Democratic Congressman Conyers "Retires, Not Resigns" As Sexual Misconduct Allegations Build

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Careful to explain to those that care, Michigan Democrat Congressman John Conyers says he will "retire" from Congress today, and is "not resigning," following a growing list of sexual misconduct allegations. Conyers is endorsing his son, John Conyers III, to replace him in Congress.

“He is not resigning. He is going to retire,” Ian Conyers told the newspaper. “His doctor advised him that the rigor of another campaign would be too much for him just in terms of his health.”

Conyers, 88, is the longest serving House member and was one of the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have both said Conyers should step aside in light of the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the assistant Democratic leader who is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) with Conyers, has also said the Michigan lawmaker should resign.

As a reminder, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi had encouraged the House Ethics Cmte to "proceed expeditiously" as it investigates accusations against Conyers.

The review began after reports Conyers reached a $27k settlement with a former aide who said she was fired for rejecting his sexual advances; since then, Conyers has been accused of harassment by other women.

Conyers has acknowledged the settlement but denied sexual harassment claims.

Conyers concluded:

“My legacy will continue through my children."

We are not so sure about that Mr. Conyers, we suspect your families legacy will be tarnished with your alleged actions.

As The Hill reports, Ian Conyers, who also serves as a Michigan state senator, also told the Times that he plans to run for John Conyers's seat in Michigan's 13th Congressional District.

“I’m absolutely going to file for his seat. The work of our congressional district, where I come out of, has to continue,” Ian Conyers said.


“We have got to have someone who has depth and experience but also historical understanding of what it takes to fight this type of evil in Washington.”

In the interview, the state senator refused to defend the alleged actions of his great uncle.

“I stand with my uncle in terms of his belief of no specific wrongdoing,” Ian Conyers told the newspaper. “However, those things need to have their day in court.”

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Killtruck's picture

Ohhhhhh...well that's different.

Killtruck's picture

"My legacy will continue through my children."

Oh, well, the taxpayers will thank you for THAT, you horny fuck.

jbvtme's picture

endorsed his son to take his seat?  frankly, i'd be more comfortable with bill cosby

Joe Davola's picture

So the next rep from this district will be a member of the house freedom caucus?

DeadFred's picture

Which son by which of his victims might he be talking about?

spastic_colon's picture

this just goes to show you that politicians give a crap about voters/citizens..........

Shitonya Serfs's picture

Retirement is the new diplomatic immunity...well, if you're part of the 0.1%

nmewn's picture

It's just the oddest thing.

Here Conyers is, running up and down the halls of Congress grabbing tits & ass like he's at a frat house keg party but when the grabbies step forward and accuse him (accurately) of grabbing their tits and asses...he heads to a hospital bed feigning exhaustion.

Then he resigns, claiming his doctor said he's just to frail and campaign...for office again. 

I'm starting to think he's being disingenuous and not telling us the whole story ;-)


IH8OBAMA's picture

Franken, you're next.  Get the fuck out of the Senate.  Do it today, you bastard!


red_pill's picture

seems like all this 'sexual harassment' is a cover for worse things in the closet for some of these people....Epstein, Podesta leanings. Get em out under a more benign and less reprehensible 'mistake' and maybe the pedo word will never stick to them later.

OverTheHedge's picture

I thought that the US wasn't keen on hereditary, dynastic rulers. Strange.....

IH8OBAMA's picture

Niggers like Conyers have that tribal instinct from their African heritage.  They expect their next of kin to inherit their position because they aren't smart enough to understand how the Constitution works.

Joe Davola's picture

Saw a report that Chelsea might run for senator from Arkansas - your logic confirms that Bill was the first black president.

boattrash's picture

"endorsed his son to take his seat?"

Rest assured, "he's a chimp off the old block".

OH, that was bad...

Ghost of Porky's picture

"I am retiring so that I can tap some more of that ass."


- Hon. John C. Conyers

divingengineer's picture

Conyers' son, eh?

Sound a lot like Grace Mugabe taking over as President of ZimBOBwe. 

The Dreadnought's picture


“My legacy will continue through my children."

So, does that mean they are sexual abusers too?  Good to know.
CheapBastard's picture

It's odd we don't see all those Pink Pussy Hat women protesting Conyers or Franken.

What did Meryl Streep and George Clooney tell us to think?

And Morgan Freeman? Will they make another video complaining about Trump calling someone fat 18 years ago?

Where's Rosie?

Ellen Degenerate?



chubbar's picture

Yeah, that's what we need, another entitled minority senator that shapes his views and opinions through the lens of racism instead of what is best for the whole country. I guess Conyers wants to keep the graft in the family. How about that pervert Senator from MN? When does that asshole resign?

hedgeless_horseman's picture



For the upcoming Empower Women Charity Golf Classic...

Foursome: Conyers, Cosby, Woods, and Simpson.

YUNOSELL's picture

I guess resigns he feels he admits defeat while retiring he gets to save face.

My Comment: Shut the f*ck up bitch, you're still a perv

hedgeless_horseman's picture


I failed to mention that it is going to be, "Best Ball," scoring.

Kfilly's picture

John Podesta will serve as an alternate in case any of them cannot play.

Shitonya Serfs's picture

This jerk knows the strategy: retire, no legal pursuit, gets his tasty pension.

AlexCharting's picture

By Christmas 2018.... +90% of Government and Media will be women. This is the long awaited pink coup d'état.

spastic_colon's picture

yes....the kamala/hillary ticket in 2020....this has been the plan all along.....the other party(s) will have to remind voters that it was the dems that were the women abusers and pervs.

Utopia Planitia's picture

And what a wonderful thing that will be!  Ever report to female senior management?  Talk about a CF...

Out of the frypan, into the bubbling pool of lava...

Bill of Rights's picture


PT's picture

"You are found guilty of armed robbery and murder.  Do you have anything to say?"
"Yes, Your Honour.  Too late, see!  Becoz I retired.  I'm all retired up now so it's all too late now.  I retired!"
"Damn.  Oh, very well then.  Case dismissed.  NEXT defendant."

PT's picture

"I caught you speeding through that red light."
"Yes, officer but it doesn't matter becoz I retired.  All retired now.  It's all good."
"Damn!  Okay, off you go then.  Enjoy your retirement.  Try not to do anything extremely careless."
"Would you like to see a photo of my grandchildren?"
"Let's catch up over yoga.  What time do you have your next appointment?"
"I'll email you my schedule but it is my only copy so after you finish reading it, you'll have to email it back to me."

CheapBastard's picture

"I was exceedingly reckless with my dick, your Honor."

PT's picture

... but it is alright becoz now it is feeling very tired, I mean its retired.

rlouis's picture

One retires at the completion of a term.  To quit early is to resign. 

Fuck Conyers

Katos's picture

Retirement allows him to keep his substantial Retirement, as well as his lifetime benefits PAID for by taxpayers! Now HE ALSO wants to name HIS replacement?? Isn' that some shit?? HIS family are professional thieves, stealing from the American taxpayers for longer than any other congressman?? What a fucking joke!!

awakeRewe's picture

Retire when? Effective immediately or won't run again???


drendebe10's picture

Now the corrupt elected democrap turd gets his fatcat gubmnt pension. Fukem

MrBoompi's picture

Just how far does the apple fall from the tree?  

gespiri's picture

Just call the law offices of Smith & Wesson.

vato poco's picture

LampPost, Rope and Torches LLC

djcando's picture

Douchebag, and Douchebag Jr.  How do we get rid of these turds?

nmewn's picture

Now, refund the money you stole from the taxpayers you prick. 

Peacefulwarrior's picture

His Mustache smells like Sex and Cigar smoke

Joe Davola's picture

That's why he calls it his 'flavor saver'