Russian Parliament To Ban Access To All US Reporters

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In response to the recent crackdown against RT and Sputnik who saw their TV station credentials recently yanked by the US government, which is rapidly descending into a neo-McCarthyite abyss, Russia’s parliament said it would bar U.S. media from reporting within its walls in retaliation.

Olga Savastyanova of the State Duma told Russian news agencies on Friday that she expects the Duma to adopt the ban next week.

“By our decision we are offering this move for the consideration of the State Duma Council and plenary session. We are expressing our attitude to the inadmissibility of attacks on democratic values, freedom of speech and the right to receive objective information,” Savastyanova told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Savastyanova emphasized that the ban was a reciprocal action introduced after RT America was stripped of accreditation with the US Congress. According to current regulations any foreign reporter must receive an accreditation with the Foreign Ministry to work in Russia. Once received, this document grants free access to the Parliament.

Separately, the AP reported that Igor Morozov, member of the information policy committee at the Federation Council, told the RIA Novosti news agency that the upper chamber of the Russian parliament would support the ban and could vote to enforce it later this month.

As of this moment, foreign correspondents in Russia can access the Russian parliament and some government agencies with their press credentials issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry; that access will likely be lost in a few days.

The action is retaliation to a Wednesday decision by a committee that governs Capitol Hill access for broadcast journalists, which withdrew credentials for Russia's RT after the company complied earlier this month with a U.S. demand that it register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Russia has denounced the move as a violation of media freedom. The U.S. move and the Russian threats of retaliation follow the endorsement of a new Russian bill that allowed the government to designate international media outlets as foreign agents in response to the U.S. demand made to the RT TV channel.

Asked about the possible ban for U.S. media to report from the Russian parliament, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday he views the initiative “with understanding.”

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Librarian's picture

There is enough info out in the open now for someone to write a book about the Globalist-NeoCon dirty bargain that seems to have been struck when hrc was banished as Secretary of State.

I vividly recall seeing a picture of McCain and hrc together in Ukraine after the Maidan massacre laughing like 6th graders who had just plugged up their school's toilets.

dlfield's picture

Well will save us time and money.  Our reporters can just make shit up from over here instead.

sherlockolms's picture

"Our" reporters do it all the anyway, here, there, and everywhere.  So what's the dif?

AntiMatter's picture

Reporters my ass, they are all lying and fake news propagandists, promoting mean-spirited agendas.

Robinhood's picture

No big deal. Who listens to American reporters anyway?

silverer's picture

I think it's a good idea. Those US reporters just come back with twisted tales and lie like a rug anyway. Ask people what they know about Russia. Most US citizens couldn't point to Russia on a map. Stupid sheep, and their ignorance will someday get them killed.

_SILENCER's picture

The White House should do this

roadhazard's picture

Who cares. This is how Pootin operates.


Russia, soooo much better than America. You should move there.

cherry picker's picture

At least the Russian women will be safe from dildo carrying western reporters.

mog's picture

It has been largely reported and accepted that most US journalists double as CIA assets.
Wouldn't let them near the place.

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I can only imagine that there are a lot of American reporters breathing a big old sigh of relief. Russia what a frozen shit hole, culturally backwardass, shitty, shitty food, a broken people that are only happy when they are RULED. The girls are real hot though, until they’re about 25, at which point their teeth fall out and they’ put on about 100 pounds.

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Except for the part about Russian girls being hot, you have your head up your ass. And the Russians don't let their women get raped by turd world troglodytes.

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When was the last time anyone remembers MSM reporting anything from Russian Parliament? Not much quid for the pro here. Best thing out of Russia media was bikini skiing at Sochi vids on RT.