SEC Associate Director And Wife Of Fired Anti-Trump FBI Agent Appears To Scrub Facebook Page Of Obama-Clinton Likes

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The cheated-on wife of FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was booted off Robert Mueller's Special Counsel for sending his mistress anti-Trump text messages, appears to have scrubbed her Facebook page of pro-Hillary and pro-Obama 'likes' after her husband's embarassing dismissal and relegation to the HR department.

Reddit user BREXITGOD notes that Strzok's wife, Melissa Hodgman, was promoted to Associate Director in the SEC's enforcement division by the Obama administration on October 14, 2016 - 14 days before the second Hillary Clinton email investigation. Of note, the FBI knew about the emails for "weeks" before launching the second investigation which Peter Strzok oversaw.

Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross pointed out Strzok's wife's apparent support for liberal causes on Sunday:

A Facebook account that appears to be operated by Melissa Hodgman, a top lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission who married Strzok in 1994, shows membership in several pro-Clinton and pro-Obama Facebook groups.


“Democrats for a Blue America” and “Thank You Obama” are two of the groups Hodgman supports. She is also a follower of a page called “We Voted for Hillary.”


Hodgman did not respond to emails from The Daily Caller seeking comment about her involvement with the groups.

And yesterday, Reddit user BREXITGOD discovered that Hodgman has scrubbed her Facebook "likes" of any and all references to Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Huffington Post and "Democrats for a Blue America."



When reached for comment as to how he determined that the Facebook account in question belongs to Hodgman, user BREXITGOD provided publicly available evidence to make the connection.

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peippe's picture

She's like that guy in the bible who denied he followed Jesus.

Only obama isn't jewish & he won't rise from the dead.

& he's not a miracle working carpenter & not called 'the nazarene' & he doesn't have twelve followers.

derryb's picture

blame Trump, he didn't drain it like he promised. He threw in more alligators.

3.7.77's picture

Swamp creature

ItsDanger's picture

Article after article it goes on.  Never asking the real question, why?  Dig deeper and you get your answer.  Refugees, health care, transgenders, blah, blah, blah.  9 times out of 10 its money.  All Trump has to do is hire the right IRS guy and watch the mess unfold.  Corruption runs deep across all levels.  You cant fix anything unless you address that head on.  For example, any experienced auditor can tell that the Clinton charity was a scam in less than 10 seconds from the numbers alone.  So many of the politicians making so much money?  Only possible via corruption.

Gophamet's picture

No matter how hard you scrub you can't remove the putrid stench!

Joebloinvestor's picture

That swamp is starting to look like an ocean.

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

The US government is to fuked up to fix. Not possible. Honor before a Buck is not a big item. The Dems want more niggers and more spics to keep their boat floating and they will get them.

Best of luck to The Don. 

DuneCreature's picture

A little something else to bolster your faith in the U$G.

Deep Black Ops Contractor Exposes OKC =

The Swamp isn't a natural body of black water. It is a man made deadly sewer.

Live Hard, Stir The Cesspool,....Mind The Toxic Fumes Issuing Forth, Die Free

~ DC v8.0

RightLineBacker's picture

Welcome back DC. Missed you man.

Secret Weapon's picture

Bitch gets a promotion just before her husband is to begin an investigation into the people who ordered her promotion.  Nope - not suspicious at all. 

bh2's picture

Something to hide, perhaps?

Sounds like a clear case of obstruction of justice. :) :) :)


They swhould be scrubbed.

BTW, the libtards who didn't like my comments, I have 12 more usernames locked and loaded.

I get the last laff, sorry.

highwaytoserfdom's picture


Mueller is in the middle of the mess with Wilmer Hale     Not just the SEC but treasuary and FED  these  vampire squids are trying to blow apart every trading relationship throug out and out curruption.

The FED and treasuary and particulary Congress was bribed by K street and 72k tax laws..  The major unions are complacment in the pricing of wages in certain sectors.   Write or wrong there is a tremendious need for accounting and art of deal.   Starting to see the war problems fear profits drug, terror, ti-big to fail.....   Now drug cartels already bailed the banks in 2008 but the broken window anti human eugenist are a problem..

It is not the political class caused problem.   The problem is the people for putting up with this behavior.    Now we have a Russian Problem and it is  Russian Roulett issue of nukes and TBTF class upset about rat line profits.

peace out sorry for rant...  


Pitchman's picture

H.R. McMaster Authorized NSA to Spy on Donald Trump Jr.

Andrew McCabe Controled SS Hilary Clinton Investigations

Honest Sam's picture

"..... The problem is the people for putting up with this behavior."

Putting up with it???

The vast majority are impotent to do anything about it and survive. The most obvious solutions are not only against the law but nearly impossible to implement without Seal Six and Range training.

We have no choice but to shut down mass media for not covering the most criminal acts perpetrated by the elected and unelected who live on a different planet, but govern our every piss, and bowel movement. 

On that I'll agree that the people have the power but not the inclination or the will to starve the beast, and without the beast, the politicians would wither on the vine and die. 


Pitchman's picture

If your looking for someone to blame, you need look no further than a mirror.

IRS audits for all.  Follow the $ and you uncover the crime. 

WARNING:  America, the NDAA reauthorization is coming up.  What do you demand from POTUS regarding the Funding Of MSM -Smith Mundt Modernization act, the funding for censoring independent news, and the restoration of your civil rights???

Alex Jones why aren't you demanding the President address these issues?

This Website is a Belligerent Act!

H.R. McMaster Authorized NSA to Spy on Donald Trump Jr. 

Andrew McCabe Controled SS Hilary Clinton Investigations

Inflection Point


XWeatherman's picture

Paul Craig Roberts recommends going armed to protests against criminal governments.


Sledge750's picture

But were the 72k tax laws virgins?

Stud Duck's picture

Are any of you really suprised by the actions or just by the actions now being exposed?

nmewn's picture

So just like fleas on a dog, the parasites become more active & agitated when the host stands and starts shaking them off.

This concludes the lesson for todays biology class ;-) 

BidnessMan's picture

The entire Federal (Feral?) bureaucracy is filled with these ultra-liberal WeBe people. Move their departments out to Flyover country and they will bail by the thousands.

prymythirdeye's picture

Because THEY are the real welfare leeches.  These shitbags at the public trough will do anything to protect the status quo.

XWeatherman's picture

I vote for the Wall St. Bankster-Fraudsters (and the ginormous corporations who pay NO taxes) as the REAL leeches.  Its communism for them and fascism for US citizens.

StychoKiller's picture

I nominate Grand Island, Nebraska!

AurorusBorealus's picture

Could we get Brexitgod, Q anon, and some of these others working on the missing sub from Argentina.  Everyone knows there is a rabbit hole of corruption here.  We just want to know how far the rabbit hole goes.

otschelnik's picture

Yea, these clintonista's might have gotten away with it...   but they couldn't control their virtue signaling. 

truthalwayswinsout's picture

It is not hard for Trump to go into these agencies and FIRE THE OBAMA AND HILLARY SUPPORTERS WHO CAN BE FIRED.

It is a bit harder to downsize them and make sure that only Obama and Hillary supporters are laid off or demoted.

But Trump above all is a showman and a B.S. artist who is blowing smoke up our asses.

Still waiting for China and all the other trade deals, still waiting for Hillary trial, and still waiting for an immigration fix.

All of these problems can literally be fixed in a day or two other than the downsizing of the federal government.





null's picture

Do hold your breath while you wait for stuff that was not promised to You.

He only keeps promises to those who have the mental capability to understand what is involved. Don’t sound like he be giving a crap about your imagined deliverables.

turbojarhead's picture

Good points, you never know WHO is behind the mask...

Aug 1, 2017 - Former Obama White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee's unmasking investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday by the committee to the National Security Agency (NSA). This adds Rhodes to the growing ...


Surprise, one of Muellers prosecutors, Jennie Rhee...was Rhodes personal attorney, and also was a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation.

847328_3527's picture

Soweeto Hussein Mohammed bin Bama replaced 90% of the fbi and doj lawyers when he got elected realizing he must purge anyone who was a patriot from the agenices and replace them with Marxists and seditious anti-Americans.


Tillerson and Trump need to follow suit as does low energy Sessons.

jmack's picture

  Oh yea, because Trumps immigration ban just went right thru with the stroke of a pen...

Money_for_Nothing's picture

Trump would be impeached and removed from office if he tried to do what you suggest. Trump has signaled he will sign anything Congress passes. Congress doesn't want to pass anything because then the jig-would-be-up and they would get voted out of office. They want Trump to be the point man just like Obama was for unpopular actions.

Obama was the man-in-the-middle for a US Congress Circle-Jerk.

The people in the DC swamp hate each others guts. Trump is turning them loose to destroy one another. Trump can't give the DC swamp creatures what they want because if Trump does the creatures will impeach him and remove him from office. Hilarity ensues.

Singelguy's picture

Nothing in Washington can be fixed in a day or two. You are incredibly naive if you believe that. The immigration fix was initiated the first week Trump was in office. What happened? The libtards mounted court challenges that were upheld by Obama appointed judges. Only this week has the Supreme Court overturned the lower courts decision and the travel ban can move forward. We are now 10 months later and you want to tell me this can all be fixed in a day or two. Secondly a permanent immigration fix, healthcare fix, tax fix, etc., all require the cooperation of Congress and you see how that is going. The Dems and even the RINO’s in his own party are actively obstructing him. Thirdly the Washington bureaucracy is full of lefties who are obstructing Trump every chance they get. They will be replaced but that takes time. To fire them on mass would probably grind the government to a halt. The whole process will probably take 2 years to complete. In the meantime, grow up and have a little patience.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

It also assumes the fucksticks in Washington want things to be fixed.

BabaLooey's picture



Trump and Tillerson need to rent out a God Damned Pressure Washer to root out the scumbags.

Pizza. Misconduct ACROSS the board. Front running bitches and bastards

Term limits? No - OUT the motherfuckers - either by the diseased media, or by voters (wishful thinking with some bozos).

If T.L. - 3 total. That's it. Barred from holding ANY job linked to DC..............................ANY.

(Lobbyist, Liason, Lackey - "counsel" -fuckall)

Back to the private sector motherfuckers.....and CUT those entitlements bitchez

The gravy train STOPS. (See: Ron Paul)

Voter I.D. - bitchez

otschelnik's picture

Ultimately you got to do what Rex Tillerson is doing at State - purge the whole thing.  T.Rex doing a great job over there - reducing staff by 2500 and getting rid of some of the 42 (!) under secretary of state positions.   That's why the lame stream media is going after him now. 

y3maxx's picture

-The "W H leaking sources" are being exposed.

This will lead directly to both Obama and Hilary.

It's gonna blow wide open.