in software development and biotech ... it's not all bad.

chumbawamba's picture

With an Internet connection and some self-discipline you could have have achieved the same and saved yourself the tuition.

Turn the universities into insane asylums to care for the snowflakes they graduated.

I am Chumbawamba.

evokanivo's picture

In software, yes it's possible nowadays, but in biotech, absolutely not. There is physical equipment that you need to learn to operate - everything from centrifuges to cell sorters. You're not going to get that at your local biohacker-space. Even if you did learn it on your own, it would take 10 times as long.

As for the "roll-up-your-sleeves and exhibit some self-discipline" attitude - suppose that was the only choice. How many fewer engineers would we have if everyone had to be self-taught? Externally imposed discipline can be a good thing, especially for people 18-22 years old.

fleur de lis's picture

Engineers, science/health majors, computer programers, etc., are usually not found among rampaging snowflakes.

They are too busy studying.

But they are vastly outnumbered by expensive snowflake savages who have no cost benefit to taxpayers.

Indeed they are a tax drain.

So until there is some kind of weeding process to get rid of the vandals and allow serious students to thrive, there is no reason to keep funding snowflake factories.

Hyjinx's picture

These all seem like positives.  All this stuff was bullshit anyway.

HillaryOdor's picture

Golf is not bullshit.

Maybe when my ball goes in the trees, but not in general.

Posa's picture

This is why we need confiscatory taxes imposed on the .01% ... Wall Street sales taxes etc...It's eother that or the guillotine.


The Predators have gobbled up so much income and assets that consumption has permanently stalled, which means productive investment has stopped. All the Predators can do is invest ion a huge asset bubble that inebitably will crash, and then come to us for a bailout. yes this is redistributive taxation... not a good idea... but under the extreme circumstances, it's a necessary move to revive the economy.


forestgump227's picture

this. private property is a social construct and the confiscation of the .01 percents wealth will also be a social construct

techpriest's picture

Private property is an agreement any group of people come to once there is a certain (low) population density. This includes Natives who maintained actual functioning societies pre-settlers.

Concerning wealth confiscation: confiscate it all and in 5 years there will be another 0.01%. This is the lesson of communism from the 20th century, and its the lesson being learned in Venezuela right now given that Maduro and his friends aren't starving like everyone else.

Posa's picture

Crap. The Predators got mega rich when the public credit was handed over to them free of charge...

RedBaron616's picture

They stole from the rich, but because I wasn't rich, I said nothing.

By the time they stole from me, there was no one to protest.

stacking12321's picture

Taxation is theft, and theft is wrong.
Always, always, ALWAYS!

If you can justify wrongdoing in that instance, you can justify it in any instance, it’s a slippery slope.

There’s no such thing as just a little cancer, it will grow.

evokanivo's picture

Economies of scale, coupled with legalized bribery (crony-capitalism), begets mega-corporations and concentration of wealth. At that point it becomes increasingly difficult to start a small business - the 0.1% own all the capital and make all the laws and regulations (barriers to entry) that obstructs newcomers. Only in a truly libertarian/anarchistic system could total lack of taxation work, but that's not what we have.

RedBaron616's picture

Then I recommend you move to Libya, where there is effectively no government and thus, no taxes. It should meet your criteria.

Some government is always going to be necessary. If you deny that, then you aren't living in the real world and I'll let you get back to your drugs.

unsafe-space-time's picture

I am the government. And everyone who knows the right way. Fuck you, groupies, you collectivist retards, who need someone to wipe your ass

Posa's picture

Blah-blah. The .01% essentially stole tgheir way to the top... spare me your tired bromides

LittleGreenMan's picture

The 0.01% have f'd-up every system so that nothing is in balance and only they benefit.  Killing the goose (middle class) that layed the golden eggs. 

newdoobie's picture

There is only so much wealth! Get yours while you can! It's not fair that other got theirs first! Take from them and give to me!



LittleGreenMan's picture

There is nothing wrong with earning your wealth honestly - that's the 1%.  But when you earn it by being corrupt beyond comprhension, by rigging the system, by bribing, lying, cheating, stealing, and killing - that's the 0.01%, and maybe they should lose their loot.

RedBaron616's picture

They made the same promise to get the Income Tax passed and you see how that evolved.

Sound a bit too Socialistic/Communistic. Always ready to take someone ELSE's money. Envy is an ugly thing.

Posa's picture

The .01% used free money from the Fed to buy up income and assets... it's not like they were breaking tyheir back toiling away... I'm sure the Predator Class appreciates your pimping for them... and no, this isn't Communism... what you'll get s communism if they were parody of capitalism that exists today isn't rectified

balz's picture

Did she butcher a hog or what?

Catahoula's picture

Yes, they are worthless and stand for nothing of value.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

They killed Bambi.
And Kenny.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

About time.
Served that one up just waiting for the spike.

surrational's picture

horrible article, LOL. same sentiments. 

Dr. Engali's picture

Meh. Can we get another bitcoin article please?

RumpleShitzkin's picture

A soft doom earthquake swarm article would be nice.

To get me in the mood.

Dr. Engali's picture

Pour yourself a cocktail and give the robots a couple minutes.

Yen Cross's picture


 I did 1-4k in Nobelsville/

Yen Cross's picture

 Used to be corn fields. 

Dr. Engali's picture

It’s changed a lot over the last few years.