Hollywood Movie Director's "Outlandish" London Home For Rent - Take The Tour

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If you haven’t heard of Roland Emmerich, you will almost certainly have heard of some of his movies. Emmerich is the 62-year old German who directed Universal Soldier (1992), Independence Day (1996), Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), White House Down (2013) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). He is the 11-th highest grossing director in history. Besides directing, Emmerich also produced and wrote most of his movies. Emmerich owns homes in Los Angeles, New York, London and Stuttgart. As Wikipedia notes.

He likes to decorate his homes in a self-described "outlandish" manner, adorning them with rare Hollywood memorabilia, murals and portraits of dictators and Communist figures, and World War II militaria.

Emmerich’s London home is currently available for rent – anything from a few days to six months. As The Guardian newspaper notes,

the house is filled with communist iconography, taxidermy and potentially outrageous art. The property’s interior designer John Teall says:


“Nothing is spared, from government and gender to race and religion – but there’s no manifesto. The idea was to provoke thought, amuse and maybe shock a little.”

If you’d like to take the tour, let’s go. Here is the outside on Brompton Square In London’s Chelsea.

Walk past the stuffed zebra towards the living room…lots of natural light.

Murals of Chairman Mao and Lenin add to the relaxed atmosphere.

Before we go upstairs, check out the waxwork of Pope John Paul II reading his own obituaries.

Fancy a shower, share the cubicle with another infamous dictator.

Let’s get cerebral…the office is covered with equations inspired by the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. The desk is constructed from the wing of a second World War plane.

Watch a movie in the low-key cinema room.

When you’re ready to retire to bed, close your eyes under the bed cover made from 70 pairs of army underwear.

If you’re a big fan of the British royal family, you’ll love this guest bedroom.

If we had to be a guest of Robert Emmerich, or one of his prospective tenants. we’d choose this one.

If you’re tempted, the weekly rent is £7,525 ($10,000). Please contact the agents, Kinleigh Folkard & Howard.

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The only art piece he's missing is rare.  John Public's Guillotine of Emmerich.  

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He likes to decorate his homes in a self-described "outlandish" manner, adorning them with rare Hollywood memorabilia, murals and portraits of dictators and Communist figures, and World War II militaria.


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Living only a couple of streets away, I have seen a couple of those objects in a local shop, the WWII wing / desk and zebra. Seems to me he just went out one afternoon and bought a few things locally. Not such a ‘great collector’. Besides, compared to most houses around here, it is quite conservative and not outlandishly furnished or decorated at all. Also, the house is in Knightsbridge, not Chelsea.

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Emmerich's a prickmyer/globalist douche/nigger apologizer.................an idiot.

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I like his attitude in how he decorated. Not submitting to anybody elses idea of fashion. A true Libertarian. Even if you don't like his tastes it is still his money he is spending and from that list of movies he clearly has talent in making box office hits.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Downright bizarre. Very bad taste on products and most details.

The office is interesting.

He comes across very immature, in my opinion.


Arnold's picture

Occasionally you show a golden nugget of wisdom,Escrava.
Don't take that as encouragement, though.

Escrava Isaura's picture

The problem is not my wisdom or a lack of it.

The problem arises from biases which conservatives are much better at it than liberals.

Why conservatives are more biased?

Because conservatives are more ideological, especially as a group, and conservatives believes, which make them as stubborn as one can be.


NiggaPleeze's picture


LOL, you should try posting on liberal sites as a conservative.  Everyone's got an easier time swimming in the same school of thought.

It's a bit odd to claim interacting with activist conservatives on a political site means "conservatives are more ideological".  Isn't that perhaps a bit of data bais?

I can see that in my personal life, the only ones forceing their ideas on my are Liberals.  If I disagree with them I am racist, fascist, Nazi, whatever, and they want me to lose my job, family, home and life.  Or some combination thereof.  I find conservatives "in the wild" to be much less judgmental.  Liberals are like ISIS, they want to impose their religion ("secular humanism") throughout the entire planet, by force is just fine.  You don't have a "democracy"?  Death to you!  You don't let gays marry?  Sanctions!  How many conservatives are arguing to sanction or bomb countries that deny the liberty to carry firearms?

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champagne socialists and caviar communists

new game's picture

kill or be killed

simple shit maynard

now get on with it

wtf is taking these fuking cowardes.

step forward with a fuking bulleye on your chest.

thought so...

BarkingCat's picture

These people are not liberals.

Don't allow him to steal a perfectly good word.

They are totalitarian statists.

Arnold's picture

You are entirely right.
Communite and egalite is not a bias.
(accent aigu omitted for clarity)

DanDaley's picture

Because conservatives are more ideological...


Surely you jest. Having grown up in the liberal petri dish called Chicago and having seen how Democrats/liberals/progressives operate, I can tell you that NO-fucking-body is more ideologically driven, more humorless (can NEVER, EVER, laugh at themselves), more childish, and historically uninformed in their opinions than Democrats/liberals/progressives. 


Nevertheless, I upvoted you for the one sane thing you wrote previously.

Shay216420's picture

Puhleeezze!!!! Think current events: cake maker/ baked a gay cake/ still got sued / Supreme Court...... STFU!!!

sodbuster's picture

> from biases which conservatives are much better at it than liberals.<  Both have biases to be sure, but I can't agree with this statement. And liberals are far and away more ideological.

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Whilst I agree everyone can/should adorn their home anyway they chose, the last thing I would chose is to surround myself with is ‘kings and queens’ I get enough of that everyday out my door and in the media bombardment daily. I agree with comment he appears immature, the pope waxwork to me is just bizarre.

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Many artists like to paint Lenin. His head was so perfectly round and symmetrical, as human heads go. I see that the artist has grouped the Lenin figure with a round pedestal table, echoing his round head. Great idea. A spartan Stickley or Shaker table would fit with Lenin’s ascetic lifestyle.

DavidC's picture


And the one thing money can't buy? Good taste.


Eatabanker's picture

That's two words, but we get your point. 

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This douchebag probably thinks this crap makes him hip and edgy while it really just masks insecurity and a lack of a soul.

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$10,000 per week? That's actually not too bad. Even a studio apartment in a crappy fly-over city goes for a lot these days.

2banana's picture

Can I rent it and paint of mural of Bill Clinton raping women through-out his political career?

And one of Hillary calling them sluts and hos?

Too soon?

Number 9's picture

you looking for a nail in the back of the head?

5 times..

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Actually, that has already been done, discretely and [conservatively], by Nelson Shanks, one of the greatest presidential portrait artists of modern times. If you look through a wide range of his paintings, not just the more formal ones of famous people, you will see that he rivals Sargent in real skill and boldness. There are not many painters with that degree of technical skill who are also great colorists.

Bill Clinton and the dress:




Iron Lady:


Princess Diana:


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Nexus789's picture

Loads of money and taste are incompatible bedfellows. 

PT's picture

It's not that the rich are more eccentric.  It is just that they can afford to show you more of the extent of their eccentricity.

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Come on in, I want you to talk about my house all day.... 



. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"...but there’s no manifesto."

The new catch-phrase for explaining away your collection of kiddie art.

Royotoyo's picture

His flat is just like his movies - absolutely awful, with no sense of aesthetics whatsoever.  I mean, who wants to live in a house with wax figures?  That's incredibly creepy.

God is The Son's picture

Yet if it was Hitler, Goobels or Himmler, it would be a crime scene, but the communists, your allowed.

Byte Me's picture

You can pretty much buy anything...

...except TASTE.

gespiri's picture

Where does he keep the murals of naked young boys?

Arnold's picture

The realtor posted no other bathroom pictures did they.

Fireman's picture

Shabby Chic Hollyweirdo shit spawns Pedo Podesta Pizza Protz.


The Britlander Army underwear "bedding" says it all. Fuck, what a lowlifing Tunte

Endgame Napoleon's picture

I care. Some people make little museums out of their homes. Why is it interesting when everything looks the same, brought to you by the team of designers at Rooms to Go on the low end of the affordability scale or Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware at the upper middle? Most people cannot afford to blow money on original art, so it is interesting to see it assembled by the few who can and the few who care. There are not many who care, even among those who can afford it.

DelusionsCrowded's picture

Asthetic Shite for wantabes 

Z_End's picture

He has obviously been out of Germany too long. A real Swabian wouldn't be this ridiculous. Time to come home to Ludwigsburg pal! ;-)

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Many Germans appear to like pared-down, sleek modernism. I like this guy’s flooring choice. It looks like the natural wood and white-washed Swedish flooring. It is more rustic.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

$10,000 weekly? That's a fucking bargain. In Hong Kong for that money you get a handsome cement shoebox.

1stepcloser's picture

What no Pedo Art like Podesta, shocking

south40_dreams's picture

He likes to diddle little boys, that's his connection to the UK

Panic Mode's picture

Fuck me, who did the interior design, looks utter shit.

So true, "Don't under estimate how much you can make from bad taste".

Davidduke2000's picture

when the roman empire was crumbling, the leaders distracted the citizens with cookoffs and entertainments and shit like this article  so they would not notice that the ship is sinking.

Who cares about this cocksucker.