ABC Makes "Epic Mistake", Retracts Bombshell Flynn Story

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Having caused chaos in financial markets briefly, set the liberal media on fire with 'I told you so's, and sparked a renewed round of #ImpeachTrump demands, ABC News issued a 'clarification' to their bombshell Flynn report that not only negates the entire story but provides President Trump with another round of ammunition to fire against the 'fake news' media.

Critically, ABC News reports, correcting their earlier report, that Michael Flynn is prepared to testify that Donald Trump directed him to contact the Russians as president-elect, not as a candidate.

Here is the full 'clarification'

During a live Special Report, ABC News reported that a confidant of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed him to contact Russian officials during the campaign.


That source later clarified that during the campaign, Trump assigned Flynn and a small circle of other senior advisers to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hot spots.


It was shortly after the election, that President-elect Trump directed Flynn to contact Russian officials on topics that included working jointly against ISIS.

So to clarify - just as President Trump had stated, there was no contact with Russians during his time as a candidate but in fact it was in transition as he attempted to mend broken bridges with another world super-power in his role as president-elect - this in no way a criminal act at all. In fact, reaching out to foreign governments during transitions is standard procedure.

CNN is embarrassed...

Axios apologizes for its use of the story...

(We regret highlighting a story that had one source making an astonishing allegation.)

And maybe Brian Ross, so-called journalist and ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent, who wrote the ABC article, will explain himself and his 'sources' for this nothingburger of a story.

One wonder what the consequences are, or should be, for such an obvious error.

The original tweet published by ABC News containing Ross' initial report had been retweeted more than 25,000 times and embedded in various news stories online before it was deleted.

But the clarification - issued at 7:53pmET - has just 2600 RTs...

Ironically, that tweet was also deleted, and this is the latest retraction, even if ABC still indends on calling it a correction:

Which for those still confused, can be summarized as follows:

Is it any wonder trust in the mainstream media is at rock bottom?

How long before Dianne Feinstein retracts her angry statement aimed at President Trump "negotiating with Russia against US interests"?

We look forward to President Trump's tirade over this.

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affirmed_78's picture

Suck a dick Bob Iger.

Dr.Carl's picture

ABC and others are desperate to try anything.  The problem is that even the dems are seeing that the emotional lies are not adding up.  No one can be that stupid I guess. 

LadyAtZero's picture

Earlier today I kept looking at the dates of when Flynn talked to the Russian diplomat. 

All I could think of was, "Why is it so awful for an incoming administration to talk to  Russia about sanctions that  are about to be laid on them?    When did it become illegal to get ready for an incoming presidency?"

Obama was practically burning the house down from the moment after Trump was elected.    The Russian sanctions imposed by Obama in late December 2016 were a part of the house burning.

Flynn ought to get a medal for enduring all these months of bullshit. 

northern vigor's picture

Slander law suits should stop the fake news. Come on it.

Lord Raglan's picture

Even England is smart enough NOT to have NY Times v. Sullivan as precedent.  

aliens is here's picture

Trump needs to go full dictator on them MSM fuckers and yank all their licenses.

Lord Raglan's picture

Exactly.  Throw down the gauntlet now.  Get it over with.  

The Left is so worried about Trump being a dictator.  He might as well be one and get it over with.   

FrankDrakman's picture

Don't be stupid. The MSM are already destroying themselves. When your enemy is digging himself into a hole, you don't stop him; you give him more shovels. 

Zorba's idea's picture

I want to extend an open invitation to Mr Ross to stroll through my town you cant get pass one block before the hospitality overwhelms you!

thebigunit's picture


Scorekeeper, put 300 points back on the DOW.

Anteater's picture

As long as Jared flees to Tel Aviv before he's indicted, he can't be extradicted, so the Trump family is fire-walled off. They can blame Jared. Congress has already met in SECRET to declare Don Jr 'exculpated' (lawyer weasel word) of the charge of treason. Buy Ivanka's stuff! She's a single-mother now!! Sad.

Lord Raglan's picture

indicted for what?  For directing a transition team member of a newly elected President to contact a foreign sovereign?  Are you really that fucking stupid?  People like you shouldn't be allowed to vote.  

shovelhead's picture

Anty wanted Mike Brown for President.

Oops, he's deader than shit, ain't he?

Better luck next time.

MrBoompi's picture

Ross has carried water for the deep state propagandists for decades.  He was one who reported the anthrax attacks were linked to Iraq, as well as assisting in the coverups or attempts at misdirection in numerous other major events.  If he wasn't working for the CIA I'd be very surprised.  

ThankUGartman's picture

Do I have to give back the 1G I made on SPY puts since it was fake?

DarthVaderMentor's picture

Do I sense ABC facing possible federal and state prosecutions and civil class actions coming for manipulating the market and a lawsuit to recover losses for those who lost money today in the stock market?

Col. Leghorn CSA's picture

No, those days of justice are long gone

nicktd's picture

Doesnt matter. "Moron" Trump is toast.

IridiumRebel's picture

Yeah let’s get another faggot progressive in charge to finish off the country.
Please fuck off.

rockstone's picture

You posted this last week. And the week before. You were posting that in October of 2016. You posted it that entire summer.

You posted that after Iowa during the winter of ‘16, nearly 2 years ago.

And still......the train rolls on. He’ll one day, as all will, pass away after a long life well lived.

And you’ll post it again and pronounce “See? I told you so!!”

Herdee's picture

More on the U.S. Marines raiding the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. And no it's not a conspiracy that the CIA is trafficking narcotics. Trump had some of the locations bombed!

Dilluminati's picture

No matter how you slice or dice the days events it wasn't a good day for the administration, and some of the people who took money and didn't disclose it never tried to skip paying their student loans, because if you sign a waiver allowing the government to pursue you?  And you think that your able to hide financial transactions in this day and age.. your not fit for public office.  Think of it as a join statement on your tax id's and SSN that cleared folk have.  Dumb fucks.. and once you fucking lie.. well the subsequent truth is pretty damn expensive.

A blatant fucking lie is effectively an insult to the people who do background investigations as it implies you think they are incompetent or non-autonomous.  

people don't remember this fuck

Bush nominated Kerik to be the head of the Department of Homeland Security. However, Kerik soon withdrew his candidacy, explaining that he had employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny. His withdrawal resulted in state and federal investigations as a result of which in 2006 Kerik pleaded guilty in Bronx Supreme Court to two unrelated ethics violations (unclassified misdemeanors) and was ordered to pay $221,000 in fines. Kerik then pleaded guilty in 2009 in the Southern District of New York to eight federal charges, including tax fraud and false statements, and on February 18, 2010, was sentenced to four years in federal prison.[1]

I guess these people think what the fuck I'll just outright fucking lie!

navy62802's picture

So if it's an intentional error, is that still called a "mistake?"

IridiumRebel's picture

It’s called fake news. Ross prolly had SP puts out there. He prolly cleaned up.

FU in Advance's picture

The fucker should personally pay anyone who lost money from this algo trigging event.  He is also the dumb fuck who completely botched the Colorado shooting.  How does this cowpie still have a job?

IridiumRebel's picture

No botching. It was on purpose.

acrabbe's picture

There are people who will forever be under the spell of the mainstream media, no matter how much evidence to the contrary.

They fall into 2 categories: Stupid or Brainwashed to hell.

I have close and beloved family members who belong to the latter category. IT used to be amusing discussing these issues with them. ut now it is totally frustrating and a little depressing. Realizing that they will never understand the fist up their ass twindling their neurons and voice box. Fucking drugged monkeys.

I've decided to never again discuss these deep state issues with anyone unless they seem to be somewhat aware that they live in a fucking wonderland of deception and self-determination.

Even half the Trump supporters are total retards.

God help us.

NickPeeMe's picture

Then there is you brainwashed idiots.

Lord Raglan's picture

"the talking vagina doth protest too much"..........

NickPeeMe's picture

It is not like they are going to impeach him for getting a blow job and lying about it. Such short memory of Tribal retards. they would only do that if that is all they could get him on.  You dumb fuckers won't mimd sucking Mike Pence's cock.

Buster Cherry's picture

Hey, didja see the thread on Zuckerburg's sister on the Alaska Air plane?

You're a rockstar on that one !

NickPeeMe's picture

A talking Vagina strikes again.

YourAverageJoe's picture

You're a very lonely guy I'll bet


Lord Raglan's picture

We'll just let you suck dick. 

I have yet to see you make an intelligent post.  It is always personal attack.  You Lefties are so dumb, so predictable and all the same.  Drones.  You are dumber than a Somalian.  And they supposedly have an average IQ of 68.  

I can hardly wait for a civil war.  We have 8 trillion rounds of ammo and you dumb Marxist fucks have CNN and MSLSD, not to mention Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Good luck.  

NickPeeMe's picture


Civl war I am really worried about that asshole. You got jack shit.

Lord Raglan's picture

When you little leftie pukes' necks are on the chopping block, we'll see how principled you really are.  You've already sold out your own children with Common Core.  I am young enough to wait for that.  

NickPeeMe's picture

It is not my fault your actually to stupid to help your own kid with his math homework. Here is a clue retard, 2 +  2 does not equal 22.

Lord Raglan's picture

The tragedy of you is that you actually don't know anything.  You're just an opinionated blowhard.  

The purpose of Common Core is to ensure that parents CANNOT help their kids with homework.  That's its goal.  REplacing parents with the Almighty State.  

Dratpmurt's picture

Wrong again. Common core math is fairly simple. 5 minutes thinking(that the part that get you) will help you see common core math is a way of getting students to view problems from differnt perspectives. It actually brodens your horizons. It isn't the way I learned math but it isn't difficult or impossible to help your kids. you just have to think about it.

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Learn the language you impertinent adolescent, like "you're" and "too." Reveals the uneducated moron you are.

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He still didn't give the correct answer to his arithmetic demonstration either.

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Is Soros paying you $15 an hour to blog here?  

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Soros is as irrelevant as you are.

Lord Raglan's picture

That is soooooooooooo hurtful.........

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For a guy with no balls, since you don't dare to bear the real "swastika", you seem to forget... You're not even mentioned years from now. Nobody cares. Nobody will remember. Yet mommy told you you were special. How's that for cognitive dissonance? Trying to be special but nobody recognize you. In the words of your "allergy": "SAD!"

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Until Jack stops giving a shit. Then you'll squeal differently. All in the fetal position, yelling don't hurt me and the Robbermint will save me. Idiot. When you get worried the rest already planned and is busy, you..? You're still figuring out where in utopia it went wrong while I rob you of everything you have. Welcome to life bitch. Comrades? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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What an annoying little fag, with your quad-butt-plug swastika.