THe WeeK IN ONe PiCTuRe...

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When all else fails, lecture us...from France...LMAO!

Oh well done Barry, well done ;-)

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I thought you were supplying Mr Mueller's breakfast.

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You know you are onto something when all the big pontificators are silent in condemning things that should ordinarily arouse their most violent vitriol, things like ass groping senators, vibrator heavy morning show hosts and G-Men with itchy office G-Spots.

It’s Tammy and what’s his fucking name all over again, only this time it’s not the religious right it’s the zealous left!

Shut your fucking mittens and leave the rest of us alone!

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The funniest thing to watch is Chuck "Lenin" Todd as he willfully DOES NOT CITE the bountiful harvest of Weinstein, Clinton, Conyers, Franken, Lauer, Lewis, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy and Mr.Fucking Sulu too?...LMMFAO!...and goes straight Access Hollywood audio to make some asinine point about...speech?

Its a pure cognitive disability to perform on full display and its absolutely wonderful ;-)

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Hilarious. Love the message... a big bag of dicks... awe fuck. You know what I mean.

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There is nothing.

And I repeat watching Rosie O'Donnell & Robert Reich go into full melt down on Twitter...LMMFAO!!!

"jim comey has lived a life of service and dedication -he is admired - unlike u don the con"

 8h8 hours ago


good morning traitor trump - gonna tap out soon donnie? arm bar is getting tight ... keep tweeting moron

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Just received this yesterday from a happy camper. As the holiday season approaches, what better emergency gift idea than Banzai7's photograph of peak Sunrise?

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Matt Lauer's bag of sex toys he carried in his clean out your desk box

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Fitting the dicks are all circumcised!

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FYI circumcision does not necessarily indicate Jewish. To insinuate they are a pack of Jewish (dicks)because of circumcision, will befuddle some and make you look like an outsider. I am unaware of how you could know if they are circumcised or not. Maybe my cheap phone lacks resolution but it is not my business to study images of bags of penises, anyway.

Your beef should be with the person who originally designed/drew them. Maybe the designer is a Zionist or else from small town Idaho. In my locker room experience, the circumcised were the vast majority. Perhaps a fad of the era in rural America, I don't know. The same era has peculiar smallpox? vaccination scars on their left shoulders, too.(prob. a gov. conspiracy) I hear the Europeans don't care for circumcision except for those pesky Jewish types.

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It’s not your business to study bags of dicks, but it sounds like you enjoyed studying them in the locker room

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I'm circumcised because I'm not a savage.


Wow! Dude its soooo perfect. Spot on! Hehehehehe! Ooowwwwwhooooo! Yeyeye! Dude youre the mannnn!

Yea right. You suck ass. Bag o' dicks. Talk about original. I really cant believe people buy that shit. Totally bland, but, guess thats all we get from an "artist" thats not. Same lame ass bullshit over n over n over. Damn i wish fat boy would  just nuke this whole motherfucker. Its what humanity needs.

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Well I have some great news for you. I never expected to sell the picture of Matt Lauer's lunch bag and you have my permission to print it off for free and shove it up your partners ass tonight.

I would also like to thank you for reminding me to post something about the holidays coming up.

Now run along and knit some more pink mittens you stupid fucking gizz bucket reload.

And yes folks, just as long as shithead central keeps rear ending us in the daily news feed, I will continue to reply with more pictures memorializing their elite hubris.


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Please provide a link to your awe inspiring creative work.

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It's not "art" to sophisticated liberals like him, unless it's full of naked little kids #pizzagate #podesta themolesta

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If you do not find this art amusing and provocative, but rather find it deplorable, would that make you something akin to a masochist, if you are unable to stay away?

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Interestng how the Trump inner circle all wear the same hats.

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Just ignore the Junker he's a moronity of one.

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You could of used Matt Lauer’s ugly mug as well.

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after all, a bag of dildos was indeed found in his office closet

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and most revealing, only the tips had been nibbled & gnawed off

Just the Tip, Sir


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Yes but Muellers fiasco became the story of the week did it not?

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Probably not if you were to ask the average AmeriKan.

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In DC when a take away establishment takes an order

they always ask how many dicks do want with that?


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US CONgress - the New National Zoo - come one, come all, see the snakes, vipers, apes, chimps, dumb asses and chumps - do not feed nor vote for these animals!  Dog and Pony show runs continuously with Animal Trainer Bibi Netanyahu...

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Far be it for me to compare the family Jewels Scandal of the CIA to something similar going on in the FBI, nor that the CIA still seems wide open without oversight of the American public.

Latin America and the CIA's 'Family Jewels” | NACLA
When the CIA declassified its “family jewels” in June, a few small pearls about the agency’s programs in Latin America tumbled into view. The secret documents were compiled in 1973 on orders from then CIA director James Schlesinger, who, in the interest of controlling the damage inflicted on the CIA by the Watergate scandal, commanded his personnel to identify any CIA activities that might be construed as illegal. The compilation of reports that flowed to Schlesinger’s office became known as the family jewels. Henry Kissinger called it “the horrors book.”

Those horrors are familiar to anyone with a passing acquaintance with the CIA’s history: assassination plots, spying on U.S. citizens, drug experiments on human guinea pigs. Most were revealed three decades ago by Congress and the press, and some of what we knew has been inexplicably censored from this newest version. Because Schlesinger’s focus was on domestic operations, the family jewels don’t disclose anything new about the CIA’s most notorious operations in Latin America—overthrowing presidents (Guatemala, 1954), staging invasions (Cuba, 1961), and fixing elections (Chile, 1964), to name a few.

A pair of memos from James Jesus Angleton, offers long-standing U.S. program to train police forces in Latin America and exploit them for intelligence purposes. (see pages 607–12 of the family jewels at

NSC, survey, called the Overseas Internal Security Program, was led by officers of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the International Cooperation Administration (later the Agency for International Development). The effort evolved into the Office of Public Safety (OPS) under AID.

Guatemala was the first Latin American country to come under the program in 1956, quickly followed by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

Angleton saw could recruit them as spies in OPS programs and in classes at the International Police Academy in Washington, provided them with equipment, and gave them special CIA training outside OPS channels.

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Trump was supposed to stop all that globalist meddling in other countries to focus on issues like [under]employment of American citizens and protecting the borders of the USA, as opposed to constructing borders or governments in foreign nations by nefarious, clandestine or other means.

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Yes, Low Money Stock Velocity, Jobs and Capital fleeing overseas or being hoarded overseas, low & inconsistent Job Creation below 200K a Month for Population Growth, Trade Deficit of negative $780 Billion Dollars, and 100 Million prime working aged Citizens not working.

President Trump has had push back on many fronts, he will need to make it happen, set up the circumstances to make it happen if he is to be a great president. It seems Marrakesh Agreement that formed WTO and allowed China a Full Member could be a stumbling block.

1980 - Most favored Nation Status for China (J. Carter)
1984 - Caribbean Basin Initiative,
1994 - WTO Formed, Marrakech Agreement
1994 - War on Jobs, NAFTA,
1994 - Most Favored Nation Status for China Reinstated after Tianamen Square
1996 - Most Favored Nation Status for China Reinstated after Test
2000 - Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China and WTO Membership for China
2005 - CAFTA-DR Ratified, 2006

For that matter neither do most in the GOP. It is a one party system like in the USSR, but in the USA. (By Race)

Economist has NEGATIVE $780 Billion Trade Balance.

Trade balance Current-account balance

** How do you get Capital Formation/Investment of the kind that creates Millions of Jobs a year?! **

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Key words: "supposed to". See..the trick in politics is to fool the shit out of the masses to get their votes. Then once in office, keep business as usual because it makes the rich richer. Oldest ploy in the world, goes all the way back to where apes voted. And once again, the little people take one in the butt.

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So it seems. So it does seem. History shows the Elites win year after year or they destroy the economy, jobs, social fabric, social contract, and usher in stealth taxes through inflation ... of course Network Complexity since 1500 AD has meant war and world wars now in a kind of Complexity Theory Dynamic that is playing out to higher extremes each month.

Gains in Social Contract and Worker Rights & Anti-Trust Legislation ... seem to be met with destruction of the Currency, Expansion of Money Supply Instruments like Derivatives, poor stewardship of WRC(a Global Problem for all workers, peasants, common people, and new property owners).

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He said hard on not hard drive!

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People can confuse on and drive. Get a shift drive.

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Great! One of your greatest! Bravo WB7!

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J Edgar's perversions are still the total essence of the FBI.   J Edgar = Comey = Mueller = Perversion of Justice/morality/decency

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Maxine might wish to comment on how J. Edgar blackmailed King into shutting up about his criticism of the Feebi's.

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But FBI & DOJ say "Trust Us", and Congress says "Trust US" and the Media in WMD in Iraq said "Trust Us" and TBTF & John Paulson & Tim Geithner said "Trust US".

Bill & Lynch meet on Tarmak. Where is bombshell FOIA Info on FBI Memos?

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Indeed, the FBI was always a flawed institution. A political inquisitior.

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I see Investigator Smuk has checked in.

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Truth ueber government lies and Mueller process crimes.

Trump can as Chief Executive reverse the no recording policy of the FBI.  This FBI policy is not codified law and was only a dictate of J Edgar, totally reversible by Trump.

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And Al Franken is a Big Fat Ass Groping Breast Cupping Dildo of the Senate!

Senator Dildo

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Now doesn't Al Kranken look just like Senator Jon Tester in last ZH Photo Image? Amazing resemblance.

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and you expected different from the tribe and their members?


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the flaming train wreck of corrupt gov is hurdling towards the cliff while nations around the world celebrate..

maybe there will be a new world wide holiday when this monster boil is lanced.