Russian Parliament To Ban Access To All US Reporters

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In response to the recent crackdown against RT and Sputnik who saw their TV station credentials recently yanked by the US government, which is rapidly descending into a neo-McCarthyite abyss, Russia’s parliament said it would bar U.S. media from reporting within its walls in retaliation.

Olga Savastyanova of the State Duma told Russian news agencies on Friday that she expects the Duma to adopt the ban next week.

“By our decision we are offering this move for the consideration of the State Duma Council and plenary session. We are expressing our attitude to the inadmissibility of attacks on democratic values, freedom of speech and the right to receive objective information,” Savastyanova told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Savastyanova emphasized that the ban was a reciprocal action introduced after RT America was stripped of accreditation with the US Congress. According to current regulations any foreign reporter must receive an accreditation with the Foreign Ministry to work in Russia. Once received, this document grants free access to the Parliament.

Separately, the AP reported that Igor Morozov, member of the information policy committee at the Federation Council, told the RIA Novosti news agency that the upper chamber of the Russian parliament would support the ban and could vote to enforce it later this month.

As of this moment, foreign correspondents in Russia can access the Russian parliament and some government agencies with their press credentials issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry; that access will likely be lost in a few days.

The action is retaliation to a Wednesday decision by a committee that governs Capitol Hill access for broadcast journalists, which withdrew credentials for Russia's RT after the company complied earlier this month with a U.S. demand that it register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Russia has denounced the move as a violation of media freedom. The U.S. move and the Russian threats of retaliation follow the endorsement of a new Russian bill that allowed the government to designate international media outlets as foreign agents in response to the U.S. demand made to the RT TV channel.

Asked about the possible ban for U.S. media to report from the Russian parliament, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday he views the initiative “with understanding.”

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kochevnik's picture

Empty apartments now need renting.  American journalists reliable tenants. Endless propaganda and fake news assignments.  Will miss American spook payments.  Not they do much else but shit face at bars

Latina Lover's picture

Banning the USSA news agencies won't make any difference since all they print is fake news.

Never One Roach's picture

They should make an exception for real news reporters like the Alex Jones Crew and Breitbart reporters.

Eyes Opened's picture

Sorry ...but Breitbart leans (((that)))  way these days....

DeadFred's picture

Perhaps, but it would still make a statement that the Mockingbird press is not welcome all others are invited.

peddling-fiction's picture

Most all others are birds-of-the-same-feather.

shamus001's picture

I dont like this... not one bit! I was young and remember the cold war. Russia always held a dark and secretive aura...dark and creepy because of the lack of reciprical transparancy. F@ck clinton and the Dem crooks! I dont blame Russia one bit for her lost-tired candidacy! Im a griwn f-n man, and if RT did anything, it revealed alittke light on her dark secrets! Most of what was revealed had NOTHING to docwith RT! This is a continual "creep" towards Democrat WAR with Russia! Were still creeping in that direction, its time to start writing DJT and scale this deep state crap BACK

spanish inquisition's picture

Interviews are just a courtesy anyway. Stories come top down and are already written before they get to reporters.

BennyBoy's picture



Won't make any difference when you're already writing fake news stories.

PT's picture

Yeah, now they'll sit and home and write lies instead of travelling to Moscow to write lies.

wildbad's picture this tit or tat? i'm losing track

Pieter Bruegel the Elder's picture

Lol. Why are they just doing this now?

They should have banned any big Western "news" agency from the Russian federation a long time ago. Surely Putin knows of the connections between the MSM and the deep state.

kochevnik's picture

USAID(s) hotline to Jacob Rothschild until he immolated in helicopter

BandGap's picture

This is not good.

But it is odd, the duality. There's the tit-for-tat with the media and then there's Trump meeting Putin while in Asia.

Something going on away from prying eyes.

Arnold's picture

Using my imagination is simply not enough any more.
Agree, but uncapable of imagining what.

BorisTheBlade's picture

There's not much love lost between Trump and the same media. He can meet Putin and at the same not to be too dissapointed about media getting slapped once again.  Trump isn't the one driving entire anti-Russian sentiment and in my humble estimation it is quite well understood in Moscow.

vegas's picture

Any chance we can do this in the U.S.?

TylerDurden6mil's picture

The lines in the sand are being drawn. Sad times ahead.

Bill of Rights's picture

Wise decision after all the Smearing of Russian involvement in our Elections Im surprised they didn't do this earlier...

Sonder's picture

As an American... good.

Dilluminati's picture

What connections between media and state organs?  the cocksuckers are crafty.. they will not stop!

E.F. Mutton's picture

There aren't many "Reporters" anyway

Only Propaganda Delivery Vehicles

kochevnik's picture

American journalists very pro-Georgian.  So I introduce them to some friendly Georgian associates.  For some reason they run away

land_of_the_few's picture

Generally they never acknowledge there is a Parliament, never mind actually report anything said there, or by whom. If they were there, their work sure didn't reflect that, they will not be missed.


tuetenueggel's picture

nobody will miss those presstitutes.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

In celebration to the only thing the Russian Federation could do in this case... A great read from the Saker ( on the differences and the level of desperation by the Western Zionist establishment that will only get worse as it loses more of it's reserve currency "value".

hoist the bs flag's picture

see. Russian collusion. blame Trump


east of eden's picture

Seems to me like it is America that is being isolated, and not the other way around. Britain, now Russia. France, Canada and Mexico don't want anything to do with you and China probably hates your guts, but putting business first, will continue to deal with you, at least for a while longer.


tuetenueggel's picture

yes, whose fault else ?

Trump is boss.

silverer's picture

It was nice to see how well Obama got along with the Russians. He was boss, too. Nothing good came out of eight years, just more wars. Want him back? His 100% goal was communism for the US.

zeroboris's picture
All US Reporters

All foreign agents must be banned, not only from the US, not only in the parliament.

Dg4884's picture

i say brilliant.  You have Trump and Putin who are obviously on speaking terms, and a US MSM that's running around like weaponized autism.  Ban 'em completely.  I wonder if Trump is ulitmately forcing a purge in the leftist media.

FoggyWorld's picture

The US reporters are doing it on their own as their personal foibles keep tumblling out.

FoggyWorld's picture

The US reporters are doing it on their own as their personal foibles keep tumblling out.

tuetenueggel's picture

The only payment, understood by US Morons has to be made in same currency.

Congrats to Russia. They seem to learn. Late, but not too late.

Wahooo's picture

Crackdown on sexual harrassment contnues. Thank you Russia!

williambanzai7's picture

I don't recall appointing anyone in the shitty MSM to report to me about anything of substance. They can just monitor Frankens pecker.

milo_hoffman's picture

If only the US congress could copy whatever resolution the Russians pass and ban the media from the US as well we would be better off.

silverer's picture

Except the US congress is the problem, not the solution. Congress and their backers are the ones behind these chicken brained journalists.

RationalExuberance's picture

There is no "Parliament" in Russia... just an imitation rubber-stamping Putin's orders. Not saying it's good or bad, just how it is there. 

WTFUD's picture

For the fact that Trump is unable to even Override US Deep State Department's ILLEGAL decision to refuse Russia access to their US Diplomatic Embassies, tells me he's Lame Duck, much like Obama.

East Indian's picture

Obama willingly, Trump unwillingly.

richsob's picture

If you don't know what I'm doing and I don't know what you're doing we are both going to assume the worst.

my new username's picture

Just to be clear, this is not being driven by the US Government, but by the Dem/RINO alliance in Congress, working in concert with their Deep State colleagues in the media/Intel complex.