Chicago Cop Caught On Video Telling Teen He's Being Detained "Because You're White"

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A police detective in Illinois has faced disciplinary action this week, after he was recorded on video telling a teenager he was being detained because he’s white.

Footage of the controversial encounter surfaced on Facebook on Monday, and has since gone viral with more than 85,000 views.

Dezi Baczek,18, who recorded the video, was among a group of teens who went to the local pawnshop in Lake Villa, a suburb of Chicago, to sell an ‘item’ so the group could buy her brother a book that he wanted to read…How thoughtful…

When the group of millennials exited the shop, they found Detective Gomez waiting out in the parking lot for them. Immediately, the group of teens were ordered to sit down or face being arrested. 

Baczek told NBC 5, “I was yelled at to sit down”.

When asked ‘what for?.. That is when she started filming.

Police said the detective was conducting a theft investigation at the time and was questioning the group of teens. One unseen teen in the video questions why he’s being detained— he asked Gomez, “Is it because I’m a teenager? Because I have baggy pants on?”

Detective Gomez was seen storming off, then spun around and yelled back, ”because you’re white."

In response to the incident,  Lake Villa Police Chief Craig Somerville said such behavior will not be tolerated, said the Daily Herald.

“We are a professional department with high standards and we value our relationship with the public, particularly our youth,” Somerville said in a statement.


“Our relationships are built upon mutual understanding and trust and this type of behavior contradicts that.”

Somerville said Gomez became suspicious of the group when they were accompanied by the suspect of a theft investigation at the pawn shop and another member gave officers a fake name. That person was charged with obstructing police.

The chief did not directly acknowledge what was said in the video, but he did note it as inappropriate and unprofessional.

Somerville said in a statement, “Gomez admitted his words were poorly chosen and insensitive and he immediately regretted what he had said. The Lake Villa Police Department does not condone this type of behavior of its officers.Gomez has been disciplined for behavior unbecoming an officer. He will be assisting me with speaking to the parents and teens involved in this incident.”

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drexlraw's picture

scum keeps floating to the top...

MonetaryApostate's picture

Could it be because scum is at the top too?

ACP's picture

It's OK to keep a known racist on the police force as long as he's a brown turd.

Bigly's picture

Yet another reason to ditch CHI if you are white and/or actually work.

eforce's picture

Interesting how much power 1 cop has over kids in the US, in Europe they'd troll the shit out of him or just hang him off the nearest lampost.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Don't forget about the Somali Muslim diversity hire that killed a white woman - for what we still don't know:

Bad Attitude's picture

In the coming festivities, you skin color will be your uniform.

Forward (over the cliff)!

RAT005's picture

Kids, to stay out of trouble you simply say:  Call my parents, I'm not comfortable.  Every BS they use to intimidate you, you say: Call my parents I'm not comfortable.  Watch the little power trip bitches back down when they know you didn't do anything, they don't want to deal with your parents.

glenlloyd's picture

The response from the department / boss is unimpressive.

As for behavior unbecoming an officer I agree, but it's more serious than that...

Liberty2012's picture

Yes, confrontational, aggressive, and enjoys power way too much. It looks and sounds as though he is unstable. Hopefully the second officer was more steady.

In some ways we expect too much of our police. They have a difficult, very unpleasant, and almost impossible job. People talk as though more police are needed to stop crime. This is not true.

Only the criminal can stop crime because only the criminal can choose to not do the crime.

Beowulf55's picture

Fucking wetback beaner with a gun on a power trip.........what could go wrong...

Yog Soggoth's picture

George Lopez's dumber cousin. It's USA, not 'you essay.'

Eyes Opened's picture

"Kids, to stay out of trouble you simply say:  Call my parents, I'm not comfortable."

I'm 60... can I still use that ?? Oh & my parents are "off planet".....

11b40's picture

Am I being charged with a crime?  If no, "OK.  Thank you.  Goodbye."  If yes, "Replies to all questions will only be forthcoming from my lawyer."  Period, end of story.

Eyes Opened's picture

Over here (Ireland) we just tell the garda (cop) to fuck off & find someone who's actually DOIN somethin wrong...

fattail's picture

Don't ever talk to the cops.  They are not concerned with whether or not you are innocent.  Don't ever talk to the FBI.  It's the muscle for the oligarchy and deep state.

FIAT CON's picture

A very interesting video that will open your eyes.

                 Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1               

There is nothing that you can say that will help you, but all your words WILL be used against you.

jin187's picture

And the cops don't even lie about this fact. They actually have to tell you this when you're under arrest. Every time I watch 'COPS', I literally want to start screaming at my TV. "NO! Don't tell him shit! Name, rank, serial number, fuck off pig."

It's funny how the prisons are full of Democrats, mostly because they can't be assed reading that crusty old document that they no longer think is relevant. Or maybe because they don't believe in the 2nd amendment, they also don't believe in the 4th or 5th. Well, unless they're testifying before Congress.

Stuck on Zero's picture

It has always been common in Chicago for cops to stop white kids and send them on their way if they stray into dangerous neighborhoods.  It has also been very common for cops to shoo whites out of bad neighhborhoods because they know damned well they are there to buy drugs.

edotabin's picture

Ok. Even the most ardent lefty will agree with me on this.

This gives a perfectly good right to the 5 remaining white NFL players to kneel. They can now all go on cnn and be given equal time to bemoan the injustice.Don Lemon will be hosting and they'll run promos for a week. Then, it's off to MSNBC. Same thing there. Hey, fair is fair.

Full disclosure: I have no clue about the racial breakdown of the moronic nfl. I do not watch it and never liked the stupid, violent game. I watched the nba because a friend was on a team. I stopped watching when the players became political.

Salzburg1756's picture

Charles, is that you? I thought you were dead.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya I never did hear anything else about that case. They sure were proud of their diversity hire.


It can't be overstated, imagine if it had been a white cop with a bunch of black kids. They wouldn't be talking about anything else on every single news channel.

house biscuit's picture

Maybe we should start a race war, so as to be constructive about the whole thing..

Rex Andrus's picture

You can be sure they and the Stienle's are on the terrorist watch list. Not the killers though.

Adahy's picture

"in Europe they'd troll the shit out of him or just hang him off the nearest lampost."

Try that here and the (likely obese) cop will just shoot you and say that you were trying to get his gun if he doesn't want to deal with you.  I'm betting that European police aren't trained to be trigger-happy like they are here.  Most police train de-escalation, it's the opposite here.  US cops can turn the most simple thing into a life and death situation in a split second.

jin187's picture

Most European cops don't carry lethal weapons on routine patrols. Which is why they got merc'd at Charlie Hebdo, and other terrorist attacks.

Here in the US, the cops are always given the benefit of the doubt. All they have to do is say they feared for their lives, and no matter how implausible, as long as there's lottery odds they are telling the truth, they'll be back on the street within a month. They even had an incident a few years back, where a cop shot an unarmed, handcuffed man in the back, that was prone on the ground, with cops kneeling on top of him. He "meant to use his taser" was the claim he made, and apparently, merely intending to torture the already tightly bound man, instead of killing him, was good enough in the department's eyes.

Bernie Madolf's picture

I got $5 on him going on permanent leave within 49.5 hrs

Blankone's picture

According to the article his punishment is to have to apologize to the kids and their parents. And then continue as before but not be open about it.

He is a white person hater, it affects his actions as he carries a gun and a badge. That makes him dangerous.

But lets keep welcoming all of latin america and the muslims into the country. Where the latins gain the advantage they will see themselves as Americans only and will show great generosity to whites. /s

Tejas just needs the right spark or firebrand leader to emerge. The latins already dominate the rural police depts and sheriff depts.. I've heard latins say their turn is coming and not in a nice tone.

Adahy's picture

They're not messing around with the 'Reconquista', and they are winning.
We left this country unlocked and with the keys in the ignition, in a bad part of town.
It's already up on blocks, and soon the rest of the scavengers will come for all the metal.

Lorca's Novena's picture

Its not too late, believe me. More normies are getting WOKE and buying guns and laying down the bible... they see their future if they do not act. Itsbgoing to get fucking nasty.

jin187's picture

Oh it is. If this country needs to be taken back by armed insurrection, it's not going to look the same as it used to, win or lose. It will be a loss as well, if the military doesn't back us. The police have gotten militarized to the point where the PD's of a number of our large cities could probably conquer a 3rd world country.

Yog Soggoth's picture

I saw a truck with a large back window sticker that said 'were taking over.' In my town that has been the case for the last 20+ years. I was surprised to see so many Mexicans around the general area of Chicago. When I asked a friend, he said, "they were brought by the meat packing companies in the 50's and then started having a lot of kids." Hormel did the same thing in left leaning Minnesota, but with Somalis. Those stupid people got replaced and probably wish they had voted smarter. Chinese own Smithfield meats.  People really need to start investigating where the food they buy is coming from, and is it right for America?

jin187's picture

At least we can take solace in the fact that when he's shot by a black kid, no one will care.

MoreFreedom's picture

The cop obviously doesn't like pushback from teens, and it pushed his button.  Cops ought to know, just like people, that "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" and he should have learned it in kindergarten, and as part of his police training as well.  Certainly a much better reaction would have been "because as a police officer doing my job, I can whether you like it or not, and if you don't then take it up with your elected representatives and parents, and if you don't I can arrest you for <intefering with an officer, obstructing justice, or whatever it is that allows him to do it>". 

One thing it shows, is this guy doesn't have the demeanor to be a cop because someone's comment led to him misbehaving. 


TeamDepends's picture

Yup, scum like Gomez, BLM, antifa, democrats, republicans....

checkessential's picture

So detaining someone for being white is NOT racist.  It's just "unprofessional."  

Agstacker's picture

This would be national news if instead of 'white' he said 'black' and the teens were black.

dizzyfingers's picture

So darned many who aspire to the top ARE power-seeking scum, one (not the only one) of sociopaths.

SoDamnMad's picture

I need some facts. What were the kids pawning?  Was it stolen?  Does this pawn shop regularly receive stolen goods?  If yes, speak to the kids parents. If No, maybe your city attorney should speak to the kids attorney about a settlement to make this infringement go away.

hxc's picture

Pretty sure you have to be 18 to pawn stuff but then again I live in kalifornia.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Now All White NFL (NBA,MLB,MLS etc) players, as well as Black,

should be on one knee this Sunday.



yomutti2's picture

Nail him to the wall.

buzzsaw99's picture

gomez?  i want to make a rayciss joke so bad right now.