Government Shutdown Looms Amid Clash Over "Dreamers" Fate

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In an announcement that will provide some measure of relief for T-bill traders and others who are skeptical about Republican lawmakers' ability to compromise with their Democratic colleagues, the Republican House leadership said Tuesday they would bring a stopgap bill to extend funding at its current levels - and preserve funding for a popular child health-care program - until Dec. 22. Otherwise, the current continuing resolution would expire on Friday, tilting the federal government into its first shutdown since 2013.

The compromise leaves much to be desired, however, and a workable, long-term spending compromise will unlikely be reached, which is making markets nervous. As we reported yesterday, the T-bill market has once again been under pressure, with the Dec 14 Bill the traders' focus for now:

Lawamakers' unwillingness to compromise on this bill, however, is due to one policy demand that Democrats have staked their political future on, but Republicans see as tantamount to amnesty: Enshrining DACA, or DREAM Act, protections into law.

The deal look ready to go in Setember when Trump annoounced he'd struck a deal with "Chuck and Nancy" to pass a continuing resolution in exchange for a series of Democratic compromises on imigration enforcement while Trump would fight to push Congress to authorize the DACA privileges. Trump had canceled an executive order granting those protections earlier this year.

However, a few weeks later, Trump went back on his word, proposing that the final legislation include funding for his border wall - something Democrats had never agreed to. Meanwhile, some Republicans have taken a hard line on the DACA protections, saying there's "no way" they'd be included in a spending bill before the end of the year. More from Bloomberg:

John Cornyn of Texas, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican leader, said Monday that talks with Senate Democrats over combining new border security measures and deportation protections are at an impasse. Cornyn said he sees little chance for resolution before the year is over, pushing the matter into early 2018.


He also told reporters that “no way” would he back combining such a package with a must-pass year-end spending deal designed to keep the government open, a key demand of Democrats to get their needed support to move it through the Senate.


Speaking on the Senate floor, he accused Democrats of a “hysterical and cynical ploy” of threatening to trigger a shutdown over the matter. Republicans are angling for a two-week stop-gap measure to get past a Dec. 8 deadline when agency spending authority lapses, with the potential for a second such measure later in the month that extends into January. Democrats haven’t agreed to those terms.

Widening the divide, many powerful Democrats are demanding these protections be enshrined in law by the end of the year. 

Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democratic leader, said later that he continues to insist that Congress act this year to address the needs of the young immigrants, brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were children. Their deportation protections were put in place by President Barack Obama and temporarily extended by Trump until early March. Ending them will affect 1,000 young people each day over two years if the deadline is reached, Durbin said.


“I want it done this year,” Durbin said. “This calendar year.”

At least one Republican who’s in favor of keeping the protections has said it’s possible they pass by the end f the year – just not as part of the bill to reauthorize spending.

The protection for the those covered by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, has been up in the air throughout the first year of Trump’s presidency. Trump in September agreed with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California to move a border security bill by year’s end, and pair it with protections for the immigrants. He has since backed away from it.


A Senate Democratic aide familiar with the negotiations said that Republicans proposed a plan for a dramatic increase for border resources, some cuts to the number of legal immigrants and only temporary protections for the young immigrants. Durbin put forth a counter proposal with more modest border resources, combined with a permanent DACA fix and a pathway to citizenship for the immigrants.

Given the rancor these negotiations have instilled in both Democrats and Republicans, it’s also unlikely the two sides will be able to compromise on issues like preserving Obamacare subsidies, funding for Planned Parenthood and disaster relief spending.

For now, at least, Republicans have cobbled together a stopgap - though it's still unclear if this will have the votes to pass the senate. The plan maintains the current federal spending levels but includes a provision to ensure that states are not forced to suspend the popular Children's Health Insurance Program, which annually provides health insurance for nearly 9 million children in low-income families.

"This bill, one without any controversial policy riders, will continue government funding and give the House and Senate time to complete their work on a long-term solution," McConnell said on the Senate floor Monday.

"It will keep the government open and functional, and it includes critical resources for our national defense and to give states certainty to continue the Children's Health Insurance Program while the bipartisan work on CHIP reauthorization continues," he added.

McConnell summarized the republican position best, noting that that Congress has until March before those covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program lose protections from the program President Trump is ending.

“I don’t think the Democrats would be very smart to say they want to shut down the government over a nonemergency,” McConnell said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Of course, the Democrats will claim that it is an emergency, and certainly a worthy cause for government shutdown, just as Trump enjoyed his biggest legislative victory to date.

As the Hill pointed out, Pelosi and Schumer said in a statement accepting an invitation to meet at the White House on Thursday that a “bipartisan deal” could be found to pass the “DREAM Act along with tough border security measures.”

“There is a bipartisan path forward on all of these items,” the two said in the statement, which also emphasized the need to boost defense and nondefense spending and provide disaster relief.

* * *

Meanwhile, on Tuesday morning, as touched upon up top, the House Republican leadership said it was forging ahead with a stop-gap bill to keep the government funded through Dec. 22 and avoid a shutdown, despite a Monday night push from the conservative Freedom Caucus to move the date past Christmas. Lawmakers emerged from a House GOP conference meeting on Tuesday morning indicating that leaders are leaning toward a two-week continuing resolution (CR).

“Leadership is locked in on Dec. 22,” Freedom Caucus Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) told The Hill.

The Freedom Caucus had protested the strategy and held up a vote on a motion to go conference with the Senate on tax legislation Monday night until they got assurances from leadership that they would consider a longer CR. But leaders appear to be sticking with their original plan.

* * *

Still, the question remains: How long can lawmakers keep doing this before they get tired of pretending they have some deal in the worlds, and realize that a permanent solution is impossible and usher in the first shutdown since 2013?

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until the ever popular last second stick save......the tax vote will be exactly the same......midnight christmas or new years eve you pick.

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        LOCK HER UP!

            BUILD THE WALL!
            LOCK HER UP!

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US citizens being held hostage by illegal invaders!

Stay classy you anti-American "representatives"

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" ... who are skeptical about Republican lawmakers' ability to compromise with their Democratic colleagues" -- Uhm, Build That Wall, or nothing, Bitches! Republicans don't need to compromise, the Dems do. We should still toss Illegal DACA Executive Order. WTF

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Government Shutdown Looms Amid Clash Over "Dreamers" Fate


You mean, the fate of non-citizens?

The US Government serves whom again?

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Anybody but American citizens...

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Dreamer?  Dreamers???  Someone should tell 'em they're dreaming.

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You shut it down, you withhold EBT/SNAP payments till resolved, you let the EBT/SNAP beneficiaries know that until the illegals get dealt with no more "benefits" watch how quick the Dems flip when a mob of angry Welfare Queens are ready to skin them alive.

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In the upper echelons of both parties, there are really no differences since they report to exactly the same financial masters.  

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Yep and Trump is doing a great job of making that painfully obvious to the normies these days.  Paul Ryan, who will never be president, must really hate him.

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If I leave the country and come back as an immigrant, or even better an illegal immigrant, can I qualify for all the benefits without giving up my assets?


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Pack the Jews in with them and hit the send button!

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Of course.  As long as your assets are overseas.

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Shut it down and fire all those corrupt motherfuckers! None of them will be missed!

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But a true shutdown.  Not a paid holiday for government workers.  No back pay.  Real deductions from salary for lost days, including and especially congress.

JimmyJones's picture

Hell yeah, let them submit for unemployment like the rest of us.

Bryan's picture

Let's abandon all this false decorum in congress and set up a boxing ring in place of the Speaker's podium.  First up:  Schumer vs. Ryan  --- Fight!

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Bring back duelling in congress...

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Ryan would take a fall because he wants more illegals. He is a Globalist Traitor like Chuck, McCain, Clintons, Bush's and McConnell.

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TPTB:  Put your mouth on the fucking curb!

Silver:  Grrrrrrr

TPTB:  Say good night!

Crunch* Snap* Nooooooo

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Government shutdown?!

That’s like threatening a fat boy with more cookies.

Clock Crasher's picture

If you eat one tiny piece of broccoli you can have this box of cookies.  Deal?  Damn I'm a good parent.  You saw how I ticked em into eating healthy food?  

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So much easier when you grow your own.  You just have them help pick it then they love eating it.

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Please shut it down.  The last thing we need is the gubermint cranking out more regulations, paperwork, and felonies for innocent people to inadvertently commit.

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Given the "fake news" and "created out of thin air charges" by the people (primarily Obama/Clinton people) who do not want Judge Moore in Alabama elected. I predict he will win and his first order of business will be to put something before Congress to request that Trump disolve the Mueller witch hunt team then let everyone in the USA see how each member votes so we can determine who not to vote for in upcoming elections.

Is it just a coincidence the Mueller team wratched up their rhetoric since Trump won the travel ban ruling?

Now this possible government shut down over "Dreamers"?

Looks like the future democratic voter importation program (Federal Undocumented Constitution Killing Electing Democrats Unification Program --- FUCKEDUP ) is a deal breaker and makes things appear much more clear and partisan.

boattrash's picture

(Federal Undocumented Constitution Killing Electing Democrats Unification Program --- FUCKEDUP )

That's priceless! We have a winner for the day!  +100

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Screw CHANCY, both of them are useless pricks.  Pull the plug and cut the cord until .Gov is downsized to it's Constitutional limits.

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BURN IT TO THE GROUND, with most of Washington with it......VALAR MORGHULIS!

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Trump just announced moving embassy to Jerusalem folks. Let the shit storm commence. Bring it

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I think what he actually said was that he was moving the US capital to Tel Aviv, might as well.

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Rewarding people who break the law?  Sounds like Wall Street, or "No Wall Street".

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Can we send all politicians to Mexico and just give the dreamers their jobs? Not sure they could possibly fuck things up worse than they are already....

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Keep paying the distruction dreamers and do away with welfare and food stamps. See how that works for the parasites. Just think of all the bombs you can make with that extra money.

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if we just did away with the welfare and gov health care they would self deport on their own!

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Little bastards waving messican flags deserve only a free ride to the border and a swift kick south

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Puerto rican flags too. You ain't an American if you're waving a different flag than the rest of us. I wanna rip them off every damn cab rear view mirror I see.

cosmyccowboy's picture

maybe it's just me but i don't see any mexican flags hanging from rear view mirrors any more... not since nov of last year anyway!

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

-The USA is a nation of immigrants!

-USA Citizenship is a privilege, not a right!

-If one desires to live in the USA, come in legally!

-Speak English in addition to the primary language.

-Read English.


-Accept American culture.

-No chain migration. EVER!

-If you do not like the way things are in the USA, go back to where you belong.


God bless America!

God bless Donald J Trump!


Sliced into ribbons's picture

No excuses. GOP controls all 3 branches. Get it done.

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Fuck these "dreamers." Charge their parents with human trafficking!!


When Trump ends DACA that's 800,000 jobs open to American citizens and 800,000 less Democrat voters !!



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Who's going to do the yard work and house cleaning?

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I support Trump... BUT... his keeping Sessions is a YUUUGE mistake and makes Trump look CORRUPT, Bigly.

Trump also ran on making DACA parasites go back to their country and wait in line to come back.  If he changes that, it is a big betrayal of his base.

Grow a pair, deport ALL illegals, return ALL refugees, send in massive Federal Officers and arrest "sanctuary" politicians as accessories to the felonies committed by those illegals they protect. Stop ALL federal funds to these cities, let it go to the SCOTUS.

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End DACA and kick out the illegals, and wages will rise for American workers. This should be a no brainier!

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Will this be a real shutdown or will this end up being a two week paid vacation like the last "shutdown"?!?!?

I call bullshit.

"Full Faith and Credit"

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More like a a Christmas vacation. They need time to go skiing in Vail you know, unless you happen to be one of the real elite, then it's Christmas in Kitzbuhel for you.

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Seize all rothschild/rockefella assets for the attempted overthrow of the us government.

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Soros should be slow roasted over a spit until his flesh melts off.

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Once again it's the devilcRAT's threatening the shut down (which really isn't shut down).....