Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias

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Five weeks ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan accused the DOJ and FBI of “stonewalling” the House Intelligence Committee’s wide-ranging subpoena for all pertinent information about how the largely unsubstantiated “Trump dossier” played into the DOJ’s decision to launch the infamous Trump collusion investigation. At the time, the speaker said the agency was preparing to turn over the information requested by the committee, but despite his assurances, the promised documents never materialized.

Then yesterday, thanks to a series of coordinated media leaks, Nunes learned – at the same time as the broader public - about the reassignment of Peter Strzok, a senior Mueller aide who had played a critical role in the DOJ’s original collusion investigation. And before that, Strzok helped lead the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

As it turns out, the agent had been reassigned for expressing anti-Trump sentiments in a series of text messages to FBI attorney Lisa Page while the two were having an affair. The bureau, it appears, had willfully tried to conceal this fact from Nunes and his committee.

Upon being blindsided with this information and publicly embarassed, the Intel committee chairman was understandably less than pleased. So in a statement issued Sunday, Nunes announced a serious escalation: His committee, he said, is preparing to hold Andrew McCabe and assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in contempt for the DOJ's failure to comply with Nunes's subpoena.

Strzok was reassigned in July, shortly before Nunes issued the request for the bureau to turn over all documents relating to the Trump dossier. In a transparent attempt to save face, the bureau contacted Nnes shortly after the Strzok news broke on Saturday to say they were ready to comply with the subpoena. But Nunes rightly repudiated this offer, saying it was too little, too late. He laid out his argument for preparing the order of contempt in a statement released Sunday offering details of the committee's unsuccessful push to convince the FBI to turn over the documents it had requested.

Here’s a timeline of Nunes' contact with the Department of Justice courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

  • On Oct. 11, Nunes met with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. In that meeting, Nunes specifically discussed the committee's request for information about Strzok.
  • In an Oct. 31 committee staff meeting with the FBI, bureau officials refused a request for information about Strzok.
  • On Nov. 20, the committee again requested an interview with Strzok. (Three days earlier, on November 17, Strzok met with the Senate Intelligence Committee.)
  • On Nov. 29, Nunes again spoke to Rosenstein, and again discussed Strzok.
  • On Dec. 1, the committee again requested to speak with Strzok.

Republicans, including President Trump, pointed to the news as evidence that the entire probe into Russian meddling had been politically motivated.


Unsurprisingly, both the FBI and House Democrats have been silent on the issue, according to Bloomberg:

A Justice Department spokesman, Sarah Isgur Flores, couldn’t be immediately reached for comment by telephone or text. There was no immediate response Sunday from a spokesman for the committee’s top Democrat, Representative Adam Schiff of California.

In his statement, included in full below, Nunes accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of willfully refusing to comply with an Aug. 24 committee subpoena in part by refusing the committee's request “for an explanation of Peter Strzok’s dismissal from the Mueller probe.” Nunes is giving the FBI until end of business day tomorrow to fully comply with the committee's requests, or face a contempt order before the end of the month.

Washington, D.C. – House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes issued the following statement today amid press reports that Peter Strzok, the top FBI official assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of collusion between Russia and Trump officials, had been removed from the probe after exchanging anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with his mistress, who was an FBI lawyer working for Deputy Director Andrew McCabe:


“The FBI and Department of Justice have failed to sufficiently cooperate with the Committee’s August 24 subpoena, and have specifically refused repeated demands from the House Intelligence Committee for an explanation of Pete Strzok’s dismissal from the Mueller probe. In light of today’s press reports, we now know why Strzok was dismissed, why the FBI and DOJ refused to provide us this explanation, and at least one reason why they previously refused to make Deputy Director McCabe available to the Committee for an interview.


“By hiding from Congress, and from the American people, documented political bias by a key FBI head investigator for both the Russia collusion probe and the Clinton email investigation, the FBI and DOJ engaged in a willful attempt to thwart Congress’ constitutional oversight responsibility. This is part of a months-long pattern by the DOJ and FBI of stonewalling and obstructing this Committee’s oversight work, particularly oversight of their use of the Steele dossier. At this point, these agencies should be investigating themselves.


“The DOJ has now expressed—on a Saturday, just hours after the press reports on Strzok’s dismissal appeared—a sudden willingness to comply with some of the Committee’s long-standing demands. This attempted 11th-hour accommodation is neither credible nor believable, and in fact is yet another example of the DOJ’s disingenuousness and obstruction. Therefore, I have instructed House Intelligence Committee staff to begin drawing up a contempt of Congress resolution for DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Unless all our outstanding demands are fully met by close of business on Monday, December 4, 2017, the committee will have the opportunity to move this resolution before the end of the month."

In the statement, Nunes pointed to “a months-long pattern by the DOJ and FBI of stonewalling and obstructing this Committee’s oversight work,” including also withholding subpoenaed information about their use of an opposition research dossier that targeted Trump in the 2016 election.

In targeting McCabe and Rosenstein, Nunes explained that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was being excused from any contempt action by the committee because the AG had recused himself from the investigation into Russia meddling.

In addition to the threat of contempt, Strzok is also facing an internal review for his role in the investigation into Clinton's handling of classified information on her private email server. It has already been revealed that then-FBI Director James Comey drafted his letter excusing Clinton before she had even been interviewed. The Office of the Inspector General probe into Strzok will examine his role in a number of "politically sensitive" cases this year, according to Fox News.

At the FBI, senior managers are facing a serious dilemma: It's probable that the information pertaining to Strzok is only some of what the bureau has tried to keep from Nunes and the committee. Now, the FBI is facing a dilemma: Either rush to comply without having the time to screen all the documents that have been supplied to the committee, or continue to resist, and face a Congressional subpoeana. Either way, we're certain this isn't the last of the story.

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JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

You do understand that Hillary had republican's onboard with her plans? There is a reason Mitt didn't go at Buckwheat during the debates on Benghazi. 

Disgruntled Goat's picture

Want to know who recuses themselves? Judges in a local dispute who know the parties involved. Not Attorneys General of The United States.

If Sessions is so compromised that he has to recuse himself from any issue, then he should resign, as he is not full capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of his position.

Mzhen's picture

Good point.  And Sessions' primary nemesis, attack dog Al Franken, has been reduced to poodle status.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

An even bigger observation.

Conyers tried to dress down Sessions and straight up called Sessions a liar.

Less than a week later, Conyer's shit gets completely blown up.

Coincidence? I don't fuckin' think so.

I saw that grin on Sessions face as that went down. That's the sole reason that I cant completely write Sessions off. Old dude is obviously sublte and not one to fornicate with.

FreedomWriter's picture

"With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?"

Hillary Rodham Clinton.... May 8th, 2013

More than you might think Madam Secretary.


mc888's picture

Sessions has been getting flamed because he keeps his head down and his nose to the grindstone.

He doesn't advertise what he's doing. If we heard about it in the media, I'd start to worry about it.

OTOH Mueller's investigation has a mandate to be confidential and it's been leaking since Day 1.

Boxed Merlot's picture

...dude is obviously subtle and not one to fornicate with...

duly noted and under consideration...

FoggyWorld's picture

He never should have taken the job in the first place and it was his listening to Rosenstein that got him to recuse himself from all of these "matters."

Time for Sessions to retire is NOW.

Juliette's picture

"DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein"

He is a Joo. Ask Uncle Adolf for advice.

thetruthhurts's picture



oh where oh where?

FoggyWorld's picture

Skssions is sleeping as usual. Do Not Disturb sign pinned to his door.

shankster's picture

Washington DC cesspool and you all pay for it. $$$

11th_Harmonic's picture

"Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias"

(1) Bullshit. They do not intend to shoot their own foot.
(2) Anything an establishment stooge wages a war upon becomes nothing less than an unending circus.
(3) In true Shakespearean fashion, these talking-heads will bloviate and grandstand in a feigned attempt at governance.
(4) The best that may come of this is some underling is thrown under the bus, yet the bus continues full-speed ahead over the fucking cliff.
(5) Anyone who believes a single word from any one of these motherfuckers is a damned fool.
(6) Billary will roam free.
(7) The memories of Seth Rich and the Madalay Bay will fade into obscurity.
(8) Tomorrow will bring yet another bullshit investigation.
(9) Average 'merukan Jane and Joe will zone out to their favorite Zombievision program while their rulers fabricate another crisis.
(10) I'll next click the "save" button.

Mzhen's picture

Now that we know Strzok has long been considered a key figure in the investigation, and has an extensive background in Counterintelligence -- and we know that Sally Yates was working with Counterintelligence at Justice when she inserted herself and began to target General Flynn in late January 2017 -- after the FBI had already cleared him -- I wonder if it can be shown that Strzok was communicating with Sally.

Here the Flynn news was set to dominate the Sunday shows, and this Strzok distraction turns up unexpectedly.

InnVestuhrr's picture

To Trump:

1. Did you forget that you were elected President of the USA ?!?!?!!! Do you know that the powers of the office mean a lot more than JUST using Air Force One to fly around the world to luxurious parties for oligarchs and to golf courses ?

2. You must be either olympic-class stupid or cowardly or deceitful to the voters - or all - to tolerate all the corruption, insubordination and betrayal going on in the INjustice dept !

3. Take out a blank sheet of paper, write the following:


     All the following persons are terminated immediately.

     <list of scumbags, parasites, deep-state lords, clinton mafiosee, etc>

      Signed: {your signature}


MuffDiver69's picture

You are assuming he doesn’t know about any of this, but you would be correct if he doesn’t..I think he’s stirring this pot for maximum affect...I believe he is in on some of the leaking and the Fake News is None the wiser, but will see..He’s not dumb and the question you ask, like many, is so obvious it could be a strategy...

gcjohns1971's picture

Why fire them when you can set someone else to investigate, then send them to VERY public trials and jails?

Does firing them equally publicize their crimes and discredit their accomplices?

drgizmo's picture

he just can not do that ... the cry will be OBSTRUCTION  OF JUSTICE ,,, BUT he might be able to make them destroy them selves ... 

MuffDiver69's picture

Even if you absolutely hate Trump the fact a Congressman Who Heads an oversight committee has to read the answer to his request in the NYT and WaPo, and a scripted one to minimize the damage, that says it all about our country...Its so in your face it’s laughable..The two Fake News sites that have been used by Deep State in an unrelenting stream of illegal leaks that are shaped to do strategic damage get this info...Who the fuck could have given them this info I wonder but the FBI,Mueller,DOJ....Laughable how arrogant...This is how wars start when it’s this in you’re face...These exact same people do jail innocent people...

Dratpmurt's picture

Gluten free nothing burger with trumptard suace on the side.

wdg's picture

Where the f**k is the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, in all of this? They must have the goods on this Fake AG. Declare a national emergency and land the Marines at FBI headquarters and put everyone under house arrest until the crooks, gangsters, thieves and traitors are indicted and removed from the building. Then install some decent and patriotic Americans to run the FBI. Then do the same with the CIA and NSA and overnight there would be a marked change to organizations that operate lawfully and constitutionally. And send all those traitors loyal to Israel back to Palestine. 

drgizmo's picture

you do realize all we the good guys transparency , justice the same for all and truth ..stop ling to us ...

Boxed Merlot's picture

...send all those traitors loyal to Israel back to Palestine...

And why are you being so benevolent?

just wonderin.

gcjohns1971's picture

Who investigates the investigators when there is reason to believe they are willfully breaking the Law?

Does DOJ have a monopoly on investigation and/or indictments?

Or can the Government simply repose this power in someone else?


Another way to ask the question:

Does it matter WHO puts indictments in front of a Grand Jury, so long as the investigator is not legally restrained from investigating?

Also, from whom does DOJ investigative authority come?  Who has the authority to execute and enforce the Laws of the United States?

Answers forthcoming in days and weeks to come.

drgizmo's picture

No it is too far gone now all comes down soon ... I say we have 24 months ..dollar to zero like zim bob 

dsty's picture

To legally drain the swamp it will take a while, hopefully it won't need other measures

Woodrox's picture


insanelysane's picture

The FBI killed Seth Rich.

sacredfire's picture

About 3 weeks ago I would have thought someone making an allegation as insanelysane just uttered was nuts, a jerk or maybe a kid. Now, I'm not so sure. I am starting to really believe that the FBI may actually be involved in a plot to unseat the democratically elected President for the pur[pose of participating in deep state actions. Someone, please tell me that I'm the nut around here! 

insanelysane's picture

Not to scare all of the shit out of you, but, not only can the FBI, CIA, and NSA find evidence on your computers but they can put "evidence" on your computers.  The Boston FBI rode along with Whitey Bulger when he was committing murder and then they prevented the Boston Police and the Massachusetts State Police from investigating.

Here is just one of the true news stories on the Whitey Bulger bullshit.  This was all FBI enabled.


drgizmo's picture

yeah well it better look stupid ... I got my own style ...

Joe A's picture


We are all nuts here on ZH but that does not mean we are not right.

amadeus39's picture

As a guest in a nut-house remarked: "I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid."


drgizmo's picture

No I think not the FBI have been bought and paid ...HRC put a bow on it ,,,

Dumpster Elite's picture

I agree. They're worse than the CIA, if that's even possible. They have lost absolutely all credibility as a "law enforcement" organization. They're basically just the enforcement arm (jack-booted thugs) of the DNC.

drgizmo's picture

IT was ISI from Pakistan killed SR 

rkoen's picture

Gee and just when dems were so excited to have testimony that might implicate Trump.  Poor guys can't even buy a break.  Maybe they should seek sanctuary in SF? 

Vin's picture

Actually, I think that Hussein's trip is really for him to find aslyum overseas.  Let's watch.

Korprit_Phlunkie's picture

he hopes to be out of the country when the shtf. That way he will have a plausible excuse instead of fleeing the country like hitlery and bill will try and do. and podestas.

Kyddyl's picture

Wikipedia says this about the RICO Act and it seems pretty applicable. "The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally."   


south40_dreams's picture

Thanks to the traitor obama and his gang of terrorists, its now legal to kill white women in San Francisco

Boca's picture

only if your an illegal felon

Boxed Merlot's picture

...only if your an illegal felon...

Where's Dirty Harry when you need him?

GotAFriendInBen's picture

WTF is that pussy grabbing pedophile tweeting about now?

amadeus39's picture

There are times when pussy grabbing is perfectly acceptable and even welcomed. It about nuances.


Vin's picture

Keep your popcorn handy, folks.  The takedown of the corrupt govt of Bushites, Husseinites and Clintonites will begin very shortly.