"The Silence Breakers" - Time Reveals "Person Of The Year" 2017

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President Trump will not be pleased.

Two days after releasing the list of contenders for its 2017 "Person of the Year" special issue, Time Magazine has published the issue's cover, revealing its selection to the world.

And the winner is...

...The #MeToo movement - or, as Time phrases it, "The Silence Breakers"

Adding an amusing dash of irony to the pageantry surrounding this year's unveiling, Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal revealed the cover, a composite group photo that includes actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift and former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, live on the TODAY show, a program that has been rocked by the national reckoning with sexual harassment in the workplace that these women purportedly helped unleash. Longtime co-host Matt Lauer was abruptly fired last week as eight women came forward to accuse him of harassment and assault.

For those who are unfamiliar with the reasoning behind these reasons, Judd went on-the-record in the original New York Times expose about Harvey Weinstein's multi-decade history of sexual assault and harassment - the piece that's widely credited with sparking the national movement - Swift won a civil lawsuit against a radio DJ who she said 'groped her ass' during a meet-and-greet a few years back, Fowler published a blog post about Uber's "frat" culture that eventually led to the company hiring former Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct an internal investigation.

"The galvanizing actions of the women on our cover…along with those of hundreds of others, and of many men as well, have unleashed one of the highest-velocity shifts in our culture since the 1960s," Felsenthal said in a statement.

In addition to Lauer, actor Kevin Spacey, journalist Charlie Rose, comedian Louis CK and US Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota were among the high-profile names who were summarily fired and shamed as multiple accusers came forward

Felsenthal noted the #MeToo hashtag, which he called "a powerful accelerant," has been used millions of times in at least 85 countries.

In addition to Trump and #MeToo, the other people considered were: Amazon CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Colin Kaepernick, the dreamers, Robert Mueller and Patty Jenkins (Jenkins directed the Hollywood blockbuster "Wonder Woman").

Time has often chosen classes or movements as its "Person of the Year." Back in 2014, the magazine selected "the Ebola fighters" for the honor.

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Latina Lover's picture

Who gives a fuck what Time Magazine claims are the persons of the year?  They are yesterdays Fake News.

shitshitshit's picture

they should have put hillary on a throne...

she's going to be so sad now.

PS: I think the Don doesn't give an inkling of a shit

Latina Lover's picture

The only throne Hillary deserves are the stainless steel ones found in supermax prisons.

NoDebt's picture

I'm sure all 27 of their readers will be pleased with their choice.


J S Bach's picture

Just shows the illiteracy of Time's "journalists".  A person is a singular being.  People are plural.

American Psycho's picture

What, no Paula Jones and Juanita broaddrick?  Sure they did not recite slam poetry at some fake aggrevied pussy march, but I think they would have something to say about sexual harrassment.  Oh, it was from Slick Willy, and Cankles took care of them with her "nuts and sluts" war on women campaign.  So progressive. 

847328_3527's picture

No Pink Pussy Hats?


Where's their spirit?!

Future Jim's picture

SNL explained a few years ago that if a man wants to grope women in the workplace, he needs to be good lookiing, be tall, and be good looking.

Just like men, women have a double standard. A 5 will let a 10 get away with anything. In fact, a 5 will usually let a 7 get away with anything. What makes women mad is when a 5 thinks he's got a shot with a 7. How DARE he think that?

Although, men have the same kind of double standard (because of evolution), men cannot get pregnant, so a man who is a 7 would not be genetically programmed to have as much fear of hooking up with a 5. More specifically, a man can have 1000 kids; whereas, a woman can have 10, so women who were genetically programmed to be pickier got more of their genes into the future. Hence today, a woman who is a 7 is genetically programmed to be subconsciously terrified at the possibility of being impregnated by a 5.

Another factor that comes into play is that evolution also explains why women seem programmed to do whatever they can to separate other women from their men. In the small tribes where we evolved, there may be times where there are not any men who aren't already spoken for, so a genetically programmed behavior (mutation) that helped a woman to separate men from their women (e.g. being furious at the sight of a man and woman together) could help her to get more of her genes into the future.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Ha ha ha ha ha.  The liberal mind is an amazingly confused mess of neurons. But who cares.


Socratic Dog's picture

You need to get beyond the "tall and good-looking" meme.  You're right, but what defines a "10" in men is very different from that in women.  Harvey Weinstein tall and good-looking?  Nope, just rich and powerful, a perfect provider, evolutionarily fit at this moment in time.  Most women would love to be impregnated and provided for by him.

Of course, if conditions change (pogrom anybody?) that could change, and overnight.  It could be that in 5 years a man who knows how to grub in the earth to find or grow food will be a 10, regardless of looks.  Or a fighter, who can defend his progeny.  Harvey, not so much.

waspwench's picture

Power and wealth are the two things most aphrodisiac for women. Good looking is a nice bonus but absolutely not necessary. Women are programmed to secure safety and security for their children and themselves.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Umm...isn't Time and Newsweek and WAPO and WSJ and NYT etc supposed to be the true and ultimate "Silence Breakers" using investigative journalism techniques to expose crime and corruption?

Oh the hypocrisy.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

My theory is this process is designed to make the white birthrate even lower than it already is.

Not going to work with blacks because they don't feel shame.  That's a European thing.

Laowei Gweilo's picture

is "person" plural now? o.0

Slomotrainwreck's picture

I love my person family, every one of it.  ... whatever.

boattrash's picture

American Psycho, +1,000 Best comment of the day, thus far (IMHO).

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

A bunch of whores fucked some Jewish perverts in the media and entertainment business so they could become rich and famous, and Time magazine calls it "news" when they open their filthy whore mouths about what they did.

Hey Time, why don't you name the fucking Jew. Now THAT would be newsworthy.

CuttingEdge's picture

The fact that Mueller was on the shortlist sums up what a load of bollocks Time is.

stocktivity's picture

Mueller will be on the cover in 2018

Moe Howard's picture

Time's Person of the Year:

Post-menopausal women who regret those blow jobs they gave out 30 or 40 years ago in order to get the "competitive edge" in the job market.

GreatUncle's picture

As it addresses an issue soley for women, a bit like women voting rights I think being male I should give it a miss don't you?

PT's picture

Thass sexist!!!

Actually, I think if men weren't involved then there would be no story here.

EddieLomax's picture

They have signalled their virture here, that's the point of this whole pantomime.


Hillaroid deserves the silver spikes reserved for vampires.

Miss Expectations's picture

You've mixed up your metaphor.

Wooden spikes for vampires

Silver bullets for werewolves


peddling-fiction's picture

How about both, just to make sure?

Then burned at the stake.

Miss Expectations's picture

Then scatter the ashes.  Important.

Trogdor's picture

Wooden shafts with silver broad-heads ...

You can never be too sure ...

CHX13's picture

A Hillary pillory...? 

jcaz's picture

LOL- and where would any of the pictured "victims" be today without using their twats for advancement?

PT's picture


the "Grab 'em by the pussy" guy became President and then suddenly they ALL felt empowered WITHIN HIS FIRST YEAR!!!!

Go Donny "Grab 'em By The Pussy" Guy!  Go!  Go!  Go!
Rescuing all the ladies from decades of sexual harrassement and oppression!

Perhaps it was that little admission - "I came onto her like a bitch but she wouldn't be in it" that made them realize that they COULD say NO and get away with it.

"When you're rich, they let you do that ... I came onto her like a bitch but she wouldn't be in it ..."
See!  Even THE PRESIDENT has to accept knock-backs every now and then.

LOL!  You know my assertions will never make it to the mainstream narrative.  Just enjoy them for what they are.

A. Boaty's picture

Newsweek did put her on the throne. I snagged their clinto victory issue before stores pulled it.

BabaLooey's picture

Smashley Juggs and Taylor Not So Swift.


TIME Raaaaagazine.................shit.......but I repeat myself.

YUNOSELL's picture

Magazine needs to be renamed "Behind the Time"

E.F. Mutton's picture

They're quite popular in Jiffy Lube waiting rooms

But only if someone's already snagged the Sudoku

runningman18's picture

It's not surprising that Time Magazine, being a collectivist propaganda rag, does not understand the difference between an individual person and a "movement" of many people.  Does anyone other than 65-year-old liberals actually read Time anymore? 

Vandal's picture

Time magazine is only good for 2 things. Lining animal cages and starting fires.

Thee Barbarous Relic's picture

I don’t start fires with shiny paper!

Mullet Master's picture

Yeah, who gives a shit?  NOT ME!

Everyone of those sissies on the cover are trannys!

TIME and GQ - both publications are controlled by ZIONIST SCUM (CIA / MOSSAD)- Boycott these shitrags FOREVER!!!

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Hold on... Jeff Bezos as world’s richest person?

The Rothschilds will be pleased - as always, in the shadows

Moe Howard's picture

I liked their 1938 choice better, Adolf Hitler.

HRClinton's picture

SATOSHI. Man of the Year 2018.

FAR bigger effect on society.

p.s. Let's be honest: these women did not have the courage to come out before they had the pure strength of numbers. It's how they roll: as a gaggle. A gaggle of estrogen.

Kfilly's picture

Hitler won the "Time Man of the Year Award" in 1938. I am sure the magazine only picks good people for the honor.

Socratic Dog's picture

Could be they actually got it right there.  Hitler was probably the greatest national leader of the 20th century.  That's one of the reasons the jews had to take him down.

waspwench's picture

Who cares what Time Mag. has to say about anything whatsoever?

When did you last look at a Time Mag.- except maybe in your doctor's office when there wasn't anything else available?