"Surrender Your Firearms" Hawaii Police Plan To Confiscate Guns From All Medical Marijuana Users

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Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com,

The Honolulu Police Department has sent a series of letters to local medical marijuana patients that directly orders them to surrender their firearms or, presumably, face state sanctioned violence to remove them.

Signed by Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard, the letters “inform” patients that upon receipt of the confiscation order, a citizen has 30 days to turn over their guns to the police. This stunning move amounts to direct gun confiscation for people who have no history of violent crimes.

As Leafly noted,

“The existence of the notices, first reported early today by Russ Belville at The Marijuana Agenda podcast, was confirmed to Leafly News this afternoon by the Honolulu Police Department.


“The startling order comes just three months after the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Hawaii’s capital city.”

Courtesy of Russ Belville, The Marijuana Agenda

Although federal law prohibits all cannabis consumers from purchasing firearms, this is the first time that a local law enforcement agency has “proactively” sought to confiscate weapons from state-registered medical marijuana patients.

Despite the law being confirmed in multiple federal courts, any rational human being knows that this is nothing short of tyrannical overreach by an overzealous police chief who most likely is against private gun ownership in the first place.

Literally no one in the history of marijuana smoking as specifically killed someone because they have smoked a joint yet people like Police Chief Susan Ballard are apparently so caught up in their own power trip that they are willing to use violent force to strip the legitimate Second Amendment rights of citizens who legally use marijuana for a variety of aliments.

Make no mistake, if a local resident in Hawaii refuses this order, you can almost guarantee that the next step is forced gun confiscation at the barrel of a gun.

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...shall not be infringed.

TheRunningMan's picture

Exactly...the Constitution up in smoke.

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hawaii has never been a legit US state to begin with (they have been invaded and occupied) so there's no reason why they should uphold the US constitution.

Kafir Goyim's picture

I wonder if CA or NY or some other liberal state who will use this as precendent to do their own gun grab, will agree with you?  I bet your left nut that they will say HI is a legit state and they should follow in it's footsteps.

38BWD22's picture



I am pretty sure that not very many people will comply.

Or maybe they would just buy a gun from a friend.

Second Amendment.  Tenth Amendment if necessary.

BullyBearish's picture

next target...anyone with a "certified" service dog...

Joe Davola's picture

LOL - be careful what you wish for!

God Emperor's picture

You can't be a hippie and love guns.

So suck it snowflakes...keep your testosterone lowering grass and give up your manhood, I mean guns.

Next you'll be selling your ass to buy more weed.

Is fashionable.

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hedgeless_horseman's picture


Officer Cruz, a civil servant, is available at 808-723-3190 and would like to hear your feelings on this matter.  


overbet's picture

Where I live you can have a med card OR a ccw not both. 

stacking12321's picture

doesn't the police department have to prove that the gun owner is using cannabis first?

having a license for med pot doesn't necessitate using it.

Gap Admirer's picture

Wow. It's going to be interesting to see this play out. Will The Man really break down the doors of medical pot users in order to take their legal guns?


Mr. Ed's picture

This is really odd.  Alcohol is cited over and over again as a factor in violence ... but weed?  Almost never.

I guess they better issue another gun fatwa for drinkers right away!

The_Juggernaut's picture

So federal law matters when trampling the constitutional rights of citizens, but not when it might be inconvenient for foreigners... sounds strange to me, but what do I know?

Sofa King's picture

Only time someone smokin' weed has been violent was when some Dindo fucked up the rotation.

I belive the correct sequence is Puff-Puff-Give...

Bwana's picture

Hawaii has always been anti-gun and anti-Constitution. If Hawaii gets away with this California will be next in real short order. Governor Moonbeam is a true progressive/communist who knows that a physical takeover and cancelling all Constitutional rights is impossible as long as the populous is well armed. To that extent he and many progressive/communist sheriffs in California have already gone way beyond the law to take firearms rights from the people. The FBI and the CDC have proven the more firearms that are owned and the more permits to carry that are issued the greater the reduction in violent crime. So when Governor Moonbeam, the Sheriff of San Diego County or any other person who assumes they can illegally take law abiding citizen's firearms rights their actions are not for public safety but simply for their ego and power.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Nope. The courts have found the possession of the card to be "presumptive guilt" of usage.

Took Red Pill's picture

How can I surrender it? I don't remember where I put my gun!

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Do you get a pat on the head when you lick the boots of politicos and their enforcer pigs?

BrownCoat's picture

@ over bet,

"Where I live you can have a med card OR a ccw not both."

That violates the 2nd Amendment. Someone should raise a stink.

Me? Personally, I no longer believe the "Justice System" does justice. I think it is a weapon used against enemies, but no way in h311 is it justice.

gaoptimize's picture

Has anyone heard the NRA response to this yet?  This will be a test of their principals vs. the politics.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Fuck the compromise and more compromise NRA. Join GOA if you want REAL Second Amendment representation!

BrownCoat's picture

"Fuck the compromise and more compromise NRA."


Agree !

The NRA lost me when they endorsed a gun grabber for govenor.

claytonmoore50's picture

The NRA has become a professional fund raising and begging organization like AARP, United Way and the Red Cross.

You cannot count on them, they have become bloated and ineffective at what used to be their mission.

Now their mission is to extract more money from the membership.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Karl Denniger totally called this years ago. It begins!

claytonmoore50's picture

But I suppose, Hand Gun and Hard Liquor night is still on...

Pool Shark's picture


The CCW's issued by my county sheriff have always (at least for the last 20 years) had the following proviso printed in red ink right on the front:







You may have Constitutional rights, but they can be forfeit if you abuse them or commit a crime.

(Rights to Life, Liberty and Property are taken away from felons every day, and for good reason...)

Frankly, I don't want drunk or stoned idiots running around in public with firearms.

There is a difference between "rights" and "license."

Citxmech's picture

That doesn't mean you forfeit your CCW if you are drunk at home.

If a cop  pulls you over, you're packing concealed, and you're fucked-up, fine.  

The issue really should be buying a gun and being a user of MMJ (Look at the federal transfer form).  


a Smudge by any other name's picture

Yes. They are mutually exclusive.

And I don't want guys with strong opinions like you running around with guns. No telling what you people with strong opinions will do. It would make me feel safer if you surrendered your rights. Or as you have it, your LICENSE.

If you need a license it's not a right. So I'm not taking your right, just your license. And your gun. And your ammo.

N2OJoe's picture

Send me a letter like that and you get the bullets first.

Bastiat's picture

I'm pretty sure this will be a real blessing to the illedgal drug trade. 

Telemakhos's picture


Illegal marijuana users do not receive these notices.  Criminals who steal weapons or buy them on the black market to avoid a background check do not receieve these notices.

The only people who receive these notices are those who fully comply with the laws on medical marijuana and firearms possession.  This law only punishes law abiding citizens.  The effect of such a law is to deter citizens from obeying some part of the law.  Likely, that will be the part wherin citizens voluntarily inform the government of their marijuana use.

If legislators thought through the results of their laws on the citizen, we would have far fewer laws.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Why anyone would get one of those stupid medical marijuana cards when acquiring illegal marijuana has never presented a challenge to anyone is beyond me.

BrownCoat's picture

Yup! Jump through a bunch of hoops so that you are legit for some sociopatic, tax hungry, bureaucrat. Much easier to just get it the old fashioned way.

TheElder's picture

You lost me when you associated "legislators" with "thought"...

a Smudge by any other name's picture

It already is. It's the first of several.

1. A LOT of people saw this coming and never got the prescription card.

2. Marijuana was first pushed as a great source of taxable income for states that legalized. So they taxed and regulated the crap out of it. OOPS! The same weed is cheaper on the black market.

3. Recreational weed states followed the same model. OOPS! People (incredibly) kept using the local dealer and getting the same weed cheaper.


5. Feds make it hard for legal weed stores to get bank accounts. So GEE WHIZ GUYS, IT'S A CASH CROP. Don't worry, the black market handles large amounts of cash all the time.

Yeah so now it's objectively less of a risk to do black market weed than to get a prescription and buy legal weed. Firearms have this effect of turning misdemeanor charges into felonies. And you'd be looking at state and federal charges. Yup. Much better to keep buying from Jerry's Kids. Jerry Garcia that is.

The Ram's picture

38BWD22 - You bring up an interesting point: 'they just buy a gun from a friend.'  So now, a stupid law like this will take gun buying out of the 'white market' to the black market, which of course, the medical Marijuana law was designed to take the purchased of it out of the black 'illegal' market.  They really don't spend much time thinking this through do they?

Consuelo's picture



Interesting twist in your argument ---- in that the Black market is actually the real Free market...   

So what does that make the White market...?


BarkingCat's picture

Government-approved and controlled Market

LithiumWarsWAKEUP's picture

Did 'somebody' say 'White'??? How dare you.

Cynicles II's picture

Bandaid and feel good legislation are always bad in practice.

11b40's picture

Why even respond to such a dim light bulb?  Who names himself shitshitshit?  Guess he subconciously relaizes that is a good description of what his brain pumps out.