Killer Millennials: The Era Of Destruction Has Started

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According to Neil Howe, the Fourth Turning is a crisis and it’s happening right now.

The United States is in an era of great destruction, as the old institutional way of life created by past generations is being systematically destroyed by the incoming generation i.e. the millennials. This transitional period is cyclical and has happened before - most recently during the Great Crash of 1929. Creative destruction is essential for the nation’s survival, as the millennials are rewriting America’s next journey - much different than before.

Already, the preferences of millennials’ are killing dozens of industries such as department stores, diamonds, food chains, and real estate. Life decisions such as marriage and a starter home are being delayed or totally abandoned. Millennials are swamped with student- and other forms of toxic-debt in a period of wage stagnation that makes their financial mobility limited.

They will be the first generation not to achieve the American Dream, along with a lower standard of living than their parents.

Given the backdrop of America’s transition induced by millennials in a fiat system that is considered late-stage. Cracked provides a 3-minute breakdown of why millennials are killing industries.

The video focuses on the diamond industry and provides various motives of why millennials aren’t buying the precious stone.

In particular, the video makes the point millennials are heavily in-debt and cannot afford marriage, thus breaking the long lasting cycle of tying the knot, which usually involves buying a diamond ring. Not anymore, millennials are broke.. And there goes the diamond scarcity that was produced by prior generations who could afford to get married.

Soon the American Dream will have to be redefined in accordance with the millennials.

Spoiler alert: there will be no family, goldendoodle, and or white picket fence in the new normal Millennial American Dream. It will be the attempt to go debt-free.

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Hour from here

More Hoosiers here than I thought

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Tyler flipped us some EMP T&A!

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Which Tyler would that be? R2D Tyler or C3P0 Tyler?

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Dunno. I’m confused. It’s a green beret one.
I thought only weekend robo tyler served up his stuff.

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when all else fails there is always yelllowstone

RumpleShitzkin's picture

I know, right? That old chestnut.

I pine for a good ol’ Fukushima Glowing Robot bit, though.

Seems like forever.

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These lousy bums can join AFSCME and work off their loans via Stalin style.

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This article makes it look like millennials are making choices. They are not.

The millennials made some very bad decisions (like going deep into debt) so their life style changes are being forced upon them.

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what gets me...has anyone here ever tried to go get ajob, a real job as a professional AND NOT HAVE A FUCKING DEGREE. right hr will not talk to you without a degree. so you are trapped into trying to get a worthless piece of paper....unless you have tits. then you can have anything if you find the right guy to hire you. even then there are not enough jobs to get so everyone is fucked.....yeah

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It is highway robbery what the "state schools" are charging for in-state tuition anymore. The only way around it is to use some of the community colleges which are less expensive.

High school students must also work very hard to get good grades in the hope they can get some assistance if they want to go to a more expensive school.

Unfortunately, parents and councilors are not informing young people how nasty it is out there and leaving it for the young to find out for themselves. It is a shame - though those who actually recognize the situation for what it is - straight government/financial corruption - before they take on massive debt and destroy their lives, will be able to plan around the chaos and live just fine.

All of this takes in no account of holistic economic "mismangement", bloodthirsty .gov, nuclear "accidents" - volcanic eruptions, false flags, and viral or otherwise invasions/pandemics. All bets - all of them would be off.

RedBaron616's picture

That is because, at least in my state, the government isn't ladling out as much money. I personally don't think there should be ANY state schools. It is bad enough to have to fund everyone through the 12th grade. After that, you shouldn't be sucking up any more of my tax dollars.

GreatUncle's picture

Programmed by the society the elites created so as not to have critical thinking - AKA dumb.

The millennials then believed government ... broke the golden rule of being a slave.

From that one decision they were only ever going to make bad decisions.

The best part is that debt they racked up, you only get to spend it once unless it is all forgiven mwhahahahaha .. beautifully kills the consumer economy so even though we ain't in a defined recession there is no growth. Wait until the real recession hits ... by not spending being so much in debt the economy dies.


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When it’s time for me to go, I’ll die and end up just as I started. Broke. Make that broker than broke because I will be in debt up to my eyeballs on purpose.

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No plans to leave anything for your kids?  

Newmeasure's picture

You must be working on a time line, what date is completion?

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I’m confused. It was just a little over an hour ago that we were “treated” to an article about how millennials saved thanksgiving.

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   WTF with  Fonz?

    Yeah, you're in touch.

 I want my sandwich

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The millenials referenced in this article are like the young people in America during the Great Depression of the 1930's. Sane and sober. They understood that politics and economics are 2 sides of the same coin. They also understood that rich elites were predatory when left unchecked. They were the New Dealers who gave us the post war boom, greatest era of prosperity in the history of the human race.

The generation that came after were called the New Democrats, who have become the corrupt, schlerotic cancer ridden Wall Street shill that covers itself in indentity politics to appear like they legitimately represent real Americans.

Playing against this, it's not hard to see how the GOP has been so successful these last 40+ years.

Now the game is up. Millenials understand that both parties have been playing the entire country for fools. They have been playing good cop/bad cop and this is the reason why neither party wants to run a 50 state campaign in national elections. They both are happy with 50% plus one.

Snowflakes on the Left and Snowflakes on the Right keep energy in the system, so to speak.

Try to never take on debt. Live within your means. Starve the beast.

Hyjinx's picture

The "New Deal" didn't create a fucking boom.  The boom was the result of the industrial capacity of the developed world being destroyed except for that in America.

SeaMonkeys's picture

New Dealers, not the New Deal. They carried their policies and ideas forward after the war - hence POST WAR FUCKING BOOM YOU MORON.

You are probably trolling for reasons to be offended. The people were called New Dealers. The New Deal was a set of policies during the depression. Go troll on a Liberal website if you want to find reasons to get offended. 

Too many right wing snowflakes on Zero Hedge. None of them understand Carl Menger, yet they claim to be libertarians. 

Anteater's picture

Not just the Millennials, but all the minorities, with the sole

exception of recent Asian arrivals, are also sane and sober.

So are the multi-millionaires that I know. Their only vice,

now that they're all cash, is fapping around in BTC trades.

The entire country is running on fumes, but Trump is on

the pot in his short bathrobe, just twiddling and twiddling.

No Agenda. NADA!! WINNING!!


BeanusCountus's picture

You have hit on something here that I agree with. Nothing wrong with this group. Who wouldn't have disgust for a system that leaves them with tons of debt and an assurance that "America is great". And no, that isn't a Trump thing. Dems, Repubs, and Central Banks have made this mess in tune. All guilty, and pointing the finger at "the other guy".

RedBaron616's picture

I don't buy this idea that Millennials are so smart politically. Anyone who thinks Bernie Saunders should be President don't have a clue. I also don't see Millennials joining third-parties in any numbers. This is all wishful thinking. These idiots will be even easier to manipulate with government propaganda.

SeaMonkeys's picture

We agree. Too many ZeroHedgers are just plain old Republicans, in the mold of Archie Bunker. They don't have a clue. The system is rigged. Anyone who thinks that either party is legitimate is a stooge. Both parties are playing us for fools. I voted for Trump, but he is a puppet for Congress. He's not in the driver's seat.

The writers here who claim to represent the Austrian and or libertarian point of view mostly stink, with exceptions like Charles Hugh Smith and a few others. The other side of the coin is the populist perspective. This is more where I am. Pat Buchanon is a populist and I would have voted for him over Trump. Bernie Sanders is a populist as well, but the readers here are too intoxicated with their emotions to understand. 

Conservative and Liberal snowflakes dominate the news cycle. Both groups should be thrown into a pit and forced to fight it out to the death. This website is not a real libertarian website. 

Disgruntled Goat's picture

Thats because they bought the progressive narrative and lapped up everything the MSM and Social Media could puke out. Now suck it up!

wisehiney's picture

I'm still laughing my ass off.

Rarely has this smile been wiped off of my face.

Not sure why. But I do notice.

Frowns kill you quicker than opiods.

And the correlation is scary.

williambanzai7's picture

Bring out yer debts...

Baron von Bud's picture

The millenials got screwed by demographics and indeed are realists. Their parents are hippie era, free spirits and that's a life they'd like but know it's not to be for most.

rsnoble's picture

Not getting married=cheaper and less headache in the long run.

They pulled future spending forward with student debt.  Now what are they going to do? Preplan the unborn lives, spend their money for them, then stamp DOA on their fucking foreheads when they drop out of some cunt?  This system is so fucked up it cant even survive in the here and now.

Captain Nemo de Erehwon's picture

This is what happens when jobs are scarce:

1. It helps to go to a good college because if the employer gets a drum full of applications they just shortlist those from the top colleges

2. It helps to go to college because for lower-level jobs those left over from (1) have an advantage over those who do not have college degrees.

That is why all over Asia, from nursery, kids start to cram and keep cramming till they leave college, and if they are lucky land a job where they realize they have no idea what really should be done in real life and everyone follows the herd. Then they end up in the US where they help develop technology to automate everything and then everyone gets fired.

We have to change the system fundamentally ...starting with currency and our assumptions about human behavior.

SeaMonkeys's picture

Few reading ZeroHedge are able understand the truth in your words.

Lorca's Novena's picture

I know a lot of fellow genX ers that started this lifestyel 20 years ago... What exactly is so new with these twats?



GreatUncle's picture

The level of debt they hold!

Most genX were reared to try and avoid debt so they may not have alot they have little debt.

The millennials were the first real group that never got this and were taught they could borrow to have now.

If I am starving today I will not borrow to live one more day for tomorrow I would then be forced to starve again.

A truth of existence yet millennials break it all the time.

RozKo's picture

War changes everything and if it goes bad quick, then everything changes quick. Its whats coming because the elites never lose, they will kill every last one of you millennials and the rest of us too in order to keep power. Don't belive me, read a history book....  

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

I must have been born as a pre-millenial. Fuck the NFL, golf, running, fast food.

Napkins? meh. Same for straws. I am old enough to not be bothered by that ecofreak BS. Yes, I have a stainless steel mug for hot / cold beverages. Why? Too cheap to pay for it when I am out and about and the crap you can buy isn't to my personal taste. Cheaper, and better, to make it or pour it at home.

As for a home? I agree. Getting ready to rent mine out this spring and live in an RV and do the tiny home / mobile life thing.

Movies? Fuck the Hollyweird perversity. They can go to bloody hell.

Banks are a tool you use if you are smart. Love PMs and BTC and cash!

As for the chick in the video? OH HELL NO get me the fuck outta here! That useless bitch is scary. Period.

As for diamonds? My first BF was a jeweler. I learned about DeBeers at an early age.

Guderian's picture

But how can zey not love <<<our>>> dymants?

Vee orgenise (read: monopolise) ze mining (exploitation of black folk), ze purchase (extortion), zee cut (exploitation of white folk) and zee holy retail (price gouging).

Dinnt vee tell yoo ageyn and ageyn: zey arr forever!

Oh vey, oh vey! kwick: direct our press to label ziss anti-semite!

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

De Beers runs a huge scam, worldwide. As I mentioned I had a BF that was studying to be a gemologist and I received a vicarious education on how De Beers cornered and controlled the diamond market.

I like shiny things. But I have to admit diamonds have never impressed me. Waste of money. Diamonds are nothing more than marketing and hype. Virtue signaling.

floosy's picture

DeBeers invented the diamond engagement ring as a way to shift millions of shitty little diamond fragments at inflated prices to suckers who wanted to impress some ho enough to marry them.  This is actually a true fact.

MuffDiver69's picture

Problem with these stories is that it is assumed most millennials were raised like me and my millennials who have graduated and are doing very fine...The Family is long gone for huge swaths of these dumbed down morons...The sample size of millennials that even have half a chance is well less then my generation..Tough shit..and most of the crap listed is worthless to boot...

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Every generation imposes the standards by which they were raised onto the next. That was fine when a revolutionary technological advance came along every two or three generations. But with the pace of advancement (advancement and progress are bad words that mean nothing and misrepresent the context,) revolutionary changes can now come about five or ten per generation (or more.)

The next generation has to adapt to current conditions, not utopian ones, not obsolete ones - as the landscape changes, people must play the cards they are dealt, not the cards they would have had, had the clock stopped at some arbitrary time in the past.

Millenials, for example, would have been useless if they grew up generations ago, just as useless as my grandfather would be today.

Sure there are some principles which translate (eg. the process of selling apples, computers, or stocks is the same,) but for the most part, with tech accelerating at the pace it has, experience means less and less every year.

Teach your kids everything you know, let them absorb, manipulate, and apply that data to their context, and then learn from them.

Next time you catch yourself berating your kids for their musical tastes, remember that your father did the same, as did his father, and his father before him. Remember how rock and roll was supposed to corrupt the youth? Well those corrupted youth said the same about heavy metal. Go back a while and the same was said about swing. Either they were all correct and we are continuing down a path of corruption due to music, or they should all have lightened up a bit and just danced and enjoyed their time here instead of complaining about the music.

"The United States is in an era of great destruction..."
The very first sentence. Can you smell the bias?
They're just doing things their way, with the tools they have at hand, and why should industries that will serve no purpose survive? Nostalgia, romance, honouring the ancestors... nah, that's never been the way things were done.
Everyone wants to take a snapshot of time and freeze the world where it is. We did not accept this way of thinking, why should our kids?

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

Better yet expose them to beautiful music. Music with a story? Even better.

My favorite contemporary/modern composer is Henryck Gorezcki. He was Polish and participated in the Solidaritat movements to bring down communism and the Iron Curtain.

His album, "Miserere" is what I listen to when I want to feel. Sung to Gregorian chant, in Latin, the repeated phrase, "Oh Lord have pity on us."

That is the best of modern symphony. Period.

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture


Here is a free link:

The audio starts off very low. Have your remote or audio control at hand due to volume changes during the piece.

Here is another link:

Yes, this one piece is 32 mintues long. There is no shouting. There is no dancing. There is only piety and humility.

Five minutes into this piece and I am bawling like a calf, tears running down my face. You need not be religious. Nor Catholic. Simply willing to hear.

Land Snark's picture

Thank you.  You're right...beautiful. Hypnotic...

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Better yet expose them to beautiful music."

Beauty is arbitrary, and its standards change.

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

Oh spare me that relativistic nonsense. And go back to listening to monkeys pound on buckets.