Baltimore Police Find "Substantial Amount" Of Fentanyl, Hazmat Crews Called In

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Police in Baltimore City have recovered a “substantial amount” of fentanyl from an early Tuesday morning raid at a corner store on the war-torn streets of West Baltimore.

Police report two unidentified people were taken into custody at the time of the raid with pending charges. Police served a search and seizure warrant at the store after a concerned resident in the neighborhood tipped off police.

In fact, at the time of the raid, police had to call in various hazmat crews, because so much fentanyl and opioids were found. One reporter on the scene snapped incredible photos of “guys in hazmat suits” holding “some sort of detectors in hand.”

A special operations vehicle called ‘HAZ1MAT’ was called to the scene to assist investigators.

Firefighters were seen hosing down hazmat crews as they exited the corner store.

Baltimore police spokesman Jarron Jackson said investigators believe a large-scale drug operation was working out of the store and distributed fentanyl across the entire city. So far, police have not disclosed how much of the synthetic opioid was confiscated, but police call it a ‘substantial amount.’

As the investigation entered into the evening hours, the reporter on the scene described police carrying out “five very large bags, plus smaller boxes, etc. Seems like a substantial haul.”

Jackson said the raid is a major win for the city, which is experiencing a fentanyl crisis. According to Maryland Department of Health, there were 799 fentanyl overdose deaths in the state between January and July with a high percentage occurring in Baltimore City. (below chart 2007 to 2016)


“What you see today is the community and police working together to combat that crisis,” Jackson said. “A person in the community saw something that concerned them, and they reported it.”

The Rev. Keith Baily, president of the Fulton Heights Community Association, said he believes some Baltimore corner stores are operating illegally and could be tied into the drug trade.

“Someone else, they were telling me that this fentanyl is being made in these corner stores, and we are fighting about this on the North Avenue area where I’m at, and it’s killing people,” Bailey said.

In addition to the opioid epidemic in Baltimore, the murder crisis (See: “Deadliest Year Ever” – Baltimore Eclipses 2016 Homicide Total) is not helping the situation whatsoever, as the city spirals out of control– it’s only a matter of time before neighborhoods are locked down (see: Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: “Police Declared Martial Law”).

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E.F. Mutton's picture


I've got a better idea.  Load up the vending machines with it.

pods's picture

Seriously, that is for fucking shock value. It's not like it's permeable like nicotine. Sheesh. Nor has it been micronized. 

We used to handle the free base 30 grams at a time. Yeah, it it potent, but not fucking hazmat suits. 

This is merely to show the public that the fucking pigs are doing their jobs spending all your tax money on their fancy toys. 

Fucking hazmat suits and SCBAs. Pull the other one.


RussianSniper's picture

Russian intel believes this is the exact hazmat suit Huma Abedin wears when she penetrates the lady parts of mrs clinton.

Allegedly, the fumes get noxious.

Ramesees's picture

How are they gonna make that Baltimore "Scramble" that I like so much? Gonna have to cop in Philly now.

shitshitshit's picture

MBGA: Make Baltimore Great Again

Nobody For President's picture

Agreed PODS. In the 90s our local VFD got a call about some suspiciopus 'stuff' dumped over a bank and (not quiet) in the local creek. we went and cleaned up several barrels of misc shit from a local meth lab wearing our normal turn-out gear.

Cost to taxpayer = zero. We were non-tax based, all volunteer.

these days, the poobahs in charge probably wouldn't have allowed us to touch the shit - brought high cost county 'specialists' down from the county seat 75 miles aeay with the suits. Makes for better photos for the media. Costs taxpayers a shitload.

Kubakki theater is all over gubernmint these days. See 'shutdown of government' articles over debt limit for reference.

What a Fucking Shit Show all this MSM/Gubernmint shit has become!

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Talked to a Syrian refugee in Florianopolis, Brasil in the centro mercado about how my government does not represent the people and was fcuking about in Syria. His quote was 

   "The U.S. Government is the cold hand of death"

I had to agree.

lasvegaspersona's picture

You mean hands up don't SHORT...

This is a financial site after all....

Solosides's picture

The fully legal prescribed pill addictions some of my family members have are every bit as bad, if not worse than a heroin addiction

yomutti2's picture


Yeah, this fentanyl stuff sounds like a great way for natural selection to take its course. Hand it out for free, I say.


FORD_FIESTA's picture

Yep, give the Druggies all they want....solves a number of issues all at once.

Darwin? Evolution?  

cynicalskeptic's picture

but the deep state loses HUGE profits when it's free.......


The current system is a win-win-win for gov.   Instead of giving out SOMA for free to keep the population medicated,  government SELLS it (albeit through indirect channels) and makes a HUGE profit. 

While keeping the populace complacent and dumb the urchase of illegal drugs makes them subject to arrest pretty much at will - keeping prisons full.

The current illegal drugs accelerate the depopulation agenda while feeding state money into the medical care system on a regular basis until they successfully overdose.


The drug producers make money, the gov agencies that import it all make money, the police 'fighting' the war on drugs (selectively) make money, the prison system makes money and the medical system makes money...... depopulation is accelerated as well.


pods's picture

I don't know why people try and separate it. Probably because thinking of yourself in the same thought as a heroin junkie isn't fun.

It's the truth though. Heroin is merely diacetylmorphine.  All they do is play around with the molecule a bit and come up with their derivatives, like oxy, hydro, fent, etc.

It's the same as a heroin dependence (I wont say addiction, that is different than being chemically dependent on something).

In fact, if you are unfortunate enough to get involved in long acting opiods, you are in for some serious trouble.  Like suboxone or methadone, they are a bitch to come off.

Shorter acting opiods are easier to come off because the active withdrawals don't last so long. 

It sucks though. Happened to me. Back injury, chronic pain, pain clinic, then eventually I got better and stopped and felt like death. Doc told me it was withdrawals. Not fun.


Erek's picture

Why is the MIC/CIA is still operating in Afghanistan?

(Fighting for our "freedom"? Or our addictions?)

spanish inquisition's picture

These in country fentanyl makers are killing CIA profits. Hardly worth fighting in Afghanistan snore.


cynicalskeptic's picture

Damn Chinese are cutting into heroin profits with fenatyl production.....

Dolph.Hilter's picture

Too many chinks in the (supply) chain

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Talk about something else that will screw you up badly, it's tramadol.  Overdosing on that sh*t is on the rise, and naxolone will NOT reverse it 100%.  They gave it to my mother for shingles two months ago and her stomach is STILL screwed up from a low dose of it.

pods's picture

Yeah, and that one has SSRI effects too, so you can run into serotonin syndrome as well if you take too much.

Coming off that can lead to seizures and death too.  Not a great way to spend a day.  

They handed that shit out like candy.  "non-narcotic."  Which is sort of true, because it's a pro-drug. The primary metabolite is a potent µ-opiod agonist.

I assume that now they are prescribing that more since it's much tougher to prescribe the other ones they used to hand out like candy which are now schedule IIs.


lasvegaspersona's picture

Serotonin syndrome canbe serious but is usually dose related.

Remember, when it is your job to help with a problem you must use the tools at hand.

No one gives out opioids or tramadol without good reason (and maintains a license).

Most of the time, with reasonable patients these are the best tools for the job.

I enjoy the criticism of those who have never had to treat sick people, makes me feel intellectually superior.

pods's picture

Oh, not placing blame on docs. Although there are certainly some bad apples.

It's just the nature of the beast. Nothing you ingest that has a physiological effect is going to be without a side effect.  I loved being able to do shit again when I got my pain under control.  Of course, it always ends badly when opiods are used for something chronic, as was my case.

In my case, I had to fix my back myself and then get off the junk. Wasn't fun, but hey, such is life.


lasvegaspersona's picture

BS....I've dealt with both for 40+ years and you are just wrong. It may be case in your family but most patients with chronic pain are well behaved.

Lots of little old ladies even underdose pain meds  for fear of 'addiction' and the stigma etc.....

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Democrat schmucks have run that city 100% for decades.  Keep up the good work.

lasvegaspersona's picture

OMG!!! OMG!!!!

We have a fentanyl/heroin problem!!!!

Let's punish doctors and patients!!!!

lasvegaspersona's picture

If fentanyl can be 'Made' in a corner store then will my patients will stop pestering me for pain meds?

Between me and the geniuses at the DEA we make life pretty misserable for the average pain patient.

I guess price will be the critical factor.

How did we ever let governent get so far into our wallets and medical charts?

USofAzzDownWeGo's picture

Why do you have to intervene with something good that's going on? 

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

Relax, Kelly Anne has it..

Bill of Rights's picture

Its either they get high or burn shit down...Pick one. Then again Liberals love death and destruction.

quadraspleen's picture

those hazmat suits kinda funky, no? 

youngman's picture

I think I would wear a Hazmat suit anywhere in that city...

Bastiat's picture

They should make them the Baltimore ones with handles so they could double as body bags. 

Irish Yoga's picture

Don't forget your bread helmet that was made popular in Egypt back when Hitlery was SoS.

yaright's picture

Jesus burn that city down, no wait they will just go to other citys.  Fence it off and put drones in for live TV

Kagemusho's picture

"Jesus burn that city down..."

LOL! Now, why did I get a visual of some TV preacher type, bug-eyed, foam-flecked lips, waving a Bible at a pulpit and demanding exactly that?

'Bawlmer' wasn't always the shit-hole it is today, but when YT left so did the tax base to rob from.

Malthus was right, and our cities are perfect examples of his theory being proven in practice. To put it bluntly, if you feed, they will breed. That's just what Dem policies led to for 4 decades.

Being fundamentally incapable of doing anything else, the Parasite Class just kept breeding, expecting to continue to be fed from the tax base, while the Producer Class (YT) kept fleeing. Now the majority are the Parasite Class, and they'll be starving for want of a host to bleed.

I'm all for the re-legalization of drugs, but partly because natural selection will winnow out the unfit who get hooked on that crap. Let them remove themselves from the gene pool before they breed, and it's a plus all around.

Squidward_Tentacles's picture

This once fine city was the home of my favorite political satirist, H.L. Mencken.  Mark Twain is a close second in my book.

We moved to the Maryland suburbs in 1970 and used to drive to Memorial Stadium for ball games until they opened Camden Yards.  Never felt unsafe driving there.   Now it's a total dump thanks to the welfare state.

Rainman's picture

Fentanyl with a purple drank chaser.... dat how the ghetto roll !

RussianSniper's picture

Heads are going to roll at cia.

The Baltimore candy store was a profitable branch and won't easily be replaced.

The Bush crime family is shaking their heads in anger, that minority children may not get their product this season.

Number 9's picture

death to the money

well damnit kill someone n e way..

itstippy's picture

This is why those corner stores have all those plexiglass barriers: to protect customers from the Fentanyl production hazards coming out of the back room.  Nothing racist about it.

CRM114's picture

Well, I was guessing it had to be something like that, otherwise it would appear that a Democrat politician was talking sense.

Number 9's picture

Carfentanyl is around 1,000 times more potent,

drugs are taking the bitcoin approach


Dickweed Wang's picture

You are absolutely right.  A speck of carfentanyl that is almost too small to be seen with the naked eye (20 micro-grams) is enough to kill someone that is not tolerant to opiates.  The people that use that stuff to anesthetize elephants and other huge animals have to wear full hazmat gear and a full face respirator to prevent potential overdose from any dust that may be released by being inhaled or getting on their skin.

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

I am hopeful the person that provided info is now living in Texas or Montana.......the audit trail from the police dept back to the money folks will not be kind to the snitch....

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

The Ravens might want to take a knee this weekend....The NFL needs to help where they can