Anti-Trump FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Probe Relied On Russian Dossier

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A rabidly anti-Trump FBI agent who was fired from Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation relied on claims made in a largely unsubstantiated and highly salacious dossier provided by Washington DC-based opposition research firm, Fusion GPS - which enlisted former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to assemble the 34-page 'Dirty Dossier' in mid-2016.

Veteran FBI agent Peter Strzok - who headed up the Hillary Clinton email investigation, was dismissed from Mueller's Trump-Russia probe in mid-August and relegated to the FBI's Human Resources department, after the DOJ opened an inquiry into anti-Trump / pro-Clinton text messages Strzok sent to his Trump-hating mistress - FBI lawyer Lisa Page, while the two were working together on the Clinton probe. Page was also fired from the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling earlier this year.

Strzok's conduct in the Clinton investigation is now under review by the Justice Department, along with his role in a number of other politically sensitive cases, according to Fox News.

"While Strzok’s removal from the Mueller team had been publicly reported in August, the Justice Department never disclosed the anti-Trump texts to the House investigators."


"Responding to the revelations about Strzok’s texts on Saturday, Nunes said he has now directed his staff to draft contempt-of-Congress citations against Rosenstein and the new FBI director, Christopher Wray." -Fox News

Of relevance - Strzok concluded that Hillary Clinton was "careless," in her mishandling of classified information, yet found "no proof of intent," an opinion which former FBI director James Comey based his recommendation not to prosecute. Comey, as it turns out, drafted Clinton's exoneration letter long before the FBI had finished reviewing evidence in the case.

Strzok's team and the Trump-Russia dossier...

In August, 2016 - nine months before Trump fired Comey which led to the creation of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel, the New York Times reported that Strzok was hand picked by FBI brass to supervise an investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

The FBI investigation grew legs after they received the infamous anti-Trump "dossier" and decided to act on its salacious and largely unproven claims, According to Fox News:

House investigators told Fox News they have long regarded Strzok as a key figure in the chain of events when the bureau, in 2016, received the infamous anti-Trump "dossier" and launched a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass FISA surveillance of a Trump campaign associate.


The "dossier" was a compendium of salacious and largely unverified allegations about then-candidate Trump and others around him that was compiled by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. The firm's bank records, obtained by House investigators, revealed that the project was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. -Fox News

Dead ends

Weeks before the 2016 Presidential election, Strzok's team agreed to pay former MI6 agent and Fusion GPS operative Christopher Steele $50,000 if he could verify his claims that the agency had already used to take action. Of note, Fusion separately paid Steele $168,000 to assemble the dossier which had the cooperation of two senior Kremlin officials.

The agent said that if Mr. Steele could get solid corroboration of his reports, the F.B.I. would pay him $50,000 for his efforts, according to two people familiar with the offer.


One report, filled with references to secret meetings, spoke ominously of Mr. Trump’s “compromising relationship with the Kremlin” and threats of “blackmail.”


He [Steele] provided the documents to an F.B.I. contact in Europe on the same day as Mr. Comey’s news conference about Mrs. Clinton. It took weeks for this information to land with Mr. Strzok and his team. -NYT

After meeting with the FBI in October to deliver a 'stack of new intelligence reports,' the agency ultimately decided not to pay Steele because he could not corroborate the information he had provided.

Never let a dodgy dossier get in the way of a good witch hunt! 

Despite such a low level of confidence in Steele's dossier that they didn't pay him, the FBI used the document to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant on one-time Trump foreign-policy advisor Carter Page - who was described as having a "secret meeting" with Putin associate Igor Sechin and Deputy Chief for International Policy, Igor Diveykin during a July 2016 trip to Moscow to deliver a commencement speech.

Not true according to Page

While Page did travel to Moscow to deliver a commencement speech, he told the House Intelligence Committee that he's never heard of Diveykin nor met with any of the men mentioned in the dossier. 

Page did testify that he spoke with Russia's deputy prime minister, Arkadiy Dvorkovich, who was in attendance at the commencement ceremony. Upon his return, Page relayed their meeting in a memo to the Trump campaign, writing “In a private conversation, Dvorkovich expressed strong support for Mr. Trump and a desire to work together toward devising better solutions in response to the vast range of current international problems.”

Page claims he hadn't spoken more than a few words to Dvorkovich, and had instead gained insight into the Russian's opinion from listening to the Russian's speeches.

Back on point

We now know that the original, pre-Mueller FBI investigation into Trump-Russia collusion was spearheaded by Peter Strzok - an anti-Trump senior FBI agent who was fired for sending anti-Trump / pro-Clinton text messages to his mistress during their investigation into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information. 

We also know that the FBI probe led by Strzok relied on the salacious 34-page Steele dossier, paid for in part by Hillary Clinton and the DNCto launch their Trump-Russia investigation and obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

This raises a multitude of questions about Strzok, the Clinton email investigation, and any other politically charged cases he's worked on - which are now under review by the DOJ's Office of Personnel Management. 

And while Strzok is stapling cover sheets on TPS reports in the FBI's HR department, it is of particular interest that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is also honing in on Rod Rosenstein and the new FBI director, Christopher Wray for their roles in the decision to withhold the reasons for Strzok's dismissal in August.

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robertocarlos's picture

Fuck you FBI! FBI fuck you!

Federal Bureau of Intent fucktards.

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Headline says Anti Trump Agent Fired....

Name one that's not.  They are all anti-Trump.  

enough of this's picture

The article says, "Strzok concluded that Hillary Clinton was "careless," in her mishandling of classified information, yet found "no proof of intent." "Extremely Careless" or "Grossly Negligent" - FBI Obstruction of Justice?

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You have to pronounce this guy's name like you're trying to cough up a hairball.

Looks like Peter has his own little peepeegate problem.

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Move the z to the end and you get "peter" "strokes" ... now just who stroke his peter...

"Peter Strokes" is McCabe, and he's about to get his come to Jesus moment!

gcjohns1971's picture

A Partisan PRO-Clinton, ANTI-Trump  hack was assigned to both the Clinton email scandal AND the Trump-collusion investigation?

The same guy? I wonder who made that decision?

And he was also linked to the salacious HRC-purchased Steele Dossier that was leaked all over DC as an "Intel" document during the campaign?

The same document that was used as a justification for a FISA-warrant that authorised THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICES to SURVEIL THE OPPOSITION CAMPAIGN to the then-President's Party...which party is now revealed as having paid for the document in the first place?

And did no one ever think that this particular set of circumstances was highly suspicious, cloaked at every angle, as it is, with improprieties and at least procedural law violations?

And the then-FBI director tried to hide all this through reassignment, where this guy apparently still works to this day?

That's disturbing.

Does it occur to anyone that INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE of the opposition party's campaign is unprecedented, orders of magnitude worse than the Watergate break-in, and TOTALLY incompatible with a functioning Democratic system for selecting leaders?

The Watergate conspirators went to jail, and the President resigned to avoid impeachment, but this was to be all swept under the rug?

And what if this is not only coincidentally connected? 

Why was this swept under the rug rather than investigated?

How can the public have confidence that shadowy bureaucrats are not rigging elections using surveillance powers and star chambers?

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

Removed from Trump probe is not enough, both must be terminated from federal civil service with a dishonorable rating. The FBI usurps it's authority and no one says anything, this is why I hate America with all of my heart, my last drop of blood, my last breath. I pray to God everyday for God to kill America. It is the most extraordinary evil nation in the history of mankind and must be destroyed at all cost.

RocketScience's picture

President Trump needs to grow a set. 

Trump should appoint a corruption committee that reports to him and him alone. This committee can comb government servers and obtain the phone records to see where the corruption resides. You do not need a warrant to do this. Your boss (i.e.- Trump) has every right to review all email and phone records on Executive Branch phones. Once a list is complete, Trump can fire or reassign any members of the DOJ and FBI he desires. One can envision hundreds of people being let go in one fell swoop. 

Trump should ask for Sessions resignation. Jeff is not up to the task, or he is part of the problem. 

The number one problem is not North Korea, tax cuts, or building the wall – IT IS MASSIVE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION!!! 

Let me remind everyone that Trump cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice by requesting that Comey go easy on Flynn. Trump can pardon Flynn, and does not need Comey. This idea that a president can obstruct justice is a joke. The president has plenary authority to pardon. He also has plenary authority to fire anyone in the Executive. His pardon powers do not extend to himself in cases of impeachment. 

The president can order the DOJ and FBI to stop the Russia investigation and concentrate on the Clinton Foundation. He can fire Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, Bob Muelller, Andrew McCabe, and anyone else. It is up to Congress whether or not they find this an impeachable offense.

While we are on the topic of exercising existing constitutional authority, please allow me to suggest that Congress keep the government shut down until the FBI and DOJ give them every document they are requesting. The FBI and DOJ are being openly insubordinate by telling the Congress to f*ck off. Congress signs the front of their checks. The Congress tells them what is what, not the other way around. Trump should order them to produce the documents – not tweet about it – order them!

Can you imagine in the private workplace that your boss askes to see the Clinton file, and you tell him, "NO...f*ck off!"

Why are people tolerating this extra-constitutional behavior?


Karl Marxist's picture

Because any real investigation would expose Israel. Israel is this government, is all tech, is all media, is all military. Read Operation Talpiot. It's in Israel's own words. Read also the words of the late Rabbi Oavadia Yosef on we useless little subservient goyim.

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17 intelligence agencies with over 200,000 contractors, huge data centers collecting data on us, fusion centers at local police linked to database. FBI is able to access NSA data on everyone and NSA is a military function. DOD handing out military weapons to police. Police stealing people's money in road side stops etc. This is a POLICE STATE. The US is no longer a democracy, no longer a nation of freedom. It is a nation with minders, communist minders, statist minders, with constant harassment, constant abuse, constant CONTROL. We are not citizens of a country with a constitution, we're slaves of a massive bureaucracy. The government gives preference to military, the federal government is loaded with military and America is being transformed into an EMPIRE ran by military. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT must be PURGED of 500,000 federal civil service and their contractors. CONTRACTORS ARE UNACCOUNTABLE MERCENARIES.

Either PURGE the federal government, abolish redundant agencies, because the states have the same agencies and preform the same function, or this lie, this POS called America must be destroyed so we can be FREE AGAIN.

Karl Marxist's picture

George Webb surmizes Strzok is Andrew McCabe and lists all the investigations he/they squashed for years and years relating to the Clintons. They all work for Israel. This is how Israel protects themselves -- compromize via little children to do it's bidding exclusively. Mueller is a fraud. A sham. All of this is. What is agent Trump doing about it? tweet, tweet tweet tweet tweet like the little chirping birdie he is. Got everyone fooled. Almost everyone.

Mzhen's picture

You've cited George Webb and you talk about us being fooled.  George may be a harmless and gentle giant (6'8") engaged in LARPing for views and Patreon dollars and attention from cat ladies.  But his fantasy that he has been a Targeted Individual for years at the hands of Andrew McCabe is just that -- a fantasy.

It was Strzok's girlie friend Lisa Page who worked for McCabe at the FBI.  No doubt McCabe has his dirty little paw prints all over the dossier and every other part of the operation.  Why he can't be forced out of the FBI is beyond me.

Dilluminati's picture

Well the "careless but no intent" never cut it with me for the server that ridiculous cunt Hillary skated upon, and then on the flip side filling out a SF86 and lying not ok.. I still personally find the handling of Haiti the most disturbing thing that nobody looked into.  I haven't given to an international relief effort since and would only now give food and stuff directly to organizations in my community. 

If I understand things correctly the admissions of guilt were centered on either tax evasion and failure to disclose sources of income, and or willfully lying to the FBI in respect to the questions in respect to foreign contacts, both of which were within the context and scope of a background investigation.

But how nobody can see the connection to the Clinton Charitable Trust (all that money) and the spillage of data, a clear quid pro quo.. and then the handling of the Haiti relief which again true to pattern more donations and a clear quid pro quo... well that is an astonishing inability to not connect the dots.

If I know with certitude that futures in oil prices will trend with one of two insider interpretation of events from an official source, then 1/4 or 1/2 million is nothing.. chump change..  Follow the futures market, or libor rigging, or any other derivative of mass destruction to see where the real crimes are committed..  not disclosing a cashed check is almost juvenille and a disqualification from high office due to being such a damn poor crook..  

Karl Marxist's picture


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Oh. These losers have left themselves open. I hear sounds of bus tires tearing up bodies and the gurgling of that unplugged drain with shredded chunks going down the pipe ...

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the drain plug in the swamp was the 2016 election... the fix was in and she was guranteed a win!

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There are whore houses that have more honor than FBI.

sacredfire's picture

The FBI may be hopelessly compromised, we may be in big trouble as a free nation.

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uhhh pardon me but DDDDUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!! no shit sherlock

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Light of day on the political cockroaches is nice. Love how the braindead true believers on here wail about Trump this and Trump that. Not that Trump is what he pretends to be but the hildabeast is not either. It's just cool that the hacks at the FBI are getting exposed for the pieces of rotting shit that they are.


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Of course, he's not actually fired, he's only fired in the government sense of the word.

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The FBI, at Mueller's direction, have turned in their weapons and had them replaced with nail guns.

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The FBI is not going to recover from this BS in our lifetimes. And for good reason.

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 Of note, Fusion separately paid Steele $168,000 to assemble the dossier which had the cooperation of two senior Kremlin officials.

Of interest to me is how much of the $168k went into the pockets of the 'senior Kremlin officials'.  Because over here, in the West, you can't get an official to do this sort of thing without bribery. I guess that this applies just as much in Russia...


Because, if Steele paid the Russians to get this data, he was paying the Russians to influence the results of an American Presidential Election. And the ultimate paymasters were the Democratic Party. 

Tell me again, what is the penalty for giving foreigners money to influence the results of a Presidential Election?


thebigunit's picture

It seems that we are witnessing the wheels coming off of the Mulller Russia Collusion circus wagon.

If Strzok's fingerprints are on the Steel Dossier, and the Steel Dossier was used to get a FISA warrant which was used to wire tap Trump and the Trump transition team , well . . . .

That's going to be "awkward".

Strzok's fingerprints are Mueller's fingerprints.  

I'm no loi-yah, but it seems that there are now so many reasons that Trump lawyers can argue that the Mueller investigated was botched, biased, and tainted, that Trump can probably just sit back and wait for all the FBI and deep state sleaze to gush out, and shame any prosecutor who would even think of touching the case.