Russian Marines Deploy To North Korean Border After ICBM Launch

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After Russia announced on Wednesday that North Korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch constituted a "provocative act" while also calling on all sides to "stay calm", major Russian military maneuvers have been reported today along Russia's tiny stretch of border with North Korea.

According to an alarming report detailing the new Russian military build-up in Newsweek:

Russian marines have practiced landing operations at its border with North Korea, following Pyongyang’s controversial missile launch test this week, the military said. Russian naval infantry servicemen and the crews of Russia’s Pacific Fleet ships Admiral Nevelskoy and Peresvet, carried out a swift, amphibious charge on a beachhead in the Primorye region, Russia’s only one to border North Korea.


The cargo and staff boarded Admiral Nevelskoy at Desantnaya Bay and simulated the landing at the Klerk training range, both of which are in Primorye, Pacific Fleet spokesman Nikolay Voskresenskiy told state-run news agency RIA NovostiPeresvet made its pickup elsewhere but also arrived in the area near Klerk.

Image via The Baghdad Post

Though this is not the first time such Russian military drills have taken place (similar fears over a US-North Korea war led to Russian troop deployment near the border last April), it is certainly a sign that Russia desires to back its diplomacy with muscle in a direct signalling to Pyongyang. The Russian-North Korean border (by the standards of the official Russian definition) consists of 17 kilometers of "terrestrial border" and 22.1 km of "maritime border" - and is the shortest of the international borders of Russia.

Meanwhile, TASS reports that a delegation of Russian lawmakers currently visiting the North Korean capital is seeking to meet with officials there in order to deliver an official Russian message of condemnation over the latest missile test.  According to TASS:

"A delegation of the State Duma [the lower chamber of the Russian parliament - TASS], led by Kazbek Taisayev, is currently in Pyongyang under the ‘Group of Friendship’ program with the North Korean parliament. So far, we were unable to establish any contact with them. But I’m sure that our lawmakers will deliver Russia’s stance during meetings and negotiations with representatives of the North Korean leadership," Leonid Slutsky, the chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, told TASS on Tuesday.

Russian military forces in the country's Primorye and the far eastern Kamchatka regions are engaged in a series of war games and training exercises which involve about 1,000 soldiers, paratroopers, and over 150 pieces of military hardware and transport vehicles, and which will also reportedly involve live fire exercises. The drills were announced separately from previously planned war games, which is a clear indicator that they are in response to the escalating rhetoric between North Korea and the US over recent missile launches. 

The tiny stretch of the Russia-North Korean land border is about 17 km long. Image source: Quora

As Newsweek explains, Russia is deeply troubled by the North Korean program yet also points the finger at a US policy in the region which Russia claims is overly aggressive and designed to put the Pyongyang government on the defensive:

Moscow opposes North Korea’s nuclear program on principle and protested the regime’s latest missile launch. However, Russia has insisted that the U.S. must shoulder part of the blame for stirring the North Korean regime into a frenzy and “provoking” further tests with its ongoing defense commitments to nearby Japan and South Korea.

Indeed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov repeated the long standing Russian position on Thursday, saying that US military drills near the Korean peninsula “consciously directed at provoking Pyongyang to some new snap actions,” according to Interfax news agency.

North Korea alarmed the international community on Tuesday when, after a two-month lull, it fired a Hwasong-15 ICBM into the waters west of Japan. State media touted the launch as its most powerful missile yet. Judging by the missile’s peak height reached during its flight, experts say the North now has the capacity to strike nearly any location in the Continental US. The North's state media released dozens of photos and a video after Wednesday’s launch of the new Hwasong-15 missile, which North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared had “finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force”. 

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has urged countries to cut trade ties with North Korea over the latest tests, something which Russia has refused to do, though India cut ties in 2015, which was a significant blow to the North's economy as India was its second largest trading partner. 

But FM Lavrov pushed back against US pressure and threats of military and economic warfare, telling a security summit meeting in Belarus on Thursday, "We have the impression that all of this is done specially so that Kim Jong Un will go off the rails and take yet another reckless step."

Lavrov then cautioned: "It’s sad. If they want to find a pretext for the destruction of North Korea, as the U.S. representative stated in the U.N., let them say that straight. Then we will take a decision on how to react to that."

Following Tuesday's launch, Trump promised new sanctions in a tweet, saying that after a phone call with China’s leader Xi Jingping about "the provocative actions" of North Korea, he would impose "additional major sanctions" and that "this situation will be handled!"  Though Kim Jong Un has appeared unbowed in the face of US sanctions and regional allied military war games, it remains to be seen what the potential for increased Russian pressure and diplomacy might do.

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The US has a small border everywhere, right?

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Sure does. That pesky Russia needs to move its country away someplace.


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Sorry for the flimsy comment, I just can't read the other story about tax reform being a 350B hike.

/drain the swamp pffft

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well, this should be good for at least 150 green Dow points tomorrow, right ?

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Always bullish.

Only thing that would stop the US bond market and stock market from being bought would be a direct hit of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY by a ICBM.

Otherwise this market keeps going up. 

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Are those border fences that I see?

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I can't get over this: "Trump promised new sanctions in a tweet."

The ostensible Leader of the Free World makes foreign policy decisions in a fucking TWEET?!? 

Small wonder that Putin is seen to be running rings around him. 

Would somebody please take away Little Don's phone and tell him to GROW UP AND START BEHAVING LIKE A STATESMAN? 

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Yeah. Its, like, all high school and stuff. Ohmygod. 

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Democrats are painfully stupid! Obama used Twitter, yet somehow it's the end of the world if someone else uses Twitter. Hell, Obama wasn't even an American.

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To be clear, my objection isn't Twitter usage per se.  Putin has a Twitter account, but if you follow it, you see that he uses it for official communiques.  In other words, he doesn't use it like a child on SnapChat! 

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Putin is really going to be upset when Fat Little KimUn launches an ICBM over Russia to land in the Atlantic Ocean.


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Next week. But he'll go to the Pacific left coast first. It drags out the suspense. 

Where is Ambassador Rodman?

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Rodman was there last sponsored by potcoin so Rodman can visit again and save us all....stranger things have happened 


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Why would President Kim Jong-un do that?

Russia is their best friend, better even than China.

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I read the UN food program to NK was to end in November. So Russia will now feed them. Good because Russia is a huge grain producer.  It think the Russian troops are practicing handing out food and there not be any mad rushes to get a few cups of wheat.

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Would be ironic if Russia saves usa from getting nuked

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To hit the East Coast of the U.S. NK would have to fly their ICBM over Russia.  I don't think Putin is Ok with that.


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Nuking means never having to ask permission.

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Annnddd we'd probably still "retaliate" with more sanctions. Kinda like how we basically threatened them for destroying our alleged "enemies" in Syria.

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Like a good game of RISK, here is the REAL reason troops are there:

  1. Place an army near the border of conflict
  2. Tell true enemy your buildup is for self protection
  3. When true enemy attacks and both teams are weak, move in with impressive force and take it over yourself on the easy note.

SK will be reduced to ash via WW2 artillary, Japan will be wiped clean with missile strikes, what U.S. forces remain will fight hard, but not good enough. Reinforcements are too far away.  Should the U.S. somehow get a temporary upper hand and weaken NK, or god forbid cripple it, Russia forces will leap in and claim a quick victory!

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US has its dick everywhere.

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Maybe we should try the Wiener/Liar approach and just send dick pics to everyone . . . think of the savings. Get Banzi to PShop one; The Washington Monument with hair & leakage or something like that.

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The coast of the world ocean.

More's the pity. Very expensive.

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America and Israel have a little nasty backdoor border to your pc and mobile phone. Just wonder for what we need an anti semitic firewall if the Semites and their almighty god exists only literarily?

Is there the exodus again but this time real?

What about the mences of the semitic we get them finally now because they think we are the Egyptians?

Is Alphabet (Google) this almighty semitic God?

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If the US starts a ground war against NK, it would be the beginning of the end of the US Empire.

Maybe the PTB want this to happen.

Plus SK gets boned (LG and Samsung), meaning +1 to China and Russia.

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You can't fight a ground war with a 8,000 supply line and NO DRAFT...Never Happen...

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NK is the size of Pennsylvania, and has twice the population. Think about that. What if PA was fuckin around and upsetting the neighbors. Neighbors who have all the same equipment, but more of it, and have made a habit of using any pretext to keep troops in active combat, in multiple places, at all times.

NK is on the anvil between some of the richest hammers in the world. What's going to happen to the plebes, because of "sick puppy", is sad and pathetic.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

The question is: who is upsetting whom?

South Korea (North Korea's smalles neighbour) has a population twice the size of NK and a GDP (PPP) that's 50 times that of NK.

What is more reasonable to presume:

  • That SK feels upset by its little neighbour NK that knows it will stand alone (without even China helping them) if it decides to start the war?
  • That NK feels upset by the threats of SK and its Big Brother the US (the notorious bully that has already destroyed half a dozen countries in the past 16 years)?

Come on, get back down to earth, please!

NK is on the anvil indeed with some of the richest hammers raised over them. That's exactly why the're scrambling to get the only weapon that can protect them from being "regime-changed". President Kim Jong-un is no madman at all. On the contrary, his behaviour makes perfect sense. We may not like it, but that's another matter.

Leave them alone, let them run their own country the way they prefer to run it and everything will be just fine (except, of course for the US Military Industrial Complex).

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The troops are likely there to close the border, if this thing kicks off there will be a lot of refugees trying to get out of the country by any route.

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Japanese industries would also benefit from it.

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Then the North Korea gets divided up like Germany in WW2. We will have North-North Korea as the occupied Russian Zone and the Free Republic of South-North Korea occupied by Nato?

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"it would be the beginning of the end of the US Empire."

Oh we're waaaaayyy past that point.

I wonder what the sign-on bonuses will be like.  I imagine few volunteers are going to sign up, and real veterans are going to turn in their uniforms even many who are halfway to retirement.  The DoD will have to seriously bump up recruitment incentives.

We'll have 18 year old millionaires pretty soon just for signing their name on the dotted line.  Just hope they don't lose their nuts.

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US empire is the illusion. Rothschild banking empire is the reality. Were just the big stick.

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The dreaded quintuple post.

I know for sure now that you're not a stock trader, but how fat are your fingers?

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trippy. honestly hit post one time.

silverserfer's picture

US empire is the illusion. Rothschild banking empire is the reality. Were just the big stick.

silverserfer's picture

US empire is the illusion. Rothschild banking empire is the reality. Were just the big stick.

silverserfer's picture

US empire is the illusion. Rothschild banking empire is the reality. Were just the big stick.

silverserfer's picture

US empire is the illusion. Rothschild banking empire is the reality. Were just the big stick.

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The beginning of the end of the US empire started with the invasion of Iraq in 2003. 

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they are fucking lucky that japan isn't bristling with nuke missiles by now.

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$5 says that there is a Hello Kitty sticker somewhere in a Jap nuke bunker.

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egad, there's a thought.  multiple jap nuke warheads with hello kitty emblems.  if that doesn't scare the shit out of round boy nothing will.

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I once was involved in a tiny campaign to keep plutonium out of Japan. It totally failed.

I've worked with some Japanese. They absolutely have all the "pieces". I think it would almost be absurd if they didn't have lots of them.

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In laws live outside Kobe and have a bunker. Wife's sister is a fan of hello kitty, going to ask if she's put one in it next I talk to her. I wouldn't take the bet though, as soon as I ask, if there isn't one, there will be.

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I predict Japan is making nukes right now. This will be the solution. Balance of power.

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The US is dreaming it it thinks Russia will allow them to setup basecamp on their border with



I think the US have been watching to many  Hollywood movies from the 1960's starring  john wayne or something.

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they've got the whole dmz plus japan i don't think they want to horn in on russia's 17 km long slice of heaven.