GOP Releases All 479 Pages Of The Tax Reform Bill - "Vote-A-Rama" Begins

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The Senate tax bill is headed for a potentially unlimited series of decisions on possible amendments - known as “vote-a-rama” - as the full text of the revised bill has just been released.

As Bloomberg reports, it’s unclear how long that process might take, though we do note that unlike Obamacare, Senators will at least get to see what's in the bill before they vote on it.

Democrats could spend hours offering numerous amendments meant to highlight any flaws they believe the bill contains.

Full Text:

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How about the cliff notes and some lube?

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Cliff Notes and Lube!!!! DILLY DILLY

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Dilly, dilly.  To the pit of misery!

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If the tax cuts do not apply to 2017 and beyond,  you are all voted out.  Got it ??


And the market crashes.

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They are keeping the AMT  are you fucking kidding me???  Oh yeah...I am FUCKED AGAIN.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

You read the thing??  You weren't supposed to do that!!

Ya, the AMT just means, if we lower your taxes too much, we are sorry, you aren't paying enough and have to pay more, we are just pretending to lower your taxes, but not really.

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You don't need to read any bill that's 400+ pages long to know it's a steaming pile of horse shit.

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Hmm... a large bill rammed through on a Friday evening. What could possibly go wrong?

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WTF happened to the republican party that wanted smaller gov? These pieces of shit can't find ONE THING to cut.

It truly is a red/blue one party system now. DC is just a flea market for selling our representation to the highest bidding corp or foreign gov. Steal everything you can and who gives a shit about the decay everywhere in plain sight.

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If it's more than 10 pages it's too long.

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The US Constitution is 4 pages, granted large ones with tiny text, but nevetheless, one of the greatest documents ever written.

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You should be able to file your taxes on a postcard.  But since the current tax code is nothing more than a vote buying scheme for both parties, NO POSTCARD FOR YOU!!

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And no soup either!  Dilly, dilly.

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No postcard for me. I'm waiting for the Turbo Tax version.

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Sorry, but the steaming pile of shit known as HR 1 adds more tax loopholes than it removes -- a lot more. The only loopholes it removed are the ones that benefited the middle class.

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Forgive me...but I'm going to plug this again, simply because of the quality of content...

I hope you (and others here) can find time to listen to Spirko's opinion on the tax bill. It's awesome! Skip Fwd to 58:20

new game's picture

corporation smorporation...

long, van gough and lears

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long live the GOP and TRUMP!

SWE_Misanthrope's picture

on a friday...


everybody out drinking


puking crying screaming on the sidewalk..


watching tv..




SWE_Misanthrope's picture



it makes the corporations richer!!!!!! 







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I think the idea of the tax reform bill is to keep more corporations afloat longer before they go chapter 11. Tax reform will just make the average American feel richer while they're actually getting poorer.

SWE_Misanthrope's picture

LOL YOU TRUMPERS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






O MY FUCKING GOD.........YOU DISGUSTING FUCKING HUMAN PIECE OF TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Normally I’d downvote you for all caps and excessive punctuation. But I had to upvote for truth.

SWE_Misanthrope's picture

the patriot act -unpatriotic

obamacare -doesn't care for you at all

tax cuts - for the mega coroprations



same old trick.....different face same masters.


this scam is bigger than obamas, people just haven't realized it yet

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Corporations don't pay taxes; their customers do in the form of higher prices...

fulliautomatix's picture

but corporations are people too! Taxation-enhanced people who live under a different law, but people: they should have the vote! And seperate restrooms!

paperstreetsoapco's picture

And their employees in the form of EMPLOYER taxes.  EMPLOYEES pay corporate taxes as well.  An oil tank cannot pay taxes.  A forklift cannot pay taxes.  An admin building cannot pay taxes.  Only employees, customers, and owners pay corporate taxes.


You would have a Giant raise if corporate taxes are cut.  Assuming management passes that along to you and not to the owners(stockholders).

MK13's picture

If us corporate rates go down, tax inversions disappear, EU becomes house of living zombies - wrong corporate taxes, wrong demographics.

Nothing will smell better than burnt socialism of EU.

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You seem to believe that you are smarter than some other folks.  Prove it by contributing to the discussion with facts, analysis, or even well-supported opinion, rather than meaningless vulgarity.

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Looks like someones low on meds...

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that's a lot of punctuation.  how punctual.

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479 PAGES????????????

That's bigger than a Charles Dickens novel FFS!!!

The idea that a 'bought & paid-for', "we gotta pass it to see whats in it", dementia-ridden CONgress will be meticulously & judiciously reviewing such a weighty tome of legalese gobbledygook - with the best interests of the tax-extorted wage-slave in mind - is, it goes without saying, an exercise in utter delusion to the Nth degree - with "N" asymtotically approaching infinity!

Let it Go's picture

Taxpayers will now be able to spend billions finding out what is in the damn thing!

Bobportlandor's picture

What happened to the Post Card?

FTS I'll keep working under the table for 1 gold coin per week.

frank further's picture

Fuck Trump & the fake Republicunts.

Fuck Schumer & the Demoncraps.


PLease, someone start a 3rd party called the "Middle Class Arises", no corporate donations accepted. I'm too old and poor to do it.




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ill wait for the highlites.  see some bubble brkt crap in there. whare's salt.

whose got fucin highlite..

damit, let it goooooooo am.

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I hope they don't let vaginas get in the way of tax reform.

Let it Go's picture

The Washington Circus wants to baffle us with bullshit. If anything does come out of all their promises we should have very low expectations as to the quality of reform and whether it will really benefit our country over time by stimulating economic growth. It is quite naive to think legislators polarized and unable to agree upon anything can tackle an issue as complex and divisive as tax reform.The article below delves into why we should lower our expectations.

http://Tax Bill If Passed Will Fall Very Short Of Promises .htm

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It's a class war you fools...., you think billionaires work for your sorry asses?

ElTerco's picture

This is what happened in Rome. The senators were uber wealthy and they shat on everyone that wasn't a personal friend of theirs.

are we there yet's picture

Remember the concept of flat tax?

NuYawkFrankie's picture

One thing's for sure:

While J6P is getting his neck wrung like a chicken, there'll be big enuf loopholes to drive a 5-lane highway of corporate & bankster stretch-limos thru - in each direction!

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Thats' a mighty big post card..

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Well, look on the bright side.  We could have the Canadian income tax form.  It's simple.  Only two lines.

First line:  How much did you make last year?

Second line:  Send it in.

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I'm all for staggered flat tax, would never pass in current system.

hairball48's picture

479 pages huh. So I suppose...

"You need to pass the bill to find out what's in it".

Good luck with that.