Saudis Intercept Ballistic Missile Fired From Yemen

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It's deja vu all over again in Saudi Arabia. Al Arabiya reports that a ballistic missile from Yemen has been intercepted on Thursday by Saudi air defense forces in southern city of Khamis Mushait in the south western province of Assir.

The missile attack is the second this month since the November 4 missile intercepted near King khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

Notably, Huthi TV is claiming that the missile "hit the target"...

Huthi rebels fired a ballistic missile today that hit a military target in Saudi Arabia, rebel media in Yemen said, after the leader of the group threatened Riyadh with retaliation over a blockade.


"We confirm the success of our ballistic missile trial, which hit its military target inside Saudi Arabia," the Huthi-run Al-Masira television channel said.


Earlier, rebel chief Abdulmalik al-Huthi warned against "prolonging the blockade" imposed on Yemen following a November 4 Huthi missile attack that was intercepted near Riyadh international airport.

The Arab League in November 19 cited that since the beginning of the conflict in Yemen 78 ballistic missiles have been fired towards Saudi Arabia from Yemen.

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The convestional military equipment of the world's largest militaries:


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So are the Saudis going to fire missiles at Iran in realiation?


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So life in Riyadh is more a game of Russian Roulette now? Will the missile making it past the Patriot...

Meanwhile Iran can't stop laughing as KSA can't do nothing about it.

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"Saudis Intercept Ballistic Missile Fired From Yemen"

Go Figure... And US can't Shoot-Down any of KimBobs Missiles ???

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Don't we need someone to test the effectiveness of those Russian S-400 defences with some missiles?  Might as well be the Saudis.


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They the Saudis need to get the Iran war going before Netanyahu gets canned other wise they lose Israel's support.  Its expected that Netanyahu will be brought up on charges in February.

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Is Mueller going after the Israeli-Russian connection, too? LOL


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Saudis Intercept Ballistic Missile Fired by other Saudis and/or Israelis

there, fixed it for you.


and Trump is all on board

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So when the Riyadh hospital maternity wards and/or the Ritz Carlton get bombed, no one will complain. 

It's only.......fair.



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How about the "israel rules the US" corruption investigation.
Unchain America!

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The missile was destroyed when it was blocked by a Saudi building containing military munitions and supplies...

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If they were smart they'd send these missiles at the hotel where they are shaking down captive and wealthy Saudi princes. They'd knock off their royal rivals to the throne, get to take ALL of the money (can't take it with you), and have a blooded pretext for war with whomever they accuse.

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They said this would happen. Men who understood the region and its peoples, more than a century ago told representatives of our Western nations that if we went over there for oil, the peoples of those regions hate each other so much, and their choices of action are so vengeful and potentially violent, that conflict would grow and over time it would envelope the whole world.

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Camel scrotums make fine slingshots,sometimes, but rarely, post mortem.

Does it hurt ?

If you catch your fingers.

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Are they cardboard or blow-up models?

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Damnit Iran!(or whoever actually fired it)

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I think it is the one shot by North Korea.

It went so high that when it fell to Earth it just bored straight through and came out in Yemen where it was then shot down by SA with an American Patriot missle.

Yep, that what CNN ought to report.

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Yemen says it hit the target. Whom do you believe,the Ansarullah movement fighting against the invaders from SA or the sponsor of wahhabi takfiri salafi terrorism all over the world? Tough choice.

In related news from the East front(where things are definitely not quiet):

-Libya asked Russia for help with printing its money

-Egypt,a US ally ?,allows Russia to use its military bases and airspace;let's see when Egypt has another terrorist attack ,like the recent one

-the Beit Jinn pocket,near the Golan Heights ,where there are Al Qaeda terrorists supported by our"ally " in the ME,the zionist state,is shrinking,SAA gaining control. I can only imagine Mileikovsky's contortions and convulsions,as he sees his projects going to the sewer.

-the zionist apartheid state started bombing Gaza again ,killing civilians. There are really good at that. Not a peep from the US

-Watch the recent Tillerson's speech at the Khazarian Wilson center,where he accuses Russia of every  possible sin,including invading Georgia. Do not watch it after you ate,you may vomit.Between him,the mad dog ,the Nikki Haley abomination,the Pompeo disaster at the See Eye Ayy,the dead on arrival Sessions,the Goldman thieves and the Pentagram killers who populate the government,I'm asking where is the swamp draining. Am I aiming too high?

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yeah, and aim afew at tel aviv while ya at it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey, these yemen must have got dem missiles from north korea or something. Fat boy dont even live in n. korea, probably davos

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Good day for a launch since PMs are down

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desperately trying to change the narrative.

those fuckers shot an 8 oz bottle rocket at us!!


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This is what happens when the US navy doesn't have the fortitude to scuttle banned cargo.


FYI the SCUD is not a defensive weapon.

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some say Yemen uses Whatsapp to steer them rockets

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A missile they fired themselves.

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bal·lis·tic mis·sile b??listik ?mis?l/ noun  
  1. a missile with a high, arching trajectory, that is initially powered and guided but falls under gravity onto its target. a kids rocket qualifies as a ballistic missile. 

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Yes but using the word Ballistic makes it sound pretty impressive.

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"Yes but using the word Ballistic makes it sound pretty impressive."

A bullet from a rifle follows a ballistic trajectory. More fake news.

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Looks like the Yemenites didn't starve enough. Apparently they need another round.

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Saudis can intercept them but we can't? Oh, we can't intercept NK missles because they are ...??

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cause saudi is more technologically advanced than the United States of Merica 

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Cause Nork missle components now come from a former Soviet plant in Ukraine. See ZH articles on same.

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can they reach israel? if not, lend them some

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Hezbollah haas launched thousands of rockets against Israel, they do reach Israel but do almost nothing, over 95% crash in empty fields and the others blow holes in roofs. Missile is too strong of a word for a Katyusha rocket, so i call them rockets.

Dont think Yemen has "ballistic missiles".

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So then, if SA is able to intercept a missile from Yemen, we shouldn't worry about N Korea missiles, right?  I mean we can do the same, I would think.  Unless it's a false flag like 911, that is. 

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One mans "intercept" appears to be

another mans direct hit...


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The last one they shot down left pieces scattered about including either the main thruster or the warhead, depending on which news outlet you read.  They had pictures.  It was clearly a kerosene-fired engine from a 1926 Hoyt-Clagwell "Fireball" farm tractor. 

Yemenese missile technology defies physics.

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and that's why its unlikely to be Iranian ballistic missile.  More likely backyard creations inc. funded by uncle sam for someone else to take the heat

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Likewise this one will be found in pieces, several of which will be claimed to prove Iranian provenance.



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I call bullshit.  It's the Saudis who are doing everything in their power to start that war.  I'm calling it #fakenews all the way to the bank.

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What type of “missile” is this?

A small rocket with 50lb. Payload or one with 2,000 lb. payload?

Hezbollah (Iran proxy) has thousands of the little one but not too many of the big ones.

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For every Rocket the Hezbolla fire into Israel, the IDF needs to take 1 square Kilometer of land,,,,and wipe it clean,,for every one.

Soon the sand Fleas will get the point. Move them all to Iran.

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Now here's a fine example of a human that doesn't have a clue,,,  and why the species is doomed.

FORD_FIESTA's picture

Only when the Species is smart enough to stop the lowlifes from Breeding, will it be saved. As long as Government continues to allow everyone, no matter the time , place, or environment, to Breed uncontrolled, then yes, this Species is lost.

The Four Horseman will ride soon.