Yemen Rebels Claim They Fired Missile At Abu Dhabi Nuclear Plant

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Two days after Israel reportedly destroyed an alleged Iranian airbase in the city of al-Qiswa near Damascus in Syria, Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed they fired a cruise missile toward the $20 bilion Barakh nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi in the UAE (which is still under construction) which "successfully hit its target", the group’s television service said on its website Sunday, however without providing evidence.

The launch was in retaliation for the closing of sea and air ports, it said without offering evidence or providing further details. The statement quoted a Houthi leader who warned against continuing the blockade, “affirming Yemenis’ right to take sensitive steps.”

“The missile force announces the launching of a winged cruise missile … toward the al-Barakah nuclear reactor in Abu Dhabi,” the website said. It gave no further details. The claim comes as the United Arab Emirates, which is part of the Saudi-led coalition, celebrates its National Day.

The Barakah nuclear power plant being built in Abu Dhabi’s western desert.

According to Reuters, the 4 nuclear reactors at the plant are scheduled for completion between 2018 and 2020, when they will start operation.

In September, the UAE’s energy minister said the country’s first nuclear reactor will “definitely” be operational next year with the operating company getting a license in 2018. However, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced in May that the plant had received the fuel assemblies for its unit 1 reactor. The fuel assemblies, the ENEC said in a statement, were being “securely stored” at the plant.


It was unclear if the assemblies were still being stored there.

The Yemen rebels’ claim about striking a target in Abu Dhabi comes amid heavy fighting in Yemen’s capital, Sana, between the Shiite Houthi rebels and some of their former allies, who are led by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Mr. Saleh, who stepped down in 2011 after a mass uprising against his 33 years in office, but he formed an alliance with the Houthis. Since then, fractures have emerged between the former leader and the rebels, exacerbating the crisis.


In a televised speech on Saturday, Mr. Saleh blamed the Houthis’ “idiocy” for the war in Yemen and declared that he was ready to turn a “new page” in ties with the coalition if it stopped the attacks on his country.


“I call upon the brothers in neighboring states and the alliance to stop their aggression, lift the siege, open the airports and allow food aid and the saving of the wounded and we will turn a new page by virtue of our neighborliness,” Mr. Saleh said.

It is the second time this year the Houthis have said they have fired missiles toward the UAE. A few months ago they said they had “successfully” test-fired a missile toward the country. However on Twitter, the state agency WAM denied the Houthi rebels had launched a missile toward the United Arab Emirates.

In a subsequent Tweet, WAM said, “U.A.E. possesses an air defense system capable of dealing with any threat of any kind and the project of Barakah reactor is immune.”

On Sunday, an Iranian analyst, Hamidreza Taraghi, who has close ties to Iran’s leaders, denied any the country had links to the missile attack claimed by the Yemen rebels. Quoted by the NYT, he said that “we have nothing to do with this,” adding that “the Houthis are very capable of hitting targets without our assistance.” But Iran’s regional rival, Saudi Arabia, and its allies insist that Iran has provided the Houthis with such weaponry and say that the rebels are taking commands from Tehran.

The nuclear power plant, in Abu Dhabi’s far western desert, is being built by the Korea Electric Power Corporation near the border with Saudi Arabia and is scheduled to begin operating next year, the United Arab Emirates energy minister has said, according to The Associated Press.

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JoeySandwiches's picture

It is kinda dangerous when you think about the middle east getting nuclear power.

Imagine large swaths of terrorists storming nuclear power pants like they do mosques and causing a little 'accident'



l8apex's picture

Ah yes, the religion of peace.  And those level-headed goat herders...

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water.

Albert Einstein

skbull44's picture

All plants are sitting the Middle East or not.

eforce's picture

The Houthi's would have better luck if they fire a load at a time.

svayambhu108's picture

>  ...and those level-headed goat herders...

I am tired of all this self-righteos americunts at least they fuck goats, what do you fuck? Cows?

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Everyone is snoozing here in Abu Dhabi today. 4-day weekend for Martyrs’ Day and National Day.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Where did Yemeni Rebels get a cruise missle?  Oh yeah, Iran.  I forgot.  The axis of evil.


Conscious Reviver's picture

Wait til they hit Dimona. Hopefully you will be close by when it happens.

Which do you hate more? Obummer or Iran?

NEOCON1's picture

Still fucking your sister, eurotrash?  Or have you moved onto your daughter?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"I am tired of all this self-righteos americunts at least they fuck goats, what do you fuck? Cows?"~

Geesh, a little touchy today, eh Svayam? No one, (save for you), brought up sex with animals. Is this a particularly sore point with you?

I8apex points out that the Middle Easterners who are followers of the cult of the god in Mohammad's head tend to be a rather violent lot. Maybe they aren't as violent as say, as you put it, americunts, but that's historically been more of not having the capacity to engage in large scale mayhem than the lack of desire to practice it.

That said, things are certainly looking up for them in that department. I'll wager they are going to give everyone else a run for the money in the future, and that is simply due to the nature of the dude they emulate. It is, as some say, how they roll.

Read it all.


Attitude_Check's picture

You are just mad no one will have you.  You pathetic,  11 toed,  inbread,  gimpy,  buck toothed,  bald,  flat footed,  70 IQ, pinicle of humanity.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

The link posted by skbull44 is spam to promote a work of fiction. 

The definitive article about the vulnerability of nuclear reactors in war is "Nuclear Power Plants As Weapons For the Enemy: An Unrecognized Military Peril" by Bennet Ramberg (University of California Press 1984).

It is available for free dowload via

I-Engineer's picture

I am going to use a few industry terms. So I am willing to bet thousands that a military attack is not a credited failure in Safety Analysis Report (SAR or FSAR). I wonder if they have fully implemented the Fukushima SOER from WANO. I am willing to guess not, even if all nuclear power plants in the world have supposedly done so.

What this means is that they should be able to put some compensatory measures in place. But how do you really plan for a rocket to the shutdown system?

Not Too Important's picture

There are hundreds of ways to make any NPP go Fukushima. Having NPP's in violent shitholes is insanity. But extremely profitable in the short-term, for a very small handful of people.

If the US isn't interested in EMP-proofing the US electrical/NPP grid, no one else anywhere gives a shit, either.

The entire human race, and for that matter all living life on this planet, now suffers from Radiogenic Leukopenia, through the inhalation and ingestion of thousands of tons of aerosolized enriched uranium and plutonium circulating the globe. The only question is how soon it manifests. The average is 15 years. Japan and North America are just about 7 years in, with the rest of the world to follow.

If people are stupid enough to build new ones, other people are stupid enough to blow them up, or simply cause the NPP's to blow themselves up.

We are living in the last 100 years of humanity on this planet. Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' is just a taste of how bad it's going to get.

'On The Beach' is a nice look at what the world will look like after we're all gone.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

skbull44's picture

The show The 100 gives another fictional look at our nuclear ‘future’.

Parrotile's picture

One of the major "problems" with NPP operation is removal of waste heat. Even if the reactors are "full shutdown" they still produce a fair amout of heat ( a 900 MW reactor still produces 16 MW heat ONE DAY after shutdown - )

So, any strategy that limits or prevents effective cooling is guaranteed to pose a real safety problem. This NPP is being built in a desert area (sand is abundant), and we probably know water pumps and sand (in suspension) make poor bedfellows where reliability is concerned.

Summary - you don't need high-tech weapons when Nature provides the opportunity for damage, in abundance. Having said that, using mortar rounds would seem easier / cheaper / less demanding of skilled operators, and they do have the necessary range - e.g. the US M252 has a useful range of 5600 metres (which is around 3 1/2 miles) - more than enough fro successful "target engagement"



skbull44's picture

The link was never meant to go to support the commmet. It is the 'signature' I attach to all my comments. Yes, it links to my site that markets my fictional post-apocalyptic novel as well as numerous articles/commentaries/news items like those posted at ZH, and all are free to click on the link or not.

A. Boaty's picture

Onward Peaceful Soldiers

HominyTwin's picture

Radioactive oil and natural gas wells, and sand dunes. Wonder how much Haliburton would pay to go work over there if that happens?

Fireman's picture

The juice are already armed to the teeth. Obviously that is why the neighbors need the same shit. Makes sense obviously.

Ms No's picture

Once JFK was killed so that Israel could illegally acquire 200 nukes the world was screwed.  Now ones only defense is to also gain one and a ridiculous arms race was on.  For countries who wont bend the knee to globalist slavery they must get one or cease to exist.   

NEOCON1's picture

Wal Marts got a sale on aluminum foil.  Half the weight as tin, but RUST PROOF!

Deathrips's picture

They also have 10 inch diameter butt plugs to plug your leaking slave ass


Fuck the ZIos aka neocons.


Ms no is right.



veritas semper vinces's picture

Three chosenites down voted the truth; it does not matter,it will still shine through. Nothing can stop it now . More and more people are exposed to the truth and learn about the horrible crimes  the AAZ Empire did  and the lies we were fed all those years.


Sudden Debt's picture

and the side effect of nuclear reactors is that you get weapons grade nuclear material...


Not Too Important's picture

Don't worry, Hillary will arrange for Russia to buy it for conversion into more nuclear fuel.

For a massive bribe - I mean fee - of course.

MozartIII's picture

Working well for Japan. All fresh caught fish have been pre nuked! Glowing fish with 3 eye's, hot on the market and ready to eat!!

Utopia Planitia's picture

It is quite a bit more complex to end up with usaable Pu than a throw-away slogan suggests.  Are you volunteering to go man a long stick to stir the steel pots contaiing dissolved spent fuel? Bring lots of friends - you will get "worn out" pretty fast.

MozartIII's picture

It's actualy sad to see this level of false flag being reported. The Saudi's & the US just lost there Yemen war. US media forgot to report it....

 We have never seen this happen! S/


Now the Houthi (They have a hard enough time driving a tank, won't go into firing a cruise missile. We all know they have so many), err the CIA just fired a missle at an Aubi Dahbi nuclear reactor that is not even up. Stir the damned pot a little more. The desperation to bring in the UAE smells as it should, a big pile of Camel shit!



veritas semper vinces's picture

ME already has nuclear power:the Chosenites and Dimona, undeclared and uninspected and did not sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty.Do you think they ,somehow ,should have it and others not?

And ,by the way,for those who make stupid comments like"religion of peace":the true "religion of peace or pieces" is judaism,which wrecked everything.or better said the alliance of the Catholic church and judaism. Read the Talmud first and then make comments.

koan's picture

I don't think a "cruise missile", of the type these sand rats would have, could do much damage to a nuke plant.

More of a gesture than an actual attack.

hairball48's picture

@koan How do you know those "sandrats" aren't getting well designed, effective cruise missiles from Iran?

koan's picture

Because Iran got them from China, designed during the cold war.


Left over shit for sand rats...

ciscokid's picture

Sand rats really show how to fight the goat fu....

Do not underestimate people cornered and being

Not Too Important's picture

Precision munitions are not necessary to make an NPP go Fukushima. It could easily be done with mortars, suicide bombers, lots of things the bad guys already know.

Starving parents have nothing left to lose, after watching their children starve to death, and no shortage of weapons suppliers and trainers.

Make peace with your Creator and hug your loved ones. The Satanic demon-callers are coming for you and them.

koan's picture

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows cornered animals are dangerous, but these folks are pawns.

Handed weapons from on high to fight proxy wars that result in neither their liberation or in their being safe and fed.

IridiumRebel's picture

Yes let’s publish this little nugget of news ol over so people get great ideas.....

topspinslicer's picture

It doesn't take a rocket scientist bro

hairball48's picture

You're an such a naive idiot.

Cynicles II's picture

1984 was published all over...

koan's picture

They come up with this shit themselves sitting around tired after a long day of raping goats and chewing khat.

Theta_Burn's picture

Where would they get a winged cruise missle?

And why open a 2nd front?


CunnyFunt's picture

It was an Amazon drone with Jeff Bezos' face.


Theta_Burn's picture

This 1 is way cooler

I didn't know the Yemeni's were big manufacturers of these /s

Cynicles II's picture

Why believe everything as true from the "media". 

Bldg 7 anyone?

NEOCON1's picture

Brian Ross reported it, so it's okay!