150,000 Flee Los Angeles As Wildfires Rage - "We'll Be Fighting This All Week"

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In what sounds like a replay of the devastating fires that killed dozens of people and torched a broad swath of California wine country this past summer, at least five discrete fires barreled across Southern California with extreme speed, torching more than 65,000 acres as firefighters struggled to contain the simultaneous infernos.

The first blaze started at about 6:25 p.m. Monday in the foothills near Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, a popular hiking destination. It grew quickly to more than 15 square miles in the hours that followed, consuming vegetation that hasn’t burned in decades, Ventura County Fire Sgt. Eric Buschow said, according to CNN.

Powerful Santa Ana winds and extremely dry conditions have fueled the wildfires, according to the Washington Post, adding hundreds of millions – if not billions – of dollars in damage to what has already been a devastating year for fires. The winds that caused the fires were part of the season’s longest and strongest wind event – driving down from the desert and mountains into the city of Los Angeles.

So far, the latest fires have forced tens of thousands to flee their homes, burned down more than a hundred buildings and triggered power outages in the region.

According to CNN, on Tuesday, the city of Ventura declared a daily curfew, beginning 10 pm to 5 am. The curfew is to protect residents and prevent crime such as looting in the evacuation areas, the city said. The largest fire, called the Thomas Fire, was seen crossing the 101 Freeway north of the city of Ventura. That fire had been burning at nearly an acre per second Tuesday. At that speed, it would have covered Manhattan's Central Park in about 14 minutes.

The Thomas Fire spanned 50,000 acres (about 78 square miles) in Ventura County alone, which sits just north of Los Angeles. The fire was 0% contained as of Tuesday night.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said about 150,000 people in Los Angeles were affected by evacuation orders for another fire, called the Creek Fire, near Sylmar and Lake View Terrace. About 43,000 homes are without power, according to Southern California Edison Tuesday night. More outages are possible because flames were burning along power transmission paths, a spokeswoman said.

The Rye Fire near Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County grew to about 5,000 acres and was 5% contained. That fire was spotted near the Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia. In San Bernardino County, two smaller fires sprang up. One is fully contained while the Little Mountain fire, at 100 acres, is 0% contained.

After a brief respite Tuesday evening, the Santa Ana winds are expected to pick up again on Wednesday and Thursday, which will likely stoke the flames.

The mayor of Los Angeles said he expects fire crews to be working all week to contain the flames. "We expect to be out here all week fighting and containing this fire," LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said. The fires spewed so much smoke that they were captured in a NASA image from space.

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared an emergency for Ventura County, freeing state resources such as the National Guard to support response efforts.

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TruthHunter's picture

You'll find the fine on your home owners insurance bill. 

40 years ago Malibu Canyon had only a few shacks. No insurance meant no bank loans.

Xena fobe's picture

No wind or smoke where I am, 15 miles east of LA.

DEMIZEN's picture

wind smoke and ashes everywhere still better than any given day in las vegas. ill never understand why people live in desert canyons but thats between them and the insurance folks.

silverer's picture

Started... at "a popular hiking destination"

Remember that story about how many of these fires are started on purpose? The damage to the California economy is adding up fast with all these fires over the years. I'm sure it's disgruntled gun owning Christian white guys, or perhaps the Amish.

Lost in translation's picture


“It’s because they voted for racist Trump.”

Remember that?

BeansMcGreens's picture

In the 360 degree twitter video the mail box is still standing, so at least the residents can still get their next year property tax bill.

djsmps's picture

"...according to the Washington Post"

Why not just get your information from the Huffpost?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Go straight to the source "Ellen"!

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Brought to you from the same author that said 40,000 could die from a British snowstorm, I'm thinking. 

911bodysnatchers322's picture

After this last year, it's very hard to be sympathetic for californians.

They didn't care about our fires in NC and TN last year around election; don't much care about theirs.

The good news is people don't get hurt, they get evacuated, and then their property burns, which is mostly replaceable and insured. But it's all their family photos and stuff that I feel bad about that burned.

That's kind of like how they've burned down the family photos of the larger family in the fire of their HATE--which strangely they're party of psychological projection has accused us of

They've burned our country's trust to each other. The family photos of a shared worldview and value system called american culture, which no longer exists. You now have people who believe in our laws, and people who don't. People who believe in lawful justice and those who believe only in social justice, which they've not even agreed on in any consistent way--and they are now attacking each other as an autoimmune disease of their own false righteousness. The rest of us are watching them fall on their swords--after all, they did this to them. It's their culture.

This bigger melting pot that is America is an idyllic thing that the Left mentions, but now they are trying to exclude most of america by self-demonizing white people and accusing them of hate (again the alt left has become the party of hate--we didn't create Antifa--THEY did)

All the good memories we've had of a pre-Trump society. Californians burned all those "American family photos" of our minds, by their ongoing backbiting on a lawful and heretofore unaccused-of-any-crime president, while the rest of us non-Californians and perennially insulted by Hollywood Trump supporters must endure a FAKE peepee dossier smear campaign on Trump (and by extension, *us*), which was illegally and unethically used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant and continue a chain of unfortunate (and illegal) events by the FBI and the authorities, while a criminal fugitive by their own admission--who engaged in domestic espionage against congress (not just by hosting classified docs on her private server, but by running a secure private offbrand CIA from a set of blackberries and hiring ISI spies to manage it (Imran Awan)).

But no, all the CAlifornians can do is build sand castles of sensational false cause backed outrage based on pussy grabbing, and burning down everything we've built--our trust and love for each other, because they fell for a Hillary spell called "love Trump's hate", which I myself personally warned you on reddit a year ago, not to succumb to (search reddit for contronymical "site:reddit.com contronymical')

(BTW "saying grab pussy" 2 decades ago is not a crime, otherwise I'm in much more trouble because I've said way more worse things in college--if you recall many people joked about donkey punching, which is iirc where you punch a girl in the back of the head while having sex with her. I never thought this was a cool thing to joke about, but trust me, if anyone I know in college ever wants to run for office, I'm going remind them of donkey punching, especially if they have ever said anything anti-trump, I'm gonna come forward and say that you joked about donkey punching, OK? hypocrites...they are everywhere)

So basically when a bunch of criminal harboring, criminal exalting fucking weirdos from california who show us what kind of integrityless people they are, siding with the CIA, justifying hate, attacking our culture. NO. WE don't actually give a S when your houses burn down.

Ok? I'm just explaining the rationale. We're not bad people. You guys are. So boo hoo. We don't feel bad. If I had a choice I'd give you no support at all, I'd send it all to Puerto Rico instead.

snblitz's picture

If you get rid of San Francisco and Los Angeles counties California is quite red.

bunkers's picture

So what's under CA land, tptb want?

911bodysnatchers322's picture

They want to find out a way to make this Trump's fault

Space lasers.

Secret Trump firebug teams.

Pepe Fire magick

Trump's hate being loved by californians set california on fire...see it's his fault again

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

Exactly, but they'll blame it on climate change. The latest article from California stated because of the loss of ice in the arctic, California is getting less rain. More like Antifa arson, this is the third major out break of fires on the west coast, each event was multiple fires a short distance from each other.

Rex Andrus's picture

Brown, Newsom, Garcetti, Pelosi, Waters, Steyer, Holder, Obama, Hollywood and the rest of the felonious (((sanctuary))) RICOs

Dickweed Wang's picture

An acre per second??? That's some scary shit.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Just give all of the Mexicans guns and tell them the fire is a defenseless woman, and to go kill it...

shovelhead's picture

Fires during Santa Anas?

Nah, this never happens...

Rex Andrus's picture

You have used all your carbon tax credits for the next gazillion years. Please remain where you are. Anaheim PD eugenic technicians are on their way.

DaiRR's picture

Fires are indiscriminant destroyers.  Santa Ana winds are a force to behold.  CA has an endless supply of negligent miscreants and criminal arsonists setting fires.  Voila. 



Erwin643's picture

Let California burn.

It must burn.

White Devil's picture

It’s overrun with libtards, it must be cleansed by fire!

Erwin643's picture

"... and nothing cleanses better than fire."

 - Mathias, The Omega Man

hanekhw's picture

The deaths and losses will be attributed to the Republicans tax plan.

"Oh look? My 'sanctuary's' burning!

snblitz's picture

I have a large acreage property with plenty of burnables.

Long ago I was allowed to control burn any time and as much as I wanted.

Later "they" created a 4 month burn season and I was restricted to burning then.

Later I had to get a seasonal burn permit

Later I had to get a permit per burn and call a number to get permission for each burn on a particular day and substantial limits were put on the "size" of the burns.

Later the number of burns you could do were limited to a fixed number regardless of need.

Now it is hard to get a permit at all.

Stuto's picture

Ever notice it is never civil servants targeted.