Dismissed FBI Agent Is One Who Changed Hillary Email Scandal Language From "Grossly Negligent" To "Extremely Careless"

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Over the weekend we noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's top FBI investigator into 'Russian meddling', agent Peter Strzok, was removed from the probe due to the discovery of anti-Trump text messages exchanged with a colleague (a colleague whom he also happened to be having an extra-marital affair with).

Not surprisingly, the discovery prompted a visceral response from Trump via Twitter:

Alas, as it turns out, Strzok, who was blatantly exposed as a political hack by his own wreckless text messages, also had a leading role in the Hillary email investigation.  And wouldn't you know it, as CNN has apparently just discovered, Strzok not only held a leading role in that investigation but potentially single-handedly saved Hillary from prosecution by making the now-infamous change in Comey's final statement to describe her email abuses as "extremely careless" rather than the original language of "grossly negligent."

A former top counterintelligence expert at the FBI, now at the center of a political uproar for exchanging private messages that appeared to mock President Donald Trump, changed a key phrase in former FBI Director James Comey's description of how former secretary of state Hillary Clinton handled classified information, according to US officials familiar with the matter.


Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey's earlier draft language describing Clinton's actions as "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless," the source said.
The drafting process was a team effort, CNN is told, with a handful of people reviewing the language as edits were made, according to another US official familiar with the matter.


But the news of Strzok's direct role in the statement that ultimately cleared the former Democratic presidential candidate of criminal wrongdoing, now combined with the fact that he was dismissed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team after exchanging private messages with an FBI lawyer that could be seen as favoring Clinton politically, may give ammunition to those seeking ways to discredit Mueller's Russia investigation.


The FBI and the Justice Department declined to comment.

Peter Strzok

Of course, as we noted a month ago (see: First Comey Memo Concluded Hillary Was "Grossly Negligent," Punishable By Jail), the change in language was significant since federal law states that "gross negligence" in handling the nation’s intelligence can be punished criminally with prison time or fines whereas "extreme carelessness" has no such legal definition and/or ramifications. 

In fact, Section 793 of federal law states that "gross negligence" with respect to the handling of national defense documents is punishable by a fine and up to 10 years in prison...so you can see why that might present a problem for Hillary.

“Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer— shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

And just like that, the farce that has heretofore been referred to as the "Russian meddling probe" has been exposed for what it really is...an extremely compromised political "witch hunt".

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Budnacho's picture

*sits down, makes popcorn*

junction's picture

And from "extremely careless" to "good enough for government work."

The Alarmist's picture

Simple negligence on the part of the FBI agent ... nothing to see here.

Now, about that collusion with the Russians ....

shitshitshit's picture

dude looks like illegitimate offspring from alan snackbar greedspan.

Is this the result of consanguinity at work? 

Pinto Currency's picture

And HRC's 6 trips to Jeffrey Epstein's pedo island was called what?

JSBach1's picture

How about more hypocrisy: 

Recall that on November 14, 2008 the then:


"President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden announced that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Republican Congressman Jim Leach would be available to meet with delegations at the G-20 summit on their behalf.


Thursday, November 13, 2008: 


Russia: Arkady Dvorkovich, Senior Economic Advisor to the President, G8 Sherpa, and Ambassador Kislyak 


India: Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Ambassador Sen (India), Ambassador Arun K. Singh, Deputy Chief of Mission 


Australia: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd..."



Big Creek Rising's picture

And this is the very same FBI puke that conducted the Flynn interview that lead to the lying to FBI charge.

Funny how WaPo and NYT held that tidbit from publication until just after Flynn confessed and sold out. Not that GovCo hacks would collude with presstitutes or anything

JSBach1's picture

and if this FBI "agent" changed this...what else did he change?

nmewn's picture

I can't believe Norman Hsu is still alive. He is still alive isn't he? ;-)

bigkahuna's picture

someones going to jail Lord....koombyah

Whoa Dammit's picture

Why hasn't Strzok been arrested yet? Every day the list of crimes he has committed get longer...Obstruction of Justice...Entrapment...Hatch Act...Sedition...Treason....

It's not like there is a shortage of handcuffs where he works.


Chupacabra-322's picture

“Whoa, and there’s more on Peter Strzok. He exchanged anti-Trump texts with Lisa Page, another Mueller team member with whom he was having an affair. She’s deputy to Andrew McCabe.”

“Surprise – it was Hillary Clinton supporter Peter Strzok told Comey that there was no proof of “intent” – BEFORE he had interviewed HRC.”

And of course, he was involved with the sketchy interview of Cheryl Mills…

And Heather Samuelson…

And voila, they were given immunity…

He allowed Mills and Samuelson to attend the interview with Hillary…

So Strzok exonerated Hillary, led the probe into Weiner’s laptop that cleared Hillary, allowed major conflicts in the Clinton investigation, and then took control of the Steele dossier probe into Trump, all while being a rabid anti-Trump, pro-Clinton partisan in his personal life.

And when Mueller learned of this behavior he reassigned him instead of firing him, in order to prevent word getting out to the public.


macholatte's picture



How much evidence against Hitlary and the Clinton Crime Family did the FBI destroy?


Chupacabra-322's picture

Tyrannical Lawlessness

on full display.

JimmyJones's picture

FBI is infested with Clintons minions that Bush Jr kept in place, same or probaby worse with the DOJ, Bush Jr. Didn't clean house one bit (because they are one in the same) and neither did Obama. The DOJ was expanded big time during Clinton. The DOJ is loaded to the gills with Clinton people that go all the way back to Bill. Look at their donations and then look at the date the started working there. All about 20 years in and Senior level. 

This is a great article too on Kushner's family back ground and how he will be gone very shortly because he was behind ordering Flynn. 


jeff montanye's picture

well, perhaps try her first.

probably what happened is the clinton, bush, and obama administrations culled the best the formers could collect and to them added their best recruits.  

robert mueller.  vicky nuland.

careerism married to a higher purpose:  eretz yisrael hashlemah.

they have a phrase for it.  that tells you something.

Serrano's picture

Can you explain in English, please, what you just wrote?

jcaz's picture

Prolly can figure that out by reverse-engineering to whom and when Bill made phone calls to, and how much money the Clinton "Foundation" paid out to "Misc Expenses".....

Whoa Dammit's picture

Strzok was also the one who interviewed Flynn. It looks like it was entrapment.

According to another source, with direct knowledge of the Jan. 24 interview, McCabe had contacted Flynn by phone directly at the White House. White House officials had spent the “earlier part of the week with the FBI overseeing training and security measures associated with their new roles so it was no surprise to Flynn that McCabe had called,” the source said.

McCabe told Flynn “some agents were heading over (to the White House) but Flynn thought it was part of the routine work the FBI had been doing and said they would be cleared at the gate,” the source said.

“It wasn’t until after they were already in (Flynn’s) office that he realized he was being formerly interviewed. He didn’t have an attorney with him,” they added.


jeff montanye's picture

one of the signal achievements of the trump administration is the self-exposure (so much more convincing) of the deep state's darker side (as in dark and darker).

just ran across this, imagine: https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=give+peace+a+chance...

Serrano's picture

I think i will just start downvoting you now, without trying to understand anything you have to say until you learn how to write with some clarity. Thanks.

Omen IV's picture

Binney says unequivacally the NSA has every- email / text/ phone call / document - at multiple nodes of the AT &  T switching stations

First, from deep packet inspection, they would have the originator and ultimate recipient (IP) of the packets plus packet series 32 bit number identifier and all the housekeeping data showing the network segments/path and time to go though the network. And, of course, the number of packet bits. With this they would know to where and when the data passed.

From the data collection, they would have all the data as it existed in the server taken from. That’s why I originally said if the FBI wanted Hillary’s email, all they have to do is ask NSA for them.

All this is done by the Narus collection equipment in real time at line rates (620 mbps [mega bits per second,] for the STA-6400 and 10 gbps [giga bits per second] for the Insight equipment).

Binney explained what these numbers mean: Each Narus Insight device can monitor and record around 1,250,000 emails each second … or more than 39 trillion emails per year.
jeff montanye's picture

hey has anyone else had a feeling similar to the one when you found out that nixon taped all the oval office conversations?

Serrano's picture

Are you sure? I thought mbps means millibits/sec. and that Mbps means megabits/sec. 620 Mbps is a very fast connection. My ethernet runs at 100 Mbps.

fleur de lis's picture

Rest assured that the FBI sleaze balls stuffed as much of it as they could into the shredder faster than it could be ripped to pieces.

BarkingCat's picture

Thie knowledge of this agent being one of the lead agents of Hillary Clinton's does explain why those laptops were destroyed and Hillary's conversations with the FBI were not recorded.

This asshole needs to be charged with obstruction of justice,  destruction of evidence and conspiracy. Clinton needs to be investigated again.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I think this country needs a chief law enforcement officer. You know, someone that is in charge of keeping these types of people in line. He should run a department that was charged with insuring justice. Hell, we could even name it 'justice'. We should put a competent, trustworthy person in charge, someone that will ensure justice is enforced evenly, so that even people high up on government are held accountable.

Just an idea. Maybe one day we will get one of those.

nmewn's picture

Well they have IG's but it doesn't do much good when they're reassigned or fired because they found criminal and/or departmental violations.

Like Gerald Walpin and Charles McCullough.

jeff montanye's picture

to carl's point: they shot him in the head, blamed it on a palestinian, then named the headquarters after him:


mtl4's picture

Great thought on paper Carl but the issue is that with someone that powerful you're only one step away from a dictatorship at that point and the deep state will continue to stonewall you every step of the way right up to full blown assasination.  The system was set up well initially (forefathers did us well) but the problem is all those little "adjustments" politicians make over time are starting to add up.  Now there are too many folks just in civil service for themselves and this includes the House, Senate and the Executive branches of gov't not to mention the deep state.  The entire system is so corrupt with cancerous greed it needs to burn itself down and be rebuilt again just as has happened for centuries in other civilizations.  Unfortunately it's just time.

otschelnik's picture

Oh. So the DOJ/FBI want to keep the investigation 'in house.'  They want us idiots to rely on the honor and integrity of our heroes in law enforcement.

Well enough of this 'honor and integrity' crap.

We have ZERO confidence in the FBI to police itself.  Or for that matter, the CIA, IRS, NSA, DOJ, or DNC.  

pods's picture

The title would have to show how important he is. Like a General. 

Prolly should have them be an Attorney too I guess. 


greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya, those sound like good ideas, too, but it will take someone smarter than us to put those two ideas together into something workable. Sure would be a handy thing to have though.

pods's picture

The title would have to show how important he is. Like a General. 

Prolly should have them be an Attorney too I guess. 


jcaz's picture

How bout a Crime Czar?  I like the ring of that........

brianshell's picture

Perhaps next a connection between Soros and Srtzok?  Throwing Strzok under the bus is supposed to settle the score?

z530's picture

And of course, he was involved with the sketchy interview of Cheryl Mills…

And Heather Samuelson…

And voila, they were given immunity…

He allowed Mills and Samuelson to attend the interview with Hillary…


Don't forget that it was probably him that also negotiated the destruction of their laptops. Pretty sweet deal to allow people under investigation to attend the Hillary deposition, acting as Counsel. I'm sure they let everyone do that, right?



ThuleNord's picture

Strzok - Is that jewish? Any takers?

The Jewish networking cabal marches on. The destruction of Aryan culture most continue. Prove it ISN'T true


fleur de lis's picture

He will never be arrested because there are too many FBI sleaze balls just like him and they are all friends and they are all part of the FBI sleaze racket so if he goes down the others will follow.

They hang together or they hang alone. 

If they can ride this out they can retire with big fat .gov pensions for being clever sleaze balls and not getting caught.

Hard to tell which is sleazier - the FBI or the CIA.

ASimpleTrader's picture

"a shortage of handcuffs where he works"

Most of those deep state pukes took their handcuffs home so that their dominatrixs' could cuff them for a spanking. They never figured on actually needing to use them, thinking Clinton was gonan be President.

The_Dude's picture

And Comey didn't recognize the significance of this change!? 

This is a attempt to shift the blame from Comey who would have understood what this meant and was also likely sitting in the group that agreed to the change.

FIAT CON's picture

You know this fucker is as corrupt as the day is long.

Hang him, along with Comey,Mcabe, the clintons all three of them, Obummner

The way things are going you would think Hitlery and Obumner were still in office.

Can't Trump do somethig? Fuck Me what a banana republic.

FIAT CON's picture

You know this fucker is as corrupt as the day is long.

Hang him, along with Comey,Mcabe, the clintons all three of them, Obummner

The way things are going you would think Hitlery and Obumner were still in office.

Can't Trump do somethig? Fuck Me what a banana republic.

jeff montanye's picture

patience is a virtue.  there is at least a fat year left.  history seems to be speeding up.

glenlloyd's picture

Meanwhile back at the ranch we've got a Senate that can't do squat! Isn't there any way to get rid of douchebag McConnell and his do nothing cronies?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Im not a lawyer, but this FBI Agent sure sounds like he committed Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice, and a few other crimes an ambitious prosecutor could lard on....

Kassandra's picture

We are doomed...to never ending insanity.

Sir Edge's picture


Pro Constitutional USA People Change Language Of Hillary Email Scandal From "Grossly Negligent" To...

"1st Degree Homicidal Felony"