Russia Warns Korean Peninsula "On Brink Of War"

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Following the launch of the "largest ever" US-South Korean aerial military drills, and Pyongyang's latest, most impressive, missile test, the Russian foreign ministry issued a warning that "the situation on the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of war," adding that "Kim seeks to raise the stakes before any talks."

The US and South Korea launched their largest aerial drills yet on Monday, less than a week after North Korea tested its new Hwasong-15 missile which military observers said has the capacity to strike Washington DC, or nearly any other location in the continental US. The launched shattered nearly two months of calm as many suspected the North’s benefactors in China were making good on their promises to rein in the restive state’s belligerent behavior.

As we reported Sunday, the annual US-South Korean drills, called Vigilant Ace, will run until Friday. Six F-22 Raptor stealth fighters will be deployed among the more than 230 aircraft taking part. The North has condemned the exercises as yet another provocation.

F-35 fighters will also participate in the drill, which will involve the largest number of 5th generation fighters, according to a South Korea-based US Air Force spokesman quoted by Reuters.

Around 12,000 US troops, including the Marines and Navy, will join South Korean troops. Aircraft participating in the drills will take off from eight different US and South Korean military installations.

And now Interfax reports that, amid concerns that war is inevitable, the Russian foreign ministry has offered to facilitate dialogue between North Korea and The US:

We have open channels of communication with DPRK, ready to use our influence on Pyongyang.


Washington needs to work out security assurances for DPRK to get Pyongyang back to the negotiating table.


Russia assigns blame equally for the rising tensions to Korea's nuclear missile tests and joint US-South Korea drills.

In what seems like a signal of hope:

Russia says that Pyongyang is cautiously optimstic about the idea of suspending its nuclear missile tests for 2 months in the absence of US-Seoul maneuvers (on and off the peninsula).

While Rex Tillerson has signalled his willingness to 'negotiate', Trump continues to play 'bad cop', but this does seem like an opportunity, brokered by The Russians, no matter how hard The Deep State wants armageddon...

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Katina Adams said the Trump administration still wanted a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the nuclear and missile threat from Pyongyang, but told Reuters:

“(North Korea) has shown through its actions that it is not interested in talks.


We must remain focused on increasing the costs for Pyongyang to continue to advance its WMD programs."

However, Russia did conclude by warning that"Kim seeks to raise the stakes before any talks."

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LawsofPhysics's picture

If this was really the case, then the truth is that the oligarchs of the world have already negotiated what they are going to do with the property once the two Koreas have wiped each other out...

IH8OBAMA's picture

China sent a delegation a week or so ago to talk to the Fat Boy but the NKs wouldn't talk with them.  He prefers to roll the dice.


JuliaS's picture

$6+ trillion worth of them, to be precise. As if by mere coincidence, when the electric/self-driving push started happening, and we began plowing through Lithium and other rare metals, like nobody's business, all of the sudden we discovered Korea as the enemy.

That's how corporations operate. Firs they go thorough standard channels - trade, bribe, intimidate, assassinate. And when those don't work out - they tell governments which place to invade next, so they could then be part of the restructuring crew. Those fuckers invent their own jobs.

Consuelo's picture



The John Perkins trade ---

Txpl9421's picture

Even if we have a war with the litte fat guy, if you think its going to be American shovels digging up any REMs in the north you are delusional.

China is going to be there first and they aren't leaving.  China is doing the same thing in Africa.  They are doing the same thing along the Afghan mountains.


Eager Beaver's picture

Exactly, and that's why we're saber rattling with China too. China wants NK's rare earth's too, or didn't you read the articles I linked? This war, should it materialize, isn't a war between the US and NK, it's a race, between China and the US, to see who gets there first and "wins".

thatthingcanfly's picture

Lithium IS NOT a REE. It's one of the most abundant elements in the universe, and there's plenty of it here in the USA to dig up.

And even if it were, we shouldn't be ready to jump to conspiracy theory about the discovery of NK's REE deposit as the concealed casus belli for the US on the Korean peninsula, where we've had a military presence since the 1950s, and where we've seen this kind of sabre-rattling before.

IronForge's picture

USA had a Military presence there since WWII.


FIFY, Rotorhead.

thatthingcanfly's picture

Not really.

I suppose one could count the 200-300 military personnel that were part of the US Army Military Government in Korea in the late 1940s as a "military presence;" but for the purposes of my earlier comment, the "1950s" is a pretty accurate beginning timeline marker.

IronForge's picture

KOR and PRK were under the Control of Allied Forces Post.WWII.

It was part of Imperial JPN Prior to the War.

Allied Troops replaced Imperial JPN's. 

My HS Schoolmate (O-4SWO)'s Late Father (CAPT) was part of USFJ that oversaw USFK. His Late Japanese Mother lived in Korea as a Child.  My Late Father and Uncle.bothe Served during the Korean War, while my Father did his WWII Tours out of Pearl, the JPN btwn the Wars.

I've been to KOR as a kid and as a Naval Officer. Though The Army and Air Corps have their footprint there, The Main WESTPAC Hub is the USFJ.

The US Military ALWAYS had a Presence there since they took over.  Just like the USA splitting DEU/DDR with the now-defunct SUN, the Chosin Peninsula was split into PRK and KOR.  Once USA decided to draw down in KOR and claim to have it outside Its Sphere of Influence, the Chosin War Started.  

Spoils of War, Grasshopper. Those Wikipedia Entries simply explain the Administrative Window Dressing.






IronForge's picture

I'm a 2nd Gen 7th Flt Sailor who is From JPN.

Common Knowledge to anyone who lived there.











thatthingcanfly's picture

"I'm a 2nd Gen 7th Flt Sailor who is From JPN.

Common Knowledge to anyone who lived there."

And I couldn't care less.

This is what's called an irrational argument from authority. You seem to think that, because you lived there, you know something about the easily accessible military history of Korea that another person couldn't read out of a book. Veterans talk like this all the time, and seem blissfully unaware that this behavior does not endear us to the non-veterans to whom we might be talking. Knock it off.

I flew helicopters out of Sigonella for three years in the 2000s, therefore I know all about Patton's Sicily campaign. Bullshit. No I don't. Well, I may, but not because of that.

IronForge's picture

Experience, Young Man.

Oftentimes, knowledge is.gained from it.  

I've been in the Area for Decades. 

As I just corrected your glossing over the US Presence in KOR during the Postwar Years.

Weak, just like your counterpoint.



thatthingcanfly's picture

Hey genius, here's the relevant part of my earliest post on this thread:

"we shouldn't be ready to jump to conspiracy theory about the discovery of NK's REE deposit as the concealed casus belli for the US on the Korean peninsula, where we've had a military presence since the 1950s, and where we've seen this kind of sabre-rattling before."

Other than squabbling over whether or not my timeline delineator in the first adverbial clause near the end of the sentence was accurate (or whether or not I should have put the word "significant" prior to "military presence") do you have an argument with my main point?

IronForge's picture

Not much.  I've concluded some time ago that the Hegemon  are only interested in Domination, Exploitation, Extraction, and/or Oppression of other Nation-States.

That being said, I do concur with your primary argument of not jumping to conclusions.  There are too many "unfinished business"  btwn the war participants.


PS Of course, the Hegemon's grip will loosen once everyone else start trading Petroleum via CHY and/or BTC.


Eager Beaver's picture

Sorry, but anyone who uses the term "conspiracy theory" like that is naive. You fail to realize that we've had a military presense in both Korea AND Vietnam since 1945, better brush up on your history of "conspiracy theories" if you want to argue. The US has been preparing for war with China for a long time. That doesn't mean we are above jumping on another country that has something we suddenly need. We need RE, and so does China, to make all of our high tech gadgets. Without them, civilization as we know it comes to a grinding halt, and we go back to vacuum tubes, or worse.

-- Eager the "conspiracy theorist" Beaver

thatthingcanfly's picture

Sorry, but anyone who uses the term "conspiracy theory" like YOU DO is an Alex Jones wannabe nut-job.

Also, YOU better brush up on YOUR history, if you want to argue. The claim that the US has had a "military presence" in both Korea and Vietnam since 1945 is deliberately misleading. The claim that the US has been preparing for war with China is conjecture, not history. The claim that NK holds the world's ONLY supplies of REEs, and if we don't "jump on them" then it's back to vacuum tubes is Alex Jones nuttery.

Rare Earths are actually not that rare (except in the case of radioactive Promethium); and there are deposits of the stuff on every continent on Earth. China may have DEVELOPED their deposits to a greater extent than other countries in recent years; but there's a difference between development of reserves and possession of reserves. Same to the recent claims that NK has 20M tons of REE reserves. Good for them. But we've got some in California too. South Africa and Australia have some. Etc. Etc. Are we planning for war on South Africa? Australia? California? (LoL, I'd actually sign up for that one.)

MozartIII's picture

Exactly how are politicians capatalists? All they do is take bribes to help corporations & special interest groups loot the rest of us! They don't create anything of value for anyones bennefit! Unless your a leech.

Eager Beaver's picture

Politicians fully embrace the (((Rothbard))) "Profits at All Costs" mentality, and grease the wheels of capitalism with pro-business legislation. Our governments have been converted into for-profit, corporate entities that do nothing but create wealth out of our blood, sweat, and tears. The MIC is pure capitalism, they are the bankers police force, protecting "their" assets overseas, and sometimes at home. Politicians are the most valuable resource on this planet, and create infinite value for those who wish to control the people that those politicians "rule".

moonstears's picture

This is interesting info, on Rare Earths, Beaver, Thanks. BUT it's not the reason for NK vitriol. This game goes back to the Korean war

Eager Beaver's picture

How's that? What makes more sense to you?

<- We're going to war with NK to steal their resources.

<- We're going to war with NK because we were there before.


Genby's picture

25% of F-22 fleet in S.Korea is already malfunctioning.

Secret Weapon's picture

F-35 is so dodgy it is good for one flight every 14 days. 

Ecclesia Militans's picture

There are six F-22s deployed as part of Vigilant Ace.  What are the malfuntions that have affected 1.5 of these airframes?

RafterManFMJ's picture

One got rained on, another killed it’s pilot with carbon fibers, and the third can’t fly if it’s over 70 degrees out.

BarkingCat's picture

Maybe they should rename these maneuvers from Vigilant Ace to Ace Ventura.

Megaton Jim's picture

What proof do you have of  this?

Ivan de beers's picture

The word BRINK has lost its value. Overused

Txpl9421's picture

All of this crap is like watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.  They come up with 1,000 ways to recycle the same old story over and over.  And yet, a great deal of the US Population buys this shit every day of the week.  And twice on Sundays.



twh99's picture

And a 1000 ways to recyle the same old tired promises that mean nothing.  I will gladly stop testing/launching for two months for a hamburger today.

Lore's picture

The word DETERRENCE still seems to be collecting dust. 

HRClinton's picture

"The word BRINK has lost its value. Overused."

So have ZH clickbaiting headline words, like: Spikes, Crashes 

To the New & Improved ZH, "Spikes" and  "Crashes" are 1% changes in a day.

ZH going full TMZ.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Russia ought to be having talks with China over the size of the mudhole they are going to stomp in DNK.

Like they need this shit in their backyard.

BennyBoy's picture


"Kim seeks to eat the steaks before any talks."

Fixed it.

Praetorian Guard's picture

Nice! Kim is playing Highlander... there can be only ONE!!



Come join us for FREE at

Cluster_Frak's picture

Yup, another leg down for gold coming. Bullish!!!

dark fiber's picture

Explains the multiple gold hammers.

Winston Churchill's picture

Indeed, somebody has the full details.Dark of the moon in a few days.

Just a co-incidence I'm sure.

Long body bag makers, boom time is coming.

Albertarocks's picture

People, the other day you were fed the nonsense that the US military was going to beef up missile batteries all along the west coast.  Do any of you have any idea why they would do that?  If NK shoots any missile that could hit anywhere in the continental US those missiles would be flying over Canada.  Kim's missiles would be coming from the north.  IF they could hit Washington, that missile would fly directly over the NW corner of Ontario to the SE corner of Ontario and on to Washington.  IF they could hit Seattle, that missile would fly directly over Vancouver Island.  Think about that.  Why are they telling you that they are beefing up missile batteries on the west coast?  How dumbed down do they really think you are?

Winston Churchill's picture

Pretty fucking dumb,and they're not wrong for most of the US population.

Tried talking to a J6P lately ?

Slammofandango's picture

We prefer the term, 'a basic'. J6P is so 90s...

DisorderlyConduct's picture

That's because N Korean nukes are metric. Duh... ^_^

Winston Churchill's picture

So a 10cm Dong ?

That won't scare any horses.

Osmium's picture

I don't believe NK has a missile that is capable of hitting DC.  I really think they need to prove it and soon!

PN7's picture

I hope you're right.  If their missiles fall short, they'll just nuke a bunch of polar bears or moose.  But I figure the Norks probably have about ten missiles.  Maybe they send a few across the Pacific headed for California.  That way, if the missiles fall short they have reasonably good secondary targets...Los Angeles, Denver, etc.

Albertarocks's picture

"I hope you're right.  If their missiles fall short, they'll just nuke a bunch of polar bears or moose."  Or Canadians.  GFYS

PN7's picture

Touchy, touchy!  I can be lighthearted about Americans being nuked but not about Canadians?  And that's another reason Fat Boy will likely send missiles toward California.  Far as I know, the Norks have no ill-will toward the Canadians.