Anti-Trump FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Probe Relied On Russian Dossier

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A rabidly anti-Trump FBI agent who was fired from Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation relied on claims made in a largely unsubstantiated and highly salacious dossier provided by Washington DC-based opposition research firm, Fusion GPS - which enlisted former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to assemble the 34-page 'Dirty Dossier' in mid-2016.

Veteran FBI agent Peter Strzok - who headed up the Hillary Clinton email investigation, was dismissed from Mueller's Trump-Russia probe in mid-August and relegated to the FBI's Human Resources department, after the DOJ opened an inquiry into anti-Trump / pro-Clinton text messages Strzok sent to his Trump-hating mistress - FBI lawyer Lisa Page, while the two were working together on the Clinton probe. Page was also fired from the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling earlier this year.

Strzok's conduct in the Clinton investigation is now under review by the Justice Department, along with his role in a number of other politically sensitive cases, according to Fox News.

"While Strzok’s removal from the Mueller team had been publicly reported in August, the Justice Department never disclosed the anti-Trump texts to the House investigators."


"Responding to the revelations about Strzok’s texts on Saturday, Nunes said he has now directed his staff to draft contempt-of-Congress citations against Rosenstein and the new FBI director, Christopher Wray." -Fox News

Of relevance - Strzok concluded that Hillary Clinton was "careless," in her mishandling of classified information, yet found "no proof of intent," an opinion which former FBI director James Comey based his recommendation not to prosecute. Comey, as it turns out, drafted Clinton's exoneration letter long before the FBI had finished reviewing evidence in the case.

Strzok's team and the Trump-Russia dossier...

In August, 2016 - nine months before Trump fired Comey which led to the creation of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel, the New York Times reported that Strzok was hand picked by FBI brass to supervise an investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

The FBI investigation grew legs after they received the infamous anti-Trump "dossier" and decided to act on its salacious and largely unproven claims, According to Fox News:

House investigators told Fox News they have long regarded Strzok as a key figure in the chain of events when the bureau, in 2016, received the infamous anti-Trump "dossier" and launched a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass FISA surveillance of a Trump campaign associate.


The "dossier" was a compendium of salacious and largely unverified allegations about then-candidate Trump and others around him that was compiled by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. The firm's bank records, obtained by House investigators, revealed that the project was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. -Fox News

Dead ends

Weeks before the 2016 Presidential election, Strzok's team agreed to pay former MI6 agent and Fusion GPS operative Christopher Steele $50,000 if he could verify his claims that the agency had already used to take action. Of note, Fusion separately paid Steele $168,000 to assemble the dossier which had the cooperation of two senior Kremlin officials.

The agent said that if Mr. Steele could get solid corroboration of his reports, the F.B.I. would pay him $50,000 for his efforts, according to two people familiar with the offer.


One report, filled with references to secret meetings, spoke ominously of Mr. Trump’s “compromising relationship with the Kremlin” and threats of “blackmail.”


He [Steele] provided the documents to an F.B.I. contact in Europe on the same day as Mr. Comey’s news conference about Mrs. Clinton. It took weeks for this information to land with Mr. Strzok and his team. -NYT

After meeting with the FBI in October to deliver a 'stack of new intelligence reports,' the agency ultimately decided not to pay Steele because he could not corroborate the information he had provided.

Never let a dodgy dossier get in the way of a good witch hunt! 

Despite such a low level of confidence in Steele's dossier that they didn't pay him, the FBI used the document to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant on one-time Trump foreign-policy advisor Carter Page - who was described as having a "secret meeting" with Putin associate Igor Sechin and Deputy Chief for International Policy, Igor Diveykin during a July 2016 trip to Moscow to deliver a commencement speech.

Not true according to Page

While Page did travel to Moscow to deliver a commencement speech, he told the House Intelligence Committee that he's never heard of Diveykin nor met with any of the men mentioned in the dossier. 

Page did testify that he spoke with Russia's deputy prime minister, Arkadiy Dvorkovich, who was in attendance at the commencement ceremony. Upon his return, Page relayed their meeting in a memo to the Trump campaign, writing “In a private conversation, Dvorkovich expressed strong support for Mr. Trump and a desire to work together toward devising better solutions in response to the vast range of current international problems.”

Page claims he hadn't spoken more than a few words to Dvorkovich, and had instead gained insight into the Russian's opinion from listening to the Russian's speeches.

Back on point

We now know that the original, pre-Mueller FBI investigation into Trump-Russia collusion was spearheaded by Peter Strzok - an anti-Trump senior FBI agent who was fired for sending anti-Trump / pro-Clinton text messages to his mistress during their investigation into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information. 

We also know that the FBI probe led by Strzok relied on the salacious 34-page Steele dossier, paid for in part by Hillary Clinton and the DNCto launch their Trump-Russia investigation and obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

This raises a multitude of questions about Strzok, the Clinton email investigation, and any other politically charged cases he's worked on - which are now under review by the DOJ's Office of Personnel Management. 

And while Strzok is stapling cover sheets on TPS reports in the FBI's HR department, it is of particular interest that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is also honing in on Rod Rosenstein and the new FBI director, Christopher Wray for their roles in the decision to withhold the reasons for Strzok's dismissal in August.

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Bitcoin at 11800 on the news. :-)

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The whole FBI is a front organization for the Clinton Foundation.  Comey was a DOJ prosecutor and cleared Clinton for the Marc Rich pardon, when Bubba got a big contribution from Rich's ex-wife for the Bubba J Clinton presidential library.  Then he become chief counsel for Lockheed.  Then the Clinton's got him a job as chief counsel at HSBC, when they were under investigation for money laundering, and negotiated a settlement, at same time HSBC was contributing heavily to the CF.   After that, Comey was appointed by Obama as director of the FBI.  Comey's been carrying water for the Clintons for years.

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Isn't his brother the Clinton Foundation's CPA?  I read that somewhere.  At the top, it is one big Family.  

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And it gets even odder.  Flynn's lawyer comes from Covington & Burling where Eric Holder is a partner.  Very difficult to understand how Flynn chose that very expensive firm.

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They must think that people are really stupid. Then again, they are correct.

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I feel bad for the FBI HR Department.

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Like they're not all anti-Trump. LOL. What a joke.

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of course everybody is anti trump. except for zerohedge and it's commenters*


he supports the state of israel!



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And yet foreign aid to Israel increased each year under Obama, the Magic Negro.  You have to judge Obama by what he did, not what he said which was always horse shit.  And finding out what he did can be difficult.  

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Just when the #Resistance Traitors think they've gained some ground...opppsss!


5 steps closer to swinging and kicking from a rope.

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Google Whitey Bulger and Boston FBI.  The FBI is an enemy of the people.  They investigated Brad Pitt for yelling at his kid at a time when they refused to investigate Seth Rich's murder.  Just like when the FBI helped Whitey Bulger kill his mob rivals, there must be an investigation to see if the Pro-Hillary Washington FBI assisted in the murder of Seth Rich.  Again, there is precedent with what is know with the Whitey Bulger years in Boston.  The FBI continuously thwarted investigations by the Boston Police and the Massachusetts State Police into Whitey Bulger.  There is no doubt that Seth Rich was murdered and not killed in a botched robbery.

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Whitey Bulger was the inspiration for the Scorcese movie 'The Departed'. That will make it easier for people to understand. The FBI is corrupt.

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Nope. It was a Hollywood remake of Infernal Affairs.

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Here's good one. In Baltimore, a cop got whacked on the street. With his own gun. $215,000 reward for info. Not even a name!
The day after he was shot, he was scheduled to testify against dirty cops in his precinct.
Cops whacked him. Period. You have to be deaf, dumb, blind and retarded to not get this... $215,000! Mothers would be turning in their kids, in the hood...crickets. There is no's a cop.

Baltimore just threw the case to the eff bee eye......

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old news!

"...was dismissed from Mueller's Trump-Russia probe in mid-August"

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What interests me about this is not the revelation that someone on Mueller's team is a Clintonista. Virtually the entire group is made up of Clinton donors and supporters, as has been known since the team was assembled. 

What I wonder is: what exactly was in the emails to Ms. Page that prompted the firing of Strzok?

Or is the explanation about emails just a pretext, and Strzok was fired for some other undisclosed reason?

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The only old news is the FBI is corrupt

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The Golden Showers Dossier?  What kind of moron would believe that? The idiots dreamed up this fairy tale story of Trump being totally stoned drunk on a hotel bed in Moscow with hookers pissing on him while he was passed out. These are the morons of the F.B.I. Just in case somebody doesn't know, President Trump doesn't even drink. Whoops

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"What kind of moron would believe that?"

Apparently, the entirety of the American mainstream news media and the democratic party. 

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He's also a cleanliness nut and germophobe.

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Just the latest indication that ZOG USSA is sinking.... fast!

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To all you left wing naive brainwashed Hillary ass wipes!

Trump is your President and will be for the next 7 years...LOL..

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And then Ivanka for 8 years.

The boys will flip for it, after Ivanka. then, Baron will be old enough.

Should cover the next 40 years.

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The FBI is as corrupt as the KGB ever was. 

Check out this story.  Makes the case that the FBI was involved in the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre, an incident that was really an effort to assassinate Crown Price Mohammed Bin Salmon, the heir to the throne, by the Old Guard Corrupt Saudis such as Alaweed Bin Talal, until things went awry.  Amazing story.  The Crown Prince was on the 33rd Floor while Paddock was on the 32nd floor.  Paddock supplied the guns for the 20 assassins, so the story goes.  

Shooting at the crowd and the fuel tanks was all a diversion when the assaassination attempt failed and the assassins wanted to escape.  They are the ones who finally shot Paddock and the FBI removed the bodies of those killed.  Don't forget there were reports of other gunfire at Mandolay Bay and the Tropicana.

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TYVM for the link.

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The real events surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre have been squelched and concealed because the American People would be outraged if they knew the FBI was conspiring with the Old Guard Corrupt Saudi Billionaires to remove or assassinate the new liberated and uncorruptible King Salmon and his son known by the initials "MBS," the latter of whom was staying at the Mandaly Bay on the 33rd Floor.  Or so the link I have provided above says.....

The Old Guard Corrupt Saudi Billionaires have bought our politicians and political system for years, not the least of which are the Bushes and the Clintons.  Hell, they gave $25 milliion to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary's campaign.  Chump change for them.  

If Hillary was elected, she'd have outlawed fracking for the Saudi's.  That was the deal they struck with her.  All to bolster the price of oil and make the US dependent again on OPEC oil.  Fracking is killing them.  And she was also supposed to get a piece of the new pipeline to run from Qatar through Turkey.  

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What I think is really interesting (and scarier) is that NOKOR is the base of operations for the NWO and hussein. If that could be proved and disseminated the entire us citizenry would shit their drawers. When will the 1,000 plus sealed idictments be unsealed? lets get the ball rolling. Prolly once the smart money starts selling the bubble. you know they'll get out first and dumb joe sixpack left with 401k going to 50% or less.

Popcorn won't be enough, everyone will need goobers and raisenettes for whats going to unfold.

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Great link.

Just go to this link in a new tab, you will need to zoom it. If true its staggering stuff.

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This confirms what I was starting to surmise, that Sessions is so bad as AG he MUST be playing coy and doing things behind the curtain. NOone could be as bad as he seems.

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....Somehow, I have lost my trust in the FBI!

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The Deep State is in Deep Sh*t.
I expect missiles to be flying by noon.

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Is Strzck culpable in the Clinton email 'investigation"? Was he using his position in the Mueller gang to protect himself?

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So...the HRC paid Fusion GPS $10 Million for the Steele Dossier?

But, did I read this right? Fusion GPS only paid Steele $168,000 for it?

Very interesting.   That is an exceptionally, unusually large product markup.

What was Fusion paid the other $9,8320,000 for?   I wonder who ended up with that money, and in return for what?

MuffDiver69's picture

The 10 million was to the law firm Perkins Coile..Not all the money was for Fake Dossier..It’s how Crooked and DNC avoided reporting campaign funds being used and it’s illegal..The real question would be is where else did the money go to..Classic Crooked money laundering and this time it was campaign money which has strict reporting guidelines..That money could have gone into anyone’s pocket..

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A classic money-laundering technique?

I wonder who in the government has responsibility to investigate crimes involving the currency, and what is their relationship with the Clintons?

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Nobody really likes Trump what is the surprise? Don't get your depends in a know trumptards most of the FBI doesn't like Hillary either.

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In what sane world isn’t the entire Russia collusion farce shutdown. You cannot have the lead agent in charge texting anti-Trump and Pro- Crooked conversations while having an affair with the underling of another top FBI(McCabe) agent who himself has a wife who ran as a democrat and used his emails to support her candidacy..Now Mueller seeing Russia collusion is compromised is using process crimes unrelated to Russia collusion to entrap Trump inner circle in perjury traps..Shut this down..and I didn’t even get into the fact this idiot Stroyz was in charge of the Crooked email farce...Shut it down..

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The problem Trump has is that the Justice Dept is just as corrupt as the FBI If not worse.  In 8 years, Eric Holder, Tom Perez, Obama and Valerie Jarrett,  all hard core Communists, filled it to the brim with World Government Marxists, none of whom have any use for our US Constitution.  No wonder Sessions cant get anything done.  There's no one there he can trust.

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Which is worse - shitting where you eat (FBI Lawyer Lisa Page) or not doing your job relying on heresay (Russian Dossier)?

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good point - but it's hearsay, not heresay or heresy - wait, i sit corrected.. carry on!

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Well did I call it or what.

16.000 troops and 230 warplane ordered ready for war with North Korea TODAY

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I like girls, and I like Mustangs, but when you act like an idiot you're still an idiot.

That's a previously scheduled drill that was announced long ago. You didn't call shit.

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Oh, get a damn sense of humor. It was tongue-in-cheek you colossal jackass. The story is from some tabloid from the U.K. I KNOW it’s a drill.

Did I call you a jackass??

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No, you forgot to call me a jackass.

I have limited exposure to UK tabloids. The BBC is bad enough.

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Yeah, buut, ..The Daily STAR (on a sunday) is almost as credible as The Sunday Sport..

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Add another jew supremacist to the list of Trump-hating jews leading the clownshow in Washington. Peter Strzok was a bad boy, caught with his finger in the cookie jar. The name of the cookie jar is Lisa Page, another Trump-hating jew supremacist FBI employee.


"It's The jews Stupid ! - Who & What These Vipers Are"  by, R. Vincent Bert

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And all that the FBI had to do was find out who was Seth Rich.

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As far as I can tell, the swamp is being drained a bit, and things are starting to look up.