"Like Driving Into Hell" - Los Angeles' 405 Freeway Shutdown As Wildfires Spread

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While many people would argue that driving on LA roads is "like hell" on a good day, today is a very bad day as wildfires and shut the shockingly busy 405 Freeway in both directions...

This is what drivers are facing...


Traffic nightmare...

As KTLA reports, The fire started near the 405 Freeway and Mulholland Drive just before 5 a.m., Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart said.

The fire had burned about 50 acres as of 5:30 a.m., according to Stewart.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed the fire burning on the east side of the freeway, the Getty Center is located to the west of the 405.

A SigAlert was issued for the closure of all northbound lanes on the 405 Freeway just after 5 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol’s traffic incident log.

The freeway was likely to be impacted for the rest of the morning, Stewart said. “It is going to be a significant commute issue.”

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Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Exit plans are useful in a wide variety of circumstances.  For example, if you commute into a major city, or live in one, then it is probably a good idea to have a plan to get the fuck out if the shit hits the fan and when everyone else is freaking out.



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Come on, CIA, quit being so piggy with your satellite particle beam weapons, burn some other parts of the United States besides California with your death rays.

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"These things are going to happen in the Big Golden State. People are just going to have to get used to being burnded alive in their cars."


~ Gubnor Jerry Brown

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Time to call in the cloud seeding drones.  Wait, you say too much rain will cause mudslides - well then gotta let it burn.

Welcome to the Hot El California!

Mycroft Holmes IV's picture

Bet you this was arson as well.

In regards to rain, cloud seeding, and chemtrails, take a look into orgone energy and material that produces it.

There have been a number of people making and gifting orgonite across California and as a result we have our skies back. Our neighborhood in the OC has its own weather pattern now (and chemtrails never stick overhead).

Tim foil hats help too (damn cell towers!).

Ghost of Porky's picture

Meh. Call me when Hollywood burns.

Liberal's picture

There’s no fire in LA. It’s all a right wing conspiracy!

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"Like Driving Into Hell" - Los Angeles' 405 Freeway....

I stopped reading at that point.

Deplorable's picture

It's not the fire that makes it "Like Driving into Hell"

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After hillary:

Feel the burn?


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Simply driving into California is like driving into Hell.

Whatever you do, DO NOT TALK to the peeples there and don't feed the animals.

Z-Boy's picture

Carry a taser for their rotten kids.

STP's picture

I'm a native, you've got to fix that:

Whatever you do, DO NOT TALK to the animals there and don't feed the peeples.

boattrash's picture

But it's "free-speech" when AntiFa/lefty protestors close an interstate...

Joe Davola's picture

Does Musk have a company building orgone accumulators to power his vehicles?

Ristretto X4's picture

I've got an orgone accumulator
And it makes me feel greater
I'll see you sometime later
When I'm through with my accumulator

It's no social integrator
It's a one man isolator
It's a back brain stimulator
It's a cerebral vibrator
Of orgones
It's made out of orgones

Energy stimulators
Just turn your eyeballs into craters
But an orgone accumulator
Is a superman creator

It's no social integrator
It's a one man isolator
It's a back brain stimulator
A cerebral vibrator
Of orgones
Of orgones

I've got an orgone accumulator
And it makes me feel greater
I will see you sometime later
When I'm through with my accumulator

It's no social integrator
It's a one man isolator
It's a back brain stimulator
A cerebral vibrator
Of orgones
Of orgones
Of orgones
It's all gone
It's all gone
It's orgones
It's orgones


beyondtheprogramming's picture

Mycroft Holmes IV - did you really just say Tim foil?

So who is this Tim, and who is he foiling? 

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Orgones?  Really?  Do you have your accumulator built out of plywood in the back yard like William Burroughs?

Bush Baby's picture

So will ISIS claim CA fire as arson  /  new terrorist tactic?

SmittyinLA's picture

*burnded alive in their ELECTRIC cars

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'Come on, CIA, quit being so piggy with your satellite particle beam weapons, burn some other parts of the United States besides California with your death rays.'

C'mon, CIA paid 'migrants' to light fires.  It's so much cheaper (and they're expendable.)

junction's picture

10+ Socal Fires Out of Nowhere: What severed the power lines?? (5Dec2017)



Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where'd the houses go??) 10Oct2017


kochevnik's picture

What severed the power lines??  

Megavolts and heat <=> electric resistance feedback loop

MEFOBILLS's picture

More likely it is some sort of high frequency generator that creates sympathetic nodes of reinforcement.  

There are reports of blue flashes in the sky, probably electrical discharge.  Also, houses were igniting  but not the nearby trees and grassy regions between the houses.  Cars were also caching fire, even if they were isolated from grasslands in the middle of roads and parking lots.

Lasers could also be used to ignite different areas, and this would be normal heating, say to start grassfires.   I see two methods, the high voltage/high frequency method to charge the atmosphere, and lasers.  

Bad actors cannot be allowed into government.  There has to be some sort of screening process, especially because democracy is such a weak form... easy to subvert and punk the people, especially with money.

Think of it this way, if your brain is infested by a parasite, you will malfunction.  Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted nearly 1000 years.  During that period it worked for its people, not against them.  

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the irony of all ironies...is that, to save "native habitat" we have outlawed many of the things we used to do to help PREVENT the spreading of wildfires in California....now, EVERYTHING gets cooked well done.  plants, animals, insects, etc...

...so, where are the enviro do-gooders...shouldn't they be protesting these fires?  Nope, they're curled up in the corner of their bedroom sniveling and pretending like they have nothing to do with the total destruction of the habitat they pretend to care so much about.

Remember the good ole days, when dirt bikers carved trails through the california hills which by default helped supress the spreading of fires....ah, the good ole days.  Where is that enduro anyway.

Buck Johnson's picture

Your 100 percent on point, now these people are living in environments that essentially are doing what they are supposed to do.  Which is to burn and be left to burn and also have mudslides.


any_mouse's picture

I rode the fire trails around Redding back in 1967-1969.

Were those eliminated by the greenies to protect some invasive species?

kochevnik's picture

Goats ate overgrowth.  Now goats banned.  Fires replace goats, set by Mexican zeta illegals worshiping their Saint Muerta

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

No sympathy for anything Californian. 

HRClinton's picture

Life in CA, in LA...

They're on a highway to hell:   https://youtu.be/l482T0yNkeo

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Lots of places in L.A. I don't like to slow down much less stop and open the damn door to start hoofing.

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How long can you drive on a flat?

Budnacho's picture

The smell of all that burning plastic.......surgery...

nmewn's picture

Governor Moonbeam is gonna have to increase carbon taxation on Californians for his monumental error in not putting this thing out when it was only 50 acres.

I mean, that's how it's done these days, they fuck up and da peeps get to pay...besides...it's killing the planet!  ;-)

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And all the additional tax revenue will go where it always goes: into the endless black hole of gold-plated CALPERS pension funds. 'Cuz it's fer the kids 'n sheeit.


LOL, Brown should be issuing a toxic melted plastic alert.

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just another day, calmly driving to work with my latte, hoping the raging inferno won't blister the paint on my brand new Lexus ...

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LA is like driving in hell on a good day

rsnoble's picture

Escape from LA!

ZeroLounger's picture

A Tsunami would put those fires right out!!  As a plus, you could ride the wave out of LA on a surfboard!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb8nbZDtgNg SURFBOARD SCENE

FORD_FIESTA's picture

Too much Free Shit..........

Everyone on EBT / Welfare needs to be clearing Brush.....Get the Lazy Fuckers to work.

juergensen's picture

Paying for the sins of Homowood.

economessed's picture

Maybe the earthquake will cleave off this pesky fire into the Pacific ocean.

Casey Jones's picture

There is something highly unusual about these fires. So cal typically gets fires in august thru October. But in December? It wasn't even that hot in Ventura. Fire bugs are keeping busy it seems.

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Agenda 21. When it comes to California, arson is a useful tool in the Agenda 21 toolbox. Clears the land of human habitation very effeciently. Legal obstacles to rebuilding abound. California is the globalists' designated dwellingplace, with just enough peons & serfs to handle the grunt-work. Goodbye, old California, goodbye.

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If magma rises to just under the surface under hot springs, under long dormant volvanoes can roots start to burn?  Mt. Ranier ecperienced a 2.0 EQ in it's caldera a few days ago. Underground activity is happening.

 In our area we've had explosions / death from underground methane.pockets.   Not recently though.  That story was about 10 years ago in the east.

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Another fine scorching Cali day, sipping my $8 Mocha Frappacchino Non-Fat Milk Low Fat Whipping Cream as I dirve my Tesla to my Hollywood office, wondering what young aspiring starlet I will bang the brains out of on my Director's Couch......

Arrest Hillary's picture

Bel Air Fire II .... 60 years of new growth .... prepositioned on 45% grade hillsides .... inclined chimney effect .... low moisture autumn leaves and twigs .... Santana wind fans the flames .... rinse and repeat ?