Trump Holding Secret Evening Meetings With Aides To Evade Kelly's West Wing Clampdown

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"Stop Bickering, Get in Early, Make an Appointment" - in the five months since John Kelly took the helm as Trump's Chief of Staff, the former marine has reportedly turned the West Wing from a free-for-all of division and disorganization into a well oiled machine.  

Mountains of unchecked paperwork no longer cross the Resolute Desk. Gone is the ability for aides and associates to simply swing by the Oval Office and have a chat with President Trump - including his own son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka who began reporting directly to Kelly. Senior staff meetings which once began at nearly 9 a.m. were moved to 8 a.m. in the Roosevelt Room - in sharp contrast to the wandering discussions held by Kelly's predecessor, Reince Priebus - often with the TV blaring in the background of his office.

Moreover, Kelly has instructed staff not to simply patch calls through to President Trump from friends outside the White House who wanted to chat about current events - instead requiring that they make appointments. Indeed, it appears that Kelly's clampdown on the Trump White House have turned it into an efficient, streamlined, militaristic operation...

Then there's Trump, who according to a report in the Wall St. Journal has been calling White House aides to his private residence in the evening where he gives them new assignments - asking them not to tell Mr. Kelly.

Trump, it appears, cannot be tamed. But we knew that.

John has been successful at putting in place a stronger chain of command in the White House, requiring people to go through him to get to the Oval Office,” said Leon Panetta, a White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton who worked with Mr. Kelly, a four-star Marine general, in the Department of Defense. “The problem has always been whether or not the president is going to accept better discipline in the way he operates. He’s been less successful at that.” -WSJ

While White House staffers tell the Journal that Trump's "working relationship with Mr. Kelly remains strong," and that they two men have "found an equilibrium," the dichotomy between Trump's free-form approach to leadership and Kelly's disciplinarian approach has often left the Chief of Staff out of the loop. 

This is all just inevitable,” said one person close to Mr. Trump. “It’s not that Mr. Kelly is wrong—we all know he’s terribly competent.

Frustrated friends of the President have also reportedly gotten around Kelly's "do not call" list by calling Melania Trump in order to pass messages to her husband, according to two people familiar with the matter.

"[S]ince she arrived in the White House from New York in the summer, the first lady has taken on a more central role as a political adviser to the president."


If I don’t want to wait 24 hours for a call from the president, getting to Melania is much easier,” one person said. -WSJ

Melania Trump's office issued a harsh rebuke to the Wall St. Journal, stating This is more fake news and these are more anonymous sources peddling things that just aren’t true. The First Lady is focused on her own work in the East Wing.” 

The White House declined to comment.  

Meanwhile, Trump's Twitter feed is still off the chain of Kelly's control - shrugging off questions over potential diplomatic quagmires such as the time he called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "short and fat." Asked about the incident, Kelly shrugged it off - saying "Believe it or not - I don't follow the tweets," adding that he has advised White House staff to do the same. "We develop policy in the normal traditional staff way."

As one White House official told the WSJ, despite what appears to be an equilibrium between Kelly and Trump, they may never see eye to eye. “Kelly is too much of a general, and Trump is too much Trump,” adding that Trump continues to hold Mr. Kelly in high regard - often praising him during public appearances. 

At a briefing on Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico earlier in the fall, Mr. Trump noted Mr. Kelly’s presence in the back of the room.

“He likes to keep a low profile; Look at him sitting in the back,” Mr. Trump continued. “But, boy, is he watching—you have no idea.

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Here is an interesting look at how political polarization in the United States has grown over the past three decades:

Unless the unforeseen happens, the fractious Clinton vs. Trump election of 2016 would appear to be the "new normal" when it comes to American political theatre. 

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after trump leaves the scene, i see mccain maybe making three or four more attempts at the white house.  yeb is young enough and will make six or seven.  romney will make two or three.

in the end, trump is an outlier.  for as much as i disagree with some of his policies.  hell, damn near all.  the thing i don't like about his handling of the media is, i think he is handling them with kid gloves.  if he would take the gloves off and literally, not figuratively, kick the living shit out of a couple dozen of them in the WH press room, fuck man, that would be great.  i don't see sara huckabee doing that though.  maybe if he told mike tyson that jake tapper stole his tiger, or said his mother gives lame blow jobs.

IntercoursetheEU's picture

Nobody elected these deep state swamp creatures. Bring back Bannon, fire bonehead Mueller.

But above all it's time to prosecute the Clinton Foundation case, and knock the legs out from under the arrogance of the prevailing beltway corruption machine.


gatorengineer's picture

Its two sides of the same zio-coin......  The swamp if you havent noticed is filling not draining....

WTFRLY's picture

They pump in fresh Israel every morning

ljag's picture

.....and in case you hadn't noticed.....we are the swamp....and about 80% of you will "flow into the drain"

ljag's picture

.....and in case you hadn't noticed.....we are the swamp....and about 80% of you will "flow into the drain"

WTFRLY's picture

It must be tough presiding over the increased Zionization of the US govt

farflungstar's picture

Once they can get people's guns we can get on with Joo rule and the living can envy the dead in Soviet America.

mkkby's picture

Bullshit article.  Kelly is responsible for managing HIS STAFF.  NOT THE PRESIDENT.

Trump is the boss.  It's ridiculous to suggest an underling would be frustrated by style differences.  The president does things his way and his way only.  Staff must to adjust to him

Kudos to Kelly for organizing the incompetent Prebus mess.

Dorado's picture

McCain is going to be dead.  I bet he doesn't make it to Q2 2018

Citizen G's picture

Nah, he’ll eat a baby and wash it down with some adrenalized blood from said babies twin. He’ll be looking like a billion bucks just in time for his 2020 presidential run.

MEFOBILLS's picture

If Trump really wanted to kick the shit out of the fake news, he could start up his own Trump channel.  Make it a public private partnership, where a number of citizens hold stock.

The government licenses the air-waves, and since the mainstream meadia has been proven to be liars and have an agenda, they can also have thier license revoked.

A new bidding process could be opened up to re-allocate the airwaves, basically make the Jews pay for their consolidation of media into one corporate entity.  

New private citizen owners of the Trump Channel can act as verifiers and truth tellers, so American's are no longer baffled and bamboozled with BS.  Yes, the new owners would have to be verified so the ((tribe)) does not make their usual atttempt at control.  In this way, the new "American" stock owners actually benefit from their investment and their actions.

Another possiblity is a Trump Channel that is only internet.  This channel would have buried within it, some sort of feedback - say a polling device, to sample the will of the people.  Usually direct democracy does not work, but in this case it could be used to bludgeon Congress - Critters. 

kochevnik's picture

USA should persist with mental masturbation until entire country resembles Baltimore and Detroit.  Then BRICS can buy assets at fire sale and leave other parts to permanently rot.  Winners will leave ZH for offshore island paradise while losers will troll ZH bitching how rich foreigners live by different rules

JoeTurner's picture

Keep the faith with Flynn...the good guys are operating behind the scenes..


"All war is deception"

Ajax-1's picture

3 Dimensional Chess...huh. I am not buying it.

gatorengineer's picture

One D checkers, and a litany of unfullfilled promises.

MoreFreedom's picture

Trump fired Flynn, a Democrat, who Obama promoted to head the DIA for informing Pence in a way Trump found unsatisfactory.  He might have had good intentions and merely forgot his entire conversation, but then he lied to the FBI when he didn't need to.   He might be a good guy, but he's not very competent. Further, why would he ask for immunity for testimony (an offer that was rejected)?  He must have done something wrong. 


blown income's picture

Another day , another "one person said" ..............

Bay of Pigs's picture

This type of reporting is pathetic (no sources).

The old Tylers would be laughing at this dogshit.

Herdee's picture

The military stays loyal to Trump and has raided the CIA's Langley, Virginia office. The military is now destroying the funds coming into the CIA from drug networks that were being used to fund ISIS and other terrorist organisations. The military is knocking out the insiders behind a network of CIA and FBI agents behind a sedition attempt. They're dismantling the inner government's influence and putting them in their place. They'll also dismantle the media propaganda tools that they use as well. There's a big power struggle on right now. That's why Trump has surrounded himself with the military. The CIA can't move the heroin and coke without them.

WTFUD's picture

'Source' please! If the Swamp's being Drained then i'd like a blow by blow as we go, in real time.

swmnguy's picture

It's more Hal Turner fever-fantasy.  Like his "SuperStation95" stuff last year.  All fantasy.

This particulary fantasy says the US Marines invaded CIA Headquarters and carried off all kinds of evidence of pedophile whatever, and there are several thousand sealed indictments in Federal court right this second, and any minute now there will be mass arrests for pedophilia, Uranium One, and probably the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

It's the wank-a-thon one would expect given the source.  The only remarkable thing is the faction of the Oligarchy now in the White House supports people like Hal Turner. 

third string plug's picture

Your evidence for it being false is as good as Hal's evidence, seems.  

I'm interested to see it play out, you're already sure its fake.

Curious.  Who pays you?

NoDebt's picture

Story brought to you by Brian Williams via ABC News.


DownWithYogaPants's picture

Mah hellycopter was shot at by a missul!

YouTube: Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams  

YouTube: Hitler actor Bruno Ganz interview about Youtube Downfall Parodies  - this video is like watching Hitler gripe about kids being creative with his performances.  

Joe A's picture

If you'd know German they you'll know that Bruno Ganz does not talk at all about the Downfall Parodies.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

LOL well that would just make it funnier then wouldn't it?  Maybe that might be why I linked the 2nd video?  Because it too was hysterically funny.

sheikurbootie's picture

I'm just waiting on the blow back of Billy Bush and the MSM regurgitation of the "pussy gate".  NBC this morning was calling President Trump (Mr. Trump).  I can't remember ONE TIME the MSM called the magical negro, Mr. Obama.

Trump will crush them all again.

UsedtaliketheDon's picture

You're right. They left off the "Mr." and called him only "Obama". At least DT get's a suffix.

Cardinal Fang's picture

So basically, this article says nothing.

chunga's picture

Regarding Kelly, here's something that needs to be filed in things that make you go hmmm department.

Congressman Attacks "Disloyal" John Kelly For Quashing Possible Trump-Assange Deal

As WSJ initially reported, Rohrabacher was stymied by Chief of Staff John Kelly when he tried to take the deal to the president.

As far as I'm concerned Trump pretended he'd never heard of this for quite some time. He was eventually asked directly about it, so he knows now and has for a while. I'm going to refrain from being titillated by swamp draining , real or imagined, as long as this is ignored.  We know Kelly told Rohrabacher to take this to the "intelligence community". For those living in a cave, or up there in DC, Assange claims he has proof the Russian thing is bogus.

His name was....ahhh never mind.

MoreFreedom's picture

The article says the WSJ is making up stories about Trump, just like the rest of the resistance.  It's getting it's information from unnamed sources who the WSJ won't name.

Making up disparaging stories about one's political enemies, and committing the sin of bearing false witness, is a favorite of swamp trash. 

Like, Trump colluded with Russia who hacked the election.  Have you heard of that one?


IridiumRebel's picture

Ok so a couple folks text Melania some unimportant stuff.
Quick, somebody call Mueller and his partisan team of democratic cocksuckers. Patch in the legacy lying media and let’s run this story for a week.

Must. Maintain. Narrative.

pc_babe's picture

Wow ... Monday morning national press/deep state double down.

Mueller's and the Deep State's pathetic efforts have achieved zero Russian, collusion or otherwise results ... guess its time to turn-up the confusion volume and feed the LIBTARD loons

totenkopf88's picture

Melania the Slavic Skank is Putin's mole in the White House- and they are lovers as the Orange Dotard can't get it up any more.

Joe A's picture

Well, that would give a new meaning to the hotline line between the White House and the Kremlin. Be careful though: dial 1 for hot steamy phone sex, dial 2 for full blown nuclear war.

Pure Evil's picture

Is there an option for Golden Showers or a Rusty Trombone?

HopefulCynical's picture

Awwww, he misses his Wookie, cute.

You're in the wrong place, asshole.

A. Boaty's picture

At least you can draw a straight line between Russia and the election result, unlike the official investigations.

wolf pup's picture

And everyone knows, too, that Michelle never spoke to her husband about anything political. She left that to the menfolk. Like Melania should, according to this laughable narrative.

The bile in this item is so thick its neon green is clouding my vision.

The Butthurt proceeds apace.

Not Goldman Sachs's picture

Good to see the other team going lower. One team proves itself pathetic, so the other team goes Lower. Wouldn't want to raise the bar.

Conservatives have been captured...because it's better than Hillary.


RagaMuffin's picture

"If I don’t want to wait 24 hours for a call from the president, getting to Melania is much easier,” one person said. -WSJ" If that is anywhere near accurate, it is fucked up. The President is at your beck and call?

roadhazard's picture

Look like it's going to be another hip wader day on ZH.

gatorengineer's picture

Only good news is that hyperbolic markets cant go on forever (at least I dont think so)....  I had 2650 for my year end, now I think I am going to move that to 2725.  hell we might even take that out this week.

Giant Meteor's picture

Ahhhhh, something new then ...


south40_dreams's picture

James Comey was an very highly paid executive at Lockheed Martin just prior to being named FBI director. LM was also a very high contributor to the Clinton Foundation in its glory days. Nobody wants to write this story because they will most likely be made dead. The swamp is deep and the rot is thick.

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Don't forget about HSBC's role in the Clinton cabal...!!

Gotta have somewhere to launder all that money...