US Factory Orders Slide In October

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Following the dismally weak preliminary durable goods orders drop (-1.2% MoM) as aircraft orders tumbled, October Factory Orders declined but were better-than-expected (-0.1% vs -0.4% exp) after an upwardly revised September (up from +1.4% to +1.7% MoM).

Overall Durable Goods orders werre also revised higher from their preliminary prints. Most notably, core capital goods orders were revised from a 0.5% MoM slump to a 0.3% gain.

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The Orange Dotard still taking credit for the stock market.

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why then they lied and claimed the opposite? these people should be sued for playing with the market with fake news.

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I'm curious...


When all of the washing machines, dryers, household electronics, tools, etc., have been made overseas now for years (if not decades), just what are these 'durable goods' they're talking about, and those 'factories' too...?  

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Ex transportation it was +.8%


This site is starting to lose some credibility.

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Oh, there are still any factories left at all ?

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You have located the only one!