The War On Gold Intensifies: It Betrays The Elitists' Panic And Coming Defeat - Part 1

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Authored by Stewart Dougherty via,

Dictatorship (noun):  Definition #3:   absolute power or authority (Websters);
Def. #2:   absolute, imperious or overbearing power or control (Random House);
Def. #3:   Absolute or despotic control or power (American Heritage);
Def. #3:  Absolute or supreme power or authority (Collins English Dictionary);
Def. #1:  A type of government where absolute sovereignty is allotted
to an individual or small clique (Wikipedia).

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In recent weeks, the War on Gold, which is a subset of the broader War on Human Freedom, has sharply intensified, with massive, multi-billion dollar naked short price raids now being launched on a weekly and even daily basis by the criminal, state-sponsored price manipulators. This escalation proves the supreme importance to the Deep State financial elite of the maintenance of their gold price dictatorship, which is a vital component of their long term, systemic campaign of financial plunder.

The elitists have no problems whatsoever with stratospheric stock and bond prices; 5,000 year low interest rates; $450 million Da Vinci’s; $250 million private homes; $50,000,000 annual salaries for circus masters, whose role in keeping the masses distracted and dumb is vital; $1.9 million Aston Martins; $100,000 Air Jordan sneakers, or any of the other prices that have now gone into outer space.

But there is one thing they will not accept: an honest, free market price for gold. Because while all debauchery under the sun is permitted and encouraged in the Castle of Fraud and Corruption they have constructed and in which they revel, one thing is strictly prohibited: the utterance of truth. Being monetary truth when free to speak, gold is their deadliest enemy. Therefore, it is silenced, in the same way truth tellers are silenced in all dictatorships.

The vast majority of people, aside from a small, enlightened minority who refuse to poison their minds by ingesting mainstream media (MSM) fake news, propaganda and brainwashing, do not yet realize what they are up against in the wars that have been declared against them, and are therefore at serious risk. For those who wish to survive the wars, there has never been a greater need to know the enemy and know yourself.

As the gold price war becomes manic, so has the MSM’s anti-gold propaganda campaign, with their attempts to smear gold now a clinical obsession.

In a prime example of their over-the-top anti-gold propaganda, on 10 November 2017, the Financial Times, a long-time Deep State bullhorn and puppet, ran an article entitled, “Gold is the new cocaine for money launderers.” In this screed, the author beat the dead horse of the NTR Metals gold import scheme. This operation, whose total dollar yield was an infinitesimal fraction of the massive sums stolen by the financial Deep Statists in their forty year gold price manipulation crime, was already the subject of an over-dramatized Bloomberg Businessweek propaganda piece published on 9 March 2017, entitled “How to Become an International Gold Smuggler.” Apparently, the MSM is running so short of new material with which to try to demonize gold, that it is now forced to recycle old, stale non-stories to keep the smear machine going.

In the article, the MSM propagandist states such things as: 2017 has seen, according to his one time Goldman Sachs source, a “dramatic crash in [physical gold coin] demand,” that interest in gold coins is linked to “political conservatism, or anarcho-libertarianism” and “end of the world right wing sentiments,” that gold has been implicated in a “conspiracy to commit money laundering,” that gold is “financed by people in the narcotics trade,” that it comes from “illegal mines and drug dealers in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador,” that “the federal authorities assume the NTR Metals [case] represented only a fraction of illegally sourced and financed gold,” that therefore the US attorney is broadly investigating the gold industry, that gold is “produced by exploited workers,” that “crude [gold] extraction techniques create serious and lasting environmental damage,” that gold plays an important part in “tax evasion,” that it is related to American gun sales, which the author abhors; that “drug dealers [use] gold imports as a way of laundering their proceeds,” and that “they came to realize that illegal gold [is] an intrinsically better business” than drug dealing; to name but a few of the aspersions cast against gold in the short article. As we can see, when it comes to their smear jobs, the MSM flings at the wall all the mud it can fit in its hands, hoping that some of it might stick.

As is always the case with the MSM’s consistently negative, biased and dishonest reporting on gold, no mention was made in the article of the Deep State financial elite’s criminal gold price manipulation fraud that has been perpetrated non-stop for nearly forty years and that has resulted in a massive, $1,000,000,000,000.00+ theft from its victims. This is because the MSM is the Deep State’s in-house public relations agency, whose job is to whitewash the elitists’ crimes, no matter how egregious they are.

But buried in the article was an important clue that the Deep Statists are concerned they are losing the War on Gold, which we will further explore later in the article. It turns out that the Deep Statists’ paranoia about and rage toward gold might be entirely justified, because more than ever in the past 37 years, gold is poised to tell the world what it knows, and this will absolutely annihilate them.

Many people are completely baffled as to why, with so many serious fiscal, financial, monetary, economic, social, and geopolitical problems in the world, the Deep Statists remain so mono-maniacally fixated on demagogically denigrating gold and controlling its price.

The answer is that the Deep Statists cannot, under any circumstances, allow the price of gold to replicate the surging price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If the gold price genie were to get out of the bottle, becoming international news in the process no matter how much the MSM might try to suppress it, it would spur a gold buying stampede that would cause a flood of money to pour out of bank accounts and into physical precious metals. $325+ billion worldwide now resides in cryptocurrencies, a highly specialized and complex product class. In the right set of circumstances, many multiples of that amount could incrementally flow into gold, a simple product that has been innately understood for millennia by human beings all over the globe.

Already fragile, the banking system cannot withstand a large scale withdrawal of funds. Being finite and in short supply, incremental demand for physical gold would result in immediate and sustained price gains, creating a positive feedback loop in the market place. As people watched the price go up, more and more of them would want to jump on the band wagon and participate in the gains, which is exactly what has happened in the cryptocurrency market.

If interest in gold goes mainstream, then basic supply fundamentals indicate the price would have to rise by thousands of dollars per ounce to even approach what might be considered overbought and/or bubble territory. Which is exactly what has happened to Bitcoin, whose price has exploded to over $10,500 as of today, 29 November 2017.

In the United States, the latest Federal Reserve Board tally of Household and Non-profit Organization (much of which is private) wealth totals $96.2 trillion. If a miniature, 1% sliver of this amount, $962 billion, attempted to find its way into the physical gold market, it would represent incremental demand, at $1,300 per ounce, of 740 million ounces. Not even a small fraction of this incremental demand would be available in the physical gold market at this time, given that it already operates at a supply / demand equilibrium. The gold price would have to surge in order to flush out supplies from current gold owners, whose hands have proven to be, and are likely to remain strong. We believe it would take years for incremental demand of this magnitude to be filled, even at much higher prices. Please keep in mind that this example relates to the United States, alone; there are additional, vast stores of private wealth all over the world, all of which would almost certainly be activated in unison by a run to gold.

With the right spark, the same viral, Social Media-enhanced demand that has come to cryptocurrencies could come to gold. The Deep Statists know it, and the ghostly whites of their eyes now glow eerily and blinkingly across the dark battlefield of Liberty, in the senseless war they provoked and are going to lose.

While there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies, physical gold is physical gold, and cannot be replicated or conjured out of nothing. There will be no endless stream of new ICOs for genuine, physical gold, because gold is what it is and always will be. This means that funds flowing into gold will be forced into the one and only physical gold market that already exhibits tight, inflexible supply. This further means that the upward price pressure on gold could become volcanic if a run starts.

A steadily increasing number of people will want to get in on the “new Bitcoin,” a bizarre paradox given that gold is as old as time, and will soon realize that gold possesses virtues Bitcoin does not, given that it is real, not digital and abstract; that owners can personally possess and store it in physical form; that it will survive any kind of electric grid or Internet disruption that might occur; that it cannot ever be hacked; that it is the epitome of private, quiet wealth; that it is actually quite beautiful to behold; and that it was not and cannot be made by man, only by God, who does not appear to have any interest in making any more of it.

To date, in order to prevent a surge in physical gold demand from happening, the Deep Statists have created various forms of transparently fake gold, such as electronic gold futures, options and non-auditable ETFs and EFPs. These fake gold products have siphoned funds away from real, physical gold, which cannot be created out of the nothing the way the imposter electronic gold products can be. Increasingly, people are learning that there are no substitutes for physical gold.

More, we find it interesting that while there have been certain highly publicized condemnations of cryptocurrencies, such as J. P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s comment that Bitcoin is a “fraud,” the financial authorities in the west have done little to nothing to shut down the crypto market. They seem to be just fine with $10,500 Bitcoin, but will stop at nothing to prevent $1,300 gold. Today’s (29 November) market action is a case in point.

The reason is that monetary elitists fully approve of cryptocurrencies, because this the new form of fiat currency the western banks intend to issue. Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is the necessary forerunner to the elimination of cash, a well-known and important agenda for the financial elite. By issuing their own cryptocurrencies, and/or co-opting Bitcoin and other private cryptos via regulation and edict, central bankers can continue their tradition of controlling the money supply. A population that has learned the value of owning and become adept at trading physical gold would prevent central banks from continuing to use fiat currencies as economic, political and societal control mechanisms. It should be no surprise that they loathe gold so much; in its honesty and integrity, it is the exact antithesis of everything they stand for, are, and do.

Some people argue, “Even if people run to gold, their funds will still remain within the banking system, so the bankers aren’t worried about this happening.” In our opinion, this is wrong.

Fiat currency used to buy precious metals will move from personal and business bank accounts, to gold dealer accounts, to gold wholesaler accounts; and then to a variety of sovereign mint, gold precious metals refiner, gold miner and other gold supplier accounts, a large percentage of which are international.

A bank that hosts a deposit account used to purchase physical gold has no assurance whatsoever that the buyer’s funds will transfer into another personal or business account managed by it. In all likelihood, the funds will disappear from the host bank and not return. Ultimately, the likelihood is also high that a portion of the funds, potentially significant, will disappear from the country’s banking system altogether, given the global nature of gold mining, refining, minting and fabrication. Therefore, bankers regard a run to gold as a severe, direct threat to them, which is why they do everything in their power to discredit it and crush its price. They are attempting to prevent a run on their banks.

Over the past several years, the Deep Statists have gone to extraordinary lengths to internationally legalize bank “bail-ins.” They did not do this casually, by accident, or for fun; they did it because they know that when the system fails, a time-bomb guaranteed to detonate given the system’s very design, they will be able to make an unprecedented fortune by expropriating customers’ deposits via the elaborate bail-in mechanism they have engineered. They will use the phony pretext of “rescuing” and “resetting” the financial system for the public good to justify this action. If, before they spring the bail-in trap, depositors have already withdrawn their funds to purchase physical precious metals held outside the banking system, those funds will no longer be available for bail-in looting. The bankers cannot steal bank balances that have disappeared.

The cryptocurrency phenomenon, now an international sensation, has stunned them into the awareness that people all over the world have a deep, abiding, instinctive desire to own honest money of limited supply that will serve as a reliable store of value, and that cannot be hyper-inflated into oblivion for the private gain of plunderers and profiteers, the chief problem with corrupt, endlessly counterfeited fiat currencies controlled by self-interested, opportunistic, predatory central bankers and their controllers, the Deep State financial elite.

*  *  *

Due to the length of this article, we have divided it into two parts. This ends Part 1. In Part 2, which is already written and will be released in a few days, we will share with you important clues indicating the Deep State’s concerns about losing the War on Gold, despite the unprecedented intensification of their attacks. We will also discuss how the United States Federal Reserve is outright warning that new threats to financial and economic stability are on the horizon.

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wisehiney's picture

Damn sure feels like opportunity.

Bes's picture

not a peep from Trump

on the War on Gold

the War on Cash

only the

fucking bullshit War on Christmas


wisehiney's picture

Really dude?

If there is any Christmas gift in this story.

It is that No One "peeps" about it.

Wrap some for your folks.

If you really believe.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

This is stupid. The Damascus attack should be pinned. This is a huge story, because it's incredibly overt, and constitutes an act of war. War may spread throughout the Middle East now.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I pray for the day when the banker sociopaths and psychopaths are out of our lives.

It's hard to see how that happens though.

BaBaBouy's picture

Sad, Really Fuckin SAD that they have to obliterate the fair trade in GOLD in Order to Prop up the Paper Fiats Value To the Eyes of the World...

Mr. Kwikky's picture

My advice ride the wave of crypto´s and with the profits buy gold and silver. Giving those talmudic banksters two fu´s.


btw the war on gold was a book written by Antony C. Sutton, can you imagine how long this is going on...but it will end.

Transformer's picture

the part about money spent for gold leaving the system.  Really???  People draw all their money out at Christmas to buy presents, and guess what, there's no place for fiat to go exceopt to stay in the system.  If people start buying gold and bidding the price up, the money spent will still be in the banking system, where else can it go?  The threat to the bankers is people realizing that fiat FRN's have no intrinsic value. and the dollar becomes no longer the world's reserve currency.  It's already happening anyway.

Mr. Kwikky's picture

And on a macro level we see the shift from SWIFT (hot air) to CIPS (gold backed), so either way the truth will set in. Either the soft way by understanding what's going on or the hard way by living in a bubble that's waiting to be popped.

MonetaryApostate's picture

That was the best comment yet, +100

I've outlined similar in my G+ collection, we gotta get the truth out!

natxlaw's picture

Yep,  it all goes back in.  What they want us to believe is the illusion that their trillions in balance could purchase gold at the current price. Once people see that a wedding band costs 1500, they start thinking their money is worth less than it was.

TrajanOptimus's picture

They manipulate the price because Russia, India and China have all the gold and a high gold price will make those nations currencies more desirable to own than the US dollar.

Western nations do not have any gold. Wipe out their currencies, you wipe out those country's.

Ocean22's picture

Yup. The BRICS will return to gold standard and they crush us.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

It's simple Crypto's have taken the place of PM's and the elites are shiting themselves. Wait until the rest of the plebs catch on and jump in. When the old soak at the bar is recommending crypto's it will be the time to get out, we are a long way from then.

I too have sold some PM's to take advantage of the crypto mania, but I will be using any profits to buy back more Silver.

A Sentinel's picture

But there’s a huge problem they’re overlooking: they can confiscate it. Make ownership of bullion illegal (again.)

It worked perfectly for them last time. Why would gold be safe then?

adonisdemilo's picture

The US Government made it illegal to hold some forms gold, not all.

How are they going to enforce that damn fool idea on the rest of the world?

They will be on the recieving end of dozens of middle fingers and a very loud "FU."

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

The last time the internet didn't exist; it would be like herding cats.

bobdog54's picture

That “can be” a one trick pony...

VWAndy's picture

 There is only one way I see it ever happening. And yes its going to suck.

RAT005's picture

I've been so interested in silver recently but this almost sparked a renewed interest in gold for me.....  The world has enough gold for each person to own and hold 1 oz.  I hope you are able to get your first oz and then decide what is best for yourself after that.

A Sentinel's picture

They might confiscate gold again, but silver is poor people’s money. I don’t think that they even want it- it corrodes and your fingers can get dirty!

Bobzilla. Do not piss him off's picture

Silver doesn't rust. It's the most anti-bacterial elemnt there is. If the government tried to confiscate gold, the public's reaction would be the exact opposite from the 30's. Back then, the people did what the government told them. Not now. People would bascially say fuck you governemnt.

wisehiney's picture

The propagandist to not admit that very few gave it up back then either

Remember bootlegging was illegal too

.gov was small and still expected to know who they worked for then

Times 100

The smart guys always appreciated how the dumbass feds set them up to make a fortune

Before the web made illegal sports booking the easy way

I knew really cool ass homies that made and lost most of their fortunes

 And had one hell of a great life

And fuck .gov

Is the way they still do thing in california

Or so I hear

The rest of us have fallen right 

In line

And would never dis our beloved gov that way

Fed-up with being Sick and Tired's picture

This is not the 1930's.   People are not as naive as they were back then, and willingly allowed the Feds to sieze their Gold Coins.

ReasonForLife's picture

Do you remember what happened last time someone tried to do something about it (JFK)?   Trump is too smart to fall right into that trap, he has to set all his chess pieces in place before he attacks the head of the monster... cmmon, you can't go straight for the king on your first moves!

Raffie's picture

Endless hammering on PM is all I see.

If it ends GREAT, but no faith on PM to do nothing but look cool and stayu undervalued.

HRClinton's picture

Keep smacking down that AU bullion. 

Us BTC HODLers will just get moar for our crypto.

This is creating a new market for AU: trading BTC for AU. Yipee!  In time, as this snowballs, the pressure for AU delivery will only grow, and break the LME and CME. China now hates us BTC types for this very reason: competing with them for cheap AU (about $41M or 3700 BTC per ton. Hey, even I can afford 370 BTC for 100 kg of Au!)

Im going "Full Financial Gault": used fiat cash to get BTC years ago, held on, and now converting some for AU. What a gig!

VWAndy's picture

 That and a strike of all the honest folks would do it.

ZH Snob's picture

exactly.  I've saying this forever.  BTC is just leading the way, but the time will come where 1 oz of gold will equal 1 BTC.  probably at 40K.  BTC hodlers will not want the junk fiat and neither will the gold hodlers. 

At that point BTC will be unofficially, but for all practicality, backed by gold.

ZH Snob's picture

gold won't be freed until the BRICS really ramp up their gold trade plans.  obviously, the west will never allow honest price discovery.  it will take other, rising sovereigns like China and Russia to initiate honest money, and it will begin in the form of trade.

Troy Ounce's picture


Alles sal reg kom

VWAndy's picture

 Gold is Barter.

Yellow_Snow's picture

Nothing to see here... Move along...


JibjeResearch's picture


Bwahah ahah ahahha ahahaha...

Cryptocurrency is freedom from the Elites' banks and wall street.


RAT005's picture

Does it bother you that there are so many Cryptos?  And no guarantee how many more there will be.  If Crypto is technology based, doesn't technology evolve to some improvement every 6-12 months?  I agree Crypto is a great financial transaction means, basically new technology relative to Western Union and The Wire System.  But it has no inherent value, that's why there can be so many of them.  Gold and Silver are each one thing.  Acquiring them from the ground is about the only way to get them.  It doesn't mean they have infinite some point the value of all the food, water, land, oil, natural gas, etc. are parts of the pie.

kochevnik's picture

Cash has negative inherent value, so value flows away from it into crypto.  There are hundreds of soda pops.  You stop drinking Coca Cola because too many brands?  

in4mayshun's picture

If Coca Cola cost $11,000....then yes I would switch to another brand.

zvzzt's picture

Indeed. So basically what we need is the technology of crypto combined with a (relatively or absolute) finite underlying value (gold/silver/whatever). I'm guessing (and hoping) that CN/RU are going that way with the large reserves of XAU/XAG they are creating. CB's in the west are certainly not going to like that... 

lakecity55's picture

The probelm is you cannot quickly and easily convert Bitcoin to cash.

I can take some PMs to the LCS and get cash quick in an emergency.


Ms No's picture

I doubt it.  You're being rewarded for doing what they want, similar to following a tax benefit into a bubble they're building.  No telling how long it will go but they're out to crush people one way or the other.


kochevnik's picture

You give klepto idiots too much credit, so you have excuse to be unaccountable for yourself

ZH is gold mine of excuses and people seeking unaccountability.  USA full of victims.  As if anyone else cares

VWAndy's picture

 That stall and barter thing? Thats the only way I can see humanity ever getting rid of this fiat magic BS.

 Do I need to explain it? Cuz nobody ever asked me why.

JibjeResearch's picture

True, thus, crypto is easier to barter than gold..

Ms No's picture

That's probably why banker JooCoin came out.  They never made a real attempt to stop it and it's going in the direction they wanted.  The more I listen to people talk about Bitcoin the more they sound like a tech version of Greenspan.  These fuckers created the internet and they have the upper hand there too. 

Snaffew's picture

may every state, country and developing empire flood the CBO and their Jewish band of derivative trading criminals with a collaborative buy side assault on the PM's to finally force these yamaka brandishing criminals to fold at the knees as power and control is wrested from their greedy, fat fingers.  I hate the financial Jews that manipulate this market.  May they die horrible deaths and cause great shame and bring poverty onto their own families as they have no regard for anyone other than their own filthy greed.  Fuggem' ALL!

fearnot's picture

Planned QFC chaos coming January 3, 2018

If LBMA is included it will be nearly impossible to exempt any of its financial players or “non-financial” hedgers from MIFID ii and level the playing field for all market participants That means ISIN identifiers for all players, position limit threshold of 4% of overall volume on metals for any one financial institution, higher minimum capital collateral requirements, access for CCP to that collateral, Order-driven market displays all of the bids and asks on multiple exchanges, Centralized communication of bid and offer prices to the whole market, Institutional rules that govern trading and information flows about the trading, Clearing facilities for post-trade activities.

Currently the LBMA even after the overhaul is an opaque market, controlled by and managed by highly sophisticated well-connected market makers, banks, and CB’s with excessive position sizes relative to overall volume, lacking transparency in price setting, inaccessible to individuals and retail trade through minimum traded amounts and no supervision and coordination between regulators

First link was published by LBMA on November 1, 2017. Starting here will wet the whistle.

Second link further describes what MIFID ii entails.

Third link equally insightful on implications of mammoth sized OTC QFC's

Clock Crasher's picture

Long all goldminers sub $10

Great article, I myself don't subscribe too heavily to price manipulation theory.  Gold is where it is mostly because it makes no sense to own it if your equity porfolio explodes in percieved value year after year and the crypto crowd are now virtual millionaires. 

But all good things must come to and end.  At some point the early participants in all non gold markets will cash out.  The bubbles burst thereafter.  Whether Gold implodes in tandem initially or not remains to be seen.  What is important that if you want to survive and be financially alive enough to succeed in the fast approaching post fiat world you want exposure to Gods money and it's derivatives.  

The longer this goes on the faster the implosion will occur.  Whoever has sold Gold has done so by now.  The only people remaining in the Gold market are the strongest of will.  They are not selling, not unless they offered a deal they can't refuse and that would require astronomical prices.   

Interest rates will rise at some point and destroy all fiat denominated claim checks.  If they don't the currencies themselves will eventually hyperinflate and we'll reach the same conclusion.  

Savvy's picture

virtual millionaires.



lakecity55's picture

Well, I am still stacking, but also diversifying into hard products.