Rupert Murdoch Mansion "Burning Down" In LA Wildfire: NBC

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The mansion of Fox News Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch (and reportedly future owner of Disney) located in the Moraga Estate winery and mansion in Bel Air, is "burning down" in the raging Los Angeles wildfires, NBC 4 reported on Wednesday.

An earlier report from Bloomberg said that the area around Murdoch's Moraga vineyard in Bel-Air, which he bought for $29 million in 2013, was evacuated as firefighters battled the sprawling flames.

Murdoch’s Moraga Estate, where the media mogul operates a winery and lives with wife Jerry Hall in a 7,500-square-foot house, is in the evacuation zone. No one answered the phone at the estate early Wednesday, and officials at Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox Inc. didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Murdoch's property is located in "a wine growing estate in the Santa Monica Mountains at an elevation of 600 to 900 feet, five miles from the Pacific Ocean," according to the Moraga’s website.

This is what the 11-bed, nine-bathroom semi-circular villa located on an 8,700 sq ft plot looked like in quieter days.

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Couldn't happen to a nastier cunt.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Tax dodging Beardy Branson had is island wiped clean as well, maybe there is a god after all.

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Did they tell the fire men to free the children in the basement, oh sorry I was thinking of John Podesta's house.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

His basement was "debunked" months ago, as soon as he felt a little bit of heat.

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thats for setting up ales bitch.

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Record-Setting Hurricanes; Record temperatures; Record-Setting Wildfires; ya think it might be global warming?


So, why is the global rise in temperatures so worrisome?

For one thing, as temperatures rise good farmland will become desert (e.g., dust-bowl conditions will probably return to the American Midwest).

Another major problem is sea-level rise.

Have a look at

The U.S. Geological Survey people claim that;

The Greenland ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 6.55 meters (21.5 feet),
the West Antarctica ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 8.06 meters (26.4 feet),
the East Antarctica ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 64.8 meters (212.6 feet),
and all other ice melting will raise sea-level 0.91 meters (3 feet).

For a grand total of about 80 meters (263 feet).

So, what does an 80 meter (263 feet) rise in sea-level mean. Have a look at the following map of the world after an 80 meter rise. It means that over one billion people will have to be resettled to higher ground and that much of the most productive agricultural land will be under water. Fortunately, at current rates, the Greenland ice sheet will take over a thousand years to melt and the Antarctica ice sheet, much longer. However, the greater the temperature rise the faster the ice sheets will melt, bringing the problem much closer. Remember, the huge ice sheet that recently covered much of North America, almost completely melted in only 15,000 years (today, only the Greenland ice sheet, and some other small patches of it, remain). Since then (15,000 years ago), sea-levels have risen about 125 meters (410 feet), only 80 meters to go.

The ice sheets have been continuously melting for thousands of years. What is left of them today, is still melting, and will continue to melt. Human caused global warning will cause this remnant to melt significantly faster. This is a big, big, problem.

For HUGE detailed maps of the "World after the Melt" go to:

Global temperatures are increasing. And by quite a lot each year.

2016 is the hottest year on record for global temperatures.

This is 0.0380 degrees centigrade hotter than the previous record year which was 2015.

0.0380 is a large increase in just one year.

2015 was the hottest year (at that time) for global temperatures.

This was 0.1601 degrees hotter than the previous record year which was 2014.

0.1601 is an absolutely huge increase in just one year (at this rate temperatures would increase by 16 degrees in a century).

2014 was the hottest year (at that time) for global temperatures.

This was 0.0402 degrees hotter than the previous record year which was 2010.

The conspiracy to hide global warming data.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is given tax money to make global temperature records available to the public. However, certain people at NOAA continually sabotage this aspect of NOAA's mandate. For example, these people have (deliberately) sabotaged the web-page that delivers the temperature records.

Look for yourself:

Go to the page: scroll down to the The Global Anomalies and Index Data section and click the download button and see what happens. Well, you get the message:

"Not Found. The requested URL /monitoring-references/faq/anomalies-download was not found on this server."

I guess that the 2017 data must be truly horrible if they have to hide it away.

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Stop. No one in the echo chamber wants to hear or think science.

Mr. Universe's picture

Echo Chamber? Like he has spammed this same crap over and over and over and over and over and over...

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I think the hurricanes & these fires are man-made, as in deliberately caused.

Nothing to do with NWO "global warming" BS.

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ESPN will cost Disney many billions for years

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Waiting for Disney to burn down....

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Slack! you Freaking Retard.  

now go over to Accredited Times where you will be welcomed with that load of dungdung


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Sorry. You have it wrong. Global warming is a scam for the elites to produce revenue. Even NASA admitted its data and conclusions were wrong. But as the Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explained, once somebody has their mind set due to the constant brainwashing, no amount of truth will change their mind. A proven and demonstrated concept throughout history. You are a victim, and we will pray for you.

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um, is this elites justice?


land_of_the_few's picture

More tangy than Poland Spring, a hint of toasted hazelnuts

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What is wrong with tax dodging?

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If the fire department's motto is "we've never lost a foundation yet", we're in business.

SixIsNinE's picture

that was probably just a top of the head comment -

a more accurate derogatory way to describe Branson is : FRAUDSTER.  All his fake space aircraft endeavors have been blatant SCAM FRAUDS -  He has NOT deliverd on every single one of his stupid ideas and he ranks up with Space X for most dodgy fake schemes which have bilked investors for millions and millions of dollars.

But he does a good job in the having fun department - must say I'd volunteer to help rebuild lil Necker Isle abode

Richard ?  oh Richard ?


junction's picture

Burn, baby, burn!


10+ Socal Fires Out of Nowhere: What severed the power lines?? (5Dec2017)


Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where'd the houses go??) 10Oct2017

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Isn't Sumner Redstone his neighbor?  Just say'n.

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Now that is one Evil SOB.  He promotes the sexualation of children through Nickelodeon shows. 

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Wow that dude outdoes Soros and Ratschild in the 'dead eyes' department.

Caution: May scare children

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Disney is buying fox, not the other way around:

Here is excerpt from the article:

 (and reportedly future owner of Disney)

Fox has some independence from the Jewish owned press.  Disney is Jewish owned.  Fox will not own Disney.  Our cabalistic ((friends)) always attack Goyim threats, like Disney, Ford Foundation, Ted Turner, Armstrong (Yankee Network and inventor of FM detector).  Even Jewish owned RCA attack on Philo farnsworth to make sure they controlled TV messaging.

When Fox gets absorbed, then it is virtually 100% "corporate" media, with ((reuters)) as the main feed.  Jewish lightening perhaps to start the fires?


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I smell organized crime at work here...

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Bigfoot raising hell and starting fires

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hahahahahhahaHAHAHAHAHAH!  GOOD!

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Why dear God.  Why does Beverly Hills burn?

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Poor Rupert, that is a nice place he lost. Has anyone started a web site where  we can send money to help with the costs?  

This man is in need, for the Love of God please don't turn your back on him now!

ACP's picture

I hope he insured it through one of Buffett's companies.

buzzsaw99's picture

for twice the real value

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Took out new insurance last Friday!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I hear they found the arsonists' passports in the 2 million square acres of rugged char!

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Rupert Murdoch Mansion "Burning Down" In LA Wildfire: NBC

My response: I guess growing trees on your property in times like this are a REALLY BAD IDEA.

We need more CHEMTRAIL activity to cause rain!!!! NOT!!!

Guess what? CHEMTRAIL technology no longer works because the earth is now immune to man's tinkering with the weather.

repete's picture

looks like he was really hurt bad

813kml's picture

He melted long before the fire.

Implied Violins's picture

I thought the water got him.

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In the future it will be renamed the " Moraga Estate whinery"

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There is a god!

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Bury him in the ashes.

TheFederalistPapers's picture

Bury him in the ashes.

land_of_the_few's picture

No, the ashes will be scared of being reduced to something even more burned by Hades

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Hopefully they can rescue the little boys and girls in his underground pedophile dungeon first.

Mr. Universe's picture

Not like at Comet Pizza where they just walled them all in.

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Bel Air on fire.

Hey Lord, FYI, Hollywood is just down the road.