Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias

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Five weeks ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan accused the DOJ and FBI of “stonewalling” the House Intelligence Committee’s wide-ranging subpoena for all pertinent information about how the largely unsubstantiated “Trump dossier” played into the DOJ’s decision to launch the infamous Trump collusion investigation. At the time, the speaker said the agency was preparing to turn over the information requested by the committee, but despite his assurances, the promised documents never materialized.

Then yesterday, thanks to a series of coordinated media leaks, Nunes learned – at the same time as the broader public - about the reassignment of Peter Strzok, a senior Mueller aide who had played a critical role in the DOJ’s original collusion investigation. And before that, Strzok helped lead the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

As it turns out, the agent had been reassigned for expressing anti-Trump sentiments in a series of text messages to FBI attorney Lisa Page while the two were having an affair. The bureau, it appears, had willfully tried to conceal this fact from Nunes and his committee.

Upon being blindsided with this information and publicly embarassed, the Intel committee chairman was understandably less than pleased. So in a statement issued Sunday, Nunes announced a serious escalation: His committee, he said, is preparing to hold Andrew McCabe and assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in contempt for the DOJ's failure to comply with Nunes's subpoena.

Strzok was reassigned in July, shortly before Nunes issued the request for the bureau to turn over all documents relating to the Trump dossier. In a transparent attempt to save face, the bureau contacted Nnes shortly after the Strzok news broke on Saturday to say they were ready to comply with the subpoena. But Nunes rightly repudiated this offer, saying it was too little, too late. He laid out his argument for preparing the order of contempt in a statement released Sunday offering details of the committee's unsuccessful push to convince the FBI to turn over the documents it had requested.

Here’s a timeline of Nunes' contact with the Department of Justice courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

  • On Oct. 11, Nunes met with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. In that meeting, Nunes specifically discussed the committee's request for information about Strzok.
  • In an Oct. 31 committee staff meeting with the FBI, bureau officials refused a request for information about Strzok.
  • On Nov. 20, the committee again requested an interview with Strzok. (Three days earlier, on November 17, Strzok met with the Senate Intelligence Committee.)
  • On Nov. 29, Nunes again spoke to Rosenstein, and again discussed Strzok.
  • On Dec. 1, the committee again requested to speak with Strzok.

Republicans, including President Trump, pointed to the news as evidence that the entire probe into Russian meddling had been politically motivated.


Unsurprisingly, both the FBI and House Democrats have been silent on the issue, according to Bloomberg:

A Justice Department spokesman, Sarah Isgur Flores, couldn’t be immediately reached for comment by telephone or text. There was no immediate response Sunday from a spokesman for the committee’s top Democrat, Representative Adam Schiff of California.

In his statement, included in full below, Nunes accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of willfully refusing to comply with an Aug. 24 committee subpoena in part by refusing the committee's request “for an explanation of Peter Strzok’s dismissal from the Mueller probe.” Nunes is giving the FBI until end of business day tomorrow to fully comply with the committee's requests, or face a contempt order before the end of the month.

Washington, D.C. – House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes issued the following statement today amid press reports that Peter Strzok, the top FBI official assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of collusion between Russia and Trump officials, had been removed from the probe after exchanging anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with his mistress, who was an FBI lawyer working for Deputy Director Andrew McCabe:


“The FBI and Department of Justice have failed to sufficiently cooperate with the Committee’s August 24 subpoena, and have specifically refused repeated demands from the House Intelligence Committee for an explanation of Pete Strzok’s dismissal from the Mueller probe. In light of today’s press reports, we now know why Strzok was dismissed, why the FBI and DOJ refused to provide us this explanation, and at least one reason why they previously refused to make Deputy Director McCabe available to the Committee for an interview.


“By hiding from Congress, and from the American people, documented political bias by a key FBI head investigator for both the Russia collusion probe and the Clinton email investigation, the FBI and DOJ engaged in a willful attempt to thwart Congress’ constitutional oversight responsibility. This is part of a months-long pattern by the DOJ and FBI of stonewalling and obstructing this Committee’s oversight work, particularly oversight of their use of the Steele dossier. At this point, these agencies should be investigating themselves.


“The DOJ has now expressed—on a Saturday, just hours after the press reports on Strzok’s dismissal appeared—a sudden willingness to comply with some of the Committee’s long-standing demands. This attempted 11th-hour accommodation is neither credible nor believable, and in fact is yet another example of the DOJ’s disingenuousness and obstruction. Therefore, I have instructed House Intelligence Committee staff to begin drawing up a contempt of Congress resolution for DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Unless all our outstanding demands are fully met by close of business on Monday, December 4, 2017, the committee will have the opportunity to move this resolution before the end of the month."

In the statement, Nunes pointed to “a months-long pattern by the DOJ and FBI of stonewalling and obstructing this Committee’s oversight work,” including also withholding subpoenaed information about their use of an opposition research dossier that targeted Trump in the 2016 election.

In targeting McCabe and Rosenstein, Nunes explained that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was being excused from any contempt action by the committee because the AG had recused himself from the investigation into Russia meddling.

In addition to the threat of contempt, Strzok is also facing an internal review for his role in the investigation into Clinton's handling of classified information on her private email server. It has already been revealed that then-FBI Director James Comey drafted his letter excusing Clinton before she had even been interviewed. The Office of the Inspector General probe into Strzok will examine his role in a number of "politically sensitive" cases this year, according to Fox News.

At the FBI, senior managers are facing a serious dilemma: It's probable that the information pertaining to Strzok is only some of what the bureau has tried to keep from Nunes and the committee. Now, the FBI is facing a dilemma: Either rush to comply without having the time to screen all the documents that have been supplied to the committee, or continue to resist, and face a Congressional subpoeana. Either way, we're certain this isn't the last of the story.

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dirty fingernails's picture

You seem to have missed the current administration of Goldman, War Crimes, and Graft. Don't fool yourself, there ain't no clean folk in DC.

buffalolips's picture

There is nothing in Washington, D.C. that can be picked up the clean end.

dirty fingernails's picture

Exactly. This is power corrupting in action. This isn't a new development, it's  just with a "red team" in power now, it appears that they are fighting Trump because he's Trump. Nope, this was going on under Obama. The State Dept, Pentagram, and WH contradicted each other and even took actions that ruined each other's actions/plans on the regular. This is what happens when you suspend all the rules and legalities for the gov under the guise of "terrists". No punishments = no restraints and we have a rudderless ship.  GFL fixing this.

Wild E Coyote's picture

At least now we have a Red team. We used to have Grey for a long time on both side.

dirty fingernails's picture

LMAO. You think the team colors, names, or slogans matter? Ever notice what types of legislation sail right through both chambers of congress and right across POTUS's desk with little more than mumbling against them? These clowns can't  agree on anything except money for the MIC, themselves, and criminalizing citizenship.

drgizmo's picture

this is true and started with bush 2 ...and the idiots/fools who created ISIS ..

ISIS started when 50,000 ex military guys lost their job..I tried to explain this is not a good idea ..

you are going to start a civil war now ... ... and Saudi hired them all to kill sheia in a civil war ...

who is the guys who knows all of this from the beginning ... Now LTG Flynn ...he was LTC then ...

Way back DOD said do this at your own peril we can not get in the middle of this ...that is what is going on 

DOD and WH/CIA/  FBI completely compromised at the top ...   been at each other ever since 


sauldaddy's picture

Who in hell Down voted that???? Is that you Super Cankles????

Boxed Merlot's picture

...The takedown...will begin very shortly...

one can hope...

but then what?...

Dumpster Elite's picture

It's too bad that Obama-appointed cronies run our government. They run the State Dept., the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and the NSA. It's weird that, while Trump is supposedly President, all these Departments under his control are still run by the former President, almost one year later.

dirty fingernails's picture

Yo, jackass. I'm  happy you woke from your America's Got Talent slumber, but NEWSFLASH the corruption dates back loooong before your Tar Baby was even a missed period. You seem to forget the State Dept, Pentagon, and WH publicly contradicting and counteracting each other under Obama. This isn't a partisan problem it's systemic.

FoggyWorld's picture

Those folks run every single department in the US government.

amadeus39's picture

Have you ever tried to get rid of a parisite? It ain't easy. The Donald needs our support more than ever.



DeaconPews's picture

They held Holder in contempt as well. Whoop-de-do.

buffalolips's picture

Point well taken. Without quantifiable and painful consequences for contempt, it's poor kabuki theater at best. Wrong-doing without consequences is effectively endorsing more of the same. I should know, I worked there for years.

AurorusBorealus's picture

In the latest news, Robert Mueller's team has announced that Donald J. Trump kidnapped the Lindbergh baby and that Michael Flynn made false statements to then FBI-chief J. Edgar Hoover about the event.  Anonymous sources from inside the FBI also claim that the Trump-Flynn kidnap ring had ties to pro-Russian anarchists operating in Italy, Turkey, and the Dutch East Indies.

CRM114's picture

Trump has also been revealed as the man who always helps Road Runner get away, the cause of 17 types of cancer, and the guy who snuck into my house last week and dropped a milk carton on the floor during the night, for which my wife blamed ME!

Mzhen's picture

Jeff Sessions has instructed Director Wray to make all management changes at the FBI necessary to restore the faith of the American people in the Department of Justice.  Unless Wray gets rid of Andrew McCabe, we won't be getting anywhere.

Klatschman's picture

Looooong overdue houseclesning at the FBI. Too much history of crookedness within. These FBI crimnals need to do hard time now!

sauldaddy's picture

Fuck hard time how about the firing squad for high treason and sedition via military Tribuanls.

NSAPJ PP Boondocks

CRM114's picture

Looks like they backed the wrong whore-se. ;)

GoldHermit's picture

I wonder which Republican finally grew a pair.  

Wage Slave 927's picture

Merry Christmas! You're fired!

Wilcox1's picture

Why is it so hard to get this stork guy's texts to his interoffice affair fbi page lisa girlfriend who also hated President Trump? Seems like the lamestream fakenews wapo, failing nyt and cnn can get any other leak they want. 

MusicIsYou's picture

Deploy the militarized FBI to the frontline against North Korea. And since I'm on the subject of guns: why does Israel have such restrictive gunlaws, when it was that Hitler wouldn't allow Jews to own guns?  One would think Israel would be very progun; something doesn't add up.

Stan522's picture

LEading up to this point, I was convinced the republican party was part of the deep state / shadow government process and would not confront them like this. Sessions lack of ANYTHING helped convince me of this....... I'm still not convinced they will follow through with this promise... I could be for show.....

FoggyWorld's picture

I think Nunes is fed up and will do his very best.

political junkie's picture

Nunes is not the only one fed up. 


This entire business, beginning w/ RUSSIA, RUSSIA is a plan by Dems/Clintonites?DeepState to impeach/get rid of Trump

I'd bet the farm that POTUS has been onto them since the beginning... reminds this old lady of 'Uncle Remus' stories" - you guys are too young to remember, google is your friend. Look up B'rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby (of course POTUS is B'rer Rabbit)

There's picture

The only reason America needs a weak and distrusted Justice system is to make it possible for world class self dealing by this Administration and the Trump Organization.

So many lies. So many changes of story and documentation when discrpancies are exposed. So many attacks on the rule of law showing ignorance of the black letter laws involed.

Solomonpal's picture

Sure sounds good on paper but cite some evidence...not ABC shit. Thought so. You people are insane with hate. Taking years off your life.

Nunyadambizness's picture

All the lies and story chagnes, you're talking about Hillary, right?  Of course, your "attacks on the rule of law" and "showing ignorance of the black letter laws..."  is spot on with that evil bitch.  

Good job!

qdone's picture

trump is  CINC. act like it or leave.

Promethus's picture

TThe FBI's contempt for congress is still less than the public's contempt for the FBI.

Herdee's picture

Seems like the FBI is really into the golden showers themselves. They can thank a group of internal gangsters hell bent on sedition of a President. Fucking crooks.

hoist the bs flag's picture

set em straight Donny!

Joe A's picture

Is that the same Rosenstein that appointed Mueller?

UnderDeGun's picture

The very same wanker. Heavy on the wank.

THORAX's picture

The very same Strokzter! 

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I think George RR Martin is doing the script for gov now. Theatre folks, nothing of significance will happen. Look! Over there......the Goodyear blimp.

kernel_panic's picture

Guilty pleas obtained.  Too late for Trump.

Mzhen's picture

You talking about Papanobody and Flynn, who was caught in a perjury trap after being cleared of wrongdoing by the FBI?  Sorry, Charlie.

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Hillary lost the election and Trump is your President and will be for the next 7 years...LOL

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Agent Pineapple Juice PP Talking Heads

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Let the good times roll. cf The Cars:

Let the good times roll
Let them knock you around
Let the good times roll
Let them make you a clown

Let them leave you up in the air
Let them brush your rock and roll hair

Let the good times roll...

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love that 1st cars album. 2nd one too. after that, meh..

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Rod Rosenstein? Oh, oh. Guess embassy will be in Jeruselm after all.