Killer Millennials: The Era Of Destruction Has Started

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According to Neil Howe, the Fourth Turning is a crisis and it’s happening right now.

The United States is in an era of great destruction, as the old institutional way of life created by past generations is being systematically destroyed by the incoming generation i.e. the millennials. This transitional period is cyclical and has happened before - most recently during the Great Crash of 1929. Creative destruction is essential for the nation’s survival, as the millennials are rewriting America’s next journey - much different than before.

Already, the preferences of millennials’ are killing dozens of industries such as department stores, diamonds, food chains, and real estate. Life decisions such as marriage and a starter home are being delayed or totally abandoned. Millennials are swamped with student- and other forms of toxic-debt in a period of wage stagnation that makes their financial mobility limited.

They will be the first generation not to achieve the American Dream, along with a lower standard of living than their parents.

Given the backdrop of America’s transition induced by millennials in a fiat system that is considered late-stage. Cracked provides a 3-minute breakdown of why millennials are killing industries.

The video focuses on the diamond industry and provides various motives of why millennials aren’t buying the precious stone.

In particular, the video makes the point millennials are heavily in-debt and cannot afford marriage, thus breaking the long lasting cycle of tying the knot, which usually involves buying a diamond ring. Not anymore, millennials are broke.. And there goes the diamond scarcity that was produced by prior generations who could afford to get married.

Soon the American Dream will have to be redefined in accordance with the millennials.

Spoiler alert: there will be no family, goldendoodle, and or white picket fence in the new normal Millennial American Dream. It will be the attempt to go debt-free.

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

Don't be a fucking prick. I didn't come here to debate the difference between the merely beautiful and the sublime.

And, yes, I read the book, "Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and the Sublime" by Immanual Kant (John Goldthwait translation).

So fuck off.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

Robot utopia will save them

SheHunter's picture

Hey Tyler.  You forgot the sarc tag on this article. WTF cares if napkins, golf, diamonds, football and all of the other soon-to-be-gone items on your list go extinct?  Seriously.  Didn't seem like a slim news night until I skimmed this filler piece.  The dreaded and terrifying millenials get way too much ink time on your blog nowadays.  Leave 'em alone. Change is part of the grand scheme and none of you can do anything except unsuccessfully drag your feet kicking and screaming. 

Zen Xenu's picture

I'm amused at this comment thread more than the usual ZH comments. Either I'm easily amused, or just happy that I get a long holiday weekend starting today. Or maybe both.

yarpos's picture

Wow,  I guess saying Millenials kill things is simpler than saying things change and evolve.   The Millenials probably missed the memo about how things must always stay the same,  wheres my buggy whip?

Ms No's picture

That's okay most of us will be dead by the time they completely run the world.  Just feel sorry for them that they have to live in their world.  Just make sure you do some drinking and smoking from time to time because if you are 40 now and live to be 70... not good.  They'll probably render old people by then, alive.

Swamp Yankee's picture

This is GR8 news it it is true.


A whole generation living within their means and giving modern 'Debt Cluture' the finger could be just what it takes to turn things around for real.  Don't fight  the Beast, starve it.


Cash is king, debt is dumb and the paid-off home mortgage is replacing the BMW as the status symbol of choice.  Dave Ramsey love you.

floosy's picture

Uh oh ...the apple cart has been kicked over. And THEY are not amused.

roodeetoodee's picture

Isn't there an app for that?

blargg's picture

They're killing industries by not consuming as they should be? Maybe we need to put these industries on welfare.

whatisthat's picture

I would observe WOW this post is a misrepresentation of fact based on scalable outcomes — very entertaining.

MusicIsYou's picture

No millennials are not creatively destroying our culture as the article says, they are not creative, they're just destroying it period. Millennials want instant satisfaction is what their problem is,. Millennials won't save for any kind of "deferred gratification." They rack up debt on $400 coffee pots and blenders or student debt and then won't get out of bed for work. That's the facts, I've seen it.

GreatUncle's picture

You forgot playing on the smartphone if they do work.

DEMIZEN's picture

its not wise to take IOUs nowadays. contracts and promises are as good as toilet paper. i have to sue for breach of contract every fucking few months, nobody gives a damn anymore. so if you ask me, you are better off with a cofee blender today than with a promise of pay tommorow. not even a .gov honors their contract promises anymore. good luck suing those clowns, judges are on their paylist.

so fuck yeah blender it is. today.

americanreality's picture

Lol.  You sound like a stereotypical, aging, disconnected, paranoid, old person. I picture you in a rocking chair on a porch down south somewhere, popping your false teeth in and out, complaining about everything and everyone to your poor depressed wife.  

What's the point in trying to divide and ridicule each other?  "Millennials"  are fine, you are the one that's lost her grip. 

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

Denial won't save you from this reality. The millennial "generation" is doomed across the board.

Happy dirt nap, fruit.

DEMIZEN's picture

i used to go to applebees with my parents it was a decent place to eat back in 90s.  the place is really bad nowadays. I get a better steak in a sportbar. even chinese can  make a better steak. i can make a better steak. the waitresses there are fat and underpaid. not every shit that happens and every restaurant that dies is millennials fault.

Fishthatlived's picture

Millennial don't frequent fast food/food chains? This author is an idiot. Does Starbucks qualify? Chipotle? 

Nightjar's picture

forget millennials, Generation Z(yklon) is real and it's here. Hail victory!

DEMIZEN's picture

the Zs are from another fucking planet i can tell you that first hand. a farm chicken on the run knows more about life outside the box than these goonies.

AntiMatter's picture

Debt free,...means the death of "Capitalism", good riddance!

css1971's picture


97% of the money in existence is credit.

This means it was created by a bank and when they did, they also created a debt to go along with the credit... So so good luck trying to get away from debt.

RedBaron616's picture

Millennials are being given too credit in this article. I hate Applebee's and NEVER go there. I also stay out of department stores. Nothing in there I want. As for golf, I have no use for the game. So believe how you want that the American economy can be put down to this group or that. Most of this is pure nonsense.

gdpetti's picture

Well, I assume, without watching the video, that they are referring 'norms'.... part of the usual cycle as mentioned in the writeup... happens every time at this point in the cycle of destruction, put off for the last couple of decades... living on borrowed time... a different kind of debt, but results are much the same. The difference this time is that we aren't just at the end of a usual business cycle, but the end of a civilizational cycle, and added to that is the end of the 'Iron Age' in the longer term cycle of civilizations... and then add longer natural cycles of the end of our interglacial age.... you won't hear much about that until they simply can't hide it any longer... NASA is calling this ongoing 6th Extinction as we lead into their next 'little ice age'... but interglacial only last so long.... and it won't be until 'The Day After Tomorrow' is on the tv/net screens every day/night, dark star passing... market recovers when it looks to be over... then we realize we're only in the eye of the storm and the comets et al come in to finish the cleanup... and this aspect is a multi cosmic cycle.

Can't blame Millennials for this... can't blame humans on the global warming/cooling dynamic that acts like a 'see-saw' or 'teeter-totter' on our planet's EM field/atmosphere..... something wicked this way comes and not many are prepped for that, even the transhumanists enthusiasts are ignorant on the larger cycle dynamics... the end of the game... This is the larger picture.. puzzle within puzzle... maze within maze..... matrix within matrix... as in 'hyperdimensional reality'.... deal with it.... don't expect our govt to warn us or prep us on it.. they are prepping the culling of the herd... prepping their own hidey holes etc.... and like Gates, vaccines to sterialize the  masses.... GMOs to make it easier etc... 'dumbed down' education, science, govt, military, religions etc.

dunce's picture

It is all part of the destruction of the family and by extension America. abortion on demand, the pill, the morning after pill, homosexual marriage, towers of babel being built with immigration, and Christian religion being attacked daily. Brave new world, my ass.

idontcare's picture

I thought that people woke up to the BS of "Madison Avenues's 'American Dream'" back in the 1980's.  [see: They Live]

merchantratereview's picture

Note to author. Diamonds were NEVER rare.


Supply and demand on diamonds? That's idiotic.


I used to come to this site for smart trading advice and news to move the market.


Thinking diamonds are rare is not exactly higher level analysis.


Oh, and who gives a damm about napkins?

Drop-Hammer's picture

The jews did their job well.