Obese Millennials Jeopardize America's Future: Study

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A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine indicates the current obesity epidemic trends in the United States are much worse than thought. The study was published on Wednesday and already has demographers, government officials, and scientist alarmed. The sobering report finds 57.3% of the nation’s children and teens will be obese by the age of 35 if the model continues.

America’s empire is now cracking under the weight of the millennial and the homeland generations’ poor eating habits.

This study is unique and goes beyond any previous research suggesting unhealthy childhood weights leading to adult obesity, exclaimed USA Today. Further, the article suggests the millennial and homeland generation children may have just ushered in a “world where obesity could soon be the new normal”. 

Here is how the scientist calculated these scary findings,

We pooled height and weight data from five nationally representative longitudinal studies totaling 176,720 observations from 41,567 children and adults. We simulated growth trajectories across the life course and adjusted for secular trends.


We created 1000 virtual populations of 1 million children through the age of 19 years that were representative of the 2016 population of the United States and projected their trajectories in height and weight up to the age of 35 years. Severe obesity was defined as a body-mass index (BMI, the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters) of 35 or higher in adults and 120% or more of the 95th percentile in children.  

Zachary Ward, a researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who was the lead author of the study, offered a sobering remark for the need to increase prevention efforts from infancy through young adulthood.

He said, “study is the first to make precise predictions for today’s generation of children.” And so far, the health of America’s future generations has never looked more bleak. 

Models from the study predict that a majority of today’s children (57.3%; 95% uncertainly interval [UI], 55.2 to 60.0) will be obese at the age of 35 years. Full results below, 

Given the current level of childhood obesity, the models predicted that a majority of today’s children (57.3%; 95% uncertainly interval [UI], 55.2 to 60.0) will be obese at the age of 35 years, and roughly half of the projected prevalence will occur during childhood.


Our simulations indicated that the relative risk of adult obesity increased with age and BMI, from 1.17 (95% UI, 1.09 to 1.29) for overweight 2-year-olds to 3.10 (95% UI, 2.43 to 3.65) for 19-year-olds with severe obesity. For children with severe obesity, the chance they will no longer be obese at the age of 35 years fell from 21.0% (95% UI, 7.3 to 47.3) at the age of 2 years to 6.1% (95% UI, 2.1 to 9.9) at the age of 19 years.  

Overall half of the people who will be obese at 35 already are obese at 20, Ward said.

And of course, scientist blame the obesity crisis ravaging America’s younger generations on “profound changes in physical activity and diet”. Millennials are sitting in their parent’s basements too broke to afford avocado and toast, while binge-watching Netflix. Nevertheless, their unconscious minds are too clouded with show Mindhunter (Netflix) or Alias Grace (Netflix) that they miss the point their well-being is critical for the overall survivability of the nation.

The study is based on “a sophisticated statistical analysis technique that relies on certain assumptions, and those assumptions can be challenged,” said Stephen Daniels, chairman of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  “But I think the assumptions are pretty reasonable and their conclusions are pretty reasonable and, unfortunately, pretty scary.”


Daniels, who was not involved in the study, said the findings reflect “profound changes in physical activity and diet” that are hard to address. We live in a world, he said, where it’s easier for kids and parents to choose “high calorie, low-nutrient” foods and drinks than healthy ones. Meanwhile, he said, kids are often glued to screens that keep them immobile for many hours a day.


Potentially helpful policy changes, such as taxes on sugary drinks, need more research, he said. Beverage makers dispute any possible link between obesity rates and soda consumption.


“We have to figure out how to change our environments,” Daniels said. “We spend a lot of time talking to parents about changes we want them to make, but it’s an uphill climb for them.” 

The study concludes and offers a grim outlook on the health of the United States all thanks to the millennials’ eating problem. Nevertheless, the study fails to mention the other can of worms plaguing millennials such as opioids epidemic, students loans, and wealth inequality. 

On the basis of our simulation models, childhood obesity and overweight will continue to be a major health problem in the United States. Early development of obesity predicted obesity in adulthood, especially for children who were severely obese.

* * *

So which states are harboring the largest Americans?  As it turns out, the fried delicacies of the American South aren’t so great for the waistline…

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Try eating real food, and exercising. Amazing results. 

overbet's picture

Yup, its all about processed foods. You dont even have to make much of an effort to be active to stay fit if you eat right. GIGO garbage in garbage out

Bud Dry's picture

The cool part is that when you eat healthy for a while and you try to eat processed food you feel exactly how bad that shit is for you.

Ms. Erable's picture

Not to mention that real food actually tastes like something other than sludge or cardboard.

Gap Admirer's picture

Make them pay for health insurance based on individual risk, similar to auto insurance. Then I'm fine with them. Otherwise I have to pay for their self-control/over-eating problems.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Machine-made foods can be made truly delicious and addictive with the addition of glutamates, salt, conditioners, extenders, flow agents, texturizers, transfats, nitrates and nitrites, artificial flavors and colors, and all manner of chemical agents.  Natural foods just don't have that appeal.

Golden Phoenix's picture

You forgot the frosting and sprinkles.

toady's picture

What is the "homeland generation"?

Sir Edge's picture


This NOT to be missed by zHedgers... 

ReCap... Young Millennial Girl Interviewing For A Job From a Boomer... Classic !

I love how she NEVER stops texting during the interview... 





N2OJoe's picture

Haha that video is amazing!

SheHunter's picture

I like that.  Lower health insurance for those who take care of themselves...but health insurers trying to pass a plan like that likely would be called 'discrimination'. gag.

Give the fatsos to me for a month.  They'll come back lean with a few callouses on their hands and burrs stuck in their jeans. 

Seriously. Parents who overfeed their kids need shot.

CIABS's picture

Real food, not including much starch or sugar.  Emphasis on fats.  It's counterintuitive, but it works.

techpriest's picture

Nothing counter-intuitive about it. Excess carbohydrates (also alcohol) lead to a buildup of corrosive, reactive compounds in the body, and your body has to do all sorts of things to try and purge that crap as fast as possible. I took me until I was ~28 to finally figure out that the reason I kept having trouble sleeping at night was because I was eating too many carbs near bedtime, and I was overheating as my metabolism was trying to burn out all of the toxins.

The only reason this is "counter-intuitive" is because radical vegans and the corn lobby dominated the dietetics journals in the mid to late 20th century. My wife works int his space and good research has only recently been performed (she's doing some of it: eat your dark, colorful berries and veggies, and don't forget the turmeric/curcumin!), and IMO it is because there is too much outside pressure on the official narrative.

Fats, in addition to triggering your satiety sooner, also "burn cleaner" and can be used to synthesize the hormones needed for your metabolism to function correctly. You do need some carbs (your brain prefers it), but in an ideal setting you eat enough to fill up your muscle glycogen, but no more. Any overload means that secondary systems have to fire up to burn the difference, and many of the heart/pancreas/obesity/etc. problems start when these are overused.

duo's picture

If you want to see what humans looked like before HFCS and processed foods, watch the Woodstock footage.

When I was a kid every class of 30 had one fat kid that was picked on (but ended up as a software guy who out-earned all the rest of us).  Now the skinny kid is shamed.  Aren't his parents feeding him enough?

Freddie's picture

** Did they invent soap and shampoo after Woodstock? 

** Hippies were a deep state/MIC/CIA invention to sabotage the Vietnam War movement that had been relatively clean cut until hippies.  The other purpose is the hippies and drug culture helped sell CIA indochina drugs. 


Branded's picture

Dave McGowan - RIP - Interesting Guy

MEFOBILLS's picture

When I was a kid every class of 30 had one fat kid.


When you were a kid, it was one income earner families.  That meant Mom could stay at home and cook real food.  Also, kids were shooed out of the house, as the "outside" world was safe.

Women had eyes on the streets and were a defacto network, which supervised and made sure kids were safe.  

Finance capitalism BROKE this model... it induced women into the workforce to then lower labor costs.  More workers are then available also to pay new debts.

Monetary reform is the first and last thing people should think of when they think about these big demographic trends.  Millenials also will not form households because access price to housing is too high... house prices were built up in a debt bubble.  Then house prices were held high with QE.

It is the end of the road for debt based "private bank credit."  It is also end of the road for monetary capital trying to make itself superior in all aspects of man's relations.  Importing third world workers to take wage arbitrage, and exporting jobs to Asia are part of finance capitalism.

It takes a sovereign, a constitutional kingdom to basically put its foot in the ass of those who would hollow out a country for their own private sordid gain.  Healthy countries, like Poland and Russia are busy hunting down their predators, and doing what they can to support nuclear family formation.  Russia actually pays young families a stipend when they have children.




divingengineer's picture

Not just moms, I can remember a man stopping his car, getting out and running across the street to scold a small group of us that were sticking sticks in a high voltage electrical box when we were kids. I can remember a policeman stopping to chat us up to see what we were "up to" without being a prick about it. I remember people would come out of their houses to investigate crying sounds when a kid wrecked his bike or fell down while playing. 

Not anymore.

bloofer's picture

When I look at old family pictures, taken in the 1950s, the men are all rail-thin. Most of the women (with two or three little kids) have a bit more padding, but even some of them are quite thin.


Eliminate any food adulterated with sweeteners, most of which are fake sugar -  GMO corn high fructose syrup is the number one cheap additive - nasty cancer causer.

Eliminate all GMO foods - cancer causers.

If you can't grow it yourself, buy organic, to avoid herbicides and pesticides. Cancer causers.

Same with meats - if it ain't organically raised, it is full of growth hormones, antibiotics, and primarily corn fed - GMO Roundup contaminated cancer causer, concentrated in your steak, pork chop, chicken breast, burger, you name it - cancer causer.

Support your local farmers markets, and tell Big Food Inc. to go fuck themselves.

Chupacabra-322's picture


The Millennial Generation has been decimated by GMO food, Vaccines, Fluoride, Geo Engineering as well as Indoctrination via a vast array of Psychological Operations.

All done by design, all done by Agenda.

Omen IV's picture

Vaccines / GMO's / Animal Growth Hormones / Sugar in various forms


all contribute to explosion in Autism / Obesity / Cancer / Radical Change in  Sperm Counts

Arnold's picture

So, you're saying 'Don't add them to the Soylent'?

divingengineer's picture

I only eat non GMO, cage free, sustainably produced, Soylent.

shovelhead's picture

Is this the Matt Lauer Bag O' Dicks Diet?

strannick's picture

The John Mcaffe bag of dicks diet

veritas semper vinces's picture

The problems started in the 50's with the epidemic of myocardial  infarctions . The American Medical Association (the bought and paid for one by the Rockefeller foundations)put the blame on 'Fats",without specifying which fats. It was assumed that this refers at animal fats and cholesterol. Not the hydrogenated vegetable oil ,which is made so to have a long shelf life,but in doing that,it CAN NOT be processed by the body,the liver,which becomes "fatty liver"(and can kill you) and is producing inflammation in the body and clogs arteries,after which cholesterol is deposited to heal the vessel leak. They blamed the cholesterol and started a campaign to kill it (but in fact it is killing the body,the liver,brain and muscle with the statin pills).

 They also put the "food pyramid" which,like everything is FAKE.They promote cereals,kill animal fats . It is the opposite ,cereals ,especially the heavy pesticide treated GMO wheat ,which is a poison,in increased quantities ,are transformed into sugar. This,with the fact that they replaced fats with sugar,especially HFCS(which is a poison killing your liver and making you fat) are responsible for the health disaster in the US.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil,sugar,HFCS,little good animal fat,multiple chemicals and preservatives in the food(like glyphosate,MSG and other crap added to make the taste better and hook people on the processed food) are the culprits.

The food has NO NUTRITIONAL value,you keep on eating without any SATISFACTION and on top of that,it is poison. All that sugar is triggering an insulin response(spike) which is not only killing your pancreas and creates diabetes mellitus,but also makes you hungry,because sugar has a high calorie input ,but short life span ,as opposed to fats,which are slowly metabolized and last long and give you good calories. You eat good fats,you are not hungry for a long time. You eat sugar,after the insulin spike vanishes,you crash and need to eat again.

And good animal fat does not cause vessel inflammation and infarctions.

The AMA do not talk about these facts because this will crash big food and pharma industries and their profits.

This is state,corporations,health industries promoted GENOCIDE.

azusgm's picture

Cigarettes >>> increased incidence of myocardial infarction.

bloofer's picture

Totally correct. You covered it.

I'm seeing a lot of evidence that diabetes is largely caused by eating highly processed modern fats and oils--fats and oils that were never consumed by humans in the past.

Insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes) is where insulin cannot "unlock" the cell membrane so that sugars can enter cells to supply energy. So the sugars remain in the bloodstream.

The cell membrane is made up of lipids (fats). Eat the wrong kind of fats and the body must build the cell membranes with the wrong kind of materials, causing insulin resistancce.

There's probably more to it than that, but I think that's a major factor.

Dave from Oz's picture

Doing this is as simple as the FDA ruling that HFCS is not fit for human consumption.

divingengineer's picture

Everything I pick up lately, with the exception of hard-core junk food, is switching back to cane sugar. Who buys that HFCS shit anymone for their products? 

Fester's picture




techpriest's picture

True, but if you eat crap food, your base metabolism becomes paradoxically lower, you are tired all the time, and while 2000 calories would have been fine, your exhausted, malfunctioning body is only burning 1800 and loading the rest as fat.

Stackers's picture

Brawndo's got electrolytes

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Which gets me thinking........They really should have populated that movie with a cast of land whales, minus Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph.

Common_Law's picture

They did in the movie wall-e. 


Brawndo may contain man nuts, too. 

Fester's picture

The sheep also love their tats.


What retards

Truthoutthere's picture

Can you still be a Millenial if you haven't got a tattoo?

mkkby's picture

Yes, but only if you dye your hair florescent green, blue or pink.

techpriest's picture

For this Millenial (early, born '85), I remember the following argument:

"If you drew a permanent picture on yourself at age 10, would you, who is now 20, want to show it to your friends? You are just as dumb now, but it will take you another 10 years to figure it out."

general ambivalent's picture

Perhaps you could suggest where this 'real food' can be found. Even the specially separated 'real food' is often just more Monsanto shit.

techpriest's picture

I'd start with Craigslist. It won't cover everything, but you can certainly learn about who is raising chickens in their back yard and selling eggs.

If the eggs are orange, then they're running something healthy, so eggs and meat will both be good.

Next, for "health food" stores, look for the bulk food first. Also pick up a good probiotic - probiotic drinks are expensive, but I've been able to kick soda completely in favor of a low-calorie kombucha, and I feel great.

Replace TV with time spent cooking yourself.

After this, take the time to build some raised bed gardens (in my old apartment I did this on my balcony), and as you get better at it, you can grow a variety of veggies through the year. Either bought or grown, dark colors are best, esp. purple, orange, and red.

This probably won't cover everything, but it will give you a good baseload of vital nutrients that are missing in mass-produced foods.

After that, start paying attention to how you feel after any given meal, including how it goes on the toilet 12-24 hours later. If you consistently get acid reflux, gas, diarrhea, or a combination, stop eating whatever it is. Most likely you will never eat fast food fries or most foods fried in vegetable oil again.

Truthoutthere's picture

A year from now the obesity problem will be worse.A year from now the first statement will be true.This juggernaut ain't stoppin' for no one.

InnVestuhrr's picture

I am from southern Europe, where garbage food is banned by law and culture,  please tell me where I can find "real food" in the USA ????

bloofer's picture

You will have to get a place on a small acreage and grow a big garden and raise some chickens and hogs, run some cattle, and keep dairy goats or a dairy cow. Go hunting during deer and turkey seasons. Grow fruit and nut trees and berry bushes. Forage for wild foods as much as you can. Bees are also good to have.

That's how.

European American's picture

"Try eating real food, and exercising."

Can they comprehend the meaning of that statement?

They are addicted to GMO junk food which is their "Real" food, and exeercising is when their two thumbs are texting on their smart phones.

Justin Case's picture

They are accustomed to the taste of heat and eat food with chemicals, artificial colour, flavour enhancers, preservatives, sodium etc. So real food has no taste to them. It starts from a young age by what parents feed them. Playing x-box only the eyes and fingers get excercise. They don't do many or any sports other than maybe spectate. It's hard to change yoar self, so imagine how difficult it is to change someone else.

Osmium's picture

So with all the weed being smoked in Colorado you would think they would have a serious case of the munchies and really be packing on the pounds.  Strange

Captchured's picture

Fear not...our state is getting fatter as all of the Californians move here. Ack!