From The Archives: Obama Administration Confirms "No Problem" With Flynn Contacting Foreign Officials

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As we detailed yesterday, ABC was forced to retract an epic mistake in their reporting that claimed contact between Trump staff (Flynn) and Russian officials 'druing the campaign' - correcting it to point out that it was in fact 'during the transition'.

President Trump tweeted his perspective, confirming the new 'facts' from ABC...

CNN were quick to mock the White House for saying that the Obama administration approved Flynn's contacts (and found someone all too eager to go on TV and attack their claims)... (via The Hill)

The White House said on Friday that it was the Obama administration that authorized former national security adviser Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during President Trump's transition, according to CNN.


Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Kislyak in the month before Trump took office, the first current or former Trump White House official brought down by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's election meddling.


James Clapper, who served as the Director of National Intelligence under Obama, said that the claim that the Obama administration authorized Flynn's contacts with Kislyak was "absurd," adding that the administration was concerned by the communications at the time.

“That’s absurd. That’s absolutely absurd," Clapper said on CNN.


Confused yet?

So, given all the confusion, here is a clarifying source free of all possible bias - the Obama administration's State Department - confirming Trump and Flynn's story, and crushing Clapper's continued lies...from the archives:

Transcript for the hard of hearing:

REPORTER: "This building [the Obama State Department] doesn't see anything necessarily inapprorpiate in contact between members of the incoming [Trump] administration and foreign officials, no matter what country they're from?"


OBAMA STATE DEPT SPOKESPERSON: "No, no...and again this has been ongoing. We have no problem with them doing such on their own."

Well, that's going to ruin a few talking points for tomorrow's Sunday morning political shows.

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Billy the Poet's picture

Flynn was obviously railroaded.

max2205's picture

Clapper doesn't even know what day it is 

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Clapper is a loose cannon now. His minders will slap a muzzle on him after this.

carni's picture

How many times has Clapper been caught lying now? Anyone keeping a tally?

Pandelis's picture

Not sure that was a retraction ... it seems clear there is more to come soon....


now it seems they are bringing out obama files to protect trump ...

dirty fingernails's picture

Why would they want Trump out? Sure some do, but that's  always true of every administration and every official. Trump is now playing ball and mostly sticking to the script he's  given. It was rocky at first, but now he's  learned to be a good boy. *Somebody* had to get charged by Mueller. Flynn was low hanging fruit.

knukles's picture

But but but but Messiah the Magic Negro said it was OK so it HAS to be OK

This is proof that when the chips are down and there's a soft coup going on, these fuckers can't even keep their stories straight.
.... when there's a soft coup going on ...... being the operative frame of reference

Am I the only one who gets what's going on?

nmewn's picture

Quick! Somebody ask Brian Ross what the hell's going on! Two diametrically opposing "facts" can't both be true.

Oh, Brian's now..."suspended"...and unavailable for questioning ;-)

FoggyWorld's picture

Just for the holiday season though and back he will bounce into some people's living rooms.

philipat's picture

The details are murky, and of course crickets in the MSM, but there seems to be quite the counter-coup (perhaps not so soft) against the see-aye-aye taking place at present? There appears to be some sort of internecine struggle underway at various levels and not only directed at Trump. And excuse me if I am wrong but I had assumed it was the responsibility of Administrations, both in and incoming, to engage in dialogue with their foreign counterparts, particularly those involved with priority issues such as ISIS (Although, of course, the Deep State created and sustained ISIS but, nonetheless, the foreign policy charade was in play and had to be perpetuated for the good of the MIC).

Incidentally, did you notice that last week the Dims quitly introduced Michael (a/k/a the gorilla in heels) as their next candidate.

Where the fuck is Sessions?

dirty fingernails's picture

Soft coup? Nope. The junta is in control of the WH. There is a struggle going on, but I suspect it's due to the American empire collapsing as we speak and different factions fighting over the course of action they each push. Some clearly want total war, others want the failed regime change, some want economic war, and others are pushing various other strategies. The DC chaos today is restructuring of the power pyramid after the junta stepped in to guide Trump who was in WAY over his head in shark infested waters.

Teamtc321's picture

Your not the only Knucks, these prick's are tripping on it to hide the pile of shit they left behind.  

overbet's picture

Seems like there are opposing arms of the deep state. 

GotGalt's picture

carni - just count the number of times that corrupted and twisted twat Clapper has opened his mouth.

ThePhantom's picture

too many .... thats why they use him because he's a cooked goose

fattail's picture

Public lies...  Probably close to the number of green arrows in your comment.

hongdo's picture

Flynn was (is) stupid. He lied about telling a lie.   I bet the pressure was from something else.   Collapses like a deck chair.  He could learn from Hillary - never admit anything, never remember anything, never give in, change the subject, makeup a strawman.  Wonder how he made general.   Now Clapper is a lying champ and knows how to do it properly.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Flynn wasn’t negotiating as a diplomat as I understood.

He was getting paid by third parties and not disclosing it.


hongdo's picture

OK.  He's corrupt AND stupid.  I thought the issue was lying to the VP and then lying to the FBI about what he said to the VP.  But I admit I could be confused.

Billy the Poet's picture

You're less confused than your friend Esperanto there. Flynn has been charged with no such crimes.

BobEore's picture

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... mIKeY has not 'been charged' with influence peddling, working as an unregistered agent of a foreign power, or participating in a conspiracy to circumvent merikan legal procedure by discussing an 'extraordinary rendition' and the rather rich paycheck which would have gone with it...

yet. Because THAT step is not required - in order to produce the desired conclusion to his sordid role in the STAGED controversy of 'PR-USSIA-GATE... AKA that battle to tattle ...

hardest and mostest, between the competing wings of the ONEMEDIA who work hand in hand to built up the fake news storylines which keep THE TERMINALLY CONFUSED - CONFUSED.

In the real world of intelligence/espionage/entrapment...
a specialty of the TURCO-SRAELI secret alliance SINCE THE 1990s... \as detailed by the non-complicit media -

dupes are SET UP from the start of a carefully planned operation... to be exploitable in a double jeopardy fashion... enticed into cooperating in the role set for them, AND at the same time, unwittingly cornering themselves in a complicity with crime that will be used against them as pressure to do whatever their 'operators' wish them to. As has worked PERFECTLY with Flynn.

No more 'stupid' than your average merikan... or more specifically, than your average merikan retired military 'HER0', looking for the appropriate off the books reward for all those years of 'service'... ximply 'greedy' he be,

MIKEY smelled the cheese dangled from a string hald by an operative reporting to a "white house' in Ankara - be our man in the 'white house' in DC... and we will 'look after you' - and bit

fast n furious. Tbe Turks... themselves on the hook, after falling for the same scam - as reported by the non-fake news media -

in turn, turned over the clownfish to HQ in the s e Med... who had arranged already - via THEIR operative in the WH...
a Chabad dually with a family tie to the orange-haired guy ...

to have Flynns' fingers toasted slowly over the hot coals of bein an 'unregistered agent'... of Turkey... and having to quickly resign his new position... to be held in DEEP STORAGE for the right moment, which is pretty much now.

The role of Russia in all this farce? Simply to keep the spotlight offa the main events taking place behind scenes...

a classic power play of international intrigue - by which the RUSSO-SRAELI mafiya tightens it's grip on WHITE HOUSES... kremlins... sheetntowel wearing Gremlins ... fake Mussie Persians, and all the rest - east n west - in ANOTHER 'ONE RING TO BIND THEM' production...

complete with minor roles for a rabble of sockpuppets/fanbouys/dupes o the $power, and other mind-wipe roadkill warriors as appear on the screen now before ye's... 24/7! A Taldmudists' "heaven" ... \\and incipient hell - for everybody else//

Billy the Poet's picture


You do know that Hillary admits to paying for a dossier which was sourced from Kremlin officials with which she hoped to sway the election, don't you?

Until you can explain why it's perfectly acceptable for Hillary to collude with the Russians there's no point in discussing unproven accusations that Trump colluded with Russians.

BobEore's picture

He hehe...

that's it? That's all ya got Billy? Defective readin n comprehension skills on public display... as an attempted rebuttal to the truth laid out in such stark n simple fashion ans to allow even your

typical blind monkey n friends to grok it?

After dismissing the whole smokescreen of "turnip-patch cludin wit the ussians" for what it is... a psy op designed to take the spotlight away from where it belongs - and the fake news mediaz fear it will inevitably go -

and kindly reprising for ya the way that no dirty shirt hangin makes any other dirty shirt look cleaner...

ya still haven't got more than "hillary" left in your bag o ticks n headbangin tricks huh Billy?

Hang em up kid. Yu done done/like Mike. Time to vote yurself up/vote me down... n go home son - yu know the drill

Billy the Poet's picture

Didn't read past the snark.

BobEore's picture

Can't read/won't read/don't read/didn't read...

yr life story - in one sentence? Can functional illiteracy be the 'new black'>??

Racin Rabitt's picture

Ignorance of legal procedure is not corruption. It's merely just the kind of thing that the system relies on to accomplish things. Otherwise, they'd have to do actual investigation and run things down. That's too much like work. And if you think legalists go into that business because they like working, I have a bridge you can buy. Pick your favorite. I'll make you a great deal!

swmnguy's picture

Flynn pled guitly to lying to the FBI.  Flynn's talking to the Russians was not, in and of itslef, unlawful in any way.  So it's weird that he would have lied.  That of course suggests that there is more to this than has been currently disclosed.

Of course Flynn has a record of lying and getting caught.  He lied about working on behalf of the Turkish government and getting paid for that, too.

Mueller is a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them.  He knows there's no smoking gun of Russians stealing the 2016 election.  But he has to wonder why certain people have told so many lies about talking to the Russians, if it's all above-board.  Manafort, Kushner, DJT Jr., Flynn father and son; why would they all be lying about talking to the Russians?

Whatever they're lying to protect and conceal is what Mueller is going after now.

Billy the Poet's picture

And don't forget that Mueller himself is a known liar -- he verified the Bush administration position that Saddam had a hand in the September 11 attacks and he was knee deep in the Uranium One bribery and spying scandal.

horse cents's picture

If Muller had something better than lying to the FBI he would have used it.  Flynn is uslesses a witness now being indicted as a liar.  Don't fall for the okey doke Billy.



Racin Rabitt's picture

Like an independent contractor? A rogues agent? Check the timeline DB.

Pandelis's picture

Flynn was a soldier ... he believed he served the President.

Now, he understands that he was set up and thrown under the bus, so he will share what he knows ... given his position he got to have some real dirt on mr. el presidente ... see how nervous trump was on his one line reply

FoggyWorld's picture

Obama set them all up last December 28th with his out of nowhere declaration. Flynn stepped into trouble probably unknowingly on December 29th.

Billy the Poet's picture

Flynn wasn’t negotiating as a diplomat as I understood.

He was getting paid by third parties and not disclosing it.


Are they any charges along those lines?

Escrava Isaura's picture

We’ll find out.

Personally, I have no idea where this investigation will lead to.

But, if Trump gets impeached he won’t resign, in my opinion.

And the Republicans might stick with him in a do-or-die in the 2018 elections.

But, we have to wait.   


Billy the Poet's picture

So you think that Flynn is now cooperating with Mueller, as they say, despite the possibility that Mueller intends to press additional charges against him? How does that make any sense?

Escrava Isaura's picture

It makes perfect sense, and here’s why.

But, first, as I said, we’ll find out, because I have no idea where this investigation will lead to. And I hate to speculate, because I learned that the truth is always different.

Second, it makes perfect sense because Trump is about to learn two lessons that are:

1) His ‘conservative’ identity politics and propaganda is as corrupted, dishonest, and dysfunctional, probably even more so, than the liberal that his despise. Or proclaiming to despise, because Trump was one of the biggest beneficiary of neoliberal (dollar financial strangulation) and neoconservative (brutal force) when the financial strangulation doesn’t work.

2) That you can insult your construction tradesman and people that work for you and get away with; but, do that to the Democratic Party, which is half of US power, you’ll pay a price.  


Ex-Oligarch's picture

[Is Flynn being charged for lying about his lobbying for Turkey?]  "We'll find out."


You could sit there "waiting to find out" while posting insinuating bullshit on ZH, or you could go read the Statement of Offense that details the charges against Flynn.

Spoiler alert:  the answer is "no."

Billy the Poet's picture

Having been head of DIA Flynn would have been aware that any conversations he had were already known. Add that to the fact that these conversations were not illegal and were sanctioned by the Obama administration. What was there for him to lie about?

The only explanation left is that the FBI and a powerful grand jury made it clear to Flynn that he had to cop to a procedural matter or get tied up in a shit show of epic proportions. Word is he's already losing his home and it's more than obvious that the Deep State could crush him like a bug if they wanted to do so.

I suspect that Trump would have helped him if he could back in January. The one thing to take away here is Pence's role in taking Flynn down. Was he railroaded as well or is he just another millstone around Trump's neck?

fattail's picture

I would disagree about "Clapper is a lying champ and knows how to do it properly."  I would classify Clapper as more of a shameless liar.  Bill Clinton is the lying champ.  He wrote the book on it, well Christopher Hitchens wrote it for him.  "No one left to lie to".


Racin Rabitt's picture

Flynn is a big tough guy that wilted when he heard "we're with the FBI, and when have some questions."

The correct response, no matter who they are, or what they say, is "talk to my legal counsel."

No matter what!

ThePhantom's picture

he should have known that .... and he did nothign wrong... but then lied.... dumb

Billy the Poet's picture

Sounds implausible, doesn't it?

hongdo's picture

Absolutely.  Agree to answer questions but on your own turf in your lawyers office and with a tape recorder going.  The FBI will decline to question if recorded.  Look at the way the Clinton's do it - off the record with no transcript.

It is good to get 3 things over with early in life so you don't panic later in life when there is more pressure:  get fired or laid off, get arrested, and testify in court.

FoggyWorld's picture

Flynn didn't go to law school and to that the legal bills apparently became overwhelming.  His house is for sale and Mueller may well have threatened to go after Flynn's son.  He didn't seem to get any support of any kind from the Administration which knew what was going on because the legal bills for Donald Trump, Jr. amounted to $200,000 for next to no purpose.  Dad, though, paid that tab.

Former military guys as a rule aren't wealthy and it appears that this was the best chance Flynn had to protect his family.  I don't think he wilted but was smart enough to know when to call it quits.

swmnguy's picture

Or, you know, Flynn and his son could have told the truth to the FBI.  Far better to have insisted on only talking to them with his lawyer's advice, but even a legal aid attorney would have told him not to lie.

Billy the Poet's picture

I find it odd that the job of the FBI is to question people about legal activity, look for discrepancies in their testimony regarding that legal activity and then press charges.

chunga's picture

Is there any oversight for this Mueller?

Stiff Sessions? Anybody?

Billy the Poet's picture

Good question. What exactly is his jurisdiction? Is there an appeal process and what is it?

Koba the Dread's picture

Of course there is a remedy to Mueller. He can be fired. Richard Nixon did that to Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox in 1973. Unfortunately for Nixon, the political fallout from the firing turned much of the country against him.

I think Trump could order AG Sessions to fire Mueller and avoid the political disaster that Cox's firing precipitated. Nixon was already cooked politically prior to Cox's firing. Trump is not. Trump's biggest problem is Jeff Sessions himself (as was Nixon's problem with his AG, Eliot Richardson, a Boston brahmin who already loathed the southern Californina mafia environment that spawned Nixon in the first place).

At this point, Trump is obviously just trying to ride out the storm (a tempest in a teapot really).